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Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist…what the jabs do to the brain and other organs….

February, 2022

Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist…what the jabs do to the brain and other organs….

Dr. Cole: we have concerns about high numbers…13 yr old dies after jab, 15 yr old dies of heart attack, 10 children in VAERS died after heart attacks, 39 yr old mom of 3 dies after the shots. Here’s the question…this fake vaxx, clot shot, needle rape—45K deaths? Now the first autopsy after 11K deaths? This is not science. How can we do science if you are not looking; you cannot find that for which you are not looking.

Where is the funding? Autopsies are expensive but there is plenty of funding for advertising the clot shots. Have they proved the deaths have not happened from the ‘therapy’ of the vaxx.

Spike protein—we are getting a gene sequence into our bodies that goes into our deltoid and we are informed that it has an anchoring protein that DOES NOT stay on the cell. This spike protein circulates in your blood and lands in multiple organs in the body. The spike is the toxin and why are we injecting a toxin into the body that causes the disease? This is not a vaccine.

The Ace-2 receptors will see nice smooth lines. Now look on the right and you see what the spike protein is doing to the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the engines of your cells and that is what gives you energy—the power of your cells. Compare the nice smooth, put together cells in the picture on the left and the ‘blown apart’ fragments on the right. This is from the vaxx—not the virus.

They say the spike stays in your deltoid (where you got the shot). It does not and there is a Harvard study that show that the spike circulates. In one study they show it circulating for at least 2 weeks. A lot of people lack mRNAse, an enzyme that breaks down mRNA. It may circulate longer.

What if people died 2 or 3 weeks after the shot. That spike is circulating. They tried to pull the wool over our eyes and say it can’t be the shot, we are ‘too far out.’ Not if the toxin is still circulating. The spike is the toxin—damage to the lungs. Slides showing normal and inflamed lung tissue side by side. Why is the inflamed more purple in color? That is all inflammation of the Ace2 Receptors in the lungs with spike binding to it. It’s an inflammatory response and the immune system is attacking your own body. This is disease from the spike and the clot shots they are lying about by calling it a vaccine and not an experiment on humanity. Spike is a toxin and crosses the blood/brain barrier.

Why would we put a toxin in the body that will allow a spike into the brain and cause inflammation? You hear about brain fog from the covid patients. You hear about brain fog from the post-vaxxed damaged individuals as well. Nobody is hurt by the shots? That is the lie they are telling you.

What about the kids and the heart issues? There is lots of inflammation in the heart and you can see in the photos where I have ‘blue arrows’ around the heart. That is inflammation and that is not normal. That is after a shot and that is the spike landing there and your own immune system attacking your own tissues. There are more slides here showing inflammation around the pericardium, the sac around your heart; that does not belong there.

Once you have heart damage, the heart does not heal itself. When you see grey in the middle on these slides that is showing early scarring. Once a heart cell is damaged, it is damaged forever. It doesn’t replace itself with another heart cell. It replaces itself with a scar. So you want to give a 5, 8, 12 or 13 year old a shot? We see 200x times increase in myocarditis in our society right now. So give a kid a toxin and ruin his heart for life.

Stop and think about what we are doing. This is insanity and it needs to stop now; it is no longer good science—it is a poisonous attack on our population. It needs to stop now. It is the same thing with the kidney. The kidneys are important. Blood goes round and round throughout your life and you have to breathe, and you have to make pee. If you don’t do those 3 things you die. Want to damage your kidney? Your liver is used to detoxify everything in your life; do you want to damage it? What about the testes? Kind of important for the next generation. It’s the same thing for the ovaries and inflammation.

Here’s a problem that is absent from the literature—what are they hiding from us?Lipid nanoparticle accumulates meaning long term? Decrease of fertility in rats (one of the most fertile mammals) by 16% buried in Pfizer documents. This lipid particle is in the shot and likes to concentrate in a biologically active organ such as the ovary. In the Pfizer paperwork it states that there was a 16% decrease in fertility. What they are doing to humanity is that we don’t know as there is no long term safety data—this is an experiment, emergency authorized. Humanity is the phase 3 trial.

After a shot we are having patients complaining of symptoms. You can check with a d-dimer test after the vaccine for micro clots that cannot be seen on a scan. These inflammatory patterns I am showing are from micro-clots. We know the patients are micro-clotting. There is multiple risk if you had covid and recovered when you get a shot, you hyper—red alert the immune system and you may be screwed or dead.

I will reiterate that one cannot find that for which they do not look. Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising a toxin into the human body. To our ‘agencies’ of the ‘federal government’—where is the funding for real science? They do not want you to see what we are seeing in the laboratory. I have the tissues of a dead man on the back of my desk. I have 2 more coming next week.

Guess what? They were all a couple of days after a shot. One was a 50 year old healthy tri-athlete. One of my favorite surgeons in town that I work with took a 2nd shot, went mountain biking and died. The other concern I brought up is that we have no long term safety data. This is what we have to emphasize to society and ask the ‘authoritative agencies’…what is the risk of cancer after a shot? We don’t know.

What is the risk for auto-immune disease? We don’t know. What is the risk for impairing fertility for a lifetime? We don’t know. So why would we ‘willy-nilly’ push forward at the pace and the rate we are going without knowing these things. It is complete anti-science. It is a complete attack on us.

No more mandatory enforcing on employees. How in the world are these hospitals and employers saying you can’t work for me if you don’t sign up to be a subject in an experiment on humanity. Go back to the 1947 Nuremburg code; we are absolutely violating this as a nation and as a people. Where are the billions to do the autopsies and to prove the science? Where are the autopsies? CRICKETS. They are not there.

Dismissal by the collusive media of any adverse events or deaths is a problem. What happened to the concept of the ‘me-too’ movement? Believe everybody? What happened to ‘believe her?’ what happened to believe the story and to believe anyone? Why won’t they believe the science? They dismiss the science. What happened to the movement of ‘believe it until you can disprove it’? GONE.

Here are a couple of side by side notes. What we are seeing in the laboratory is that the shots dis-regulate your immune response. We have very important cells that keep other viruses in check. They keep cancers in check. There is a type of cell called a CD8 Killer T-cell.

There is study out of Germany and the Netherlands that showed a shifted immune profile and their conclusion at the end was we see a concerning pattern of the cells we normally need to fight off these other things, but the answer is that we don’t know how long that shifted pattern lasts. It’s like having 8 football blockers on the front line and paralyzing 3 or 4 of them. the answer is that we don’t know if they are paralyzed for the rest of the game or the rest of their career.

What we see in the laboratory is an uptick herpes family viruses, molluscum, human papilloma, mononucleosis, and other viruses re-activating. I’m a pathologist so we see these early signals in the laboratory. Guess what else the CD8 cell does along with receptors on some of the T cells called toll-like receptors—they keep cancer in check. I have seen a 10 59 20-fold increase in uterine cancer in the last 6 months in my laboratory.

I keep data year to year to year. In the last six months—when did we start the shots—in January. How much solid tumor cancer increase are we going to see over the next several years? Probably a lot. What is the real answer? We don’t know and sometimes that is the most honest answer in medicine—WE DON’T KNOW. Don’t believe a doctor that tells you he or she knows everything. Find a new doctor. Thank you and God Bless.

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