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Find Out What Prompted Our Development of Never Ending Plasma Energy Shedding Relief….

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Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin: We are allowing human organisms to become bioweapon factories:

SP: Dr. David Martin (DM) recently revealed what the long-term purpose of what all this will be—exposing humanity to constant, forcible gene editing via mRNA ‘vaccines’ and who knows what else. So this is replacing God’s likeness as we worship the mRNA masters.

DM: in the last couple of weeks I have gone on record for quite some time saying that this entire (covid) exercise was about transcribing a computer synthesized model into the human genome. In the last month we have seen main stream science come back with the giant revelation that it turns out that THIS SHOT PERSISTS IN THE HUMAN BODY FOR AN INDETERMINATE PERIOD OF TIME. The most recent data shows that it is at least surviving in the lymph system for up to 8 weeks where it continually produces the spike protein.

DM: we see evidence coming from municipal waste systems that even though allegedly we are all allegedly getting ‘better’ and the pandemic is starting to ‘normalize’ apparently spike protein is showing up in our waste streams at alarmingly high rates.

DM: As I have said all along the reason is because when you inject the body with instructions to make a chimeric model of a synthetic spike protein where you have never done testing on that gene therapy, it turns out that you don’t know what you might be manufacturing and how long each individual who gets the injection might be manufacturing these pathogens. We were told about this years before this injection started.

DM: this is a PANDEMIC OF THE bioweaponization OF THE HUMAN ORGANISM—this is NOT PUBLIC HEALTH. Anthony Fauci is the architect OF THIS GENOCIDE.

SP: everyone I talk with can trace this back to 2015 or even before that.

DM: it goes all the way back to 1990.

SP: what are some other reasons that this could be showing up in our water?

DM: the reason is simple; we are now obsessing about the fact that every way to Sunday, what is being done is the human organism is now being modified and it is being modified to perpetually produce a toxic protein known and scheduled to harm humanity. When I say known and scheduled to harm humanity, let me clarify:

Under 7 CFR part 331, under 9 CFR part 921 and on 42 CFR part 73 we have what is called the federal select agent toxin list. This is not my list, Dave’s list, this is the Code of Federal Regulations where we put very specific toxins on a schedule and we say these things are known to harm humans and they are known to be damaging. They are subject to the biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws that we have in force in the US. We will read this directly from the schedule:

“20. any SARS-CoV/SARS-CoV-2 chimerica viruses resulting from any deliberate manipulation of SARS-CoV-2 to incorporate nucleic acids coding for SARS-CoV virulence factors.”

DM: Stew, they actually say that doing the thing they are doing is illegal. That is in 3 sections of CFR subject to the biologic and toxin agent program defined uinder 18 US Code Section 178 as the biological agents subject to 18 USC Section 175, PROHIBITION OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. Literally the statute says that what they are doing is a felony punishable by 99 years in prison, and up to $100 million Per Count.

Stew:…you are fighting because you see a purpose and a way to win…

DM: the criminals’ statements are so egregious that we don’t even have to make up a conspiracy because they did it and they published it. In violation of criminal conspiracy racketeering laws they are the ones that actually admitted to it.

DM: let’s go to the 20F filing. When a foreign company files with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, one of their filings is called a 20F filing. Biontech, the mRNA injection manufacturer of the injection for Pfizer, makes the following statement in their 20F filing. This is their own admission: :

“…to our knowledge there is no current precedent for an mRNA based immunotherapy such as the type we are developing being approved for sale by the FDA, the European Commission or any other regulatory agency elsewhere in the world. Although we expect to submit BLAs (biologics license) for mRNA based products candidates in the US and in the European Union, mRNA therapies have been classified as gene therapy medicinal products. Other jurisdictions may consider our mRNA based product candidates to be new drugs but not biologics or gene therapy medicinal products and require different marketing applications. Securing regulatory approval requires admission of extension pre-clinical and clinical data and supporting information to the various regulatory authorities for each therapeutic indication to establish the product candidates safety and efficacy.

DM: listen, I read it straight out of their filing. When I say that this is not a public health vaccine, but this is a computer generated synthetic chimeric alternative to the virulence factor of SARS-CoV which is EXACTLY what it is. This is not my theory—this is the reality that says that we are being subject to a perpetual addiction to a known pathogen and toxic agent. And this is the reason why Anthony Fauci is now advocating for the next round of boosters to be followed by the next round of boosters until ‘we actually achieve the stated goal which is a 15% population reduction.’ That would be about 800 million people (worldwide).

DM: until they get to 800 million people dead they will be recommending this injection ‘to harm, maim, kill and sterilize humanity.’

SP: to murder people and to prevent them from procreating and to alter their god-given DNA and to make them worship a new master.

DM: the fact of the matter is this is their words and not mine. They are the ones that said it. It is important to realize that wonderful thing about SARS-CoV Chimeric viruses that I read from the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), that little thing called the Federal Select Agent Program, the Department of Health and Human Services, the USDA’s Agents and Toxins List (9.47 minutes) mysteriously had CoV fragments listed as scheduled pathogens in April of 2020.

DM: do you remember that in February, 2020, we had a novel pathogen that we didn’t know anything about? Remember, we just ‘invented the thing’ and started filing patents for injections for ‘the thing’ before we ‘actually knew anything about it. These were our ‘prescient years’ where we could anticipate a pathogen’s emergence before it actually happened. The Operation Warp Speed was built in September before the first accorded evidence of the disease in December of that year.

DM: Somehow, in April, 2020 we had the ability to know there was going to be SARS-Cov variant added to a schedule of toxins before we even had a Moderna or Pfizer shot. Except those things had been transferred in November, 2019, under material transfer to make sure we had an injection for a pathogen before we had an outbreak of said pathogen.

DM:This is clear evidence of the fact of what we need to be calling this entire campaign of terror, this domestic and international terrorism, bio-terrorism acts that were willfully perpetrated on the population and to date the population has had no one—no AG, no governor willing to take on the crime.

SP: these are not side effects; these are intended consequences. These are not experimental injections; these are well-thought out meticulous plans to commit murder on a large scale. this is intentionally designed and chimerically engineered by people who knew exactly what they were putting in to these injections delivered with this mRNA technology. The clinical trial data wasn’t needed by them—they knew what was going to happen. They knew what they were going to do. They are not talking about VAERS numbers—they are miniscule to where they want to take us.

DM: if we look at all the data that we know now is part of the code that went into the mRNA shot, we know these things were done with the intention of making them a permanent resident in the organic system. When you hear the latest BA2 variant, recognize this: this new variant is not the alteration of a natural mutation of any viral model. This is what is happening when we have human beings turning into perpetual spike protein manufacturing facilities. We will have variant, upon variant, upon variant and these will be coming from injected people who are allegedly coming down with covid. These are NOT diseases born of a natural virus; these are pre-meditated acts of engineered pathogenicity where we are now allowing the human organism to become a bioweapons factory itself.

DM: we have filed a federal case in Utah on March 3, 2022. It is the first case where we are taking on the root of this definitional question around the question of a gene therapy and a vaccination. We filed in Utah because in addition to the claims that we laid out in that case, we wanted to see the federal government try to defend itself. It turns out that in Utah their defense will be an affirmative admission of felonies in the state of Utah. There will be criminal consequences for their response.

SP: I can’t get over what you just said. The reality of that–turning the human body into a bioweapons lab, a bioweapon manufacturing facility.

DM: that’s correct.

SP: that is the most eye-popping, truthful and cutting language that you can use. If that doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will.


For more up-to-date information be sure to see Dr. Jane Ruby on 3-25-2022.

See what happens when the vials of the injections are warmed up to almost body temperature—there are rectangular objects and circuitry. So to 11 minutes.

Dr. Michael Shelton’s 2nd picture at 12 minutes show very rectangular structures along with bright round dots that are self-assembling and emanating. Shelton 2 picture looks like a circuit board—this is in the blood and organs of the people who took the injections.

Dr. Shelton 3rd picture is at 14 minutes. The substance in the vial was warmed to close to body temperature and there are fanned out patterns of metallic luminescent rectangle with branchlike offshoots emanating out of the square almost like ‘tree structures’.

People had a right to know if there were electronic/electro-magnetic circuitry in their bodies with no informed consent.

Now there are lots of indications in emails to Dr. Ruby that people are waking up.

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane shows you the latest evidence of Pfizer and Moderna vials containing metallic foreign objects, and that they have been seen growing into self assembling circuits that rapidly expand when warmed to body temperature; and later, Dr. Jane shows you an FDA document proving that the bioweapon makers and the FDA keep calling the death shots “vaccines” because they’ve always known the dangers of gene therapy; and the show winds up with a look at Moderna’s top line results they will use to seek an emergency use authorization to shoot up 6 month old babies.

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Never Ending Plasma Energy Shedding Relief has several hundred energies to help balance the body for the many conditions that happen as a result of the experimental gene therapy injection. It appears to not only affect those who agreed to the injection but people who come in contact with some of those people. There is a variety of symptoms that people are experiencing. In response to that variety of symptoms Shedding Relief has several hundred energies that help bring the body into balance so the body can heal itself. The energies include energies found in over thirty of our Plasma Energy combinations such as Kan-Sir, Super Immune With Pine Plus, New Tech Frequency Relief, Life Force, and energies from 31 more Never Ending Plasma Energy combinations.


Tape the vial to the outside or place it inside a clear glass or clear plastic jar with a lid. Add filtered or distilled water. You can still find water distillers on some of the large online retail sites. You can also find water filters from pitcher to countertop size. Be sure to order some extra filters as part of being prepared. Let the water sit overnight when you first set it up. Once it has been charged then you can simply add filtered or distilled water when the container goes down a third. Wait 30 minutes and it’s read to use again. You can share your Shedding Relief with friends or family by filling a vial from your changed water. The plasma energy does not diminish in strength when you share from your mother source.

Drink the water throughout the day. You can also make a spray bottle of the water from your mother source and spray in on your body. You can add some of the water to the rinse cycle when you launder clothing, sheets and towels. The energy does not wash out or wear out.


Lynn discusses shedding from the perspective of those who did not wish to participate in receiving experimental gene therapy injections.  Now we are seeing people who are getting symptoms that are similar to the symptoms some people who got the experimental injection have.  Do we just stand by and wring our hands or can we be proactive?  Lynn shares a message about a very important ‘freebie’ from now until midnight Pacific time April 15.

What are your thoughts?

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