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0328-2022-Dr. Jane Ruby ‘Vaccines’ are Delivery Payloads for Mass Genocide and Dehumanization

….evil is disguised as good….up is down and down is up. Under the disguise of helping people avoid a flu, humans are being injected with hardware. Repeated injections are delivering the software.

Dr. Zandrey Bathra from South Africa revealed months ago her discovery when she took a vial that was given to her by a verified chain of custody source, an attorney, and she put some drops on a plate and looked at them under the microscope to reveal those black round disks.

German researchers chimed in weeks later to say that was not a hoax, that they actually worked on the development of the graphene disks. They are a transporter system to deliver payloads supposedly for good, for targeting and delivering medications to difficult places in the body.

These are graphene micro-bubbles as transporters, but what is the payload? Payloads can be drugs, gene signals through these modified, bastardized synthetic RNA strands and it could be just about anything—many unknown chemicals that are likely designed to be deployed at later times according to numerous scientists behind the scenes. They are concerned that some of these entities can be programmed for later in terms of months or a year or two.

They are testing at the same time to see how people are tolerating this physically, maybe how they are tolerating it mentally. Many people are coming through my email, and they are asking if I have heard about people noticing a change in personality of people who have been jabbed? Are they affected differently—more aggravation , short-tempered, digging in and refusing to hear information that I put in front of them. They are almost zombie-like.

At first I didn’t have a response and it was all anecdotal and not scientific observations. But I can tell you the numbers are increasing and they are getting more and more frequent. Recently I talked with some scientists who told me about carbon nano-tubules which we will look at. There are peer-reviewed publications that show evidence that carbon nanotubes actually engage with your brain after getting through the blood/brain barrier.

There is literature that shows that they can replace your axons and they essentially short-circuit them. So here is what their summary is from an eclectic group of experts. When I put together all the people I have worked with—the embalmers, Team Enigma who were looking at documents and lot numbers, Dr. Zandrey Bathra, Dr. Eli English, Dr. Arni Burkhart, Dr. Sukrat Bahkti, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Vern Coland, and it all boils down to 3 focal points—mass genocide, building and controlling hybrid people from within—part human part electronic ‘people’, and thirdly inserting and testing circuitry in humans.

Let’s look at some of the phenomena that are happening. We are looking at self-assembling technology. You can’t just throw that into a body; you can’t just inject a ‘little house that you built’. The theory is now that you have to inject parts of the blueprints and when it is in the body, hopefully they will construct themselves. Will that be at 98.6 degrees or when they mix with plasma or some other androgynous liquid in the human body? There are lots of possibilities.

The theory is now emerging than many different components must be injected at different time points as pre-assembled and they will assemble in a biochemical mimicry, close to what the body would naturally do. Essentially there are multiple programs going on at once:

  1. First –distributing graphene intra-body, that is in the body inside for future circuitry. Now this graphene we have been told, and I broke this a year ago on Stew Peters show, that the graphene flagship that has been given billions of dollars world-wide, to develop all kinds of graphene sub-technology under our noses. The graphene clearly plays a role in circuitry and as part of the components in the lipid nano transporter that moves the mRNA, the synthetic mRNA, into millions of different cells in the human body.
  2. We believe the second program that is happening is the use of multiple, not just glyco-protein 120, but multiple HIV proteins. Why? it is postulated it is being used to disarm your immune system and to weaken it. I have always taught that your immune system is a 2-part orchestra –surveillance and attack, the recognition to attack the right thing. If you disarm the immune system, like sending the security guard out for lunch, then much more can slip into the human body.
  3. The third simultaneous program is the use of the boosters. You have to know by now, that when you are forced to take something through coercion, or BS, or a psyop or the threat of losing your job and you are pushed to take more and more, there is a reason.

My second doctorate is in psychology; I am not a therapist. It was a non-clinical research degree. There is a lot of psych understanding before you can do research in those areas like neuro-science, psychology, psychological issues and disorders. So there are lots of ways of getting this in over and over. I have said for a long time, this is a priming mission. Priming is to juice something up and to continue building it. So the boosters appear to be adding software and more instructions.

I want to call your attention to a photo I entitled nano-circuitry (11.47 minutes) of these square and rectangular structures that hundreds of doctors have seen under the microscope. There are too many to name now. Dr. Mike Shelton, after warming it to body temperature over 5 days, these incredible circuit extensions grew.

In the second picture I showed I call it the Pfizer circuitry and I want to refresh your memory again. This was found by many and it looks like a computer circuit board. (12.25 minutes). This was in an undiluted Pfizer vial.

Now look at some of the recent photos from a website called Rich Planet. I love the work they have done. It blew my mind. Picture #3 is from a Pfizer vial (12.51 minutes). What they are saying is that these are not organic animal worms. Some German parasitologists saw some structures that they believed were organic. What has now been determined by other scientists who have watched these videos is that these worm-like structures are assembling on their own. These assembled from a Pfizer vial and these are grapheme tubes.

Let’s look at picture 4 which is of Moderna’s nanotubes (13.45 minutes). Graphene nanotubes are self-building—you cannot inject these. Some of this grows so big that you could see it with the naked eye. You could never inject it into somebody. It would be an immediate clot—a blockage.

Picture #5 –people ask if the Russian vaccine is safer—they are going to comply with tyranny. No there is no such thing as a vaccine for these and there is no safe alternative. Here is the Sputnik material from a Sputnik vial (14.42 minutes). It is growing a grapheme self-assembled nanotube, once it was warmed up.

Next we have picture 6 from AstroZeneca (15.10 minutes). Does this look familiar? Richard Hershman, a 20 year board certified embalmer pulled out never before seen white fibrous full leg length castings of blood vessels. This is what they are doing.

Many people are starting to put pieces together. This looks like a parasite, but these are graphene nano-tubes. A lot of the work you are seeing has also been done by La Quinta Columna, Dr. Campra, who have really focused on the graphene.

It appears that people who are injected are growing these things in their bodies as their bodies are directed. Some other areas that the analysts came up with on Rich Planet which I thought was brilliant is shedding. I am getting more comfortable about talking about shedding. We have always known that something was transferred—Pfizer admitted it.

They believe it could be the spike protein, but this is not the normal protein. We are coming back to prions which are folded proteins that are toxic and really bad. That is probably why non-jabbed people don’t feel well when they are near jabbed people. Some are and some are not. Maybe it is not effectively jumping all the time. In science there are a lot of possible explanations and in medicine we call it differential diagnosis. In science it is varying hypotheses.

They acknowledge that many HIV-like related proteins required the disarmament of the human immune system and at the same time you need to inject over and over. We kind of always knew there was a reason to inject multiple times and we had a sense that they were building something inside of you.

The analysts asked Dr. “Anderson” why they would use these HIV related like proteins when you have to simultaneously disarm the immune system while you are adding materials over and over again. Is there any way to reverse this? He said that most likely it would be another injection. This makes sense to me. That injections stops it and tells it to ‘turn off.’ It stays dormant. You have to know everything you are dealing with.

I have shown you the latest guidance document for industry from the FDA– Human gene products incorporating the human genome editing. What did we learn from that? If you are going to inject another antidote, that would be another mRNA, another message. What if there are other things in there that have not been deployed yet and have not manifested yet?

You have to know what those are in order to inject the reversal signal. The problem is which was in the guidance document from the FDA showing that they know this is that there is prolonged bio-activity. This stays in your body for an undetermined time and it is not 90 days, Dr. Zelenko. It is not 2 weeks, Dr. McCullough. We don’t know yet. I know you are giants in the field, but there is no science yet. We don’t know. They have 60 days because they only measured it up to 60 days. See how science works?

My team and I used to tear apart studies when they came out. We got the top line in the company in private companies. The VPs, someone like Dr. Mike Yeadon’s former position, would come out and present to us—we were all scientists. We would ‘shoot things down’ and they would explain it. Or they would bring out more data. It is what I am rooted in. Show me a study that demonstrates and shows evidence that it is 90 days or 2 weeks.

Measure more than 60 days. It doesn’t mean that it is only 60 days because that is all they measure. You can measure 6 months beyond that and still find them and that refutes your first information that it was ‘only 60 days.’ That is why I am a stickler on the science. There is no way to control it once it is inside. This is the experiment—you are in it now and God help you who have been injected. I do hope that somebody whistle blows who is still in these companies to save humanity so that some scientist somewhere can put something together to reverse this thing and stop it.

That’s it for this segment. In later segments I will go into crisper technology which is splicing and replacing your genetic code. In the last segment we will talk about graphene nanotubes and some information from a study that shows how dangerous graphene oxide is when it is in the human body.

What are your thoughts?

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