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Mike Adams interviewed Dr. Brian Ardis and published that on 0411-2022. Stew Peters documentary with Dr. Brian Ardis was also aired on 0411-2022. See the links below. Highlights from both videos follow the links below.


WHY does Lynn have a carving of a Hopi Snake Dancer in the background? What does this have to do with a discussion on an experimental injection? If corona means crown and you think of king or queen can you name a snake with the name ‘king’ in it? What does that have to do with something supposedly started by a bat? Did you know the Latin meaning for virus is ‘venom’?

You must see this video:

You absolutely must see this video with Mike Adams and Dr. Brian Ardis and see what it has to do with snake and crown.


April 11, 2022—Mike Adams and Dr. Brian Ardis (BA) link above.

Dr. Brian Ardis is supposedly at the top of Big Pharma’s ‘hit list.’ Find out why:

BA: I received a text from an MD and it was in regards to an interview on monochromal antibodies. The studies I received said these antibodies were derived from the cancerous cells from spleens of pigs. Why would we inject that without knowing the long-term carcinogenic or mutagenic effects on people? I bad-mouthed them even though people were being treated with these monochromal antibodies and surviving.

The doctor’s text said: If you got bit by a rattlesnake would you go to a hospital and get anti-venom? The text bewildered me and I didn’t know anything about anti-venom and snakes. I knew I had to figure out why he sent that question. What was he trying to trigger me to say yes to his question. I had to go look up anti-venom. I learned anti-venom is monochromal or polychromal antibodies.

This doctor was using this treatment for Covid19 and the CDC, FDA and NIH does not recommend these antibodies and has banned the use of them for treating covid 19. They don’t want this for early treatment and they want you to go to the hospital. They tell you not to seek early treatment but later when you are very ill they recommend Remdesivir as the hospital protocol for treatment.

Was it possible that there was a venom component to Covid19? I researched whether there was a relationship to the Covid19 to snake venom. I looked for the ‘fact checked’ claims which is used to divert you back to the mainstream media narrative.

Was there reference that snakes were a possible source for SARS Cov2? We have been told it was cross-pollination from bats. Everyone is allowed to talk about bats. This sent me down a huge rabbit hole that has been scary, anxiety –creating at times.

Slide One: Where Did the New Coronavirus Come From? Potention a bat, Snake or Pangolin, in Healthline. My whole thing with Covid started in May, 2020 so I was 5 months late. This was ‘fact checked.’

A new study found the virus may have originated in bats and then spread to humans via a snake or pangolin.

Professor Shen Yongyi, a professor with the University and member of the research team, told the Xinhui News service that although previous research found the novel coronavirus originated in bats, the animals hibernate in winter, making it unlikely that they caused the current outbreak.

BA: the first supposed outbreak was in October, 2019. Next, this was on CNN health, January 2020: Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

This next slide still applies to today and is from CNN Health: Snakes—the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly, infectious respiratory illness in China…but when the researchers performed a more detailed bioinformatics analysis of the sequences of CO19-nCoV, it suggests that the coronavirus might come from snakes..

the researchers use an analysis of the protein codes favored by the new coronavirus and compared it to the protein codes from coronaviruses found in different animal hosts, like birds, snakes, marmots, hedgehogs, manis, bats and humans. Surprisingly they found the protein codes in the 2019 n CoV are not similar to those used in snakes.

BA: this next slide is on the fact-checking: No, snakes probably aren’t the source of this new coronavirus in China. ScienceNews, January 2020. But in their article it says:

Based on the similarities between the virus’s codons (a sequence of 3 nucleic acids on a mRNA, RNA or DNA chain) and those of the potential animal hosts, ‘snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir for the 2019 SARS CoV2, the researchers write. Wei and his team suggest a virus from the many banded krait or Chinese cobra may have combined with a bat virus and sparked the new outbreak.

SCITECH Daily, January 22, 2020: Snake Pneumonia”—Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes by Genetic Analysis: “finally the team uncovered evidence that the 2019-nCoV likely resided in snakes before being transmitted to humans. Recombination within the viral receptor-binding protein may have allowed the cross-species transmission from snake to human. Results derived from our evolutionary analysis suggest for the first time that snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir for the 2019-nCoV, the authors wrote.

Mike: this is really shocking; this has been erased from any discussion. It was always bats, or random animals.

BA: It is very clear from this study that snakes are the origin of SARS n-CoV in January 2020 published in Medical Virology: Cross-species transmission of the newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV—

Mike: doesn’t this mean that gain-of-function research could have taken something from snakes and augmented it?

BA: oh, yes. in January 2020 published in Medical Virology: Cross-species transmission of the newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV:

Two type of snakes, containing B. multi-cinctus, many banded krait and Chinese cobra were used for RSCU analysis. (that is where they are getting the gene-analysis and comparing it to SARS n_CoV. Squared function distance between the 2019-CoV and B multicinctus is 1354. The distance between the 2019-CoV and another snake, Chinese Cobra is 1669.

Mike; for people watching, the lower the number, the more similar the code is. They are saying this is the most similar genetic sequence they could find.

BA: they plot on a graph which one it is the most identical too. Here is their chart and when I saw this I could not believe it.

They keep directing people to bats—Fauci in May, 2020, talks about bats as the source. We are going to spend some time on this. When I say that I am confident that the origins of SARS CoVis from snakes, this tells you it is: in summary results derived from our evolutionary analysis suggest that SARS-nCoV has the most similar genetic information with bat corona virus and most similar codon use bias with snake.

I am not a geneticist but the very last part of this sentence says SARS-nCoV has the most similar genetic information with bat corona virus and most similar codon use bias with snake

BA: so what is a Codon? I looked it up at the NIH Genome Research Institute: Codon is a sequence on an mRNA chain of 3 nucleic acids that come together in order. Codon Usage Bias is the term – this was published in November, 2021: codon Usage Bias reflects the origin mutation patterns or evolution of the species of genes.

What we just read was: SARS-nCoV has the most similar genetic information with bat coronavirus and the most similar codon usage bias with snakes.

Mike: different species have a different tendency the way they arrange their genetic code. That is what codons are. So the same goals can be accomplished with many different codon patterns. You are pointing out the codon usage bias indicates the snake is the origin and I am telling people that is a ‘fingerprint.’ Those codon sequences cannot come from humans. Human DNA is not encoded the same way. It is very far from snake DNA because it’s reptiles vs mammals.

BA: this is information from January 2020, supposedly the first month of covid in America.

Next slide: January, 2021, Phospholipase enzymes as potential biomarker for SARS CoV-2 virus…in this we are going to piece together the entire narrative for Covid19. When I say I want to introduce this I want to say there is not an aspect of the symptoms of Covid19 –its symptoms as a disease or an infection, none of the symptoms or side effects of Remdesivir., none of the side effects or adverse events, serious or minor, from mRNA vaccines that cannot be linked to snake venom poisoning. ALL OF IT IS RELATED.

Mike: so you are saying the neurological symptoms, the blood clotting—oh my gosh, that is how snake venom destroys tissue—it clots the blood. And snake venom is a protein –a very long, large protein. That is what causes the tissue necrosis, such as when you are bitten by a rattlesnake. That is what is happening to people who are getting the vaccine.

BA: exactly right. Trust me, by the time we are done with this interview, every aspect of Covid19 even beyond our other interviews I’ve done so far, you are going to see more evidence to support. Every aspect of what they tell you SARS-nCoV viral infection, everything they call a side effect that led to mortality from Covid 19 in hospitalized patients which is with Remdesivir, every side effect listed by the FDA, the CDC, NIH, VAERS, all of it can be tied directly to snake venom poisoning.

Mike: so this means that the mRNA gene altering therapy are injecting people with instructions to manufacture snake venom in their own cells. So their bodies are snake venom factories.

BA: EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON! The two individuals who created the mRNA vaccines work at the University of Pennsylvania—David Wiseman and a woman named Cataline—they have been at this since 2011 and have been taking mRNA from snake venom and figuring out how to inject it into these cells and into the DNA of cows’ cells and they use venom mRNA to do this, I will show you that this is what they are doing right now. When they talk about replicating spike proteins, you are replicating snake venom peptides or proteins. It just continues to replicate throughout your body.

Mike: this explains why monoclonal antibodies work because it is an anti-venom.

BA: EXACTLY! I am not one who is going to sit back and say I was wrong. I immediately knew when I started delving into this that anti-venom is monoclonal antibodies. When I spoke out against monoclonal antibodies I was wrong in my speaking because monoclonal antibodies would work. Do you know how they make monoclonal antibodies and anti-venom for most snake anti-venom? They take the venom in a syringe and they shoot it into a horse and then they collect the blood from the horse, extract the antibodies the horse made from the actual venom and that is monoclonal antibodies that they inject into you as anti-venom.

BA: I am about to show you the evidence that they did this with Covid19, a supposed virus protein. 28.31

When it comes to all the side effects related to SARS n-CoV infection individuals deal with, this term called phospho-lipase enzymes are noted as a premier marker or indicator of SARS n-CoV infection. You have the virus inside of you and now your body is elevating these phosphor-lipase enzymes and this is from January, 2021:

Phospholipase enzymes as potential biomarker for SARS CoV-2 virus: among these phospholipase enzymes, Phospholipase A2 is the first recovered group of phospholipase enzymes (PLA2) which was discovered in a component of cobra venom.

This is where they found this stuff. Go back to the previous screen: Phospholipase enzymes as potential biomarker for SARS CoV-2 virus. But this was originally discovered in cobra venom.

Ekapidnae and viperidae family snakes having sPLA2 as IA, IIA or IIB as the main component in snake venom. Snake venom PLA2s induce pathophysiological alterations in the victim by hydrolyzing phospholipids in membranes

Mike: whoa, so that is cell rupturing.

BA: all the hemorrhaging you see in the lungs of SARS COV-2 patients this is what it is! The snake doesn’t inject its venom into your lungs. It puts it in your veins or in your bloodstream and it actually makes the alveioli sacs in your lungs hemorrhage.

Mike: this shows up on the imaging that the doctors are doing.

BA: and they are calling it Covid pneumonia. Just like the snake pneumonia you saw in these charts.

What is the role of this phospholipase in lung infections and related respiratory problems? Remember they originally found this in cobra venom. There is some evidence that the elevated PLA2 in patients with lung infections and respiratory problems. Pulmonary surfactant is important by lowering surface tension along alveolar epithelieum destruction of the surface tension will result in lung injury called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

That is what we were told it was. But the cobra venom phospholipase does this it is the same thing they said was a biomarker for SARS-CoV2.

It gets worse. When I go through these next slides you are going to realize why the FDA, CDIC, WHO, UN, all interjected and said you cannot suggest nutritional supplements for Covid19 for early treatment. Why? They know it works against the snake venom.

In the same article it says regarding SARS COV-2 that while both men and women have the same prevalence of SARS COV-2 without any gender discrimination, men are more susceptible to face more complications and death. The study was evidence that the inverse correlation of SPLA2 which is found in snake venom also, with vitamin C concentration with Covid 19 patients. Interestingly Vitamin C concentration in the blood is lower in males than it is in females, hence the increase in severity in men.

It also links in severity of Covid19 in males with increasing SPLA2, phospholipase activity and the decrease in Vitamin C content.

Another study revealed that increasing rates of PLA2 were positively correlated with not only viral loads in the patients with Covid19 but also severity of pneumonia in non-Covid19 patients. Therefore it could be suggested that increased levels of this in the blood could provide insights to higher mortality was seen in patients with underlying co-morbidities.

You have heard all along that individuals with co-morbidities are more targeted. I have proof and I can show you research like this that these enzymes found in snake venom target the pancreas of individuals with inflammatory pancreatic disorders such as any type of diabetes, heart conditions or inflammatory heart issues, liver, kidneys, lung and brain. These snake venom components target these tissues exactly.

Mike: this is stunning and I need to point out they say that increasing levels were correlated with viral loads in patients, but how they are testing viral loads is PCR which could mean that they are just spotting cells that are being killed—the exosomes of the cells have been destroyed by the venom.

BA: it could be. Do you know I have research for 20 plus years that they have been using PCR testing to actually sequence the genes of all snake venom research? They are using PCR tests that are known successfully to replicate, to magnify through cycling the venom proteins and peptides. They have been using this for decades. What if they are just finding snake proteins or enzymes with the test they have done for the last 30 years?

Mike: this is also the ultimate bioweapon because it is something that can be blamed on animals. They took it from animals, from reptiles, augmented it with gain of function, they made it spreadable or maybe they spread it themselves, and they diagnose it and give it a different name. It is the ultimate bioweapon.

BA: it is actually one of the oldest in history and it is in nature—the poison dart frog, snake venoms. We have used venoms from animals for years in war. I just want people to know and recognize that this enzyme found in cobra venom early in the study where they are talking about the phospholipases in these enzymes are directly correlated to significance of Covid19 and the variants of Covid19.

Mike: why does ivermectin work?

BA: we are going to get there—everything they told you not to use and are punishing people for using them—every single one of the things they say you cannot use and they are threatening doctors’ licenses with are already proven to inhibit snake venom peptides and proteins. I am talking about 30 to 40 years.

For example do you know that the blood-clotting of a snake venom vipers can be blocked with n-acetyl cysteine? They have known this for years. That is why they are pulling it off the market. That is why the FDA said it would no longer be sold as a supplement and can now only be sold as a prescription drug. All the things you hear that you are not allowed to use actually inhibit the effects of snake venom peptides and proteins.

Mike: Amazon pulled all the NAC off the market.

BA: here is a title of a University of Arizona publication: August 2021: Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving Covid-19 Mortality. Researchers have identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for Covid19 mortality—an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom. Del Poleta and his team collected stored plasma samples and went to work analyzing medical charts and tracking down critical clinical data from 127 patients hospitalized at Stony Brook University Hospital between January and July 2020. A recent independent cohort included a mix of 154 patient samples collected from Stony Brook and Banner University Medical Center in Tucson between January and November2020.

University of Arizona, Stony Brook University and Wake forest School of Medicine analyzed blood samples from two Covid19 patient cohorts and found that circulation of the enzyme—secreted phospholipase A2 group IIA or sPLA2-IIA may be the most important factor in predicting which patients with severe Covid 19 eventually succumb to the virus.

The SPLA2-IIA enzyme which has similarities to an active enzyme in rattlesnake venom is found in low concentrations in healthy individuals and has long been known to play a critical role in defense against bacterial infections, destroying microbial cell membranes. When the activate enzyme circulates at high levels, it has the capacity to ‘shred’ the membranes of vital organs. This enzyme is trying to kill the virus but at a certain point it is released in such high amounts that things lead to a bad direction, destroying the patient’s cell membranes and thereby contributing to multiple organ failure and death.

BA: they got tissue samples from people who were hospitalized and treated for Covid19 in hospitals. What do they all have in common being pumped into their veins? Remdesivir. When I saw this they even give the numbers that elevated in these snake enzymes in their blood.

The number one side effect listed in Gilead who owns Remdesivir in a study published in March, 2020, of Remdesivir given for 10 days to 53 Covid19 patients, and the number one reported adverse event was multiple organ failure.

I am convinced that Remdesivir actually freeze-dried, powderized king cobra venom. I will tell you how I got there. I think they are just pumping it into people’s veins in hospitals.

Mike: what you said, Dr. Ardis, is pretty freaky and is a huge claim that the medical system is carrying out co-ordinated mass murder. It doesn’t mean that the doctors administering Remdesivir would be aware of this, by the way. Look at who is behind the approvals of Remdesivir and who has been pushing it—Fauci. You are saying that you believe people are being injected with freeze-dried cobra venom that has been approved by the FDA as an anti-viral. This explains the kidney failure and organ failure that happens and the fluid build up in the lungs. 40.16 minutes

BA: look at the actual known side effects and what happens to individuals in hospitals when they get Remdesivir. In the tissue samples of the Arizona study they see these high elevated amounts of stuff that is in rattlesnake venom in these people who have died after being treated in hospitals. They are all being treated with Remdesivir—all of them.That is the ONLY anti-viral being pumped into all of their veins.

Mike: this is some kind of satanic, serpent mass-death thing. This is like actual satanic—there has to be something mentioned in the bible accounts of the end times about venom coursing through people’s bodies and killing them.

BA: that is how we will wrap up the interview. This is great—you are putting all this together. It’s a massive unraveling of things and you have been lied about everything relating to covid. All of it.

Further into the study of the phospholipase causing SARS CoV2 and ramification of that:

Previous research has shown how the enzyme destroys microbial membranes in bacterial infections, as well as its similar genetic ancestry with a tiny enzyme found in snake venom. The protein ‘shares a high sequence homology to the active enzyme in rattlesnake venom and like venom coursing through the body it has the capacity to bind to receptors at neuromuscular junctions and potentially disable the function of those muscles.’ Roughly a third of people develop long Covid, and many of them were active individuals who now can’t walk 100 yards. “The question we are investigating now is: if this enzyme is still relatively high and active, could it be responsible for part of the long Covid outcomes that we’re seeing?’—Chilton

The answer is yes.

Mike: I’ve always know the phrase ‘long covid’ was a cover story for something else—they just gave it a name.

BA: this is where we get into the entire narrative of covid 19 and this is not a stretch, and why I believe that Remdesivir made by Giliad is actually king cobra venom.

From Nature Genetics, January, 2020: The Indian cobra reference genome and transcriptome enables comprehensive identification of venom toxins:

In the abstract: Among the 139 toxic genes were 19 (and 19 is significant) venom specific toxins that showed venom glands specific expression. (This is published January, 2020).

BA: There has been a 10-year long study mapping out the gene sequence toxins in king cobra venom. They isolate that there are 19 venom specific toxins that are derived from the internal organs of the snake that destroyed the internal organs of a mammal. 19. I am going to hammer on this because when I saw it I thought could it be true that covid19 has nothing to do with the year? Could it be totally related to this 19 figure of these venom-like toxin proteins?

BA: this same information was found by Dr. Brian Frye in Australia in 2005. He found 19 venom specific toxins in 2005. What was going around the world in the Middle East in 2005? It was SARS CoV-1. It is ironically in the same year that Dr. Frye published the 19 venom specific toxins. Did they know in 2005 based on his work that they could set up these 19 toxins and use it in the year 2019 as a cover. Did they spend the next 15 years preparing for Covid 19? I now called Covid 19 “covenom 19: for the 19 toxins.

BA: let’s go further into this: this is the published study, January 2020, From Nature Genetics, January, 2020: The Indian cobra reference genome and transcriptome enables comprehensive identification of venom toxins:

It is likely that these genes, together with the 19 VSTs, form the core toxic effect or components of the venom and induce a wide range of symptoms including cardiovascular dysfunction (which Remdesivir does—Dr. B), muscular paralysis, nausea, blurred vision and systemic effects such as hemorrhage.

Mike: how much do you want to bet that also includes ringing in the ears, tinnitus, other neurologic….

BA: all of it—all of the neurologic toxicity symptoms are related to snake venom. In the study they actually list a graphic:

BA: look at the list of symptoms: systemic hemorrhage, purine-sceptor-mediated hypotension and paralysis, local tissue damage, ECM degradation, neurological symptoms (dizziness, headaches), respiratory difficulties, muscle tissues damage, vasodilation, neuromuscular paralysis, blood coagulation, anticoagulation, rapid pulse, sudden shock low blood pressure and ‘uncharacterized.’

These are the 19 venom toxins from king cobra and this is what it does to the human or mammal bodies.

Mike: this explains why athletes are passing out.

BA: this explains why they are dying on the field. I want to bring this next slide to your attention:

February 2021: Acute Kidney injury:

So kidney injury is among the common and most serious symptoms of cobra envenoming.

BA: imagine if this is all that they are injecting into your veins. This is insane.

Mike: they are lining you up, injecting you with venom, calling it medicine and ‘treatment’ and outlawing everything else.

BA: this was information was in July, 2020, two months after Remdesivir was assigned in the contract for all hospitalized Covid 19 patients in America by Dr. Anthony Fauci. He gave Giliad the green light to be the only anti-viral being pumped into all Covid 19 hospitalized Americans. Two months later this study came out:

Extrapulmonary manifestation of COVID-19 (BA –they are talking about the virus only):

Although Covid 19 is most well known for causing substantial respiratory pathology, it can also result in several extrapulmonary manifestations. These conditions include thrombotic complications, myocardial dysfunction and arrhythmia, acute coronary syndromes, acute coronary symptoms, acute kidney injury, gastrointestinal symptoms, hepatocellular injury (liver toxicity), hyperglycemia and ketosis…

Mike: so it means that this venom is going throughout your body and ripping out the cells of all your organ systems leading to organ failure.

BA: yes! And I was just blaming it on the toxicity of Remdesivir from the study. But I want to go into this study that was published in NATURE MEDICINE in July, 2020. There is something significant here that is different from China and America when we first started treating Covid19 patients.

BA: The article continues: What covid does in the body… They actually mention here and publish that there is renal manifestation which means kidney disease problems. I pointed this out in many lectures and to state representatives and senators throughout the country in relationship to Remdisivir. We were using Remdesivir in America and China was not. Now look at the stats between China and America:

In China (July, 2020) the reported incidence of AKI (acute kidney injury) in hospitalized patients with Covid19 ranged from p.5% to 29% and occurred within a median of 7-14 days after admission. (BA: it took a week or two for this to show up in the bloodwork) Studies from the USA have reported much higher rates of AKI. In a study of nearly 5,500 patients admitted with Covid19 in a New York City hospital system, AKI occurred in 37% with 14% of the patients requiring dialysis. About one third were diagnosed with AKI with 24 hours of admission in this study Of note, these rates are much higher than those reported during the SARVS-CoV epidemic..

Mike: within 24 hours of admission they were being treated with Remdesivir (in the USA).

BA: they were being pumped full of Remdesivir within the first 24 hours and that is when the AKI kicked in. This study is more disgusting for me. In July of 2020, Giliad, the makers of Remdesivir, was awarded the only contract. How come every side effect of this Covid 19 are identical to Remdesivir side effects? Did they invite Giliad to be part of this compilation of SARS CoV2 side effects? They could hide all of their known side effects of the drug in this study that the whole world doctors treating Covid are seeing kidney, heart, liver failure, strokes, hemorrhaging, all over the body. They would look into the scientific literature to see if this was a side effect of SARS COV2 instead of blaming the drug they are pumping into the veins.

BA: I looked at the funders of this study and there are 7 departments in the WHO. Look at the ethics declaration page and look who was invited to participate and what company they are on the payroll for:

M.M.B. reports an honorarium for participation on a grants review panel for Gilead Biosciences.

In the conflicts of interest in July, 2020, “Joan”, J.M.B. reports an honorarium for participation on grants reviews for Giliad Scientists. Who makes Remdesivir? How is it possible that the NIH allowed someone from Giliad to combine and add up, total and summarize all the side effects of virus and their drug is the only drug being allowed to treat (Covid 19). I call this a mighty conflict of interest.

BA: in the India King Cobra Study, published January 2020, it actually lists:

Ethics declaration Competing interests Employees of Genentech hold Roche shares/options….

What does Genentech have to do with this? I want you to remember this one thing—these phospholipase that I showed you earlier in Covid19 patients was first discovered in cobra venom.

Among them SPLA2 is the first discovered group of PLA2 enzymes, which was discovered as a component of cobra venom…Snake venom PLA2s induce pathophysiological alterations in the victim by hydrolyzing phospholipids in membranes.

BA: the employees of Genontech ran the whole study on king cobra venom said they have conflict of interest ‘maybe’ with this study because they own shares of Roche. I had to figure out who the heck is Genontech? Just remember here that ‘among these phospholipases is the first discovered group of PLA2 enzymes which was discovered as a component of cobra venom. Genontech had just completed a study on cobra venom and discovered 19 different venom toxins.

BA: so what do Genontech and Giliad have in common? Giliad makes Remdesivir. Is there any connection between these two since a conflict of interest was declared in a king cobra venom study that they published in January, 2020. OMG.


Gilead Sciences to purchase biologics process research and clinical manufacturing facility from Genentech

BA: so they brought/bought biological facilities from Genetech into Gilead Sciences.

“Gilead Sciences Inc., (Nasdaq: GLD) today announced that the company has signed a definitive agreement under which Gilead will purchase a clinical biologics manufacturing facility and certain process development assets located in Oceanside, CA from Genentech, a member of the Roche Group.

…as part of this acquisition, approximately 55 current Genetech clinical manufacturing and process development employees will be offered employment at Gilead. All employees joining Gilead from Genentech will be working in the OCP facility (BA: these are their biological facilities).

BA: do you know that right now Genentech has 7 patented cancer drugs that are all derived from snake venom.

Mike: that is well known, public knowledge because snake venom is well known for killing cancer cells. “Oh, you’re tumor is shrinking.” Here in Texas we can get snake venom under any rock free—there’s a snake there.

BA: did you know that specific snake venoms can either cause blood clotting or blood thinning? That could be blood clots leading to strokes or to hemorrhage. Some venoms also have the impact to increase tumor growth and cancer growth and other venoms reduce tumor growth or shut it off. In fact with most cancer drugs they are just manipulating your body with snake venom.

Mike: ‘chemotherapy’?

BA: another article:

February 2015: Just like SARS COV-2 Coincidence?

The venom phospholipase (PLA2) is probably the key factor responsible for tissue injury by disturbing cell membrane permeability through disorganizing of lipid bilayer on the plasma membrane resulting pore formation with subsequent influx of Na and water. Interaction between plasma membrane and phospholipase encourages the reduction of Na/K.

BA: the above information goes into renal injury as a result of this venom PLA2, just like SARS CoV2. In February 2015 it was found specific to cobra venom:

February 2015 3.2 Histopathological Changes in Lung Tissue

Pulmonary issues of control mice showed the normal and compact organization of bronchi, bronchioles and terminal bronchioles followed by specialization sac-like structures called alveoli consisting surface epithelium, blood vessels and supporting tissue surrounded by a double layer membrane structure called plura. Crude cobra venom persuaded some severe changes in their histological structure by showing significant inflammatory cellular infiltration and edema. The organism of envenomated group also showed alveolar hemorrhage and mionecrosis after 6 hours of envenomation with LD, dose of cobra venom.

BA: do you know that every patient who dies from SARS COV2, supposedly, in the hospitals gets Remdesivir? They die from edema in their lungs which is a side effect of crude cobra venom. 1.01.36 minutes

April 12, 2022 Health Ranger Report:

Covid 19 = King Cobra Snake Venom

And from Steve Quayle on 0412-2022-



2.) NEXT CONCERNING THE SNAKE VENOM AND NANOBOTS IN THE VACCINES AND THE WATER—There is a long history of the government and others playing with what is supposed to be our clean drinking water.
 AS far back as world war 1 there were both chemicals added to drinking water  to test effects of the chemicals on groups of people.
 In world war 2 there were tests done with radioactive isotopes put in the drinking water to test what the long term effects would be
During the cold war up to now one part of a BINARY nerve agent  was put into the water supplies AND as needed the other part of nerve agent could be introduced into the air and AFFECT many people ( up to 1 million or more) FROM a simple spray from a airplane.
Near the end of the cold war a TRINARY nerve agent was developed which has the following three parts:     
              part1: introduced into the drinking water
              part 2: a spray from a chemtrail plane
              part 3: a food additive added to packaged foods and soft drinks
              when all are present in the body the nerve agent is activated
 In 2022 a NANOBOT was joined with a snake venom so that using signals from cell phone towers the venom would be released into the blood as a live active nerve agent. The code name of the agent is COBRA 6 because it is formed from venoms of multiple snakes.

The NANOBOTS are activated by a “ GROUP ID” which NANOBOTS in different areas have. Then to activate the cell phone tower transmitter is instructed to activate all the NANOBOTS with the chosen ID code that are within range of the cell phone tower. This agent was designed so that very specific areas and people could be targeted. 


For those with an open mind here are some pdfs available online….consider the quality of the 70+ water in your body when you are drinkingplasma energy water combinations… as always use discernment

Dr. Group here are pdf resources for urine therapy:

The Golden Fountain  Coen Van Der Kroon 

Your Own Perfect Medicine  Martha M Christy 

Urine, The Holy Water   Harald W Tietze 

What are your thoughts?

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