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Latest Info From Dr. Jane Ruby, Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston and much more…


For Months Lynn Has Encouraged You To Stock Your Food Pantry and Your Plasma Energy ‘Pantry’. What Happens When The Supply Chain for Food, Medicines, Supplements, Garden Supplies Fails?

Are You Being Played By The Media?

Here Are Two New Videos From Lynn. Find The Special For “The Protectors” Good until April 30, 2022 Pacific Time Midnight In One Of The Videos


Lynn discusses several recent interviews that are providing evidence of snake venom peptides and/or constructed peptides that mimic this venom that are now being found in some of the jabs. Why do some ‘experts’ ridicule this information –do they have anything to do with a very old term, ‘jesuitism.’ See Links below. Be sure to listen to find out some excellent savings for you in April, 2022!


Stew Peters(SP) and Dr. Brian Ardis (BA) 0413-2022- Snake Venom and Rabies Virus? click the image below to watch this video

also on the same show you will find this interview:

0414-2022-Stew Peters (SP) and Biblical Scholar David Jose (DJ)

0419-2022-Stew Peters (SP) and Jane Ruby (JR) venom in the vaxx

SP: an anonymous scientist has provided Dr. Jane Ruby with photographic evidence of snake venom contained in undiluted Pfizer vaccine vials and damage to red blood cells caused by the vaxx.

JR: Sat. morning I received a phone call from this scientist who will remain anonymous while they gather more evidence. What I have seen has just been incredible. They have identified king cobra related venom in an undiluted Pfizer vial using frequencies which is very common to separate out chemicals.

JR: what they tell me is that they have identified it and it is a synthetic version called snake venom organoids. (.57 minutes) what these peopled ended up doing was taking some human blood from a live person and took the droplets of these living blood cells from the undiluted Pfizer vial. This method is called in-vitro procedure. They dropped it on the red blood cells. (1.21 minutes)

JR: this is what happens to the red blood cells. These shapes you are looking at are not new. We have been looking at them for many months. We just didn’t put them together until Dr. Ardis came out with the snake venom information.

JR: it turns the red blood cells into what is called ecinocytosis and these are not ‘spikes’ on the blood cells, but these little triangula, pointy shapes that appear on these red blood cells. They sink in, they are damaged and this is very, very common in the blood of people who have been poisoned by viper type snake venom.

JR: this particular vial was marked to the king cobra and they showed this blood evidence that I am showing you and they talked about these snake gland organoids. I am doing an entire segment on this on the Dr. Jane Ruby show.

JR: the organoids will look familiar to you also because many scientists over the months—a long list of scientists.

SP: none of this is surprising. Dr. Ardis brought forward all kinds of studies and research papers and articles to support his theory. Mike Adams did a 3 hour long sit down interview with Dr. Ardis. It was a technical interview and he went more into depth with even more documentation. What is surprising to me is the communist-style attack from alternative medicine front-line doctors and also other people in the political world.

JR: Absolutely. Stew, I was most shocked by someone I respected prior to this, Dr. Pierre Kory, who has come out publicly with a very smug, sarcastic critique of Dr. Ardis. He admits that he only watched half of the Mike Adams interviews.

JR: Secondly he actually accuses Dr. Ardis of having a ‘manic episode.’ This is infuriating. He has not talked to Dr. Ardis, he did not look at all the evidence.

JR: I have said to people to watch very, very carefully who comes out from the front line of doctors and experts, in our group and tries to disparage and denounce Dr. Ardis especially without seeing the evidence Dr. Ardis’ work and all his postulations. Note from Lynn: More of this transcribed interview to come in the next few days…



Lynn discusses what nicotine has to do with patent information shared by Karen Kingston on venom peptides. She also shares statistics on coal fired plants and media disinfo given to people in our country. She shares an excellent savings for you for the remainder of April, 2022 on “The Protectors.” Be prepared and check the videos below regarding that:

1–Stew Peters Karen Kingston short interview with Karen’s pointed questions. Regarding patents–0420-2022

2–William Mount =short video on grain ships leaving the country….

3—Are Arson Teams Burning Down American Food Production Infrastructure—Mike Adams (go to around 40 minutes for a list of fires)

( At about the 33+ minute mark) from Michael Snyder blog regarding food loss production due to lack of fertilizer for rice and wheat. 6 Breadbaskets provide 2/3rds of food production globally and Ukraine/Russia usually provided 30% of wheat exports and 6% of sunflowers. Wheat prices are skyrocketing and have gone up 20% in one month from March to April. These prices will continue to skyrocket. 69% of total US Wheat production is in drought areas—82% of Kansas and Colorado and 99% of Texas and Montana are in drought. Russia/Ukraine are the largest exporters of corn. 28 million birds-chickens and turkeys are being killed.

Michael Snyder mentions Azure Standard headquarters was burned. Black Conservative Patriot has done good work. Here is a list of all the fires targeting food plants and food distribution hubs in less than a year:

  • Dried milk plant: Idaho
  • Food Processing Plant: San Antonio (Dec).
  • JBS Beef Plant: (Dec)
  • Mississippi Poultry Feed Mill boiler exploded (Dec)
  • Hamilton Mountain Poultry Processing Plant Fire (Jan)
  • LaCompte Feed Mill Fire: Louisiana (Jan)
  • Bonanza Meat Plant Fire: El Paso (Feb)
  • Sherer’s Food Plant Fire: Oregon (Feb)
  • Malston, Wisconsin River Meats Fire (Feb)
  • Food Bank in Maricopa County, Arizona Fire-50,000 lbs. food destroyed (Mar)
  • Nestle Fire: Arkansas (Mar)
  • Walmart Distribution Center Fire (Mar)
  • Penobscot Potato Processing Plant Fire: Maine (Mar)
  • Sherbrook, Canada Food Processing Plant Fire (Apr)
  • Fire Grain Elevator Plant Fire: Kansas (Apr)
  • Fertilizer Plant (Apr)
  • Azure Standard (Apr)
  • Food Plant: Salinas, Calif (Apr)
  • Small Plane crashed into General Mills Plant in Covington, Georgia

Mike: are these all just coincidences? And now Union Pacific railroad is halting deliveries of fertilizer and grain to the cattle herds? And now ‘bird flu’ for millions of turkeys and chickens?

Mike: is there an engineered destruction of the food structure in America? This is a pattern and is there organized arson teams for destroying the infrastructure of food delivery/ will this contribute to scarcity and panic when the harvest numbers start coming in this May and June? How will there be enough food to feed people through 2022 and the winter of 2023? We only have a rolling 90-day supply of food on the planet at any given time. That just got hugely disrupted. Fertilizer production requires natural gas and that is now cut off by Russia.

Mike: we are living where we can still get a loaf of bread under $5 and you can find the bread. That is going to be gone in just a few months. Bread will double if you can find it. Are people still assuming that price increases are only temporary?

Mike: expect crazy high prices, food scarcity and total disruption of the supply chain including the food. Do that math. Only China has been stockpiling grains and prepping.


Are You Being Told The Truth About the Green New Deal? Look At The Following Stats:

How Many Coal Fired Power Plants are There in the World —Green New Deal???

  • The EU has 468 – & building 27 more… Total 495
  • Turkey has 56 – & building 93 more.. Total 149
  • South Africa has 79 – & building 24 more… Total 103
  • India has 589 – & building 446 more… Total 1035
  • Philippines has 19 – & building 60 more… Total 79
  • South Korea has 58 – & building 26 more… Total 84
  • Japan has 90 – & building 45 more… Total 135
  • China has 2,363 – & building 1,171 more… Total = 3,534
  • That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries
  • USA has 15 – & building 0 more… Total = 15.

7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections – Karen Kingston

(There is much more in the 58 min interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she talks about the demonic injections being forced on people worldwide on 4.19.22.

Karen Kingston (KK)and Greg Hunter (GH)

GH: let’s start with the term bioweapon…it is actually the term in the paperwork.

KK: we are being lied to at such a level that it is difficult to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told that these injections were vaccines. When you look at the patent they call them bioweapons, toxins, and agents of chemical bio-warfare. Specifically there is a 2017 patent related to what they call vaccine.

KK: the title is Vaccine Nanotechnology. The word vaccine is in there. This was issued on January 10, 2017, and is owned by the NIH. When you read this patent under section 9 it clearly states: in some embodiments the small molecules are toxins—a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare.

KK: in the patent they further explain that they are going to inject people with bioweapons. In May, 2021 in an email to influencers I stated that the master patent for a liquid nanoparticle encapsulations and mRNA vaccines to the mainstream media and other influencers. These vaccines are gain-of-function weaponized chimeric (multi-species) viruses and toxins. I used the word toxin and did not use the words ‘weakened virus’ or ‘vaccine’—I used the word toxin and a toxin is a poison.

KK: a toxin can be venomous poison. I said that these are bioweapons under the guise of of mRNA vaccines. I used the word toxin and that wasn’t just that I was opining. I read the ingredients and these sound like toxins. —in section 0402 of the master world-wide patent, for the mRNA lipid nanotechnology it states: in some embodiments the prophylaxis is a cyto-toxin. A cytotoxin or cytotoxic agent includes any agent that is detrimental to cells. That is any agent that can kill yourselves or annihilate yourselves. They can cause your cells to clot together and become sticky and jelly-like.

KK: anything that can annihilate and destroy your cells is a toxin and that was not my opinion. These were the words from the document filed with our government in the US Patent office.

GH: there has been talk that there are a couple of types of shedding—one is a viral shedding which has been proven 251 times according to Oxford University. There is another type of shedding you talked about that the CDC is so worried about with pregnant women—shedding from people who have been vaxxed can cause miscarriages and birth defects. That is another shedding and it’s a spike protein. But there is more than one spike protein. Can you talk about that?

KK: again, it is difficult to provide clarification on the current situation that the medical tyranny has over the American population and the global citizens. Everything that we are told was a lie…absolutely everything. We were told in theory that mRNA is man-made, modified _____ nucleic acid. It is a single virus that is man-made or recreated from a virus. In theory it is supposed to be injected into your bloodstream and penetrate the cytoplasm of your cells and just produce a spike protein, which is a small section of the —– virus.

KK: what if that whole story was a lie? I say that because we are told the mRNA produces just a small sequence of the virus that is called the spike protein. Through my research I found separate patents for the spike protein. There are 7 clearly different spike proteins in the actual patent. This is patent for the spike protein (6.18 minutes) that is produced allegedly by the SARSCV2 virus. It should be part of the SARSCV2 virus and it should not have its own separate patent.

KK: in the patent you can see that there are 3 versions of it in the pre-imposed confirmation sheets (6.34 minutes). Then there are another 4 versions of the spike protein. Understand that they all do different things for the patent for the research. So understand that the fingernail on my pinkie finger is part of the pinkie finger and that is part of my hand. Why would this fingernail be considered separate from me?

KK: the SARSCV2 protein is part of the whole sequence. From an intellectual property argument and legal argument, unless it was different from the full sequence, it shouldn’t be able to be separated out and created into a separate patent.

KK: if you read the scientists, Dr. Barney Brown (NIAID) and Jason McClellan (Moderna), after the mRNA produced the spike protein, they then ‘jimmied’ it up. They said they added no prolines to it. So they added additional amino acid chains to it. Were those amino acids poisons and toxins? They also used cryo which is liquid nitrogen to freeze the spike protein.

KK: so they made sure that when the spike protein was produced by the mRNA, that is not what the patent is for. The patent is for the spike protein that is produced by the mRNA and then it was modified by the scientists and then frozen using cryo. So why do the vaccine vials need to be kept between -60 degrees and -90 degrees Celsius?

KK: Unless the spike protein in and of itself is a separate toxin that was created separately with its own patent and its own licensing agreement and it needs to be kept frozen in order for it to stay stable and be able to do the damage that it does. The spike protein does have its own separate patent. It does have its own separate licensing agreement including licensing agreements to non-mRNA vaccine companies like J and J who are not supposed to be producing the spike proteins.

KK: It has to be kept at that frozen temperature or it becomes un-stabilized and partially because the spike protein is not made up of anything that you would traditionally find in a mammal. According to the research out of the Univ. of Pittsburg when they sequence those individuals out of Europe who became very ill with severe covid, they said that this does not look like multi-system inflammatory syndrome. They said it looked like toxic shock syndrome. It looks like they were poisoned.

KK: so these scientists in Pittsburg sequenced the parts of the spike protein that cause reactive tenicities that look like a super-antigen or a super poison. They sequenced out peptides of what they would find in cobra venom, in krait venom, in the rabies virus and specifically in the bacterial called staphylococcal interoxin B which is a very disease-causing type of bacteria that is typically found in the rabies envelope and they found glycol-protein 120.

KK: the Pittsburg researchers were not listening to the narrative saying this came from a bat and then maybe to a pangolin, or some other mammal and then jumped to humans. The researchers said this thing looks like a venomous poison and they started looking for poisons and they found them.

GH: there are 6 other spike proteins.

KK: yes, that is either the S2 spike protein which I believe is in the Moderna vaccine, but then there is also the Wuhan Institute of Virology SP2 spike protein, which according to the biological application for Pfizer in the SARSCV2 sequence there, produces the Wuhan Institute of Virology S2 Spike protein. The question is do these ‘vaccines’ contain lipid nano-particle encapsulated toxins that are being called spike proteins? Are there different ones in different vials?

GH: so some of the ‘vaccines’ have some spike proteins that are some type of poison. Other ones make scar tissues on your heart and organs—is that right? Talk about some of the damaging things from the other spike proteins.

KK: yes, one of the spike proteins is called PEVDV that stands for porcine epidemic viral diarrhea virus protein. That means that it causes extreme gastro-intestinal inflammation. It was originally studied in pigs and then they used embryonic cells and immunized mice and then they were now able to get this virus and spike protein that causes massive GI upset, diarrhea in piglets to the point of dehydration and death. So this spike protein would bind more to your GI tract. 12 min

KK: I don’t think there are any cases of children in the US dying of GI dehydration. This would be more optimal bioweapon to unleash in a 3rd world country where you could blame it on the water supply.

KK: there is another spike protein that is called the OC43S-2P spike protein that was originally from cattle. We were talking about the 229ES-2C spike protein and that binds to the lining of the respiratory system and would cause inflammation in the respiratory system. The SP2-1 would cause more damage in your cardio-vascular system.

GH: your research shows that if you get Shot 1, 2, boosters, you are likely getting a cocktail of spike proteins.

KK: I am hypothesizing on the fact that the spike proteins have separate patents. They have separate licensing deals and the scientists jimmied the spike proteins independent of the mRNA viral sequence and then froze it with cryo. I am saying in some of what they are calling ‘vaccines’, yes people are more than likely being injected with mRNA that then maybe producing these spike proteins. But they could also be injected directly with lipid nano particle encapsulated spike proteins.

KK: so the spike proteins could be made separately and frozen separately and then encapsulated and put in the formulation. That is what I am saying. Keep in mind that the world patent that you can find on the Moderna website, in section 80, it says that in some embodiments the nanotechnology can include a delivery device that can deliver an agent or a toxin over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or years.

KK: it is plausible and possible and the studies show that they can make the spike proteins independent in a lab, freeze them with cryo, and encapsulate them with the lipid nano particles and those particles have a delivery device that are timed to release the toxin in the body either immediately or over time. And the CDC guideline for Pfizer vaccine say that these need to be kept at -60 to -90 degree Celsius temperatures for storage purposes and that is more than ‘frozen.’ These are sub-Arctic temperatures. They can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks and they also cannot be exposed to light.

KK: it would appear that the shape of the spike proteins was made in a lab and then it has to be frozen with liquid nitrogen or whatever the cryo system is and then it needs to be stored at that frozen temperature. Room temperature will have the spike protein starting to disintegrate. So whether it is mRNA or the spike protein, keep in mind that mRNA is very unstable.

KK: in theory the scientific community was very excited about mRNA gene editing technology, but they said that sunlight, room temperature can kill it. It is very unstable. It is the same thing with the spike protein. MRNA produces the spike protein but the spike protein is very unstable—it can fold, it can disintegrate. Look at the early studies from 2020 and those who were ‘naturally’ infected with the full sequence of SARSCV2 virus, it was found that the spike protein didn’t stay in their bodies that long.

KK: a study in 2016 by Eco-Alliance said they finalized the human/bat coronoa virus in Wuhan. If it could get into somebody’s body it could do damage, but the virus quickly weakened in human to human transmission. It was not of ‘pandemic’ potential. They need the lipid nano-particles to encapsulate the mRNA to hijack the cells, and even if the cells produce the spike protein, the scientists said they couldn’t ‘count on the mRNA to do its job’ and create a stable spike protein.

KK: so did the scientists at NIH create a spike protein that they are calling a toxin, freeze it, encapsulate that and stick that in the vials and inject people directly with the bioweapon. This is important for legal reasons. If every lawsuit says people were injected with mRNA that then produces a toxin which is the spike protein, but then it turns out that the toxin was in there independent of the mRNA …

GH: Oh, it is not a Vaxx!

KK: it is not a vaxx—it is a direct bioweapon. The mRNA is not needed to produce the bioweapon by being injected directly. What is needed is the nano-particles. I have study after study, peer reviewed and no-peer reviewed journals, of the scientific community, NIH, Moderna saying ‘they love these lipid nano-particles from Artbitus and Acuitus out of Washington DC. They did not know how to get to the genetic-editing material out of people, they didn’t know how to get spike proteins from different species including reptiles…but we can literally use this lipid nano-particle technology to deliver anything to anybody.

KK: Eco Alliance says the same thing in their pitch to DARPA when they talked about the ‘bat coronavirus.’ First they said they were going to make the humanized/bat coronavirus and inoculate the bat. By using lipid nano-particles they would encapsulate the virus and then spray the bats down, give them something to eat, or somehow put it on their paws or skin. But they said they needed the lipid nano-particles to do this. The spike protein is a toxin that needs to be kept at zub-zero temperatures.

KK: Enviromet is supposed to be anti-bacteria, so why would they spray that at my son’s school and why would it look like stuff that comes out of a fire extinguisher? Why did you see footage of them spraying in Wuhan in 2020 with ‘sanitizing’ spray. The mist of that looks like something coming out of a fire extinguisher.

GH: they are particles.

KK: they are lipid nano-particles that are kept at very cold temperatures to deliver a bioweapon.

GH: you said in a past interview that this was very unstable so they wrap it in a lipid nano-particle which is hydrogel, which is graphene. And the graphene is poison in and of itself.

KK: yes, graphene oxide is toxic to humans at certain levels. It is not meant to be in our bodies. You can look at historical water reclamation studies where they are using zeolite to get graphene oxide out of the water supply. If there is too much of it in the water, it is toxic.

KK: I am not worried if there is evidence of snake venom in the water supply. But there are going to be contracts to start redoing the piping of our water systems, we know that they contaminated it before with other materials and metals. The last thing is that we want to make sure that they are not contaminating the water supply in the future with graphene oxide. With the electro-magnetic fields it can respond to signals like 5G. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.

KK: this is like the Cures Act that was passed and signed by Obama in 2016 annihilating all the safety regulations for pharmaceutical and medical device products under an experiment. They basically eliminated the independent safety review board standards. We want to make sure that our government is not passing laws that allow corporations to harm, disable, disfigure Americans.

GH: you go to get a vaxx and they say what it is and in this is the mRNA, but there could be multiple different patented spike proteins totally separate from the vaccine. Is that what you are telling me?

KK: absolutely there can be. First of all why are there 7 different configurations of the spike protein from different animals and different viruses? Second, why does it have a different patent? Third, Geovax, the holding company which HHS licensed has all the technology patents and why did they need separate licensing deals with J and J, Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax and with Puravax. I believe that J&J and Puravax are non mRNA vaccines, so why do they have a license deal with Geovax to produce a spike protein if their vaccine doesn’t have the mRNA to produce the spike protein?

GH: so this is an ‘addendum’ to the vaccine they want to put in there along with the vaccine.

KK: the mRNA produces a spike protein. The scientists at NIAID and Moderna took that spike protein, jimmied it up and then they froze it and made it’s own separate patent and separate licensing deals for it. It is separate from the mRNA that is producing the spike protein in your body, but is that spike protein being produced in your body the same spike protein that is in the patent? The answer is ‘no’ because what is being produced in your body isn’t being automatically frozen with liquid nitrogen that would have to be produced in your body. That I am aware but who knows what they can do today? I don’t believe that we are producing liquid nitrogen in our bodies at this time.

GH: these things can attack your body in multiple different ways in multiple organs. Dr Ryan Cole is saying that at least 20 times the amount of cancer is showing up that are very aggressive. He is seeing more pericarditis and myocarditis. Justin Bieber’s wife had a stroke and now we have all these unexplained deaths with people around 50 years old. They don’t list anything as the cause of death. Is this all related to the injections?

KK: it is and the challenge is that we were told a story about a ‘novel’ corona virus, the very, very long story. If it is fictitious it is a very long made up story.

GH: what they could have been releasing instead of a virus is spike proteins.

KK: they could have been releasing—let’s just call them bioweapons that were synthetically created from venom and rabies virus. They created a bioweapon and encapsulated it in a lipid nanoparticle which is a bioweapon delivery system. There could have been a bioweapon attack and it could have been put in something that the people ate at the Wuhan market, which was a seafood market. It could have been put in the ice and that is how people got poisoned.

KK: In Lombardy, Italy there could have been an aerosol version or poisoning with lipid nano-particles in people’s food. This is a bioweapon and a poison. I remember the young actor in NY City who went to the ER with a high fever. Within several hours he had multiple limbs amputated because of blood clotting and then he died from massive organ failure very quickly. This is not from a virus that causes respiratory infection. This is a bioweapon just like the KGB or CIA would use weapons to kill enemies of the nation. That is what it is.

KK: I know that sounds insane but when you read the patents that is what they are describing. We are calling something a spike protein and may be a chemical agent, a biowarfare weapon. These are not my words, these are the words in the patents.

GH: how bad do you think this is going to get? Clif High said this would peak in 2024 and every year will be worse. There will be all-cause mortalities from heart attacks to car wrecks, plus strokes, autoimmune disease, cancer. They are talking about insurance companies not covering anybody who has been vaccinated/injected. How bad do you think this is going to get? What is your ‘handicap’? How many millions are going to die from this?

KK: it is going to take us years—decades to figure out what people were injected with. More information is coming forward. Depending on what people were injected with depends on the level of disease, disability and death that are going to occur. If you read Unrestricted Warfare from the CCP, they talk about using bioweapons and America is the ‘great enemy.’ They know they cannot go head to head with the military, but I think the overall strategy was not cause mass death of Americans the way to take out the enemy? It is better to weaken the people. We are all at war now. If you kill a soldier with a sniper shot, the soldier is dead. But if the soldier is injured –and now we have been attacked by bioweapons so people are developing cancers or certain forms of paralysis.

KK: now you need multiple members of families and resources to take care of them—that is more detrimental to our nation, economy and our strength and productivity than simply having people die.

GH: do you think Loren Austin, secretary of defense knows or should know this? According to Dr. Pierre Kory, he is in contact with Lt. Col. Theresa Long, the M.D. who ascertains if people can fly, go to war and/or are battle ready to do so. She said that in one military base in NC, 80 marines died from the vaxx. How can you push this if you care about America and the readiness of our military?

KK: I said a month ago that Americans are betrayed and lied to by General Milley and Lloyd Austin. They are enemies of our nation and enemies of our constitution. There is no reason why they don’t have access to the data I have access to or why they are not listening to the medical doctor from the US Naval who talked about the deaths—LT. Col. Theresa Long.

KK: they should spend more time listening to her, reading the patents and the data and less time worrying about ‘whiteness’ and transgenderism. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you wonder what someone’s intentions are, just take a look at the outcomes. If under General Milley and Lloyd Austin the men and women in our military are becoming disabled, disfigured and killed—that is their intention.

GH: do you think this fall will become worse as some doctors are saying. The MSM keeps covering this up and protect the ‘abusers.’

KK: things are going to get worse. We know that glycoprotein 120, the envelope for HIV is part of the sequence of the SARSCV2 virus and spike protein. The job of the HIV envelope is to wipe out your white blood cells , the CD4 and CDE cells. That is your first line of defense and that is why there is vaccine-associated induced immune deficiency disease. People’s immune systems are getting weaker.

GH: I had Dr. Elizabeth Eads on and she said that the data is out there in the UK, Canada, Israel, that it is destroying your immune system.

KK: on June 21, 2020, the FDA ordered Pfizer to do an additional analysis post the 2 months data they submitted for authorization and approval. What they did is when they compared the placebo group who got injected later than the original group, Pfizer and the FDA concluded that the risk from infection from CV19 increases over time after a second dose of the jab. They concluded that your immune system weakens over time after you have gotten two doses.

KK: I know it is in VAERS, publications and the patents, put it is in their own damn words. I am furious. Pfizer and FDA said when you get the 2nd shot, over time your immune system is going to become weaker. That was in June and in August the FDA approved that ‘vaccine‘.’

GH: yes, the booster.

KK: yes, people’s immune systems are getting weaker. If you go into the patents cancers are popping up. Yes, because your immune system is being wiped out and doesn’t have the signaling and the functioning properly to stop the progression and growth of cancer cells and remove them from the body. It is not able to allow for the natural cell death to happen in epotosis. That is inhibited.

KK: but the sequence for this HeLa cancer virus is in there which is known as the immortal virus1. It was patented in the 1950s or the 1960s and is the most aggressive form of cancer cell known and that sequence is in the master patent for the mRNA vaccine.

KK: HIV glycoprotein 120 allows hijacking not just the cytoplasm but of the nucleus to then create new genetic codes, so people are being injected with the genetic seed to produce the most aggressive form of cancer out there. That would explain how adults are going from being perfectly healthy to all of a sudden having these aggressive stage 4 cancers in different parts of their bodies—colon cancer, breast cancer, myeleoma, and forms of very aggressive bone cancer. There are very poor prognoses and the survival rate is very low and short.

GH: someone said their dad was totally healthy and within 2 or 3 months after getting the shot he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

KK: there are so many stories and people are passing away from being healthy. A friend’s father died of cardiovascular complications but the autopsy showed stage 4 cancer. We are at war and the enemy is not just using one form of attack. If you are on the battlefield it’s not just like they are only using machine guns, or only tanks, or only mustard gas or grenades. What is in those vials is not just mRNA; it is not just spike protein separate from mRNA, not just genetic sequences from cancers, reptiles, HIV, rodent leukemia. What is in the vials is demonic and it needs to stop.

GH: I asked how long the graphene oxide lasts and you said it was indestructible and was 17 times stronger than steel. How long do these mRNA wrapped in lipid particles last?

KK: graphene oxide is very interesting and there is something called genetically engineered hydrogel. This is combined with AI (artificial intelligence) I wasn’t into the graphene oxide because everyone was focused on the environment and what could be recycled. I looked into how to destroy graphene oxide and it is 1700 times stronger than titanium, it has over 4000 degree temperature boiling point, and it appears to be indestructible.

GH: if you are injected with graphene oxide how long does it last in your body?

KK: if there was naturally found graphene oxide in the water supply, theoretically through zeolite supplement it would be able to absorb and attach to the graphene in your body and remove through your kidneys and urine. But this is genetically engineered hydrogel graphene oxide. According to the document Genetically engineered graphene oxide hydrogel, not only is it indestructible and you cannot remove it from your body, but through biosynthesis, the calcium in your body the genetically engineered hydrogel can then produce more genetically engineered hydrogel substance in your body by using your own calcium.

1 The Importance of HeLa Cells | Johns … – Hopkins Medicine › henriettalacks › importance-of-hela-cells.html

The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks The Importance of HeLa Cells Among the important scientific discoveries of the last century was the first immortal human cell line known as “HeLa” — a remarkably durable and prolific line of cells obtained during the treatment of Henrietta’s cancer by Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. George Gey in 1951.

GH: can the graphene oxide hurt your organs?

KK: absolutely, it can. It actually conducts a positive charge or a negative charge. So what kind of damage can that do to cells around it?

The concept of the globalists –whether it’s Elon Musk using neuro-links or Gaale Ehlrich who filed a patent in the US and Israel to use graphene oxide to create a network within your body is to connect to the internet, to use synapses in your brain and nerve fibers that can connect directly to the neuro servers or the internet, or vice versus. So information can be transmitted to and from a server, or you can send and receive information from other individuals. The idea is that you are all connected.

GH: these are in patents?

KK: the patent that Ehlrich filed had the provision granted March 31, 2021 and officially granted in August, 2021. That is in that patent.

KK: but the neural in neuro-link, I don’t have the patents. But Elon Musk goes on platforms and explains the concept of neurolink is to connect the human brain to the internet because he says that we are already a cyborg by using the cell phones. It is slow to type in information so it is easier if we could somehow incorporate everything that is in the phone into our brains and he says the neurolinks can be delivered through an injection by using a self-assembling technology robot that is more than 24 microns that can then thread 1000 strings and rewire parts of your brain so you can be connected to the internet. This is all online.

KK: there are a lot of things that have been done in the dark that are now coming to light, both in the biotech industry as well as in cybertech and AI industry. In my opinion it is our worst nightmare come true because biotech, AI and cybertech have now converged. In biotech you now have scientists playing ‘God’ by using the genetic sequencing of human beings from CRISPR technology. Now they are creating their own species or their new types of chimeric, multi-species humans.

KK: that is horrible; that is playing “God” in biotech. In cyber and AI they are playing ‘God” they figured out computer codes and codes that are more intelligent than man, and in the scientist’s words, they have ‘godlike intelligence’ and ‘godlike’ power. Biotech says the same thing and now those industries have converged. What we have is a group of scientists and industry leaders playing ‘God’ and it is not our God, it is Satan, the father of lies and destruction.

KK: before the father of destruction can destroy God’s children, he must deceive and we have all been greatly deceived.

KK: Look at Lloyd Austin and General Milley mandating the vaccines—look at the outcome. They are mandating this to destroy our military and to kill the men and women who took an oath to protect our nation and our constitution. They are the enemies against America.

GH: Ivermectin—Pierre Kory says ivermectin is the baseline drug. Can people help themselves with Ivermectin?

KK: according to all the research I’ve looked at and all the experts I have spoken to, think of Ivermectin as your baseline foundation to fight against these bioweapons. It has strong anti-viral properties, anti-parasitic properties and it is a natural fortifier of your immune system without causing overstimulation of your immune system and that is really important.

GH: Dr. Kory says ivermectin binds the spike proteins and removes them.

KK: scientifically that is valid and makes perfect sense.

GH: how about the spike proteins that are injected and have their own special patent?

KK: I have no idea. I will send you the study. They have snake venom, strong bacterial agents. NAC, L’systine. Another is NAD-l-systine fortifies your cells and cytoplasma around your cells that keep things from getting into your cells that should not be there, and it slows down viral replication such as in HIV. And improves the signaling of cells to properly communicate.

KK: how are states allowing their residents to be injected? They have the authority to ban the vaccine from their states if there is no threat from CV19. They can ban the vaccine from the states. Take a look at Greenich Bio Sciences case study and how they had to struggle to get their product available in every state for epilepsy after FDA approval because of state laws.

GH: so you say these governors could stop this right now. DeSantis could say that the virus is not a threat to public health and governors could say it is not longer a threat and they can ban the biological agents out of the state and you cannot get injected with an experimental, biological agent that is being called the CV19 in the state.

GH: you could be getting 7 separate patented spike proteins along with your mRNA injection. You could get something put into the mix separate from the vaccine.

KK: yes, exactly. Why are people having severe gastro intestinal effects from being exposed to the virus or the vaccine? That is the sequence from the pig epidemic diarrhea virus that is put into the patent. So people are having different symptoms from different disease because they are different diseases.

KK: the spike protein is supposed to be produced by the mRNA. According to the research and the patent, the spike protein exists independent from the mRNA and is frozen and can be encapsulated in a lipid nano-particle. That is a problem it is not being injected with a hypothetical vaccine that will produce a spike protein. The spike protein is a ‘made up’ term for a bioweapon, a toxin.

GH: there is some legal liability; it is unbelievable with what they have done.

KK: sometimes I wonder if I should be having these discussions or if they should be legal discussions… with the snake venom being in the spike proteins, the American College of Cardiology says that thrombosis and sytopenia can be treated with lobovax, warfarin and aspirin. This is being caused by snake venom and those treatments will not help people—they will bleed out. They need to be treated for snake venom poisoning.

KK: I don’t know what those treatments are but when that baby died from thrombosis and thrombosis cytopenia his mother was injected with the _____ vaccine and through the breast milk had spike proteins. The baby died from blood clotting while the platelets were being wiped out at the same time. If they had treated that baby for poison from the synthetically created venom, maybe he could have survived. That is my whole point.

KK: we don’t know what we don’t know. It is not getting better or more hopeful for outcomes.

GH: you have been ostracized by Big Pharma.

KK: no one in the industry will talk to me. Some mRNA companies reached out to me and I cannot work for them for obvious reasons. It is the whole industry and it doesn’t matter if it is cardiology, oncology, eye care, or dermatology, no one is allowed to say anything negative about the vaccines. I am pretty much black-listed.

GH: people should try to support you as a truth teller.

KK: those vials contain many different ways to disable, disfigure and kill people. It is demonic. People ask me why I cry and I cry for God’s children. When I get emails from my son’s school where they stand on the mandates, my heart drops. My heart drops when I hear children that were injected are now sick, have myocarditis or disabled. Once America recognizes we are harmed I believe we can be healed. There will be multiple therapeutic treatments that should come forward.

GH: Vaxxed or Unvaxxed, if you are around people who are shedding, Dr. Pierre Kory has recommended ivermectin, plus NAC.

KK: Dr. Kory has said to look at exosome therapy as that can help restore function of the immune system and stop the RNA replications and restore natural function to prevent and eliminate cancer. That is a therapy under trials and is a promising therapy to help restore health


Dr. Jane Ruby regarding the scientists finding snake venom

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, while some of the frontline experts are breathlessly trying to dismiss the snake venom warnings of Dr.Bryan Ardis before they have seen all the evidence, other experts from around the world are now stepping up to tie the pieces together and Dr. Jane shows you their incredible photos and videos and Dr. Eli English, Homeopathic doctor, is back to show everyone how to counteract the effects of envenomation with natural antidote approaches.

Wall Street insider Edward Dowd explains the ‘pump and dump’ scheme for Pfizer stock and Naomi Wolf drops multiple bombshells based on the discoveries by teams of researchers studying FDA documents about Pfizer’s COVID vaccines that were recently published. She said that Moderna injected 100 micrograms in the first doses of their “vaccines”, which is more than triple the dose of Pfizer’s highest dose shot.

Journalist Naomi Wolf reports on an organized team of scientists, doctors, lawyers and researchers studying COVID-19 vaccine data, and she revealed that they discovered Pfizer has three different vaccine doses at 3, 10 and 30 micrograms of active ingredients that were given to people based on their age, rather than their size and weight. The ingredients believed to cause harm include lipid nanoparticles, mRNA, and spike protein. She said that the CDC, despite their claim that the spike protein does not leave the injection site, knew that within 48 hours, spike proteins enter the liver, spleen, adrenals and ovaries.

She said that Moderna more than tripled the dose to 100 micrograms in the first dose of vaccines that it released, but none of the recipients were told that they received high-dose vaccines that she said caused many adverse reactions. Pfizer dropped its 100 microgram dose due to “reactogenicity”.

Wolf said that Pfizer proudly told the FDA that they were hiring 2,400 full-time employees to process the paperwork for the flood of adverse events/ injuries that they had already received by April 2021 and that they expected to receive in the following months.

In May 2021, the FDA and Pfizer would have known that the mRNA vaccines were causing myocarditis in teenagers because there was a peer-reviewed article about it in a medical journal and the study had already gone on for several months. Thirty five teens had heart damage within 7 days of taking the mRNA injection. Nevertheless, the FDA issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in June 2021 and hundreds of thousands of teens were injected between June 2021 and August 2021 when the FDA issued a press release admitting there were signs that it causes myocarditis in teens.

Dowd commented that because Pfizer committed fraud because it continued to push their COVID injection, knowing that it was hurting people and it didn’t work.

Wolf said that the COVID pandemic is not over because from the start, six doses of COVID vaccines were planned.

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