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Dr. Jane Ruby Show 04-22-2022

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane reveals the work of South African microscopy expert and naturopath, Dr. Zandre Botha, connecting facts and revealing the evidence to support snake venom proteineous organoids, or…the development of synthetic substrates that are made to retain the toxic activity of snake venom and she reviews all of it with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam AND the deadly bioweapon shots. And a special Friday Ask Dr. Jane along with Mike Dillon from to review air safety for you and your family.

JR: The first pictures and videos of snake venom peptides and Dr. Ardis returns. On todays show I will reveal the work of Microscopy expert and Naturopath who has connected the facts to support the inclusion of snake venom peptide, in other words substrates that were developed to actually retain the toxic activity of snake venom.

JR: I’ll take you through these pictures and videos with Dr. Ardis who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam and the deadly bioweapon shots.

JR: thank you for being with me again, Dr. Ardis. We know that we have some really important things to discuss.

Dr. Brian Ardis (BA): I am so excited; haven’t you just been thrilled since you got this information:?

JR: yes, I want to let people know that over the weekend we have been working with Dr Zandre Botha from South Africa who stepped forward to talk to Dr. Aridis and me and to bring together some connections that she has made.

JR: could you define what we are talking about when we talk about snake venom in the shots and in the illnesses. Let’s define it properly.

BA: …it was exciting to see her put together answers she has had from working with her patients and the slides she has done for the last year. And she called attention to things on the slides that she did not understand. To define this snake venom peptides are what research titles ‘toxin like peptides’ that have been found and isolated in CV19 patients but not in those who are not positive CV19 patients. They define them as toxin-like peptides.

BA: These are little bitty sequences of genetic material that are actually identical and can be synthetically made with sequence identical aspects and portions of snake venom. Toxins are called venome specific toxins and there are 19 of them found in the venom of vipers such as king cobra, marine snails, and starfish.

JR: we are going to show people how we have seen the snake venom peptides through Dr. Botha’s help and several other scientists that work with her we will show there is evidence of these synthetic snake venom peptides in the Pfizer vials that have been examined. We will see what she found when she exposed healthy red blood cells from a human being to this poison.

JR: we will see the evidence, and this is not an accident, that the peptides retained the toxic effects when mixed with human blood. It’s not the only thing in the vials. People are asking if it was snake venom or graphene. I have always said that they can have many different things in these vials at any given time. They have a 50% leeway the FDA and the EMA gave them for putting anything they want into the vials. It could be combinations of the snake venom peptides with all these other substances that we have revealed on this show many times before.

JR: we will look at picture #1: (4.33 min) titled ‘venom LYS 49.’. Dr. Botha showed us that this is taken from the internet and titled “established cytotoxicity of snake venom in the cardiac tissue of a rat.’ Look at the green fluorescent pictures on the bottom with a ‘stringy’ look to it. That is snake venom peptide. Correct?

BA: yes, and I want to explain something this PLA2 mytoxin, and myo means muscle toxin, was originally discovered in king cobra venom. And it is actually what scientists and doctors are using now as a biomarker for mortality of CV19 patients.

JR: Wow. I want people to remember these pictures in picture 1 of these 2 structures because you are going to see them again in other real situations. Picture #2 is what we have entitled “Pfizer vial with venom’. This is Dr. Botha’s picture from an examination of an undiluted Pfizer vial that she has put on a plate and looked at under a microscope. Doesn’t the bar-like shape look pretty similar structurally to the green shapes in photo #1? (5.50 min)

BA: I couldn’t believe this when she showed us this. As soon as she put this on the screen you have to imagine by looking at the 1st picture that it looks like green crystal straws with broken edges. The image under a microscope looks like this crystal glass green structure, broken/fragmented. This is what venom looks like under a microscope in the blood of someone.

JR: right and many people have asked if it was there the whole time, why didn’t we see it? We were looking at it but we didn’t know what we were looking at. That is what Dr. Botha said. She said that until Dr. Ardis came out all that incredible evidence that the majority of people jumping to conclusions have not watched and that is Mike Adams 3 part interview with Dr. Ardis. They watched part of it. Even Pierre Kory said he only watched a half of it. Try watching segments 2 and 3 where Dr. Ardis lays out step by step the incredible articles, pharmaceutical documentation.

JR: slide #3 (7/01 min) called establishment of organoid cultures for snake venom. I thought it was important to share this with people what we brought out with Dr. Botha. In the upper level it talks about going from actual snake venom to synthesizing through to these organoids which are these peptides

JR: pay attention as this progresses. Look at the 2nd row—you see the organoids which Dr. Botha said they originally looked like air bubbles to her. But there was something wrong—they were quite air bubbles. Remember, she is a microscopy expert.

BA: I want the world to know, people thought that I was originally saying they were milking snakes into cups and pouring the venom into your water. I did not say that. They can actually synthetically make any venom in a lab. And they have been using this organoid technology from snake venom glands and it will actually make and generate its own venom over and over again.

BA: here’s what I did not know. When Dr. Botha started putting up pictures of all of this, I already knew about it. CNN reported in January, 2020, in the first month of this ‘pandemic’ that snake venom could now be made in a lab. They don’t even need the snakes. They talked about this actual technology in laboratories around the world. When she showed us these slides I about fell out of my chair because in my mind it didn’t get this evil until I saw this.

BA: I am not the microbiology expert or the one with the microscopes. But when you look at all the side effects that people are reporting from the shots, how can you not now finally get excited that it looks everything like the deadly, toxic, neurological, blood toxic, and cyto-toxins of venoms?

JR: right, and what Dr. Botha is linking to what you have been laying out is that this process of these snake venom peptides create these organoids. Those organoids independently start to spew out replicating activity of snake venom toxicity.

JR: picture #4 (9.29 minutes) is developing venom organoids which are the bubble-like structures that Dr. Ardis just referred to. Now I’ll jump beyond that and get to what Dr. Botha actually found and show us.

JR: Picture #5 (9.47 min) is side-by-side and entitled Organoids Online vs. South African Pfizer vial. This is the way I reference them. What you are looking at on the right is from the Hubrak Institute and was found online where they are showing you Venom-producing snake organoids developed in the lab. To the left is Dr. Botha’s microscopy photograph …

BA: when she showed me that image on the left, I looked at it and ‘got into the camera’ and OMG—it looks like an organoid. I looked at her and said I didn’t think it could possibly be that evil—are they actually just putting that in your body? She said that is what it looked like to her and she was as shocked as I was.

JR: the evil is unbelievable. I am going to tell you something as someone who spent 20 years in ‘pharma’. There is no excuse for this and the fact that they are silent is very dangerous to me. this is an industry that is very touchy and they are very picky about who says what and they are very sensitive to external or public opinion.

JR: I want to show photo #6 (11.04 min) and this is the video of the Pfizer vial, undiluted, from Dr. Botha. We will play about 10 seconds of this 12 minute video. These round structures are the organoids. This is undiluted and it is hydrated and moving around.

JR: Then I want to take you to picture #7 (11.35 min) and this is a still picture. This is to explain what these organoid snake-like pepsin toxins do to your red blood cells. I believe this photo is from the internet. This shows that the majority of the red blood cells which should be perfectly round without the poky things coming out of them. The red blood cells have been damaged as shown in the photo and it is called E-chinocytosis which can be from a number of other things. When you have snake venom peptides in the area of the red blood cells and they start to behave like this you can pretty much believe that it is coming from that.

JR: let me show the bombshell photo which is #8 (12.30 min) and I will explain what this is. Then I want Dr. Ardis to weigh in. You can see Dr. Ardis, myself and Dr. Botha in the right side of the screen. We definitely met. On the left is Dr. Zandre Botha’s healthy blood. It is a sampling of her red blood cells on a plate. Then when you look at it to the right, she took a droplet of the undiluted Pfizer vial in which she has identified the snake venom peptide structures that we matched to internet images.

JR: look at what it did to her blood. I asked her how long this took and she said it was about 5 to 10 minutes…

BA: she said it was less than 5 minutes.

JR: what you see is gross rubio-stacking of the red blood cells. They have lost their negative charge and instead of repelling each other they are clumping together. They are becoming E-chinocytoic and they have these poky shapes now.

BA: the most incredible thing for me was that after she watched Stew Peters’ Watch The Water show and looked at a few other interviews I did about the snake venom connection to even possibly the vaccines, she took her own blood, which is the blood on the left. She looked at it and everything looked normal. We went through the cells on the image of her blood cells with her. Then she added one drop of Pfizer vial vaccine and this is what happened to her blood cells.

BA: she had already looked on line and typed in – this isn’t like rocket science – what does snake venom do to red blood cells under a microscope. And she got this image. 8a at 14.19 min. So then she wanted to test it on her own.

BA: If this isn’t shocking to everyone around the world to even go look and see if it’s possible that either the shots or CV19 are behaving exactly like snake venom, or actually have snake venom or snake-venom like peptides in them. If it is not even worth it for you to go look, this is what is happening in people’s blood and they are dying. 1

JR: either disprove this with your own evidence, or move on and start supporting Dr. Ardis. Science does not proceed on ‘consensus.’ It proceeds on the empirical method. And that is to continue to replicate (findings) and continue to dig. If you don’t have a better explanation then you are just controlled opposition trying to disparage Dr. Ardis without good reason. That is a warning to all you front-line doctors out there who jumped ahead of this ..just disprove it if you don’t believe it.

BA: just put a lens on for a moment and look at whatever it is that you are working on with covid, have been alarmed about with covid or the ‘vaxx’, or the symptoms. Put the lens of snake venom on and the possibility that those might be connected. You are going to be shocked as I was for the last 4 months, 16 hours a day that everything, including information like this that I didn’t even think to look for. I never went online and asked what snake venom looks like in the blood of a patient. I didn’t look into a microscope—I don’t look into microscopes but scientists do.

BA: this is finally answering as it did for this great Dr. Botha who was wondering what those green crystals were in the blood for the last year. She has been bashed for ‘disinformation’ and she was seeing it and didn’t know what it was. The moment she went online and asked what snake venom looked like in the blood under the microscope and saw that, it immediately made sense to her.

JR: yes; she has been seeing this for many months but said she was not a particle expert. I’m going to play a few seconds of the video of the blood mixed with the Pfizer vial (16.34 min). This is when she mixed her blood on the slide with a drop of the Pfizer undiluted vial. You can see the red blood cells moving and clumping in real time. The borders on this is where the material is.

JR: we will have Dr. Ardis on as Dr Botha has many more videos, many more pictures and we will get some chemical analysis. Anything you want to add before you leave?

BA: I love you, we love you and we are trying to save the world and make sense out of madness. It has been nothing but maddening trying to put the pieces together , Remember, the media is mass controlled and they have only wanted you to look at a certain story, a certain reality they want you to see, and it is NOT that reality.

BA: I am just trying to open your minds to the fact that they have been lying to you the whole time. They have been and you have been convinced. The lie is even more evil than you realize. They are using snake venom peptides and Cono snail peptides called alpha snail toxins and we are going to show you. The world is unraveling this mystery. We need to hold people accountable for lying to you.

JR: no question about that. Do you have one last thought about some RNA codes in addition to this that may integrate these animals’ genome into our genome? 18.27

BA: Yes, Drew Wiseman and Catarine Caranko at the Univ of Pennsylvania are the ones who co-created these mRNA shots. You have to understand the studies I have from 2009 that I went through with Mike Adams were on the method of doing gene editing therapies and the whole studies were funded by NIAID department of Anthony Fauci. Since 2009 in their research funded by Anthony Fauci they have been using a substance called snake venom phosphodiesterase for gene editing therapy using mRNA and to cleave your RNA and DNA and to insert an mRNA gene. That is what they used.

BA: so the two people who created these shots for over a decade have been funded by Anthony Fauci to use snake venom in the development of gene editing therapy. And then they created these shots. At the same time there is mRNA research, mRNA from snake venom wrapped in nanoparticle hydrogel and added dyna beads to get this to assimilate, be more stable and get it into your cells. Yes I am worried—it looks under a microscope that there is snake venom in these shots. The effects on your red blood cells are identical to snake venom. Watch the videos.

BA: what if they are using this mRNA that was from snake venom in 2012 was found to be the most stable in nature and then started wrapping with nanoparticle hydrogel to make it even more stable. That means that it lasted 38 years. It was in storage for 38 years. Snake venom stays in your body for up to 10 years. Could you imagine one booster shot after another that has snake venom peptides in there.

BA: what is going to happen to you? You are showing these little videos right now to the world. This is showing you what is going to happen to you one shot after another.

JR: if you survive it.

BA: yes! There has been no deadlier experiment world wide on 5 billion people so far than this. Do you want to know why there are so many people dying and so many people diseased? Look at ALL the side effects—ALL of them can be directly related to snake venom, snake venom peptides, conotoxina from marine venomous snails that are more venomous and deadly than king cobras.

BA: as you are about to learn this coming week they have been using conotoxins from marine snails which is lethal, combining it with king cobra venom, putting it in ice and shooting it at people to kill them. The CIA has been doing this since the 1970s.

JR: this is a rogue portion of our government that is doing this to all of us in the world.

BA: the technology has been around for years to weaponize individual peptides. Remember, there are 19 venome specific toxins found in king cobra venom and other vipers. In addition to the 19 since the 1970s since 2005 by Dr. Brian Frye, and then in 2020 by Genintech. Each of these people and organizations isolated from the venoms in vipers and king cobras that there are exactly 19 venome-specific that individually target and kill an organ in your body as ‘the prey.’ 21.53

BA: isn’t it funny when they call this CV19 when they have had 40 years’ knowledge that there are exactly 19 of these. My entire view is that you could call this entire pandemic COVENOM 19. They are putting this in your face that they have been doing this research and isolating this for years. They are targeting people with specific underlying pre-conditions, co-morbidities –diabetics, heart failure patients, obesity patients, liver failure or liver inflammatory condition patients as well as kidney patients, neurological patients.

BA: When you can isolate these individual peptides and create them in a lab then you can target specific people. They are killing the elderly in nursing homes and the hospitals. They are targeting the sick. Listen to the reports from OneAmerica who says there has been a 40% increase in deaths in the working class alone, since the shots came out in the first 3/4ths of 2021. They have individual, weaponized venoms that they are putting in the shots that are going to target certain people and not others.

JR: we have all done our best and you have been at the forefront to prevent people from getting these and not to get additional ones, and to protect themselves . Thank you for everything you are doing and coming on and doing this on the show. This will be huge for people to understand and this will move this forward. What you have already done has catapulted the understanding so far forward.

JR: let’s go through a couple of additional pictures. We will play video #10 again and this is Dr. Zandre Botha’s blood after she dropped the undiluted Pfizer vial material with what she identified as snake venom peptides. The red blood cells should not be clumping like that. It’s a miracle there is any movement of the red blood cells and it is a testament to the cells trying to survive.

JR: then I will go to picture 11 (24.49 min) and this is titled “living person, post-jab’ and is of a man in his fifties with no prior co-morbidities and no medical conditions of any kind and he was not taking any medicine. You can see what looks to be the snake venom type material in his blood. He is post-jab and has taken 2 Pfizer shots and this material is readily visible in his blood. The blood cells that are closest to this material are starting to stack. If you look closely there are a couple of blood cells nearby where you can see the E-cynochitosis or the horns coming out of those red blood cells that are in the immediate area of this poison.

JR: our last video is a youtube video of the Indian –a 42 second video (28.15 minutes). It is the video ‘Venom Clotting” from a cobra ..I wanted you to see this at the end here. There is strong evidence that this is not anything to joke around about.

JR: I am very concerned about those front line doctors that just jumped out before looking at all the information and the data and without even calling Dr. Ardis. They disparaged him, called him mentally ill, labeled him which is reprehensible. Medical doctors know damn well they should not have done that. They are making a diagnosis without examining someone by blurting out ‘mental illness, or manic episode’ as Dr. Pierre Kory did. He did this against Dr. Ardis without even speaking with him first.

JR: I would caution against that and I would caution the general public to keep an open mind, to verify everything you can and go online yourself and look these things up just like Dr. Zandre Botha did. Only she brought her many years’ microscopy expertise, certification and experience to try to tie some of this together.

JR: in a way she was ‘spooked’ but also relieved and she said she was able to find some possible answers to what she has been seeing all these months that nobody else could figure out.


 From Notetaker:

What Snake Venom Does To Your Blood?

It can trigger lots of tiny blood clots and then when the venom punches holes in blood vessels causing them to leak, there is nothing left to stem the flow and the patient bleeds to death. Other venoms can increase blood pressure, decrease blood pressure, prevent bleeding or create it.Sep 13, 2015

Does snake venom destroy blood? Continued bottom of page 12

Hemotoxins cause hemolysis, the destruction of red blood cells (erythrocytes), or induce blood coagulation (clotting, e.g. mucrocetin). A common family of hemotoxins includes snake venom metalloproteinases such as mucrolysin.

Does snake venom make blood thicker?

A single drop of venom (from a Russell’s viper) is dripped onto a petri dish of blood, and in seconds the blood clots into a thick chunk of solid matter.” That about sums it up. … Plus you get to watch venom drip out of a viper’s fangs.

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