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What Could A War In Asia And Europe Do To Affect Me?

Here are the brutal answers1

Chinese made products for the giant companies:

  • 1. 95% of all medicines used in the USA are made in China including insulin and other critical drugs.
  • 2. Things which you do not think about much:
    • Huge volumes of electronic parts that go into products you see on the shelves today
    • Clothes
    • Toys
    • Furniture
    • Hard goods
    • Power tools (YES EVEN THE FAMOUS USA BRANDS) made in China
    • Car and Truck tires
    • FOOD from China—what you say—we do not import food from China who does not have enough to feed its own people. WRONG!!! There are many food items brought in from China. Read the package labels before buying
    • What would happen to you personally if all these things got cut off due to war with China or huge Chinese lockdowns because of pandemic fears in China?

The above information is why Lynn constantly adds to the Plasma Energy Solution combinations for you, your pets and your plants’ well being.

What is in the works?

  1. The gans of non-gmo, no herbicide and no pesticide Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins
  2. Another gans in development is Poison KK Relief. If you have followed Lynn’s blogs, you will know why this is being developed
  3. And finally we have some special gans in the works for your gardens. They will not be ready for your spring planting but will come in time to support your late summer gardens and your indoor plants.

1Date: May 5, 2022 Subject: Coming War in Asia why and what does it mean for the USA as well; this information is provided from The Science Guy through Steve Quayle, GenSix Productions Membership content– Steve Quayle: “Ladies & gentlemen, I will be brief in today’s BRIEFING because I want you to focus on the latest Special PDF Report from Science Guy. Prepare to be rattled to your core! While they have been distracting us with the blue and yellow of Ukraine, and divorce trials of the stupid-rich and famous, China & North Korea are preparing to drag the USA and most of the world into a savage war…

What are your thoughts?

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