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The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong

Notes from The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong

Introduction: John says, Intelligent members of the public are growing more and more distrustful of orthodox medical methods. Many people ask the following:

1. For over 50 years orthodox cancer researchers have occupied themselves with the cause and cures of malignancy, yet still only suggest nothing better than the knife, radium or X-rays.

2. Why after letters from many doctors in the British Medical Journal testifying to the highly unsatisfactory results of radium treatment is it still boosted in this country and elsewhere?

3. Why when effective treatments for cancer have been discovered either by a qualified doctors or by practitioners of unorthodox schools have they not been recognized by the Cancer Research Ring, which still asks the public to donate large sums toward the discovery of a cure.

In ‘modern medicine’ many things prevail which are to be deplored:

  1. The torture of animals for experimentation and for the preparation of sera and vaccines
  2. The fostering of fear in the public mind by means of advertising
  3. Commercialism of vested interests which ought to play no part in healing the sick
  4. A narrow spirited element of trade unionism which suggests that the patients exist for the doctors instead of vice versa.

References to medical failures are unavoidable and are made in no spirit of hostility towards doctors…I have no secret remedy or patent medicine to sell. Although a layman, I am only following the policy required from all reputable members of the Medical Profession themselves to make no secret of any discovery which may prove useful in curing mankind. In many cases the treatment can be carried out at home without any financial outlay whatever. 1

John describes a man who had 10 different doctors diagnoses and treatments for headaches, none worked and at the end the man still had the headaches.

From the book One Thousand Notable Things, published in England, Scotland and Ireland had the following citation:

  • A universal and excellent remedy for all distempers inward and outward—Drink your own water in the morning nine days together and it cures the scurvy, makes the body lightsome and cheerful.
  • It is good against the dropsy and jaundice, drunk as stated above.
  • Wash your ears with it warm and it is good against deafness, noises, and most other ailments in the ears.
  • Wash your eyes with your own water and it cures sore eyes and clears and strengthens the sight.
  • Wash and rub your hands with it and it takes away numbness, chaps and sores and makes the joints limber.
  • Wash any green wound with it and it is an extraordinary good thing.
  • Wash any part that itches and it takes it (the itch) away.
  • Wash the fundament and it is good against piles and other sores.

Another quote from Salmon’s English Physician, published in 1695:

Urine is taken from human kind and most four-footed animals; but the former is that which is chiefly used in Physick and Chemistry. It is the serum or watery part of the blood, which being diverted by the emulgent arteries to the veins is there separated, and by the ferment of the parts, converted into urine…Man’s or woman’s urine is hot, dry, dissolving, cleansing, discussing, resists putrefaction; used inwardly against obstructions of the liver, spleen, gall as also against the Dropsie2, Jaundice, Stoppage of the terms in women, the Plague and all manner of malign fevers.

Outwardly (applied) it cleanses the skin and softens it by washing it therewith, especially being warm, or new made. Cleanses, heals and dries up wounds, though made with poisoned weapons. Cures dandruff, scurf, and bathed upon the pulses, cools the heat of fevers. Is excellent against trembling, numbness and the palsy, and bathed upon the region of the spleen, urine eases the pains thereof.

The virtues of the volatile salts of urine—it powerfully absorbs acids and destroys the very root of most diseases in human bodies. It opens all obstructions of…Reins, Dysentery and Womb, purifies the whole mass of Blood and Humors cures….Callexia….rheumatism and Hypochrondriac diseases, and is given with admirable success in Epilepsies, Vertigoes, Apoplexies, Convulsions, Lythargies, Migraine, Palsies, Lameness, Numbness, loss of the use of limbs, atrophies, vapors, fits of the mother, and most cold and moist diseases of the head, brain, nerves, joints and womb. (Leucorrhoea should be added to this list.)

It opens obstructions of the reins and urinary passages, dissolves tartarous coagulations in those parts, breaks and expels stone and gravel.

It is a specific remedy against Dysuria, Ischuria and all obstructions of Urine whatsoever.”

Writing in Candide, Prof. Jean rostande repeatedly stresses the biological significance of those substances known as hormones:

“A recent discovery regarding the activity of hormones has completely revolutionized their study—viz. that certain of them filter through the kidney to pass out in the urine. Multiple hypophysical hormones, the hormones of the adrenal and hormones of the sexual glands, have been found in normal urine…The discovery of hormone-urinology has had far-reaching consequences. Urine provides a practically unlimited quantity of basic matter…From the therapeutic point of view it is possible to envisage the use of these human hormones as apparently capable of exercising great power over the human organism…”

Mr. Ellis Barker wrote: “Our body distils the most wonderful medicines and provides the most perfect serums and anti-bodies.”

Maurice Wilson, who made attempts to climb Mount Everest, ascribed his immunity from ordinary ills and his astonishing stamina to his many fasts on urine only, plus external friction (skin rubbing) with urine. The Llamas of Tibet and the yogis with whom he associated prior to his attempt, claim to live to a great age by means of the use of urine. By the same means they can also traverse deserts inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

Between the 1860s to the 1870s the drinking of one’s own urine was a well-known cure for jaundice, and some doctors had the courage to prescribe it. The grandfather of one of the patients of John Armstrong said his grandfather had cured him of an attack of jaundice by urging him, on the advice of a doctor, to drink all the urine he passed during the four days of his illness.

Among gypsies, the health-giving properties of urine have been known for centuries. Cow’s urine has been taken in large quantities for the cure of Bright’s disease3, dropsy and other afflictions. The wiser of the ancient Greeks used nothing but urine for the treatment of wounds. The Eskimos adopted the same measures.

W.H. Baxter. J.P., of Leeds and Harrogate took his own urines and wrote numerous pamphlets …”:

Mr. Baxter, who lived to a ripe old age, declaring that he had cured himself of a cancerous growth by applying his own urine in the form of compresses, and by drinking his own urine neat. He further declared that he had cured himself of other complaints by these simple means. Mr. Baxter contended that urine is the finest antiseptic that exists, and, having made this discovery, he formed the daily habit of drinking three tumblers full as a prophylactic against disease. He maintained that if autogenous urine is taken in this way, the more innocuous it becomes. He applied it to his eyes as a strengthening lotion, and used it , after shaving, for his complexion. He also advocated its external use for wounds, swellings, boils, etc. As an aperient he declared it to be unsurpassed.”4

John Armstrong treated Mr. Baxter for a short time and said he fasted on urine and water only. This fasting is an essential part of the treatment in serious disease conditions,

How can it be right to take back into the body something which the body is apparently discarding? What do we find in Nature?

Instead of “scientific” manures, the dead leaves are put back into the soil, the resultant flowers are the most fragrant, the fruits the sweeter, and the trees the healthier. On the other hand, where the soil is for some reason deprived of these chemical substances produced by the dead leaves, etc. then the trees which grow in that soil are disfigured by excrescences, which I think, quite aptly have been called tree-cancers. Dead leaves are the very opposite of useless and should be dug back into the soil instead of being swept away by the gardener. Taste the Iceni Produce is grown from soil treated on the principle that all that comes from the soil should be put back into the soil. Rotting dead leaves provide the most valuable mineral salts for the soil—one of the most essential being potash. Even the ashes of burnt dead leaves and burnt wood (charcoal) are of great value. Why shouldn’t a principle that applies throughout Nature not apply to the human body (with certain reservations).

Contents of urine provided by Prof. Jean Rostand:

Urea N. (nitrogen) 682, Urea 1459

Creatinine N. 36, Creatinine 97.2

Uric acid N. 12.3, Uric acid 36.9

Amino N. 9.7, Ammonia N 57

Sodium 212, Potassium 137

Calcium 19.5, Magnesium 11.3

Chloride 314, Chloride 314

Total sulphate 91, Inorganic sulphate 83

Inorganic phosphate 127, pH 6.4

Total acidity as C.C. N/10 acid 27.8

Note: Dr. G. S. Cotton of Temple Texas wrote to me that urine also contains “Alontain” (c4H6.03N.4).

Here is an article from the American Journal Liberty (January 22nd, 1938) by a man in his late twenties who relates his attempts to get rid of persistent headaches by consulting no less than ten doctors in succession and at the end of this he still had the headaches.

  • The first doctor told him he had an obstruction in his nose and must see a nose specialist;
  • The second told him there was nothing the matter with his nose but he must see an oculist;
  • The third told him he had low blood pressure and must have injections;
  • The fourth told him he had high blood pressure and must diet himself to lower it;
  • The fifth told him his liver was enlarged and he must have electrical treatment;
  • The sixth told him his liver was not enlarged but it secreted insufficient bile;
  • The seventh told him his pituitary gland was not functioning properly and he must have glandular injections;
  • The eighth told him he was suffering from intestinal poisoning and must cut down his eating and smoking;
  • The ninth told him that his was a case of nervous debility and he must take some pills;
  • The tenth told him there was nothing really the matter with him and his headaches were just headaches.

Sooner or later the doctors reject the simple remedy (urine therapy) no matter how efficacious the simple remedy has proven to be.

A final objection of urine intake raised by the fastidious with no argument against the therapeutic value, is that the taste must be ‘utterly revolting’.

This assumption is incorrect, the taste of healthy urine is not nearly as objectionable as Epsom salts. Fresh morning urine is merely somewhat bitter and salty. The more frequently it is taken the more innocuous it becomes and it might vary from day to day and from hour to hour according to the food which have been eaten. Even the urine passed in some serious diseases is not as obnoxious to taste as its appearances may suggest. Urine, on being taken into the body, is filtered; it becomes purer and purer even in the course of one day’s living upon it, plus tap-water, if required.5

John Armstrong writes:

My first patient was myself. When I was 34 during the last war, I presented myself for medical examination …and was rejected by four examining doctors on the grounds that I was consumptive…I was urged to put myself under the care of a physician. I consulted a specialist…who told me I was more a catarrhal subject than a consumptive one and advised plenty of fresh air, sunshine and nourishing diet. I followed his advice and in one year put on 28 lbs. in weight… I consulted another specialist who informed me that both my lungs were affected and …I was consumptive and must keep up my strength on a diet right in sugars and starches. Finally, diabetes set in, and was placed on a new and drastic regime, consisting of fasting on 6 half pints daily of cold water…for 4 days, on the fifth and two following days I was permitted a ‘snack’…and told to chew every morsel of it to such a degree that it produced a very sore mouth, aching teeth, swollen gums and a swollen tongue.

I had insomnia, frayed nerves and great irritability of temper. I continued the regime for 16 weeks without a break….the cough, catarrhal conditions disappeared as well as sciatica. After 2 years of this treatment, I lost faith in doctors and began a series of ventures on my own, against their advice.

There came a moment when feeling very weak and ill I recalled the text in Proverbs V which runs, “Drink waters out of thine own cistern.” This reminded me of a father who gave his young daughter her own urine to drink when she was suffering from diphtheria with the result that he cured her in 3 days.

I had asked a doctor how he could tell from my urine that my lungs and pancreas were diseased and wasting. And I said to him, “If I am losing vital tissue and sugar through my urine, then why not drink the urine and replace these elements in that way?” The doctor replied that the organs could not assimilate ‘dead matter.” I have since proven that to be nothing but a theoretical fallacy.

I fasted for forty-five days on nothing but urine and tap water despite the doctor saying eleven days without food was the limit to which a human being could go. I rubbed urine on my body which is a very important factor in the cure. I broke my fast on raw beef, and it gave me no discomfort beyond a ravenous hunger. I ate cautiously for a time and continued to drink my own urine, noticing that its changes in temperature, quantity, taste, depended almost entirely on what I ate or drank and the amount of exercise I took.

At the end of the treatment if felt and was “an entirely new man.” I weighed 140 lbs., was full of vim, looked about eleven years younger than I actually was and had a skin like a young girl’s. I was thirty-six at the time and am now over sixty. By drinking every drop of water that I pass, living on a well-balanced diet, and never eating more food daily than I consider the body requires, I look and feel much younger than most men of my age, and keep free from those major and minor ailments to which the body is said to be heir.

From the Notetaker:

This came from Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, on May 9, 2022 from the Alliance For Natural Health:

Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) bill that threatens tens of thousands of products has officially been introduced. We need all hands on deck to oppose it. Action Alert!

Sen. Dick Durbin has launched his supplement attack by introducing his “Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022” with Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy.

The bill threatens fines and jailtime for companies that do not comply. If a company does not submit the proper information, in the correct form, by the proper date, the supplement is considered misbranded. For the first offense, violators can be imprisoned for one year and fined $1,000 dollars; for the second offense, violators can be imprisoned for three years and fined $10,000. Given the safety record of supplements that will be detailed below, the punishments here hardly seem to fit the crime.

This bill creates a lose-lose situation for consumers and supplement companies: if companies don’t comply, they face fines and jail time; if they do comply, companies are orchestrating their own demise by giving the FDA the list it needs to sweep the market of as many as 41,000 supplements that do not comply with the agency’s overreaching (and incomplete) “new supplement” guidance. Supplement companies lose, the economy suffers, and consumers lose access to critical health products.

It’s bad, but it may not even be the biggest threat to your supplements right now. Separately, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, is independently moving forward with plans to attach a similar mandatory product registration provision for supplements to the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that must pass by the end of September. Durbin’s policy, then, has twice the chance of success because it is moving forward on two distinct paths.

Why are more supplement regulations such a priority for these federal authorities? Supplements are overwhelmingly safe. According to the FDA, in 2021, the agency received 2,400 adverse event reports related to dietary supplements. To put this in context, according to the FDA’s adverse event database, in 2021 the FDA received a total of 2,333,453 adverse event reports. That means that dietary supplements make up 0.1% of the adverse event reports to the FDA. National reports consistently show zero deaths from dietary supplements; according to the FDA’s database, in 2021 alone drugs killed 187,750 Americans.

That supplements are the products getting federal attention speaks to the power of the drug industry lobby and the willingness of elected officials and FDA officials to do their bidding. We cannot let these forces succeed in undermining our ability to stay healthy, naturally.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose mandatory product listing for supplements. Please send your message immediately

The following are excerpts from multiple urine/water therapy treatments:

p. 31—there were 33 different cures of gangrene

p. 34—for the urine fast, drink urine and sip 6 pints of cold water daily

p. 35—poultice of old urine on gangrene

p. 37 1912: Dr. Forbes-Ross treated cancer with potash salts successfully with a balanced diet

p. 40: cancer treated with urine fasting and compresses successfully. John Armstrong says: “hundreds of trifling lumps are treated surgically and cancer eventually developed; the surest way to invite malignancy is the mutilation of the female breast; operations deal with the effects and do not remove cause of disease from the body”

p. 50—using urine/water fasting for treating cancer is child’s play to deal with compared to the after effects of radium

p. 53—drinking urine breaks up congestion in every part of the body

p. 54—rub urine on the body—face and neck are important as well as the feet; urine is skin food

p. 56—‘food’ for sick people is urine—they should not be forced to eat as that food cannot be assimilated

p. 58 Luois Kuhane: “all disease is from an encumbrance of foreign matter in the body; it is absurd to treat organs separately”

p. 64—rub others who need it with your own urine; this is important—rub the face, neck and feet and after rubbing wash down with plain warm water

p. 65—Doctor in Britain said that serums and vaccines are responsible for increase in heart disease and cancer; these measures may permit longer but not stronger life;

Dr. S. S. Goldwater, NY Commissioner of Hospitals stated in 1944: chronic diseases are growing at such a rate that America may become a nation of invalids

p. 66–the most deadly germs are harmless in a healthy body demonstrated by doctors who drank and had IV injections of deadly Asiatic cholera and never got sick

p. 69—Fever is a curative process to burn up toxins; how many people bring down fever with wonder drugs and then die of heart trouble

p. 69—all urine passed is drunk in urine/water fast; this method provided success in treating malaria, scarlet fever, flu, chickenpox, rheumatic fever, diphtheria

p. 69—lost tissue is replaced by urine therapy; the state of urine from tissue loss may be foul and thick as a result of the lost salts and tissues

p. 70—orchitis (swollen testicles) patient couldn’t pass urine so John had him drink a pint of John’s urine; finally the patient passed foul urine but drank it—on the 4th the patient passed 22 pints in 24 hours and drank it all; the fast was broken when a well-meaning doctor gave him 1 TBS wheat in the water and the therapy had to be started over as the symptoms returned; staying with the protocol resulted in complete cure

p. 77—urine therapy is effective for wounds

p. 78—one year old bullet wound was cured in 7 days; fresh wounds heal in 3 to 4 days even if done by rusty nails, fish bones, etc; when wounds are interfered with ‘medically’ healing will take 10 to 18 days

p. 81—bedwetting caused by nerves, anemia or worm infested children; 9 year old boy completely cured after 11 days; other cures included heavy, frequent menstrual, tendency to deafness, nasal catarrh—some required up to 28 days of urine/water fasting

p. 82—nephritis cured with a 30 day urine water fast

p. 82—colitis—discharge, mucous included a mother, daughter and son—all vegetarians—cured after a 4 to 8 day fast and recommendation they needed to have some flesh food in their vegetarian diet

p. 83—splinter in iris of the eye was removed and patient fasted on water and urine for several weeks; eye healed and the sight was perfect

p. 83—psoriasis, eczema, and lupus are all curable with urine therapy as well as rheumatic fever in which there was urine/water fast plus skin rubbing with urine for a complete cure in one month

p. 83—pyorrhea—patient drank urine and used some as mouthwash and was cured in 9 weeks

p. 84—obesity = badly functioning glands caused by toxins and processed foods; urine fast cleanses blood tissues and brings normalcy to disordered glands

p. 85—prostate cure—wash with ½ pint of urine each morning and drink plus light breakfast with a cure in one month

p. 85—complete cure of bronchial asthma

p. 86—overactive thyroid and drug treatment for 25 years resulted with gangrene on both hands; used urine compresses for hands, urine/water fast and healed in 3 weeks and the woman could knit again

p. 86—rash on arms for 3 years—rubbed with urine, no fasting required and rash disappeared in 3 weeks

p. 90+–flu—3 to 8 days urine/water fast, same for pneumonia and pleurisy—also appendicitis; take all urine passed during the day

acute case of flu with fever—complete urine fast is essential; instincts of the body and the organs rebel against food which acts like poison

10 day urine fast dissolves film of cataracts; eyes are part of the body—treat the body as a whole; glaucoma will respond to urine/water fast in 28 days if no surgery was done before

Rheumatism—fast 10 to 12 days with urine rubbing and urine packs also; choose foods carefully and no alcohol or condiments

Arthritis—10 days urine fast minimum plus daily urine rubbings; if person is crippled there is little prospect of cure

Diseased kidney—large stone—urine and several days a week water fasting; x-ray showed the stone was gone

Nature’s immunization scheme for animals is licking resulting in homeopathic doses of urine

p. 97—colds—unbalanced diets, too much starch and insufficient mineral salts produce catarrh; fast on urine and cold water—no medications—cleared in 12 hours; a fast on cold water only will clear a cold in 24-48 hours; if you ‘feed a cold’ with food you will have to starve a fever; doing urine/water fast prevents development of flu/pneumonia

Suppressed colds with medicine are the most fruitful and common basis of a long list of major disease—inflammation of mucous membranes is alarm bell that interior needs a cleaning process. Fast results with urine/water fasting—okay to go to 20 pints in 24 hours

Excess dietary starch clogs the system and inhibits normal functioning and produces catarrh—there is deficiency of chloride of potash, phosphate of lime, sulphate of lime and if throat is infected phosphate of iron

p. 102—animal therapy—John’s grandfather fasted cows, horses, and dogs up to a month on water and cow’s urine—cured a cow with tetanus with urine of that cow and other cows and water; the cow lost its hair and weight but recovered, regained weight and hair on grass feeding in 2 months

p. 103—to treat a dog, fasten the leash to a tree and syringe the head with human urine; as the urine drips over the dog’s face it will lap it up; the animal will fast until sense of smell returns

When hens quit laying John fasted them for 4 days and one week—switched feed to whole grain wheat; hens had to pick the wheat out of ashes; also gave them raw greens twice a day, plus grass in the orchard; average eggs were 250 a week from the 60 hens

p. 104—injured foal leg—bound the wound with soft wool cloth under 3-ply flexible wood—filled the space between the wood and flesh with cow dung, drew it tight at the bottom with broad tape and let the foal have her run; twice a day he poured urine into the top of the poultice to keep the properties of the dung active—did this for a fortnight and the wound was totally healed

p. 107—mix old and new urine and warm it up but never boil it for compresses and rubbing—store in bottles—pour some in a flat bottom bowl and place hands on top of the urine and rub patient’s skin with hands; the urine will not drop on the floor when you access it in the flat-bottomed bowl

Making compresses cloths soaked in urine are placed over the site—keep moist by adding urine as needed and use on boils, burns, wounds, lumps, swellings do not rub the skin where there are suspicious lumps

Most important places to rub are the face, neck and feet as well as the head; this is essential in giving the patient nourishment when fasting; urine is wonderful skin food; dry rubs and water rubs are not as effective as urine rubs6 which rebuild wasted tissues; if patient is weak or emaciate then use some packs for the skin for the urine to absorb

p. 109—non-urine packs—poultices—can be harmful; bed sores on one patient were healed with John’s saliva; poultice on the arm was stopped and after there was some improvement the urine/water fast was begun

John had heart palpitations when urine fasting until he started putting urine on his head, face, neck and feet:

Matthew V1, 17: when thou fasteth anoint thy head and wash the face”

p. 111—TB arises in all countries with food shortages (1914-1918)

p. 112—the cause of disease is an ill-balanced diet

p. 113—sudden changes in diet to having no meat can be disastrous; proper diet includes meat, poultry, eggs, fish, salads, steamed vegetables, whole-wheat bread, fresh fruit in season, brown unpolished rice, butter in moderation and honey; avoid all tinned foods, twice cooked foods, processed denatured foods, white flour, white sugar, white rice, pasteurized milk; avoid condiments; white sugar is an acid producing agent—if you give calves pasteurized milk they die—give it to rats and they do not reproduce; it is a form of birth control

p. 115—one glass of urine when you wake up and one glass during the day and then one meal a day is sufficient

Do not combine medicines with urine fast; that can be dangerous; urine therapy costs nothing and can be used by rich and poor people; clinics that do urine therapy could be of great convenience to those who could afford them

p. 124—most people die of the doctor and not the disease; the advantage of urine therapy is its simplicity that anyone can use without telling what they are doing; it is specific for health and is a prophylaxis against a number of annoying trifles

p. 125—some thousands of people know nothing equals urine for chapped hands, blisters, stings, sores; there is nothing equal to old urine for these plus barber’s rash, wool-sorters disease, perspiring feet, hair loss, dandruff, gargling with fresh urine prevents and cures clergyman’s throat7

Drinking autogenous8 urine daily helps with evacuation; it costs nothing except self-discipline

Healing waters of a river in India that people traveled to bathe in and drink was tested and found to have weak urine properties

p. 126—some severe arthritic and diabetic conditions have not yielded to urine therapy; growths, tumors and cataracts respond quickly

John did not take his chances with cases that might have relatives that would interfere at a point that could be fatal; only doctors are allowed to experiment on patients with knife or drugs; diagnoses before treatment is a drawback and limitation of allopathy.

The only prerequisite for urine therapy is to refrain from foods like animals do—use urine and water and let Nature determine when the bowels move—even if not for 19 days—it gives hemorrhoids time to heal

p. 134—what state will the human blood be in after it has been inoculated with all these poisons as ‘preventatives’; unless we assert our democratic rights, we may be forced with autocracy that goes under the name of Science –John Armstrong, 1971.

Additional John Armstrong Comments:

The lay public has been influenced by prevailing ‘facts’ and it’s ignorant. Members demand the latest and most up to date treatments; if they don’t get a bottle of pills they are not getting ‘their money’s worth.’ Despite unpleasantness and after pain many people enjoy operations as an opportunity of self-dramatisation. The desire to be fussed over, coddled and commiserated is a sign of morbidity and denotes an absence of true health.

Most of the troubles of the world are directly or indirectly due to the same cause. Men who foment wars are not normal, healthy human beings:

  • Julius Caesar—epileptic
  • Napoleon –died of stomach cancer
  • Hitler –neurothenic
  • Goebbels—club foot
  • Goring—obese and at one time a drug addict
  • Kaiser Wilhelm—born with physical deformity

When human beings register high percentage of health they feel at peace with the world and have no wish to slaughter and persecute their fellow or exalt themselves above others.

Health means inner happiness and a feeling of contentment with one’s lot and an absence of fantastic ambitions such as those from which self-appointed leaders have suffered and at what cost to humanity!

Before there can be well-being for all , there will need to be a vast reformation in prevailing practices and in methods of instructing the masses how to be well and keep well.

Reformers will be regarded as cranks. The cranks of one generation become the wise men of a later generation.

I will be labeled a crank. Will a single one of the medical profession critics be able to substantiate his theoretical condemnations by saying truthfully that he has tried the method (urine therapy) over a long period of years if at all and found it wanting? I think not one…

A law has been passed making it illegal for any but a qualified medical practitioner to declare that he can cure specific diseases—cancer being one—so all the cases discussed (in the book) were before the passing of the law. The therapy described is an entirely drugless system of healing and is specific for health and not for any given disease. Diagnosis plays no practical part in the treatments. Various disorders proved amenable to the general treatment…John W. Armstrong, 1944

Disease becomes a vested interest and consciously or unconsciously the doctors foster it as such. It is quite a common observation that doctors produce disease. Moreover, the whole system and philosophy of our dealing with disease is mistaken’—Dr. W. H. White

Lynn: all these treatments described took place from the time of WWI until 1944. Should things happen with interruption in supply chain of drugs and mediations and the lack of available medical treatment today in 2022, this therapy may be something to pursue. The therapy would definitely be enhanced by the use of the plasma energy waters that are made available to others by Plasma Energy Solution. Keep in mind that our bodies are 70+ percent water.

Consider what may take place if there are food shortages. Many people using the plasma energy waters experience not having to eat as much. Dr. Paul and Lynn experimented with substituting meals for ten days with plasma energy water. We ended up eating 3 ‘dish meals’ during that time. There was no loss of energy, no headaches, no dizziness and we kept up our daily walks and work schedules.

The hardest part of this was the social conditioning of food—preparing it, smelling it, tasting it, eating it. We resorted to pouring our glass of water for our ‘meal’, blessing it, and then decide what ‘energies’ of food we wanted it to have.

With the plasma energy waters Dr. Paul experienced lower blood pressure and was able to stop blood pressure medication. He was able to lower his insulin injections for type 1 diabetes (onset at age 44) and eliminated cataracts with persistent daily usage with the eye drops he formulated with plasma energies. His transplanted kidney function improved to the point that the lab reports were similar to the day after the transplant 15 years before.

Dr. Paul outlived his family genetics despite having type 1 diabetes and a kidney transplant and lived to be 79 years old. He renewed his drivers’ license on his 79th birthday without glasses, contact lenses, or cataract surgery. Ultimately he said he was just wearing out, which is pretty evident in the videos that we did together. As he explained, diabetes, insulin and transplant medications takes a toll on all parts of the body.

At the age of 78 Lynn takes no medications and continues with innovations with Plasma Energy Solution. Her eyes have improved — floaters have diminished in size to something with ‘fins and tails’ to occasional dots that she rarely notices. It is extremely rare for her to get sick. She had a cold for couple of days in 2020. Others who got sick that summer were often sick for several weeks.

Lynn did the research of this information and provided the typed notes. She continues to research and does several blogs a month based on her research. Her research also results in the new Plasma Energy combinations such as Protection 5 With Pine Plus, Shedding Relief, Energy Balancer, Glutathione, Healthy Super Human, Super Sleep and many more, including those combinations for dogs, cats and your plants.

Pay attention to John Armstrong’s words –they were spoken in 1944—78 years ago and are most predictive of the situations people on our planet find themselves today.

There is another book with excellent information written by Martha M. Christie, Your Own Perfect Medicine.

She writes:

This is an extraordinary natural healing substance PRODUCED BY OUR OWN BODIES that modern medical science has proven to be one of the most powerful natural medicines known to man.

Unlike many other natural medical therapies, this method requires no monetary investment or doctors’ intervention and can be easily accessed and used at any time.

The extensive medical research findings on this natural medicine have never been compiled and released to the general public before now, but those who have been fortunate enough to hear about this medicine and use it have found that it can produce often astounding healing even when all other therapies have failed.

This book tells of the doctors, medical researchers and the hundreds of other people who have used this extraordinary medicine throughout our century to cure a huge variety of common illnesses and to combat even the most incurable diseases. This is the extraordinary untold story of a natural healing substance so remarkable that it can only be called our own perfect medicine.

Martha tells of her own serious chronic illness that started when she was 12 and continued into her 40s. she suffered through operations for tumors for years and drugs and other unsuccessful therapies. When she began her urine therapy she got almost instantaneous relief from incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week her severe abdominal and pelvic pain was gone. Chronic cystitis and yeast infections (internal and external) soon disappeared and food allergies, exhaustion, and digestive problems all began to heal.

After a few more months of the therapy she noticed her colds, flu, sore throats, and viral symptoms that had resurfaced and become chronic after surgeries rarely happened. Her hair which had fallen out in handfuls after her fifth surgery became thick and lustrous, her weight normalized and her energy and strength increased that she was able to work again. She hiked 4 miles that summer, could swim and even ride horseback or on bicycles for hours at a time after 30 years of nonstop, chronic illness.

There are many reports from doctors and clinics of a wide ranges of illnesses and conditions that were healed with urine therapy in this book.

p. 115: Dr. H. M. Free in 1975 wrote: In general most of us have no idea that urine is an extraordinary body fluid derived from the blood that is filled with hundreds of health supporting ingredients—but, for that matter, this is a fact that scientists themselves have only begun to fully understand within the last few decades.

This therapy has been used for thousands of years. Information about it has been suppressed as have many natural therapies since the 1920s and the advent of the AMA and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Dunne reported the following procedure for preparing a homeopathic dose of urine used by Dr. Fife, and had produced remarkable healing:

  1. To 5 mls (1/6 of an ounce) of distilled water in a sterile bottle add one drop of fresh urine.
  2. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously 50 times (this is the first dilution).
  3. Take one drop of this mix and add to another 5 mls (1/6 oz) of distilled water; shake 50 times.
  4. Take one drop of this mix and add to 5 mls (1/6 oz) of 80 to 90 proof vodka which acts as a preservative.
  5. Place three drops under the tongue hourly until there is obvious improvement or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. as improvement progresses, lengthen the interval between treatments. After 3 days, suspend treatment to avoid pushing the immune system. Treatment is resumed if progress remains static or relapse occurs.

Lynn’s note: Expect me to practice what I preach. I prepared the homeopathic preparation above and used our Plasma Energy Water instead of distilled water. I used more than one drop. According to John Armstrong’s information I do not see the need to discontinue after 3 days if using this as prophylaxis. Many of the same successful techniques described in the foregoing notes used by John Armstrong are described in this book. You can research online to find out how to make non-alcohol tinctures.

Finally, here is something to think about that has been in front of us. If you have paid attention you may have discovered that sometimes we are told only part of an event. Consider the following and decide what you think:

Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights (Matthew 4:2) Were we told the whole story about his fasting?

John Armstrong describes the longest, successful treatment that was 101 days of urine/water fasting. Consider the people who have survived ‘lost at sea’ on their own urine.

From Lynn:

Finally, I will tell of the inventor, Mel Littrell, whom I met in the early 2000s when he was in his 80s. He had patents in the US and South Africa on a method for extracting water from air. He was going to make a presentation to the City of Los Angeles. The day before the presentation several thugs jumped him. In the melee’ one of the thugs was killed and this man was accused of murder.

Mel was sentenced to prison and sent to the condemned part of the prison in Florence, Arizona that had been closed due to E-coli contamination. For 6 weeks he drank his own urine to survive. Mel was finally given a prescription for bottled water by a prison doctor. When his sentence was completed he was not released from prison and it took another year for him to research and file a Writ of Mandamus with the court that had sentenced him.

I have encouraged you over the last two years to keep adding to your kitchen pantry and plasma energy pantry. I now encourage you to add this information to all that you collect for you and your family’s well-being in the coming times…

Don’t delay! Lynn

1 See books published by John Murray for Mr. Ellis Barker; also by Mr. Cyril Scott in his Doctors, Disease and Health and Victory Over Cancer and The Cauldron of Disease by Are Waerland.

2 Dropsy: the dropsy illness is characterized by the swelling of the feed and ankles, with possible puffiness visible in the hands and face. Other symptoms from the underlying cause can also appear such as Distention of the extremeities. Changes in the skin of the affected region such as tightness.

3 Bright’s disease is kidney diseases that are called chronic nephritis in modern medicine. It was characterized by swelling and the presence of albumin in the urine and frequently accompanied by high blood pressure and heart disease.

4 See Doctors, Disease and Health, by Cyril Scott

5 The transcriber of these notes does not use tap water, but instead uses plasma energy filtered or distilled water. See

6 Many of the urine rubbings on patients took several hours a day and John was sometimes assisted by nurses or family members.

7 Definition of clergyman’s sore throat : chronic inflammation of the pharynx often occurring in persons who habitually overstrain or misuse the voice (as in public speaking)

8 autogenous / ( ɔːˈtɒdʒɪnəs) / adjective originating within the bodyCompare heterogenous denoting a vaccine made from bacteria obtained from the patient’s own body self-generated; self-produced denoting a weld in which the filler metal and the parent metal are of similar composition Derived forms of autogenous autogenously, adverb

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