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Lynn’s Report From Her Flooded Neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana North of Yellowstone National Park

Lynn discusses the June 12th, 2022 flooding in her neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana, one of the summer scenic gateways to Yellowstone National Park.  On the day before the flooding Lynn posted a video, Do Plasma Energies Provide Protection Around You and Your Property? Wow, was that prophetic.  Rock Creek, two blocks from where she lives, flooded most of her side of town. Find out what happened and see some photos that she shares.   

The link below shows many scenes from Red Lodge.  Look for one with a green ‘gingerbread’ house with white trim and a white picket fence on the corner; it’s a block away from Lynn

Lynn’s video from June 12th and  whether there are protective qualities to plasma energies:

You may have heard the expression, ‘don’t be scared…be prepared.’ When you know you have done the best you can to ride out a storm by having the proper supplies you don’t have to ‘run to somewhere.’

Obviously there are some conditions where you do need to get your bag and leave. But take inventory of what is happening and your situation. Ask yourself who or what feeds off your fear if you get into a panic and ‘run’.

Below are some pictures all within a block of where Lynn is. Neighbors were out helping neighbors and there were people coming from surrounding, unaffected areas to pitch in and help. Nobody asked them to do that…they just loaded up what they had that would be helpful and showed up.

0615-2022-photos from Red Lodge flood

the bridge 2 blocks east of Lynn held; it’s just to the right of the white roofed townhome…the 2nd flooded street is ½ block east of Lynn…red roofed house midway on the right edge is at the corner by Lynn’s house…

½ block east of Lynn’s house on 0614-2022 as flood waters start to subside

View of the southeast corner of Lynn’s main level apartment….log building in front Is the Spectrum WiFi/Cable TV office

½ of street is gone on just past corner ½ block from Lynn’s– the storage lot of the cable office is surrounded by brown chain link fence on the right of the photo

Upstairs and garden level apartments across the street from Lynn

View to East from Lynn’s deck…very flat ground of the cable company next door to Lynn had no flooding. Blue house is on the corner ½ block away.

0614-2022 flood is subsiding

0615-2022–waters subsided back to the creek on 0615-2022. Corner is ½ block from Lynn’s home. The white car is on a part of the street that has washed out. The street at the far corner is devastated.

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