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Some Powerful Messages About Our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Waters

Several Testimonials and More

  10. WE END WITH HOPE……..


In this video above Lynn discusses the testimonials in this blog


“Thank you Lynn!!! I got my station setup from you & I can’t believe how amazing it is and has changed my life!! I was diagnosed with AHL & ADH clusters in my right breast from a core biopsy. Had lumpectomy surgery & all the clusters were gone! They only ended up taking a small amount of tissue where they had placed the clip from biopsy to know where to do lumpectomy and the tissue around the clip was healthy & not abnormal anymore!! I think if I had been drinking plasma station water for more than the 2 weeks after core biopsy I probably wouldn’t have needed lumpectomy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge & it seems to have affected my health in a positive way!!!!”


0225-2021-Q and A…energy around the house and property for protection

Q How specifically can we protect our property from  any wild storms (winds, floods etc) as is happening world-wide now using Plasma Energies? I read and saw that one picture in Dominica?? In testimonies section but there was no specifics what / how Plasma Energies protected his property. Are there other testimonies where protected from weather?

A: The plasma energy was in a jar in the center of the garden (in Dominica where 90% of the island was destroyed by Hurricane Maria). The protection was in a 30-ft radius out from the jar.

Q: Did you / Paul learn how to make ‘free’ energy  using a few of the plasmas that allows us to run electrical units like heaters, lights, etc.?

A: Some people claimed to have success making the free energy device. Paul made several attempts and then shifted his focus to using the energy for the well being of people, pets and plants. That was much more in alignment of who he was and how he had spent his life ….as a veterinarian, practicing acupuncture, and continued interest in Rife energy, orgone energy and much more.

Q: How are pyramids used to ‘enhance?’ plasma energies?

A: Paul made a Russian pyramid after reading the research on the effectiveness of the Russian pyramids. They have very large ones up to 70 feet tall over areas where they have their seeds for planting. The instructions for making it are from Charlie Ziese at

Q: I remember Dr Paul  said  build pyramid outside around your garden. He mentioned putting a container of some type of plasma energy water at the top of the pyramid.

A: You can create the pyramid effect in your garden by placing jars of plasma water in each corner and then placing another jar up high on a tree limb or on a stand in the center of the garden. Every garden configuration is different. You could use the Charlie Ziese information to configure your particular garden.


Q: What is Peace?

A: the following instructions and information were included with your peace vial: Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace has C02, Zn02, CH3, Amino Acids and Hg. Once you set up your jar of peace water with the unopened vial placed inside or attached to the outside of the jar, let it change overnight. Then it’s ready to use. Make patches of it and carry in your car, wallet, or purse. Be creative with the use…place it around the perimeter of your property if you wish to be in a peaceful ‘oasis’. Place your written intentions on peace patches. Be creative! A little peace goes a long ways!

Video: How About A Little More Peace In Your Life?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace and how you, your pets and your environment can benefit from having the plasma energy water of Peace. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos. We appreciate your subscribing and giving us a thumbs up! Be sure to see our special on our home page!

Our Intention and Invitation We Put Into Our Plasma Energy Waters :

All plasma energy that originated from Paul and Lynn’s efforts joins every other bit of plasma energy that originated from their efforts wherever that plasma energy is in the world—on the land, in the waters of the rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and in the clouds above. All that plasma energy brings Paul and Lynn’s intention everywhere on, above, around and below the surface of Planet Earth that all living beings are filled with love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being with the ethics and morality to support the love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being of all living beings on Planet Earth including the living being, our home—Planet Earth. All of like intentions are invited to join this Intention.


0405-2021—Some feedback on the Anxiety Relief. 

“Every 5 or so years my Doctor wants me to have an MRI and because I have claustrophobia the process is emotionally draining and frightening especially because they put my head in a full face covering mask which is screwed in to hold it in place. The thought of moving into that narrow tunnel unable to move and getting loud noises was panic inducing.  

I used the anxiety relief water and 2 days before my appointment I was drinking about 2L worth and on the day of the MRI I had already had 1L of it and even took one last sip before moving into that room. 

The radiologist put the mask on and I went into the tunnel. This time I imagined myself that I had a layer of shungite between myself and the MRI and 20min later my scans were complete. I did not feel panic (like other times) and was calm, I did not feel fear (like other times), my heart rate was normal, I didn’t use the panic button (like other times). 

5 years ago the appointment took just over an hour as I kept pressing the panic button which the radiologist needed to stop and take you out and rearrange you and put you back in. Last time I had such panic I cried during the process.

This time it felt quick and I had no panic, no tears and apart from feeling tired due to the build up of knowing it was coming I was fine and slept well that night.  Thank you, I really appreciate these healing remedies that make such a difference to everyday life. “




From Yexxxx (Russian is her first language) on 0611-2019

“Dear Lynn and Paul 

Last October I started with Russian plasma as an Experiment. I had no idea what it meant or what it was. I just tried, either the emperor would have cloth on or not …I would see. By December I could get up from kneeling without thinking “old age , 67, what do you expect”,  My knees were not creaking. My skin became more rosy. But what it meant spending every 5 weeks 70 dollars on new drops. So I decided to look deeper into plasma and found your website. I was thrilled to hear that once you buy the plasma it’s endlessly reproducing itself, and I bought one of the combination packs, thinking it might help  family and friends too, as it addressed so many different issues. I was very skeptical as Lynn said she would send me plasma on paper towels instead of in vials. Another risk taking.

By the arrival of the paper towels I took my pendulum out, which I had been using for all kinds of things, mainly on herbs and natural pills over thirty years. I tend to look for patterns and quantity. The pattern on the Russian plasma water was the same as what the pattern showed me in the paper towels and it radiated out to 30’. I was relieved and started to drink the basic plasma now also in heated form, coffee, soup , tea…got a big tub. I sprayed it on my plants, sprayed it on cloth, still a little quizzy whether it would really stay in ,even if washed or cooked etc. I continue to check, because it was hard to belief. Friends started to use it for pain in patch form. One friend broke her arm and it greatly reduced her pain. 

More time went by and by January I thought, wait a minute, maybe this Plasma is real, essential food? But I would only know, if I tried. I never stopped my coffee, or tea and made myself everyday one miso soup. I did not feel cold, even when it was in the middle of winter. I was not fasting that got clear. I lost some weight, even got myself first time in my life a scale…this was an adventure. I was not creating a new religion, was just curious.

I knew I was not ready yet to become a breatherian, needed still more physicalness. Even to allow some hunger, and not automatically reaching for food was interesting. Now it is early June; last month I decided I needed one meal a day, more specifically…eating when truly hungry, once a day.

I decided to not grow a garden and just forage my greens, obviously making them tasty with spices and oils etc. Meanwhile, I was even eating cattails and pokeweed which I always avoided. I never liked Japanese knotweed, but now I feel like I can create meals in a way which would please me. Chickweed, sorrels and of course dandelions, lovage and nettles are my daily food…and if I go out with friends I eat normal, no meat, but dine royally with wine and beer, sometimes a dessert. I barely had gone to the supermarket for myself, coffee and half and half, cat and bird food, and my garbage bin is heavily reduced which pleases me.

I read on your blog that some people use miracle 2 soap. Now I use the (coconut?) cream, enrich it with a fresh avocado, plasma water and a tablespoon of bio-plasma, schuesslers cell salt which feels amazing on my skin. Another thing I noticed, whatever old age spots tried to creep in on the surface of my hands…are gone. I use the soap, and spray my roses which always get buggy with plasma water and a little soap, so far so good.  I am practically plasmerized, needless to say.

Love and appreciation from Yexxxx”

Testimonial on Lyme Disease: Thank you for showing us Lynn and Paul.

Note from Lynn in 2019:

Yexxxx contacted us this spring and asked if we could make a GANS of the herbs and homeopathics she had used to get over Lyme Disease. We said we would do that if she sent us the ingredients which she did. Paul started a GANS that too over 2 months to complete. We then sent half of the GANS that was produced to Yexxxx and we kept the other half so we can make it available to others. The ingredients can be found at

Here in the eastern parts of the United States we are infested with Ticks and all kinds of creatures which carry Lyme, and I send Lynn and Paul herbs and homeopathic medicine to create a plasma with Lyme medicine. I have no idea how to use it yet, but will figure it out, once it arrives. We shall see, hope it will work.” 

Love and appreciation from Yexxxx”

From Lynn and Paul to Yexxxx:

Hi and thank you so much for your sharing….it’s always good for people to hear the words and experiences of others in addition to what we tell them! With the Lyme Relief I would suggest that you make a separate jar of Lyme Relief water with the vial placed on it or in it. Once you have that it is ready to share with others.  Then if you wish, you can add it to your plasma energy station.  Remember as we have many energies in the station the body will use what it needs at any given time and ignore the rest.

“I should also tell you that I got bitten 6 times in June, used Lyme plasma as it was indicated,….and it is now the 23rd of September and I show zero symptoms. Usually symptoms start after 6 weeks. I took no other medication…this is amazing. Too bad, It’s almost too simple and cheap to believe. Well it sure works for me….. All the best to you, forever gratefully yours, Yxxxxxna”


0611-2020—Question on Eye formula

Q: help…im ready to try the eye drops, but questions…I had mild face skin cancer 10 years ago, now okay but is that a Problem about the 1 per cent (CH3- a booster for the energies) you say In video might be dangerous?

A: The eye formula was not an issue for either Paul or me as both of us have done treatment for skin cancer. (Note: the recommendation regarding CH3 is to not use it on pads that one might put on a cancerous tumor).

Q: …I’m not very smart about having to mix the spring water with olive oil? What kind Oil? …then do I shake the bottle then take out some into a small container then take eye dropper in smaller container? Do you sell eye droppers! I live in tiny town, hard to find things ….

A: Use olive oil that DOES NOT have a pepper note. We have used Bel O’lio extra light olive oil. If the oil has a pepper note it stings the eyes. You can use an organic avocado, coconut or other type of oil….your choice. The oil keeps the plasma energy presence on the eyes longer…when you blink the oil that is on the lower part of the eye moves across the eye again. Water and saline dissipate faster. You will used distilled or filtered water. Get a small plastic travel bottle to put the oil in. Shake it before you use it and then let it separate. Take the oil off the top with an eye dropper. Look online if your local store doesn’t have eye droppers. We keep the eye dropper and oil in a dish, ready to use. (Note: spring water refers to fresh mountain or hillside ground springs…it does not mean labeled ‘spring water’ found in grocery stores).

Q: Sounds scary with oil if my eye will get foggy for ten minutes.

A: I use the drops daily and just don’t plan to read fine print for 10 minutes or so. This varies for different people. You may get some of the drops on your face if you blink as you are putting the drops in. That’s fine….use it as you would a lotion and spread it on your face.

Q: sure it is safe….

A: Dr. Paul and I both used it for several years and I continue to use it. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it is ‘safe’ or not.

Q: will a clear glass big mouth “ball” jar work?

A: That will work fine for your ‘mother source’ of eye formula. Affix the glass vial to the jar or put it in the jar and put the lid on the jar. Let it sit for 12 hours. Then you are ready to fill your small eye drop container 2/3rd with this water and 1/3rd with the oil.

Here are the instructions that are sent:

Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Drop Pads or vial will be taped to the outside of a clear glass or plastic jar. (if you have a vial you will tape the vial to the outside of the jar. Do not open the vial). Do not use a ceramic, metal or opaque container. You never open the patches—leave them in the plastic. Fill the jar with distilled or filtered water and let it sit overnight the first time you are going to use the water.

Get a small clear glass spice bottles or something similar in size. You will need an eyedropper.  Fill that small bottle to 2/3rds from the top with your water from your large container. Then fill the last 1/3 with olive oil or any good quality oil such as fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil or castor oil. If you use olive oil, be sure to check the olive oil that it does not have ‘pepper notes’ as that will sting. We found extra virgin olive oil to be the best after experiencing a ‘peppery’ olive oil that stung. If you happen to get an oil that stings, set that bottle aside and use it for skin scrapes, burns and so forth.

Let your drops sit overnight the first time you make them. In the morning you will shake the small bottle of eye drops you have made vigorously and then let them sit for about 10 minutes to let the water and oil separate.  When they are separated then place the eye dropper in the Oil part only (no water) and put 2 drops of the ‘plasmatic oil’ in each eye. 

You can do this 2 or 3 times a day. When the drops get below 2/3rds of the original amount add more distilled water to it.  When the oil gets below 1/2 of the original amount add more olive oil. You only have to leave the drops ‘charging’ overnight the first time.  Once you add water or oil, shake vigorously and let it ‘charge’ for about 1/2 hour.  Your vision may be blurry for reading for 15 minutes to over an hour. Print these instructions out and keep with the eye drops.

This combination has been used successfully by people with cataracts, dry eye and floaters. Be consistent. Severe conditions will take awhile. Paul’s cataracts did not change for 6 months and then they started getting smaller until they were gone after using the drops twice daily for a year. And, he was able to read the fine print without glasses.

Video: Can You Enjoy Old Age Without Cataracts or Deteriorating Vision Problems?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Paul’s success in eliminating his cataracts without surgery by using Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Formula to offset blindness that often goes along with Type 1 diabetes. Dr. Paul just had his 79th birthday and renewed his drivers’ license in April with no glasses, no contacts, and no surgery!


From a veteran on 0709-2019: “Thank you both once again. I have received and began utilizing the plasma energy anxiety relief and it works wonders, thank you both once again

Video: FAQs and Testimonials from Plasma Energy Solution Part 4 08-18-2019

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials regarding beekeepers, Plasma Energy Station, creating an oasis, plasma in the garden, and more. They share information of people using plasma energy station water that has provided pain relief and bringing balance to the body. Dr. Paul and Lynn also talk about the energy fields that emit from the plasma energy.


A message from Wxxxx about Ella, the Guinea Pig:

“Hi, I’d like to order another plasma energy station. I ordered it all last year but its all still in the box-here’s what happened: I put the box on top of my guinea pig Ella’s cage. She was around 10 years old and dying of cancer, she had a large tumor, probably a sarcoma on her lower back. She was lethargic, losing weight and losing her appetite. I was planning on having to put her to sleep. Once I put the box of GANS material there she started to improve. The tumor gradually went away and she recovered fully. I have never moved the box since, so I need to re-order. She is back to her sweet happy self at an advanced age for a guinea pig.”


September 30, 2018

W: “I love the plasma energy water!  In the short time I have been drinking it, it has changed my life!  I feel so much better, and have much more energy! I am a social worker who works with homeless people who have a chronic mental health diagnosis.  My program provides apartments for the people, and I help rebuild their lives.  I have given some of my people a gallon or two of the water, and they all love it too!  In fact, one of my clients went to another client’s apartment and asked him if he had “any of that water left over” because she couldn’t wait for me to bring her the next gallon.  If my clients are “fighting” over this water, it’s gotta be good!

Lynn: Thank you W!  I know you have plenty to do but what if you get a few of the clients to make patches with water you take them. Then everyone could have the water.  If they watch the first and second videos they will have more ideas in how to use the water. If they make extra pads they could give you some to carry with you as you are working with even more clients. 

   1. To make the patches they need a roll of Bounty paper towels, some medium strength packing tape, some quart sized zip lock bags and a marking pen to write 1 of 2 pads and 2 of 2 pads on each pair. If you were up to it you could soak the paper towels and let them dry overnight at your house and then just hand out the paper towels, baggies, tape and instructions. 

   2.  Do the 1/2 sheets of the Bounty paper folded in half and in half again so they are half the size of a lunch napkin.  Take 2 sheets at a time.

   3.  Cut the zip lock off a quart sized baggie.    

   4.  Cut 1/2 of one sheet and put it with the other sheet.  That is 1 of 2 pads that is 3 thicknesses and 3/4 of the total that you. on the bottom write 1 o2 2. Slide this into one side of your baggie.

   5. Take the remaining small sheet that is 1/4 of the total.  On the bottom write 2 of 2 on the baggie.  Slide that into the baggie.

   6.  Now fold the open side of the baggie over so you can seal it shut.

   7.  Cut the baggie in half with the 3/4s pad in one half and the 1/4 pad in the other half of the baggie.  Now tape all those edges shut.  I always do extra tape all the way around to give the pad container extra strength.

   8. Now have people put this on their container of water.  I realize that distilled or filtered water may not be in the budget for these folks.  We work with what we have.

   9.  Let the new plasma energy water container sit overnight and then it is ready to use.  They can put some of the water in a spray bottle and spray it on sore joints or injuries.  They can spray around their doors and windows to discourage insects from moving in to live with them.  They can spray it on their clothes, towels and sheets and let it dry.  They can drink it, cook with it, make coffee, tea and soup with it.  I told a friend of mine to spray his balconies on his apartment to encourage having good neighbors. 

The easiest way I’ve found to soak the towels is to stack the halves and then spray the one on top with a spray bottle filled with plasma water.  Set it to the side and do the next, then the next and so forth.  I hang them over plastic hangers, two to a hanger and let them dry overnight.  I label a baggie ‘Plasma Energy Station” and put them all in the baggie.  Then as I need to make them I take two halves and follow the process I gave you in the earlier email.

W: “Thanks!  I think this is much easier to do than to haul water around to my clients.  Our “deal” was for them to give me a gallon of distilled water.  I would add it to my plasma water station and then I would re-bottle it in a clear container and return it to them later.  The good news is that they can use food stamps to buy distilled water if they don’t have the money. I am so excited for my clients!  I’ve worked in the mental health field for around 30 years, and I have never seen anything work as dramatically as the plasma energy water! The best part is that this is something that my clients can afford, and they actually want to drink it.

Lynn: okay so this is even better.  They just need to add distilled water to the clear plasma energy container of their choice (clear glass or clear plastic) as they use it.  Once it is set up they can just add water when it goes down 1/3 to 1/2.  Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and it’s good to use. Thanks W, It really warms our hearts to hear of so many people benefiting from the plasma energy station water!

More on October 2nd:

W: “I wanted you to know that I just got off the phone with one of my clients.  She is on disability for physical and mental health issues.  I gave her 2 gallons of the plasma energy water late last week.  Before she started drinking the water she was in such severe pain that she wanted to give up on life. This morning, she called me and sounded a lot more happier than I have ever heard her.  She was telling me all the things she had done this morning.  She told me that the water had given her more energy and that for the first time in years, she did not take any pain medications yesterday. She was also excited to hear that she could use the containers that I had given her to make a continual supply.  It made my day, and I hope it makes yours, too!

Lynn: W, that really makes my day!  I spent yesterday in the Billings airport trying to get to Albuquerque to see my 98 year old mother who had a stroke on Friday. She has refused to use the water or anything I have tried to send such as water treated scarves, gloves etc.  I have 2 local brothers and an out-of state sister who are using the water.  Three more siblings are disinterested.  When I visited in May I tried to set something up and was told she didn’t want any clutter on the kitchen counter.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink….things have improved for my mother.  My trip will happen at a later time I’m thrilled to hear about improvements such as you wrote today!  And we get testimonies all the time of how people, pets and plants are helped.  They always make my day and thank you for sharing.  Making lives and conditions better is what this is all about for us!  And we are certainly no strangers to skepticism as Paul was one of the first veterinarians in the US to use acupuncture in mid-70s.  People said it was bogus and all ‘in your head.’  His reply was that he was treating horses at the race track and used only acupuncture and no drugs.  He ‘won’ the debate when he had one futurity winner and 2 derby winners in the richest quarter horse races in the country.  So when people tell me this is bogus I generally laugh and tell them I ‘met them 40 years ago when they pooh-poohed acupuncture.’  As we all know it became a common place, valued treatment over the years. Thanks again, Lynn


0918-2020—about plasma energy products from Hope

“My name is Hope and I have been using the Plasma energy products for about 2-3 years now.  A girlfriend got me interested in them and I started using them and have felt such a difference.

I first started with the Plasma Energy Station and felt an immediate boost in energy and increased vitality.  I have since bought many of the others and have them in separate containers so they are now my “Mother Source”.  With my Mother source, I can make vials for others and they will then have a “mother source”.  

I have been in the alternative medicine field as an independent rep for almost 30 years and call on the Alternative medicine practitioners (MD’s, DO’s, LAc etc) in Southern CA, AZ and NV.  I presently represent a company with 2 lines of German Biological Medicine, and another with a wonderful line of probiotics and Enzymes.  I have given many of the practitioners vials of the Plasma Energy solution GANS and they now use it and give it to many of their patients.

Some of the experiences I have had with the GANS:

I am very sensitive to EMF’s so I ordered the New Tech frequency.  I have a meter that I use to check for EMF’s. I noticed an increased amount in my bedroom and was getting a high reading.  I washed my sheets – put them in a 2nd rinse and added 1-2 cups of the New Tech frequency to the rinse cycle, let them sit for 2 hours or so and dried them and put them on the bed.  The reading on the meter was now close to zero. Apparently the plasmatic field neutralized all the EMF frequencies. I also do the same with the dogs’ beds and their blankets.

I was bitten by a lyme tick about 5 years ago.  I made the choice to treat it naturally.  The LYME RELIEF GANS has made an incredible difference for me and my ability to overcome the different co-infections.  I gave a vial to one of my accounts that has many Lyme patients. One of her patients recently called her and said of all the products she had given them, the Lyme Relief seemed to help the most.

I gave the CLEAR MIND to one of my friends with an ADD/ADHD child and it has made an incredible difference with the Childs ability to think clearly and concentrate.  I use it daily and make my coffee with it in the morning.

I also have the Super Human and Kan-Sir and drink them daily.  I had reoccurring issues with EBV and the VIRUS RELIEF has made a big difference with that.

I think one of the very important aspects of getting the desired results from the GANS is making a positive intention prior to drinking it.  The GANS plasma water seems to hold that intention and it manifests while drinking it. When I drink the VIRUS RELIEF I may say, “all viruses are now detached from my cells and go into the plasma field to be neutralized”.  Make the intention you want and then drink the water and experience it manifesting.

I had given some of the Plasma Energy vials to one of my accounts that is a holistic veterinarian.  She has a big ranch in North Phoenix.  She had hers set up in the barn.  She called one day and said the javelinas (a type of wild boar) had come into her barn, created a big mess and shattered her containers with the GANS in it.

I made her some more and took it up to her.  I also made her 4 separate vials and told her to put them in each corner of the barn with a strong intention that they would never enter again.  She has since told me that they would come into her property but never go near the barn.  Powerful intention and Powerful GANS.  

There are so many stories I have had with these and they are so positive.  So many of my accounts have now seen the benefits and are recommending these GANS formulas to their patients.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

Blessings, Hope

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