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WHAT WILL CAUSE A 5,000% INCREASE IN MORTALITY RATES IN 2022? Attorney Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Attorney Todd Callender


In this video above Lynn shares information in the synopsis she did of an interview with Todd Callender, US attorney, and Rheimer Fuellmich and His Assistant in Germany (see below). Todd Callender specializes in disabled rights and has worked in disability health and life insurance for more than 20 years. Among others things discussed are the disarming of people’s immune systems with 3 different proteins in the jab. He also discusses the effects of 16 gigahertz on the body whether from cell towers or ventilators. A link to the interview is below.

Mar 28, 2022 MUST WATCH INTERVIEW : Reiner Fuellmich Talks with Attorney Todd Callender 2nd Smartest Guy in the World.


Todd Callender has represented me, and is a friend. His knowledge of the law AND vaccines is profound.1 Attorney Todd Callender specializes in disabled rights and has worked in the disability health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years. He focuses on the international convergence of biomedical morbidity and mortality risks in the global, legal context. You discovered something very interesting when you worked with the US Dept. of Defense and the aftermath of the Covid injections.

Callender: thank you….the court of public opinion is yours….

Fuellmich: we cannot do this without the experts…

Callender: this all started for me 20 years ago when I was working in the vaccine industry. My family owned intellectual property rights to ….mass vaccination device and I spent 3 years in Cuba doing the 3rd phase clinical field trials. These are the same 3rd phase trials that are happening with these purported vaccines right now. I learned a lot about the vaccine industry and did business with the same people who are now executing on this genocide. I did understand that and that is why I filed suit against the DOD, Health and Human Services, FDA in August of last year when I saw what was happening including the pandemic bond that the IMF and the World Bank put together.

They used the $500 million claim on that bond denominated in SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). It was the first time they had made the SDRs into a crypto currency. When that happened it made sense to me that they were going to implement the 2005 internationals Health Regulations where they provide a global, homogenized to spot (?) to what it was they had created. When the use of force was authorized by Secretary Austin I realized that this was a military operation and it is a global military operation. It was being forcefully augmented.

I had to file suit and we did. As much as anything the point of filing the suit was to educate the US Military as to whether what they are purporting to do is illegal according to the Nuremburg Code and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and according to the International Convention on Human Rights and per the Uniform Code of Military Justice and US Statutes.

All of this is patently illegal and we all know that and I am shocked at how it is, but nobody in government in pretty much any country in the world seems to care with a few exceptions of Haiti, Tanzania, and a few others.

This is a very well co-ordinated genocide in progress. It made me dig a little deeper into how it is and what it is they are perceiving to achieve. It is a long way to getting to the point.

Is it the lipid nano particle delivery system, is it the pathogens in the lipid nano particles that interest you?

Fuellmich: the most important thing is a video clip of an interview with you and you told them about the excess mortality and I don’t know what caused this excess mortality. It must have something to do with these so-called vaccinations. It may be the lipid nano-particles, it may be the bio-protein, I don’t know.

Callender: I do know—it’s not even a question. Think of the lipid nano particles like little bombers and they are carrying payloads. Those payloads are glio-nucleotides, messenger RNA, and synthetic DNA. Those are the payloads for those little ‘bombers.’

In order to slip those little bombers past the human’s natural immunity, they had to disarm people’s immunities and they used 3 different HIV proteins—the GP120, the AD5 as an adjutant and the PP14. Those 3 proteins were injected into the humans for the purpose of allowing the lipid nano-particle bombers to go into the cells, deliver those payloads and then create synthetic DNA, the recombinant mRNA, and the recombanant DNA. So we know all that and we also know what the pathogens are that are delivered in at least some of the shots. It is in their patents.

What is particularly alarming in terms of all excess mortality and morbidity numbers is that the people that put these protease proteins into the shots disarmed people’s natural immunity. They gave them vaccine-induced AIDS and they didn’t give them anything to reverse it.

So now what you are seeing in terms of all-cause morbidity and mortality are numbers that I got out of the US Department of Defense (DOD) own data base called D-med. It is the Defense Medical Etiology (?) database.

Going back to my lawsuit with the DOD, I called several witnesses to testify in both the temporary restraining order and our preliminary injunction. One of them was Dr. Theresa Long, Dr. McCullough. We have come to understand with a group of medical experts and scientists that have come to our aid in understanding all of this. I can back up everything I am telling you with evidence and I’ll be happy to do that.

We could see a 1,100% increase in all-cause morbidity and mortality. That means that something systemic has caused these problems. You would see a natural increase in all-cause cancer, heart issues, inflammation issues, blood clotting. I can actually send you what that actually looks like. When you see all of them rising hundreds of percentiles, in a class of people who are physically fit, ages 18 to 45—these are all military people, there is only one cause for that. That is the destruction of their immune system. That is the vaccine-induced auto-immune deficiency syndrome. We know this now.

It is in the science all around us. The Israelis are ahead of everyone and have published papers on this. Everyone knows. The short answer to this thing is that everybody that got the shots was given some form or level of AIDS—auto immune deficiency.

The ones that got the one shot – it seems that they have about 30% of their natural immunity destroyed. By the time they get 3 shots, all their natural immunity is gone. We are seeing that with our doctors, the experts who are testifying, in their practices. This is including on-base and off-base doctor visits.

THE REAL EPIDEMIC IS NOW. I happen to be in the morbidity business and I am the CEO of a large insurance group. We underwrite morbidity risks, disabilities, accidents. Based on what we are seeing, the rates of excess mortality right now are 84%; the rates for excess for every kind of disease is at 1100%. We are expecting a 5,000 or so % increase in excess mortality for this year. This is an enormous number.

I don’t think that it is by coincidence, by the way, that Moderna has just now received licensure of their emergency use authorization of HIV vaccine. So they gave everyone AIDs and now here is your ‘salvation.’ This seems to be a multiple dose vaccine.

Almost worse than that, this ties into an electro-magnetic connection to all of this. We have seen that during the lockdown period of almost two years at least in the US and several other countries, there was a massive installation of 5G networks. It included every single public school in the United States, and most of the private schools.

Each one of those signals does different things and they can mimic the very same symptomology as Covid. For instance on Halloween night in 2019, Wuhan was the first city in the world to go 5G. they turned on 10,000 transmitters. Within days you had a massive problem of Chinese who were literally falling over dead. This is not exactly the same symptomology with Covid. You would see people standing on the street falling over dead.

It turns out that at the 60 gigahertz signal which is a 5G signal, that it is actually capable of separating oxygen into nitrogen. So according to our experts, some people literally standing on the street and through the targeting device known as their cell phone, they were able to rip the oxygen from the nitrogen and people were breathing nitrogen and not getting the oxygen and they were literally falling over dead.

5G is like a butcher knife. It is a dual-use item. You can use it to communicate and at the same time you can use it to kill. It so happens that a lot of the tests that we looked at in scientific world focused on the 18 Gigahertz signal. This interplays with the lipid nano-particles.

If you look at the patents of Moderna and Pfizer and I have not looked at Johnson & Johnson, all you have to do is type in pathogens. The covid pathogen itself was chimeric—it was part bacterial and part viral. We know that now.

The pathogens inside the lipid nano-particles, the ones that are created and are inside the lipid nano-particles, inside the vaccinated people right now, are also chimeric. In some cases they are Marburg mixed with e-coli. They are E-bola mixed with staphylococcus. When those lipid nano-particles are exposed to an 18 gigahertz signal, they swell and become porous. This means they will pour out those nucleotides, the proteins that cause people’s bodies to produce these pathogens.

That was the whole point of the mRNA technology. It was to genetically modify people for the purpose of having them produce the synthetic proteins. In the case of covid it was synthetic S-proteins. At the 18 gigahertz signal it will be other proteins that are the M-proteins. They also produce the same HIV proteins.

When the subjects of these shots are producing these synthetic proteins, these synthetic pathogens, they are actually shedding them on others. In the words of Bill Gates the vaccines were designed to be contagious.

When we look at what is going to be the next shoe to drop I can already tell you that it is Marburg. How do I know that? Because the Marburg provisions of the US Prep Act have already been put into action. Theoretically there is no Marburg in the US and has not been for some time.

How is it that in March, 2020, the Marburg provisions of the Prep Act were revoked which created funding for centers of Medicaid and Medicare services, CMS, in order to fund the goals of 42 CFR parts 70 and 71. That is the enabling statute for emergency public health for Health and Human Services.2 Look it up and in 2016 you will find that there is a mandate in the case of public health emergency to quarantine people, test people, and they basically have carte blanche marshal law. All constitutional rights are suspended and frankly, what rights you get are granted by the CDC.

When you look at the constructs of all these things, right now we intercepted and found there are (garbled) federal government to fund what we call the FEMA camps—they are quarantine centers. We actually stopped one in Cochise County, Arizona.

It is our contention that this 18 gighertz signal will be sent out at some point and it will produce the Marburg hemorrhagic fever results. They will use that as the pretext to fill and occupy these quarantine centers and the hospitals that are already murdering US persons to the tune of a million or so this last year. They will be used as receiving centers and why do I say the hospitals?

I am involved in trying to get people out of them. as part of my analysis in trying to help people escape the ICU, intensive care, I have stumbled on to a variety of things that are quite interesting from a legal perspective. In 2008, the US government merged public health with law enforcement with the judiciary and with corrections. All 4 of them are now under one roof.

I get these every single day and a typical example—these are hospital homicides—somebody will go to the hospital with a broken arm. They arrive with the ic10 international code and are mandatorily given, per the hospital’s protocols because they accept federal funding, a covid test. If the covid test comes back negative, they are given another covid test with a higher cycle rate. They invariably come back positive, and at that moment the patient is then moved to a covid ward where they are given an IV bag with Midazolam that is used for lethal injections. It tranquilizes the lungs and it lowers the oxygen absorption rate to about 70%.

That is then used at the pretext to move them into the ICU because of the 70% oxygen. They then add Remdesivir in that IV bag and invariably they end up on a ventilator which is operating and broadcasting on the 16 gigahertz signal. That is the same signal that separates oxygen from nitrogen. Then it is only a function of time until they die. When they get on ventilator, we haven’t had anybody get off.

My job in reference to all this is how do we stop people from being put into ICU and how do we get them out of the hospital? I am only getting about 50% of people out. Why is that? If I call the police and say the patient did not want Remdesivir, that is medical battery and we know we can swear out a criminal complaint. There is medical battery, medical imprisonment, and ____ imprisonment. The police refuse to investigate it. Early on we were able to get health, safety and welfare checks and the police would actually come and talk to the patients. That does not happen any more. Now the police show up and arrest the loved ones who are trying to be with their family. They drag them away.

This is where I came to understand that the hospitals and public health are part of the law enforcement apparatus. Similarly, when I sued the DOD and I got the responsive pleadings, it was as though the Dept. of Justice had responded to a different law suit. It didn’t make any sense to me who they were responding to. Elements of our case weren’t even in there.

It turns out that the judiciary has been combined and merged with public health and law enforcement. What we were seeing were canned pleadings. It was not different than when we would sue in a local court. One of the first cases was in Texas. There was a patient in ICU in Baylor University Hospital. We got a temporary restraining order and in order for us to get an outside doctor to come in and get this person. Within the next day the hospital lawyer showed up and threatened our judge with the unauthorized practice of medicine. The TRO (temporary restraining order) went away and our client was killed.

How do I know this patient was killed? I had another client go in another case, not with covid but with an aneurysm and was treated in the exact same format I am telling you about—Midazolam, Remdesivir, put into the covid ward and never had covid. They doped him up on morphine, fentanyl and a cocktail of drugs.

I called the hospital’s lawyer and said that we wanted to move him to other care. The hospital’s lawyer told me no, your client is going to die in our hospital. Those were his words; so I called the chief of Police who already had a case with 3 alleged felonies and a case number. I said to the Chief that I wanted to do a health, safety and welfare check on my client in the hospital. They are being treated as requested. The Chief said he was not going to go there. When I asked why he said that the city attorney said this was a civil matter and we are not going to deal with it.

I called the city attorney’s office and they won’t talk to me. I went back to the hospital’s lawyer and told him that this was criminal and I will pursue this criminally. He replied too bad, your client is going to die in our hospital. I filed a criminal complaint with the FBI and no one would investigate it. Our client died in that hospital from starvation. He weighed 78 pounds in the final autopsy. He was dehydrated, he was starved, he was high on fentanyl, morphine and several other drugs when they did the autopsy.

We will be pursuing that case for the purpose of breaking up the immunities that were granted under the PREP Act, the CMS waiver program, the CARE Act along with the same issues with the covid mandates. Where there is fraud we can destroy that and vitiate those protections. I intend to do this particular case on a criminal basis. We will start with the civil suit and get past the fraud and into the criminality and we will be able to blow those immunities away.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because this is a master plan that has been extraordinarily well co-ordinated from a legal perspective, a funding perspective, and from every government function you can imagine including the elimination of any constitutional or charter rights. That is by international law, and I encourage you to look at the 2005 International Health Regulations.

All of this arises from Agenda 21 which has 3 primary goals and they are the elimination of private property right which is communism. The second is the elimination of borders. You can see that by looking at the mass migration in the US and in Europe. They want to eliminate the borders because they want to eliminate sovereignty. The third plank of Agenda 21 is called sustainable development and it is mass depopulation. We are in all 3 of those phases right now and Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. Sovereignty is being surrendered. Look at the OECD in 2016 they took the tax and fiscal policy of every member nation for themselves and they installed incompetent authorities that are managed by the OECD.

It no longer matters if you have a Prime Minister or a President because the OECD has the authority. Those two planks are already done. The third plank is mass depopulation and we are in it right now by virtue of hospital homicides and they will roll out the Marburg or Ebola—it doesn’t matter—its hemorrhagic fever.

The triggering mechanism will be the 18 gigahertz signaling and then the quarantine camps will be completely loaded. These people will pick and choose who they want to have as survivors. At the end of the day from the legal perspective there is a compelling and scary part to this.

There is a US Supreme Court case where we have the issue of legality. It is called the association of ____ pathology ____ a court case from 2013. This arises out of earlier cases on genetic engineering and right to the synthetic genome. On page 6 halfway down It starts with: it is also –the court finds that use of messenger RNA in particular creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genome that they create.

What does that mean? That means that everyone who got the shots whose mRNA converted their cells into producing spike proteins are now the chattel property of the intellectual property right holders—the patent holders. That is what this case means and it is good law in the United States. And there is hardly any other law around the world that speaks to it.

Look at plans from NASA and DARPA dating back to 2001 where they speak of hybrid humans that they will own and operate. This is the magnitude of what it is that we are up against.

This is about the end of humanity. We are talking about an extinction level event where the owners –and I’ll speak to that in a minute—have already pre-decided who is going to live, who is going to die, who is going to become a machine, who do we own. If you look at this from a genocide perspective we have a major _____ in the causation and the elements of our case. Homicide is the unlawful taking of a human life.

What is human defined as? Homo sapiens and these people are no longer homo sapiens and they are a new species _______ genesis. If they are no longer human, do they enjoy human rights? Do they enjoy the protections of the criminal code? My sense is no (they do not).

What can you do if you are property? These are chattel property. The 13th amendment of the United States outlaws slavery defined as the owning of a human. They found a way around that. In this particular case it is no different than being able to experiment on humanizing mice which already exist. That is what laboratories use. Now we have machinized genetically altered humans.

I know you probably have some questions.

Fuellmich: two things: the US Supreme court decision that you cited—is that the one from 2006?

Callender: no, it is 2013.

Fuellmich: can you give me the exact quote?

Callender: the styling is association for molecular pathology versus varied (?) genetics and I will give you the page 6 language.

It is also possible to create a DNA synthetic computer process similarly well known as _______. One such method begins with a messenger RNA molecule and uses the ______ properties of nucleotides to create a new synthetic DNA molecule (26.06 min). the result is an inverse RNA ______ and results in ownership rights in the United States in the genome.

That is good law because the US Congress has not written anything to overcome this. They have written a statute called the Genetic Anti-Discrimination Act. (GINA) however, there is nothing to replace this in terms of who owns the synthetic genome created by the mRNA.

Now we know that at least in the case of the Moderna shots and in the case of the Pfizer shots, both of which use mRNA that this is the result. I suspect that there is other more recent case law that would describe adenovirus vectors or genetic modification also being the same. There is a compendium on gene therapy; this whole industry is so well-developed right now.

There is a ‘Sears-Roebuck Catalogue’….are you familiar with these 3 inch thick catalogues they used to have? In the Compendium of Gene Therapy you can go to services and tell them that today you would like to have some ‘flying monkey’ genes. They can do that—they go to the computer and they stick it into a lipid nano particle and ‘shoot’ it out to you. That is how well this industry is already defined.

Fuellmich Assistant: this is really quite intense. If all this is reality how would these people identify their property? These vaccine passports might not be 100% true as some people might have the paper without having been vaccinated. Do you think there is something in the vaccine that makes it possible to detect from the outside with what they have been vaccinated with?

Callender: yes. We already know that. If you look at the exhibit for preliminary injunction, and I’ll send that to you, we actually did mass spectrometry on the Moderna and Pfizer shots. In it we found certain components that knew exactly what was described including a chemical compound called luciferase.

If you look up SM102 that I think is the Moderna shot and it is ALC1235 in the Pfizer shot—those have the components to understand who has taken the shot and who have not.

Of course you would have seen lots of other people who have done a variety of studies that people are now setting off Bluetooth signals and that has been well-verified. It appears, based on our mass spectrometry, that they did not actually include graphene oxide in the shots. What I have come to find instead is that they included all the base compounds in order for the bodies to produce their own graphene oxide.

One of our experts has testified that the use of electro-magnetic radiation, the EMF radiation that is coming out of your cell phone signals, will actually cause the growth at 300% increase in graphene hydroxide inside the human body. So all they have to do is put the base chemicals into the user, expose them to a certain level of magnetic radiation which are cell phones at a certain frequency and those people actually grow graphene hydroxide inside of them.

One of our experts is a mortician and you would have seen this when he couldn’t get the embalming fluid into the cadavers and this was in January of last year. He opened up their arms and their legs and pulled out these great giant sheets that were blood clots the length of a leg, but after the blood was washed away, they were actually sheets. Those components are ostensibly the graphene hydroxide.

It is happening and we know for a fact that there are autopsies that prove this. Science proves this and I believe Dr. Ryan Cole has quite a bit of that science as well. The short answer to your questions is “yes, we know that people are showing up to airports with fictitious vaccine passports and the customs agents already know that they are not vaccinated.

Here we are in the age of digitization so there is no way they could fake it.

Fuellmich Assistant: when our experts looked at the different vaccines they saw a variance of mixes of components. Sometimes there would be a bit more copper, rare earth or whatever. Do you think that serves as some sort of fingerprint? Why are there these different components? You just mentioned there might be different roles for the individual people who receive these shots? What is the difference in the variations of these?

Callender: good questions and the short answer is ‘yes.’ It is highly likely that is the case for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that these are phase 3 medical trials. In relation to the FDA regulations that govern these they have the opportunity in their testing in phase 3 to change the ingredients. This can happen until the final application with the FDA.

By the way the DOD was behind this. They are the ones that commissioned Pfizer and Moderna to do this. This was DOD originated in Test No. C451001. We have all the data. The phase 3 clinical trials were designed exactly as you describe them to test different components. We don’t even know.

For instance, if you were to look at the patents as it relates to the pathogens that were carried in the lipid nano particles, you would find 8 to 9 different patents. It appears to us that different people received different doses. Some of the highest mortality rates associated with a particular number from those vats bear out what you are saying. The problem we have is that the testers like Pfizer, Moderna and all the EUA (emergency use authorization) companies do not have to tell us what it is that they are testing until they finally get approval and then have labeling requirements

Fuellmich Assistant: here in Germany there are some regulations where there are not even any general labeling requirements anymore for the vaccines.

Callender: WOW!

Fuellmich Assistant: I don’t know if they have already taken the general use of this but there is the option in this regulation that you are not doing any labeling at all and you can use it after the minimum duration of the expiration dates. They can use it after that. Also, they are not obliged to keep any batches for future investigation.

Callender: what is the point of any regulation at all? Why even bother?

Fuellmich Assistant: it is claimed to be put into place because it is supposed to assist with the medical needs of the vaccines, to speed things up. That is the pretext for the producers.

Callender: I saw that and I noted that Cominerty was licensed in Germany for a year before they got the EUA approval in the United States. It is not approval, but approval of the vaccine itself but what it is they are going to do. I am shocked that there are no particular standards and you can just make it up. This goes back to my compendium ‘Sears Roebuck Catalogue’ of gene therapy. You can just order up whatever you want—your flying monkeys or whatever you want.

Fuellmich: does that mean the question “how bad does my law” doesn’t really play anymore? It’s not about the spike protein now; it’s about the lipid nano-particles and they are the same in every one of these lots?

Callender: they all have lipid nano-particles—AstroZenica or J&J or whatever. It is called hydrogel. All of them share the AD5 adjuvant. It seems that Sputnik and others also have this this AD5 adjuvant.

To answer your question in the disclosure to the FDA as to what these shots are made of, we have polyethylene glycol with all these other things that we picked up on mass spectrometry that showed that the ingredients of Moderna were the same as those of Pfizer. They just had different proportions of polyethylene glycol.

Other than that they were the same. What was different between the two shots is the programming mRNA adenovirus DNA to program the body. I think we have no clue what pathogens are inside those lipid nano particles. We just know that the pathogens exist and who gets what—we have no clue.

Some will show up with Ebola, some will show up with Marburg, some will show up covid—we just don’t know. They don’t have to tell anybody. 36.23 min.

Fuellmich: what affects the immune system is the mRNA, right?

Callender: the short answer is yes. There are 3 proteins—the GP120, AD5 is a recumbent mRNA, and there is the PP14 which is the protein that comes out of the pregnant woman’s placenta and this attacks the cancer T-cells. J&J and AstroZeneca use synthetic DNA versus Moderna and Pfizer that use mRNA. It accomplishes the same thing. 37.08

Fuellmich: in other words unless it is true that some of the lots were just placebos then everyone who got the shots is in danger.

Callender: that is right; they all have AIDS. You are correct.

Fuellmich Assistant: so what is the point of having all these additional shots like the boosters; in your opinion what do you think they are adding with the additional shots?

Callender: good—I think there are two elements of causation behind that—

I think a goal of the exercise is to destroy a person’s immune system. They give them the booster shots for the purpose of rolling in the EUA existing Moderna HIV shot. The reason for that is the control paradigm. .

When you look at the new frontier, the new war and you look at DARPA and the defense intelligence came up with, in terms of the frontier, the 4th world war. It is a biomechanical war. It is a genetically modified soldier or person.

Kim Jon Moon (N Korea) already did a demonstration last summer with his genetically modified super soldiers. That is the new battlefield. When you read some of the documents, the papers that governments have written about this ‘new’ battle frontier, there are constant software upgrades that happen to stay competitive in this brand new arms race.

My sense is that if someone has no immune system whatsoever, and they are required to get these new HIV vaccines once a month for the purpose of staying alive, those additional shots can act as software upgrades. (If you don’t get your shot every 30 days you are going to die). The hardware has already been implemented—people are made of graphene hydroxide and that is the ‘main frame.’ Bill Gates, Dr. Lieber and Dr. Venter (?), the creator of artificial life.

Once you have the modified ‘man machine’ how do you upgrade the software to keep competitive in the battle environment? That is what these papers talked about. My theory is that they will have to get monthly shots to stay alive and secondly to receive their software upgrades for whatever purpose they are assigned.

Fuellmich: the next war will just be reprogramming this artificial—- they will try to have programmers on both sides who are better for killing the other ones and so on. It’s like a computer game, like boys playing with computers. It is incredible and it is so stupid. It has nothing to do with life and nothing to do with human beings. It is just a stupid game.

Callender: that’s right and that is the point—they do not care about human life. As a matter of fact they hate humanity. They want us gone or whatever. When you understand the people behind this, I call them the owners. I do this because the people behind the BIS (bank of international settlements) already own the world money supply. They own the water supply, the food supply, the electricity supply, the labor supply—they own it all. The owners are all luciferians who hate humanity and they have the state goal to genetically modify every species on this planet starting with us.

Fuellmich: I think it is the last chance that we have that we make the understanding of the soldiers and the policeman of what is going on.

Callender: that is right. that is the key.

Fuellmich: they need them (soldiers and policemen). They are weak people and they ______ but it doesn’t give them strength. They have these obedient soldiers who take the jab and are altered. Even those who don’t have the jab, if they obey, they can go on doing these crimes. We have to inform policemen and soldiers what is going on. We have to tell them.

Callender: that is what I was trying to do and in March last year I wrote a formal criminal complaint based on crimes against humanity, genocide – we published it on our website that we built for this purpose called vaxxchoice.3 After drafting this and publishing it we had 20,000 downloads the first month. Angry moms against school boards went and filed with sheriff’s offices around the US and various countries because I was trying to achieve exactly what you are saying. I was trying to poison the well in the minds of the people who would be tasked with forcing these shots. It worked in some cases and it was also the reason why I sued the DOD.

I was trying to educate and did educate soldiers in the US military that these are illegal orders and here is why. Our plaintiffs class went from 200,000 to around 500,000 now. It is growing. The exact methodology that you are talking about is precisely what we attempted and it seems to be working to some extent.

Fuellmich Assistant: is this what you explained about the HIV shot—do you think this is mostly about control and getting you on the hook to survive? Is there anything that you could imagine that would be like an enhancement, like being better able to intake oxygen so you can live on the sea?

Callender: for sure—it’s not even a question. Around 2001 the US Government, the Dept. of Defense in particular went into the gene therapy business for exactly what it is that you are describing. In 2005 they got a special exclusion from the DOJ as it relates to informed consent. The DOJ said that for purposes of gene modification the FDA is no longer involved. Health and Human Services is involved. And for purposes of informed consent that we all know comes from Nuremburg, it no longer applies in the traditional sense.

All you have to do is let people know that you are doing genetic therapy. That means gene modification and you don’t even have to tell them. You just have to make it so they could find out. So the US military has been doing gene modification at least since 2005 for exactly what you have described—the super soldier program whether it is swimming under the ocean or flying—I don’t know.

It already exists and when you do a search and type in North Korea Super Soldiers you will see that Kim Jung Moon already brought his out and did a demonstration. They were beating these guys with sledge hammers to no avail.4 They seem to be puncture proof and extraordinarily durable. They are probably fast and require less food. So the answer is yes.

Fuellmich Assistant: this means that you can actually transform a previously normal human being during his or her lifetime into this special forces with special capabilities. It is not like for the next generation but immediately.

Callender: yes. It is now. There are some studies showing that they can download information straight into their brains. There was a case the army did several years ago. They took a regular soldier and downloaded information. He was out flying helicopters later that day. I happen to be a pilot and I can tell you that it takes a long time to master those skills. That technology already exists exactly as you have described.

Fuellmich: so Moderna wasn’t joking when they said that they could program human beings.

Callender: that is right and Charles Lieber was really the guy behind that and he is sitting in jail now. Look back to his 2009 Harvard study and he was able to anatomically weld transistors into the lipid nano particles. They can program them and move them around to become autonomous and he turned the nano particles into nanobots.

With those nanobots they are able to do exactly what you said. They can crawl around in the brain and see information, deliver their payloads to a particular part of the body. He was the man that made all that possible. He did this along with Craig Venter who was the guy who created synthetic life.5 He is the guy who sequenced the human genome. He was able 3 years ago to sever the heads of pigs and wait 3 days and then reanimate the heads. He did the study with ferrets relating to the coronavirus. They thought they had killed the ferrets and buried them. The ferrets came back to life and dug themselves out.

So there is this extra component also of ‘immortality’ if you can imagine that. I have the articles.

Fuellmich Assistant: that is really very, very freaky. Could you elaborate on biological graphene and what is the point of having this assemble in your body? Is it to kill you off with this 5G thing?

Callender: no, not at all. It does 3 things. First it is extraordinarily conductive. As I understand it from our experts, if a person with graphene hydroxide receives a signal such as a 2 gighertz signal, they will be able to produce a 1 terahertz signal outbound. They become a battery and Bill Gates actually has a patent on the human battery. So number one, they become electricity generators. Number two they become sources of intelligence and everything that person sees, hears and does is connected to the bionet of things that every other such person, every cell phone tower and the cloud. They all become biomachines. They are capable of detecting everything –sights, sounds, touch, taste all of that.

On top of that graphene happens to be the single most durable and strong substance on this planet. So when you see Kim Jong Moons super soldiers getting hit with sledge hammers to the head to no avail, that is why. You cannot even puncture graphene in its single molecular layer.

Lastly it is self-assembling. They call it teleferase. When you add an electrical current to graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide it naturally self-assembles and turns into a conductive circuit. You are getting all of these things out of the benefit of graphene. There are multiple uses.

I think the people they don’t want to use, they will just turn them off and they are gone.

Fuellmich Assistant: if we are looking at immortality for these creatures do you think they would still be breathing and how are they included in this program? Do you think they would like to stay normal human beings or is this not under what they wanted.

Callender: I don’t know the answer to that. My sense is that they do have a goal of immortality. How they achieve that immortality I do not know. What I do understand is that they want limited resources. Bill Gates says they want to get the number down to zero.

The Georgia Guidestones say they want 500 million and the goals of sustainable development is that they want a 95% reduction of the world’s population. My suspicion is that the ‘owners’ will want immortality. I don’t know if they will want the rest of the super powers or not.

Fuellmich: they didn’t succeed to the immortal computers now. We always have to have updates.

Callender: True. The Bible talks about this too. Those that have taken the Mark of the Beast will seek to die and not be able to. Are people who receive the shots going to be human or not? I don’t think so. One other thing to be aware of is that in the nanoparticles there is also the delivery of CRISPR technology which is a gene deletion program.

If you look at the serious adverse events, the Pfizer post-market study that came out of the FOIA request they had to disclose. The number one serious adverse event that came up was the 1P36 gene deletion syndrome. That is a congenital disease. It causes the loss of your frontal cortexes which are the reasoning, thinking behavior. It causes facial tics and it causes biting and things of that nature. The only way a person who was not born with that would get it is because there was a gene deletion that occurred in their bodies.

It also appears that they eliminated the VMat2 which is the God-gene and the PAX5 which is also related to people’s spirituality. It appears that those who got those particular gene-deletions will not be thinking and in fact they will act very zombie-like. They will have no connection to God, no remorse and no conscience whatsoever.

Fuellmich Assistant: some people say that they notice some doctors or healers have different behavior towards patients after the shots and are more aggressive and less spiritual. Some healers have told me that they are not able to reach these people anymore on a spiritual or an energetic level. Do you think that is connected to what you just said?

Callender: I do. I would highly suspect that those persons had already suffered the 1P36 gene deletion syndrome. What you describe is the very behavior that you would see as a result of that. It’s a notification. To be very clear with you what we do know is that these people have been really good at predictive programming. How many zombie movies have you seen in your life? If you look at Con Plan 8888 it is the US Government’s continuity of government plan in case of zombie apocalypse.

They describe 5 different types of zombies they might encounter. Every US agency that this applies to has had to provide robust protection for their computer systems and have undergone zombie apocalypse invasions. The CDC has had a zombie apocalypse preparedness page on their website for the last 5 years. Now they have turned it into a cartoon.

Go to Amazon web services and you will see there is a force majeure clause that if there is a zombie apocalypse they are not liable. There is too much talk about zombies for us to ignore the fact that the 1P36 gene deletion combined with the VMat2 and PAX5 deletion creates a zombie-like effect.

I think they are just telling us what they are doing. Switch on the 18 gigahertz and bang! You have a zombie apocalypse in process.

Fuellmich Assistant: I read that they claim that this is just for educational purposes and it is strategic game type of thing. It might be a pretext but it might be real that they want to drag the education…

Callender: I can absolutely guarantee you that if you were to look at conplan 8888 you will see that on the second page they stated exactly what you just said. This is just for purposes of exercise.

I am ex-military and I represent all these people in the military. The problem with that I understand how preparations for war are. You practice who you are going to fight and where you are going to fight. ALWAYS. If you look at the Con plan 8888 it has nothing to do with fighting ‘Equador’ or another country. It has to do with fighting 5 different types of genetically modified zombies. Some are vaccine zombies, some are radiation zombies, some are magic zombies—they have 5 different types of zombies they are prepared to fight. It has nothing to do with territory, ideology, counter insurgency—it is only about zombies. I understand what you were saying (about educational purposes) and I don’t believe it for a second.

Fuellmich Assistant: I have one last question—this shedding thing that spills over from one vaccinated person to another depending on what is inside, whether it is the spike protein. What are your ideas in regard to that? Is that a problem?

Callender: it is a problem and it is actually in the testing protocols published by Pfizer. In particular they talk about taking care of clinicians who are over-seeing the trials because of the shedding problem. When I describe the shedding problem it is actually worse than it sounds.

The person who received the gene modification is now producing the synthetic protein, the S-protein, and it is not a complete protein. It is a folded protein. That means that they are actually producing prions. Prions are what cause mad-cow disease. The guy who was in charge of AstroZeneca died a year ago of prion disease. So it is not just shedding these S-proteins that we can all be immune from if we have had covid. This is bigger and different shedding problem. It is a cognitive problem and prions6 eventually eat away at your brain.

Dr. Cole actually has a lot of good evidence on that. He has done a number of biopsies and found a number of prions in the tissues of exposed people and those who have had the shots. It is not just speculation on whether or not this is the case; it is a fact.

Fuellmich: when we have contact with proteins we may eat them, we may have contact on the skin, and our immune system recognizes that when they are strange and it defends us against proteins. I am not so much afraid of proteins; I am much more afraid of having those nano particulates being spread and entering the body by contact. I have not seen evidence that proteins can invade someone..

Callender: the prions can invade. The prions definitely can and there is no two ways about it. We have prion disease all across the US and mad-cow disease is in the deer and elk. I can promise you that prions are an issue. I understand your point on shedding otherwise.

Fuellmich: we know the prions from PSA and we know they can only make damage when they are incorporated. When they get into the body if we happened to eat them, it wouldn’t be very dangerous. We had very few cases although we had lots of cases of mad cow disease in the cows. Very few people had a problem and only those who got organ or tissue transplants got it. But this is a very rare thing. I don’t see an epidemic of prion diseases in Europe.

Callender: Ahh, what if it was a bodily fluid exchange like one person biting another. Would there be such an issue? I say that because that is one of the primary issues of the P136 gene deletion. In all the zombie apocalypse scenarios, you will see the multi-national forces all saying the same thing: the zombies are always biters.

Fuellmich: there is another thing. If you want to sell a weapon, you make it very serious that everyone need this weapon to defend against something. There is a lot of business behind it and you have to take away this interest to find out the truth. So this why I insist on asking critical questions on this.

Callender: they are good ones and I agree with your point entirely.

Fuellmich: they sell so many dangerous weapons because there are so many dangerous enemies and there are also many weapons not being used because the situation doesn’t come where they would be useful.

Callender: I wonder about that. If the owners didn’t spend so much time causing us to hate and fear each other would we spend so much on weapons? The owners have been in charge for 2000 years showing us this very same unlawful paradigm.

Fuellmich: it is the same as the corona vaxx—they make us afraid and the politicians buy something against the corona virus. This is what they do every time. 100.56 they do this with vaccines and they do it with weapons.

Callender: it’s the Hegelian Dialectic, as it is called.

Fuellmich Assistant: how many shots did they order for Germany in stock until 2029? Is that something that is going to be new stuff, ever evolving?

Callender: yes, I think so. On March 22, they had a convention in Texas on these lipid nano-particles. In the NASA warfare information they talk about the use of these nanoparticles to be able to be crop-dusted. They fly over cities, drop the nano particles that burrow into people’s lungs and this is all population control.

This is what they talk about. The event they had on March 22 to share the knowledge of mass production of these lipid nano-particles and whatever pathogens, whatever payloads they have to have. It is such numbers now they can fly over a city and put over everyone whatever they want.

Fuellmich: it is not the Sahara dust, but it is nanoparticles. It is nanobots. We could easily analyze the dust and find out what it is.

Callender: that is a super idea. They have been talking about smart dust for ages. It definitely exists and you won’t have a hard time finding it.

Fuellmich: as long as they have billions of people vaccinated (injected) they don’t need to spray something into the air. They just give it directly into the people.

Callender: I think so and I don’t know exactly why it is but my sense is that they needed to install the hardware first in people. There are 3300 commercial products including foods that already have these nanoparticles in them. If you are drinking a pepsi or a coke, you are ingesting nanoparticles. They are everywhere. But for whatever reason our body seems to have the ability to repel these with our natural immunity. My sense is they had to give people the HIV protein in order to disarm our natural immunity and that was the key part of this shot. Thereafter they can deliver their software any way that they want to but it is probably most efficient to shoot it in with the shot.

Fuellmich: wow, that is quite a horror show.

Callender: yes it is and I’m sorry that this is the case. I am going to send you a lot of information that backs up everything I say.

Fuellmich: please do that; we have to dig in. As horrific as it is, we have to know about it. We have to get into the details of this in order to be able to at least get an idea of how dangerous this is. Obviously it is very, very dangerous and what can we do about it? Have any of the scientists and doctors you work with come up with any ideas of how to counteract, how to flush this out of your system?

Callender: Dr. Lee (?) is actually one of the pioneers in all of this and she is working on it diligently to flush this out. I can tell you right now that with the early candidates are. My understanding is that chlorine dioxide strips away the transistors on the bots. It is fairly common and they call it the universal cure. I understand that carbon 60 will capture some of these nanobots. She is also talking about some chelated materials that they put into an IV. I’ll get her to talk to you.

All of my expert witnesses are volunteering and they are happy to talk to you and provide you with whatever you require. My experts are your experts. And, we have whistleblowers.

Fuellmich Assistant: I have one more question. We have the terrestrial 5G towers and we also have the satellites. So what is the difference?

Callender: I think it is a function of which frequency they are broadcasting. When we talk about 5G that is just a range of frequencies. 6 gigahertz up to 300 gigahertz and they do different things. They have different ranges. What is really troubling about this is that these 5G cell phone towers have 300 gigawatts of energy and that is 3 megawatts. 300,000 watts can run a city of 60,000 people. These are in each and everyone of these towers and they are beaming microwave energy which is the same stuff people with microwaves cook food.

They are beaming all the time and we have demonstrations of plants and animals and birds falling out of the sky from a singles as it is. These are the powerful ones, the strong ones. Apparently at this wave length they do not travel very far and they are easily obstructed. The ones in space may be called 5G but we really don’t know what frequency they are broadcasting on. The longer the wave, the further the distance these things travel.

We do know that there are supposed to be 28,000 of them up there covering every single area of this planet. It is also important to know that in 1976 the US government Defense Intelligence Agency already did all this work for us. They have already told us what frequencies do what things to people. A half a hertz can affect our mentality and if we are happy or sad. There are even payloads up to 300 megahertz.

You might have seen in Australia they use the active denial system with 96 gigahertz which actually burned the protestors. They literally cooked the protestors at about a 500 meter distance. The strength of the tower and the signal are really what guide where they are putting them and what it is that they do.

We don’t know what the ones in space are doing and we don’t even know what these are. In the United States there is no law on this. OSHA has some limits that if you are going to work around these things you have to wear protective gear to turn them off. Other than that, there is no protection. In fact when our law firm studied this we found out in 2019 that in many states they made it a crime for city council members to vote against the implementation of 5G. They have no standards whatsoever and they could cook us all day long and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

What can we do? If you look at Wuhan, 21 million people either ditched their cell phones or they terminated their 5G service in the month of November, 2019. That might be a guide to us. The experts are saying that our 5G phones are targeting systems. I think that is what the Chinese figured out. They ditched their phones.

It is that radiation poisoning that will mimic almost any disease you can think of. They can create (the symptoms) with this electro-magnetic radiation. I’ll send the Defense intelligence Agency information on the subject.

Fuellmich Assistant: is it possible to cure the effects of these towers if you were not of evil mind?

Callender: yes we have an expert by the name of John Waterman. We were on Caravan to Midnight with the intelligence report. I am trying my case in the court of public opinion on Saturday night. I called my expert witnesses to testify and that is what they did. John Waterman talked about the Royal Rife frequencies and the harmonics that cure. Other ones will kill you. We actually have that information as well. I am happy to share that and my experts are yours. The whole program is 3 hours of expert testimony. I’ll send that as well.

Fuellmich: very good; we must look into this and give this a deep dive because this is so important.

Fuellmich Assistant: thank you so much.

Callender: it is my pleasure. I also need to let you know that I am working on a legal basis to turn off the 5G towers. I think I can do it by virtue of criminal law and the Australians have had some success with it. I’ll keep you updated on what luck I am having but I am starting to get some traction, believe it or not, in the Department of Defense and various law enforcement agencies because they are coming to recognize this issue. The more we can all get this into the public mind, the more we can demand action and the higher success we have with stopping this with the laws that we already have.

Fuellmich: we will do the best we can; I think many millions will watch this—it is just incredible.

Callender: yes, I wish that weren’t so.

1 Notetaker: In some areas the words were garbled or not distinguishable. You will see ______ or ….. in those instances.

2 42 CFR Part 70 – INTERSTATE QUARANTINE | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal …

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6 Notetaker discussed information on prions on experiments that CSU and CDC were doing in a mountain county in Colorado in the 1990s. Whirling disease in trout originated in this county; later sickly deer were brought to the county and kept in portable pens that were moved around the county. Hear what a retired veterinarian had to say about this. 0312-2021-What Are Prions And How Can Positive Energy Support Assist In Your Well Being?

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