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Dr. Ardis on Nicotine and Stew Peters Interviews a Casket Salesman

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Sean with USAmedbeds has interviewed Lynn and Steph about Plasma Energy Solution products. Hear What Tommy and Diana Have to Say in this interview:

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Stew Peters: Casket Salesman Blows Whistle: Child Caskets Being Ordered in Bulk, Never Seen in Business Before

Stew Peters (SP): there is a fake reality where covid is dangerous to children and they use this to ruin children’s lives. They are locking them indoors, denying them real education and forcing them to wear bacteria-ridden filthy disgusting sharia face muzzles, and never see the faces of parents, teachers, peers, friends and team mates. It is disgusting and it is stunting physical and emotional development.

All this is not enough and now the Biden regime is obsessed with injecting children with this euthanasia shot from Pfizer and Moderna—shots that we know are dangerous and deadly who don’t work against the virus.

The disease the shots ‘protect’ against aren’t necessary for children and the side effects of these shots are worse for children than for adults.

Now there is another claim. Mick Haskell is a casket manufacturer in North America. They have received 2 bulk orders for sub 5-foot units (children size) in less than 6 months. Never in 30+ years of business have we ever sold child size coffins in bulk.

Stew Peters (SP): we predicted this could happen on this program. Who is ordering the child-sized caskets?

Mick Haddock (MH): we deal with distribution companies and not directly with funeral homes. We work with wholesale outlets who distribute globally for us. These are located all over North America and Costco is one of our leading brands.

They have multiple distribution hubs set up through North America and Canada. The smaller sized orders have never been so popular. All casket sales are up dramatically in the past two years. Call it what you will—magic or vaccine, but something is happening that is causing an unprecedented amount of deaths.

SP: this magic could be intentional demonic magic. It is my opinion that this is an intentional plot to kill people, and now kids, to make women infertile, men sterile and affect generations in the future. They knew this injection affected rat colonies for four generations. This is not an ‘adverse event, or accidental.’ This has intended consequences and now people are seeing it play out. Your tweet went viral, why do you think so?

MH: I think it strikes home and in the nitty gritty of a business like this, people do not want to accept facts. If I were to tell you we sell a handful of toddler caskets daily. It is a grim reminder and people shut this out. I have messages from people who were disgusted by what I said, but in some way or form they were interested in what I had to say. They were oblivious to it.

This is not talked about in this industry. The morticians, embalmers are not speaking as it is not a nice thing in our industry to talk about the dead. For me it is different as we deal with purchasers and not with people at a personal level.

SP: there is bad mojo in keeping your mouth shut when we see the entire world, especially children, under attack with a bioweapon. I applaud your speaking out and more people need to do that.

We need to get out of this whole ‘politically correct, acceptable norm’ because that apathy has led to the destruction of individual liberty and is now responsible for what looks like an upcoming starvation plot which is genocidal mass murder globally.

This euthanasia shot is now killing kids and people don’t order in bulk the child-sized caskets to have on display at their store or their funeral home. It’s safe to say they are being used, kids are being put into the ground at an astronomically larger rate than you are accustomed to seeing in the past.

MH: there is no value to storing these (child caskets) in a warehouse. When they are being ordered, they are being distributed right away and not sitting on shelves. It is undeniable that we are seeing an uptick in the youth caskets.

I also want to mention that the full sized caskets—all casket sales—are up.

SP: people are dropping dead all over the country and all over the world at rates we have never seen before. I want to go back to this—the average per year of professional athletes that collapse on the field is between 5 and 10, closer to 5 until 2021. We saw that jump to 300 in 2021. This is what we said it was going to be.

In a bulk order of child caskets, how many is that?

MH: if we went through an average of 50 or 60 a year, the last order was 200 and the next order after that was 250. We have now basically sold 5 years’ worth of stock in 7 months. Those are the numbers that people don’t want to hear.

SP: pray for these kids and their parents.


Laura Lynn (LL)and Dr. Brian Ardis (BA)—Deaths after Vax! Dr. Ardis on Nicotine

BA: Epoch times had a report on cases for covid, hospitalizations and deaths of Canadians from covid simply for the week of June 6, 2022 through June 14, 2022.

  • Covid 19 deaths: 7% of all deaths were from people unvaccinated for CV19.
  • 93% of those who died with CV19 were those who were fully vaxxed.
  • 50% of that 93% had 4 CV19 shots
  • 41% of those who died had 3CV19 shots
  • Of the 485 of those who died those were fully vaxxed out of 521 people
  • 242 of the 485 people had 4 CV19 shots
  • 200 of those 485 people had 3 CV19 shots

The number of shots is increasing the risk of death. Look at the actual cases of covid and those actually hospitalized in all of Canada from June 6 through June 14, 2022. First of all to all of you in Canada—DO NOT TRUST THESE SHOTS—THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE PROTECTION OF ANY KIND OF COVID.

Less than 10% of people not vaccinated are part of those who are covid cases, hospitalized or dying. The other 90% in all cases are those who are vaxxed, triple and quadruple vaxxed. The were 1041 cases hospitalized. Of those there were 938 who were vaccinated. That is 90% of those hospitalized for covid last month were the vaxxed…not the un-vaxxed. 74% of the hospitalized were quadruple vaxxed.

My wife’s 90-year-old mother got the first shot against the wishes of her neurologist. She promised she would not get any more. She actually got her 4th shot because everyone else in assisted living were getting them 2 months ago. Within one week she tested positive for CV19 and was locked in her place and quarantined for a week. There was no support staff, no compression socks, no showers, so we were going up there to take care of her.

LL: you kind of wonder if the shots don’t induce Covid somehow. This is such a common story: get the shot, get covid.

BA: there is one of 2 narratives: Remember they are using PCR tests and antigen tests to determine if someone is positive with covid. It’s either PCR or antigen. Then they are either doing one of two things: they are either putting what the PCR test and the antigen define as a positive test or assay—whatever they are looking for—they are putting it into you with these shots.


The shots themselves are damaging your immune system and not allowing you to remove successfully or quickly anything you are exposed to in the future that is then going to be diagnosed as Covid.

There are 2 philosophies here and one is by Luc Montaigne (he won the Nobel prize for discovering HIV) and he said a few months ago before he passed, he testified before Parliament, that these mRNA shots are destroying the immune system and they will continue to allow people in the future to be exposed and actually receive mutated versions of the virus. It will not help them avoid future infections. It will hurt them by destroying the immune system.

When you look at what Dr. Erik Embe, Sweden, said, he did not agree with Montaigne. He has been a microbiologist for 50 years. He said that by examining the Pfizer vaccine components in the shots under a microscope that it isn’t items or molecules in the Pfizer shot that are damaging the immune system that are going to be the problem. What is in the shots is causing disease and death of cells and organs in the human beings that will lead to hospitalization, symptoms and death.

It wasn’t the immune system that was being damaged. When Dr. Emby looked under the microscope inside the Pfizer vials there was actually an organism in the shot that was releasing particles into the Pfizer substrate under the actual microscope. He said that these particles, whatever the organism is releasing, these particles are what cause disease and death.

When asked he said he did not agree with Luc Montaigne. He said it was damaging the immune system to make us more susceptible to future variants. What Dr. Emby is saying is that the actual shots have substances in them that cause death and disease. Whatever the inflammatory markers are, they are going to happen when you damage cells in the body. That could be what they are finding and determining are symptoms of Covid, hospitalizing you with ’covid’ and ending up with death.

Dr. Emby said that with every shot, if we are introducing these things, with multiple booster shots, the more jabs, the more death that you will see. I would avoid these–they are a weapon or a poison of some sort.

If you watched the 17 minute interview with Dr. Erik Emby he showed under the microscope something that the investigative journalist asked him what it was. It was releasing and making disease causing particles and releasing it into the water of the Pfizer shot. He said he did not know what it was.

If you look at, it looks exactly like what is called a snake venom gland organoid. These are what they extract from venomous glands of snakes, and they take these glandular organisms called organoids and they have known for decades they can put it on a petri dish in a lab or in a vial and it will just sit there and make venom on its own. You don’t need the snake attached to it. It just sits there and makes it on its own.

What is amazing is that for an organoid to produce venom on its own, because it comes from a cold-blooded creature, they keep the labs at either refrigerator or freezer temperature. That is exactly what was required when they started shipping out all the mRNA shots. They said they had to be refrigerated or frozen. That is true of anything extracted from a reptile because they are cold-blooded creatures.

I am very suspicious that in the room temperature cooler the organoids can release venom all day long. If that is the case if you extract the organoids and inject them into someone warm blooded like us, or another mammal, researchers find that heat shock occurs at that moment and the organoids die and no longer produce venom.

The real problem if that is what in the shots that Dr. Erik Emby was looking at and describing, if that is the case the longer they sit in the refrigerator waiting to be injected into innocent Canadians or anyone around the world, they become more venomous and toxic as they sit there, regardless if it is venom, organoids or not, Erik Emby is watching and filming something being released into the vial all on its own, and he says they are generating particles that are toxic and deadly to the human body and no one should ever inject that into their body.

LL: that is absolutely terrifying. We get the worst possible news every time we turn around and we know that Pfizer knew with the testing that they were doing that these were dangerous. It is my understanding that 4 people died on the same day along with numerous others that died as they were testing and distributing these shots. This was in the initial testing phase. The MSM continues to lie to us and now in Canada they are trying to vaccinate the kids and nobody is saying a word.

BA: it’s pretty disgusting and I’ve been traveling and speaking all over the country. I was in Virginia Beach and just got back from Indianapolis this morning from the Red Pill Expo. I give these statistics when I am speaking. They want to vaccinate all the 0 to 4 year old children in the United States.

They have approved it. Of that age group since the beginning of the pandemic a total of 513 children in that age group died with Covid as designated by the CDC. Of all age groups CDC has reported dying of Covid, 90% of them had 4 combined co-morbidities or diseases before they were tested positive with Covid. Those could have actually been the cause of death and not necessarily the Covid.

Of the 513 children who died of ‘Covid’ 90% of them had four different diseases combined on average. That could be congenital defects, diabetes, autism, neurological disorders, all kinds of problems.

In the United States of America in the 0 to 4 age group alone there is a total of 19.7 million children in that age range. This is also true for every country watching this. Whatever the number is of the children 0 to 4 years old, 100% of those children have survived the entire pandemic for 2.5 years.

Why could you ever justify that you need to vaccinate them now? They already survived the pandemic. This is 100% of the surviving children we now have to mass vaccinate with an experimental drug. It is absurd. Of this number, 513 who died, divide that by 19.7 million children. The percentage of children who have died with covid is 0.000022 percent. Why in the world is there any justification to mass vaccinate children who have had a 99.99998 percent survival rate with Covid 19.

If you go from 40 years old and younger for Canada and America, that age range has exactly this number: 2.49 percent of those people who died with covid were younger than 40. Why are we forcing the entire age range of 0 to 40 if it only represents 2.49 percent. Those that died in the 2.49 percent group had an average of 4 other diseases.

I want to bring everyone up to speed and nobody is talking about it. It is of interest to me and people come up to me to talk about it. When I came out exposing the weaponizing of venoms and their connection to the moderate to severe hospitalizations and death surrounding covid, this weaponized venom. Italy confirmed there are 36 different venoms being found from animals in Covid 19 patients and not in anybody with no covid, pcr tests or symptoms.

When they found this they all discussed the same thing in China, in France and in Italy that the venoms attacked nicotinic acetyl choline receptors in the brain and suggested in early 2020 to all governments around the world that they should do nicotine studies using nicotine gum and patches or any other agents outside of smoking to see if that would actually prevent Covid 19 disease.

To this day smokers still represent 2% or less of all hospitalized patients world wide with covid 19. They observe there is some miraculous property of nicotine and it must be this nicotinic acetyl choline receptor. I just want you to know that God created you and put in your brain stem and in your brain nicotinic acetyl choline receptors that have an affinity to bind to or grab nicotine when it is present in your body over anything else that attaches itself to that receptor.

In order nicotine is the highest affinity, ivermectin is second, and venoms would be #3. If venoms attach to those receptors or ivermectin attaches and you put nicotine in the body, the receptors will let go of those venoms or ivermectin and grab nicotine. That is more protective than it is harmful. Nicotine has never been published to cause a human disease, ever. It is the chemicals mixed in the tobacco plants when they manufacture cigarettes that creates the problem.

We let the whole world know with the Watch the Water documentary and now we have a new documentary called Co-venom 19. I am in it and there are some government officials who train CIA agents, Dr. Tal Braun, and it is on you can watch it for free. We discuss the nicotine’s protective nature against covid.

We know covid is still going on and I just gave you stats. They are hospitalizing people, but mostly those who are vaccinated. If you want to protect yourself, I discussed that the whole world media lied to everybody in May of 2020 that smokers were being hospitalized and dying from Covid 19 than any other demographic. That was a flat-out lie. It is still a lie.

They are trying to get people to quit smoking, realizing that the smoking (nicotine) is blocking their intent of harm with their biological weapons. If you follow the hundreds of interviews I have done all over the planet for the last 8 weeks, I have been educating people on the protective nature of nicotine and melatonin hormone along with vitamin C and zinc, and why these work so well to prevent covid symptoms of any kind and their protective nature against venoms and spike proteins which were actually identified to be peptides of venoms from King Cobra and the Chinese Krait Snake.

If this is true, the governments have attempted to try to thwart human beings around the planet and in your countries from not being safe and living through covid 19. They want you scared to do their vaccine agenda and they have lied to you about nicotine.

In the US last week, the FDA decided to ban 3-cigarettes by the #1 manufacturer called Juul. They actually sell high amounts of nicotine that you just vape but it doesn’t have the chemicals from tobacco because it is tobacco-less. The FDA just banned all the sales of Juul E cigarettes so that cannot get nicotine from the vaping products.

Then the same week Joe Biden and his administration said, I am now going to restrict how much nicotine can be allowed by cigarette manufacturers to include in their cigarettes. Then the UK announced a smoke-free agenda in England by 2030. They came out with 4 things they are going to do from now till then to get rid of all cigarette sales and consumption in England by the year 2030.

What is the significance of the year 2030? It is their 2030 agenda and they want to reduce all nicotine sales and cigarette sales by 2030 and there is an intent behind that. I wanted to know this morning what Australia, New Zealand and Canada have done (about this) over the last couple of weeks regarding nicotine.

There is a smoke free agenda in New Zealand by 2025. I really don’t like smoking but there is a global attempt to reduce cigarette sales. Are governments around the world concerned about our health? If they were they would not be forcing you to vaccinate yourself to travel, keep your job, go to the university or whatever it is.

These vaccines are not safe and effective and they have been deploying them, coercing and bullying the whole world to get these shots. It is not because they love you; they want to hurt us.

Australia just came up with an upcoming nicotine E-Liquid importation ban starting October 1, 2021. I do not recommend vaping as I don’t like things going into the lungs. It’s only been a few weeks since I brought up nicotine gum and patches can be used as a prophylactic and as a treatment for covid. If you have long-haul symptoms you need to try the nicotine gum or patches.

Health Canada proposes new vape crackdowns on sale and ingredients disclosures. This was on June 17, 2022. There is an orchestrated attempt world wide—Canada, England, Australia, America—all are coming down trying to restrict the sales and supply chain of nicotine into our countries.

Why? They are not giving up this agenda. The WHO in 2020 said they are now investing over $100M to prevent and reduce by the year 2030 50% of all snakebite envenomation around the world. We exposed what it is that blocks venoms from being neuro-toxic to human beings whether the snake bites you, they inject it into you as a form of ‘vaccine’, or they aerosolize it like you will see in Co-venom 19 documentary.

We talk about venoms and the Dept. of Justice in America article in 2012 (2021?) that the venom showing up in Covid 19 patients can be aerosolized and used as a bio-terrorist weapon by dropping it from the air, or aerosolizing it from a can spraying venoms in the air. This would cause neuro-toxicity, respiratory failure, heart failure in people as they breathe in these venoms. We exposed all of this.

Here is a hint and it is fun to expose criminal activity and history—they are bound to repeat it. We go through this in the new Co-venom 19 documentary. Many people were shocked to find out in our Watch the Water Documentary, that I was worried they were actually putting venoms inside of water and just making us sick and calling it Covid 19.

Governments around the world in Scotland, England, France, around the world were writing me the next day. Oh my God, how did he know this? We were not even told. All the governments around the world had this on their sites but they were doing the same thing.

Water treatment site testing for covid as the only predictor of a respiratory virus outbreak in your town called Covid 19. In the Co-venom 19 Documentary the CIA was told to come in to Congress in the National Capitol Building in 1975. Congress made them disclose an experiment they were doing on innocent Americans who had no idea. The CIA disclosed to Congress that in 1975 they went to the FBI headquarters and dropped king cobra venom into their water supply. This was in 1975.

They only sent it to the water fountain water lines so that the employees on the various levels would drink the venom, get sick and go to the hospital. They had to tell Congress and the CIA was asked if their experiment was exposed and did they tell the people they had been poisoned with venom.

The CIA said they had not told them and even the people at the hospital could not figure out what had poisoned these people and they ‘got away with it’. These were federal employees who had no idea. The CIA was experimenting with venoms.

Congress asked them what they did after they put the venom in the water and made these people sick. CIA replied that they knew what to add to the water to denature the venom proteins to make them disappear so it was undetected after 2 hours. They did not have to filter it. They disclosed that there is a certain amount of chlorine they can saturate the water with that totally destroys the venom so it is undetected. They only had to do that for 2 hours.

This was 50 years ago. I proposed and my only worry was that governments around the world were only testing water at your water treatment facilities looking for ‘covid 19’ that the spike protein was identified by researchers in China to be venom peptides from two snakes—the Chinese King Cobra and the Chinese Krait Snake.

This is not something I have made up; this is something that I have since learned. It was actually explained to the US Congress in 1975. In the film I take you through all the documentation that the CIA had to disclose that they had realized they can weaponize venom, put it in water, and target our own federal employees.

We also disclose in the documentary that they have learned to aerosolize and weaponize venoms in the air as well as in the water. It doesn’t matter—they are weaponizing venom. Please take the precautions of what we tell you in the documentary that we know denatures venom and protects human beings as much as possible from envenomation.

Use vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and the things no one was really talking about—governments didn’t want you talking about it. Nicotine is protective #1 from these neurotoxins of venoms and covid, melatonin hormone, and vitamin D. And everyone please, the venoms, or covid 19 as a ‘viral infection’ if you want to consider that, cause blood clotting as a side effect. So do the vaccines—this is how they are killing people.

Please supplement NAC, N-acetyl cystine which is proven as a natural substance to stop the blood clotting cascades from poisons and venoms. In addition to NAC I suggest selenium at 200mcg. Do that everyday. I would hold on to nicotine and not use it, similar to ivermectin. I would not take it everyday. I would wait in case there are any symptoms that occur while taking the other things I’ve listed. Take them everyday to keep your health up.

Again: vitamin C at 5000mg daily, zinc with 50mg with food morning and night. If you have zinc with copper, it is 1mg of copper for every 20mg of zinc. That would be 5mg of copper a day. For the NAC take 500mg everyday and selenium would be 200mcg. There is also apple pectin powder which you can find on my site.

Apple pectin powder in combination with NAC and selenium tells the liver to make glutathione which is protective in all cells—poisons, toxins, viruses, you name it.

Covid is similar to flu and fevers and coughs are the first symptoms. if there is an outbreak in your town use 2mg of nicotine gum in the morning and evening and wear a nicotine patch. Take 5mg melatonin supplement in the evening and do this for a few days. All your symptoms will be gone while you are doing the other things I’ve suggested.

LL: we should have nicotine gum and patches on hand.

BA: you can become dependent on nicotine—it can become addictive. That is why I say to just do this when you have symptoms. Use it for a few days…no longer than a week.

If you have long-haulers covid, this is fascinating. The world has responded amazingly to this nicotine information, and people with long haulers symptoms and medical doctors who were struggling for 6 to 8 months after having covid, never fully recovering their energy and brain fog was still present, couldn’t get their oxygen above 94. They are all reporting that when they just chewed 2mg of nicotine in the morning and again in the evening, by evening for the first time their oxygen levels were up to 96% and 98% and their brain fog disappeared within an hour or two.

My wife Jane, whom you have met, had covid in November of 2020 and had lost her sense of smell and taste this whole time. 8 weeks ago I had her start chewing nicotine gum morning and evening. Just in the last 2 weeks all her taste and smell have returned. Nothing we tried before did it.

It is as if when you take nicotine and it binds to these neuro receptors it will grab the nicotine, kick out the venom, and then the body can restore it’s normal function for those sensory nerves.

There was a lady from Australia reported that after covid she lost her sense of taste and smell. We heard a lot of people had tinnitus, ringing in their ears, and hearing loss. This woman lost 100% of her hearing in her right ear after she got covid. After she saw the Watch the Water Documentary, she started chewing nicotine gum daily, 2mg in the morning and 2mg in the evening. On day 8 all of her hearing was restored in her right ear.

Everyone should get some nicotine. I just thought about this today when flying back from the Red Pill Expo. I just gave you statistics in Canada of what the vaccines, their performance, people getting covid, hospitalized and dying. Those who are vaccinated are ending up in hospitals 90% more and dying from covid in just one week in Canada last month, than the vaccinated.

I would like to propose that nicotine should be the vaccine for covid. If you get covid, just get some nicotine. It is the ‘new vaccine.’

LL: I like that; why not try that! We are in trouble—this is a concerted effort to kill us. People like Dennis Meadows of the Club of Rome openly put out videos on how to depopulate the world from 7 billion to 1 billion in a ‘peaceful’ way. These are crazy people that founded the WEF. Do you think we are in real trouble? We have psychopaths hell bent on destroying our families and communities. What do we do?

BA: Number 1: always my goal is to try to keep you as healthy and conscious as possible as to what the agenda is. If there are enough of us to fight against it and stay alive, I think we can revolt.

You are right; there is a massive amount of people who are psychopaths. But there are not as many of them as there are of us. By us I mean all the people that are not blinded and are awake. They are not more than us. There is a real plan of death, harm and misery that individuals are trying to orchestrate on the planet.

They are not done with us. I just want you to know I have gotten word that there are people who meet with the Pentagon weekly, and they already know the resurgence of Covid 19—the big one—is coming this fall.

It is going to be orchestrated and perpetrated by the actual vaccinated and not the unvaccinated. This is a great set up for harm and disease. They are not giving up this agenda—the powers that be are still doing it.

I know it feels awful. There are lots of medical doctors even in calls last week who are not just over covid. They think and are starting to articulate now that there is nothing that can be done.

The people in government just do not care about our lives. They feel there is no way they can get through to any one of them or find any of them who actually care about us to take a stand to protect the pregnant, the unborn, those who are born who are our children. It appears there is just this massive attempt to annihilate with a massive genocidal program.

I haven’t felt that we are doomed. When the FDA came out in April and said they were moving Remdesivir out of hospitals and approve it for newborns, the whole world called me to see how I felt about ‘they now want to murder children.’

This was my response: Yes! We are winning! We kept people from the hospitals and there are not enough people going in there. They never reached their numbers so now they are having to take Remdesivir out of the hospital setting.

On the same day, they said they are not going to do in and out of hospital treatment for Covid 19 for newborns. And now they are going to move it to nursing homes. The people in nursing homes don’t want to go to the hospital.

I got excited. We are winning—we kept people from going to the hospitals. Now they are moving into the private sector—don’t fall for it. When I see all this reaction in one week to try to stop nicotine sales of nicotine products in multiple countries around the world, I think I got their attention. And, I think we are winning.

I actually get excited. And then Boris Johnson says he is going to resign. Anthony Fauci said this week that this is his last pandemic and ‘he is getting tired.’ He just wants to go retire and write a book about covid 19. He can write all he wants—we are still going to expose his plot and I am very excited about it.

There are a lot of doctors and scientists putting pressure on these people. There are a lot of us exposing stuff. Ask me if I found it ironic that when I started saying that I was worried about venom in these shots, there are 2 people who created these shots. They were doing snake venom research for Anthony Fauci with mRNA gene editing therapy since 2009.

I showed all the documents that snake venom phsopho-diesterase was in the mRNA shots, since 2009. These two people that made these covid 19 shots for Pfizer and Moderna are the ones credited with creating it.

When I exposed that within one week both the CFO, the Chief Financial Officers, for both Pfizer and Moderna stepped down. What is weird about that is that these guys are the financial guys. There would be no reason for them to leave.

They have made more money and Moderna never had a product before this covid 19 shot. They are making record money. Why would the Moderna CFO be concerned? And then the Pfizer CFO stepped down. They openly admit they have never made more money off of one product or one drug than the covid 19 vaccines.

So why are the CFOs running? They can run all they want. I am still working with labs around the country to have them do mass spectometry and telling them what to use to look for venom in these shots. If it isn’t in there—great. What I really hope is in there for most of them would be sodium chloride only. That would mean that they are salt water and just a placebo.

Then the scam even gets worse. They are convincing you that you have immunity to covid 19 if you take our shots. But if there is nothing in them, then this is a horrible scam. They have convinced you that you cannot travel, go to the university, or live without these shots. It’s disgusting. And your children are not going to be able to go to school without these shots.

What if we find out that some of them are just saline water? And that they are placebos? Then this is a massive cover-up. And we know that there are lots we have to find that are causing injury and harm. Those will have poisons in them or they are injecting people with venoms, with venomous peptides.

Ti’s pretty awesome. If you really want to know what I think is happening with these shots, look up a disease process called serum sickness after anti-venom therapy. It is actually every described adverse event that you are seeing reported from the covid 19 shots. This disease has been around for a hundred years. They have known that it is a side effect of anti-venom therapy.

It is called serum sickness. The number one heart symptom side effect of serum sickness from anti-venom or venom therapy, like shots with venom, is myocarditis. This has been published since the late 1800s and this is the first time in history that everyone around the world knows what myocarditis is.

Cardiologists like Peter McCullough said he had never seen more than 3 cases in his illustrious career as a cardiologist. This serum sickness is one of the first things I found a couple of weeks ago. Then you will start to understand what you are actually looking at.

LL; I’m so grateful for the price you have paid personally. I know you get death threats, you are constantly under fire and yet you continue to keep doing what you are doing. I feel safer in this world and I want you to know that—you are watching out for us. I thank you that you are willing to tell the truth even though it is really tough…do you think we are winning? They are kind of running scared. We are getting information and putting them on notice.

BA: when I say we are winning I think we are winning against the agenda of covid which was to massively convince people that they are sick, dying and they had to sign up for a vaccine. When I say we are winning there has been enough resistance to that agenda of covid. They are not going to give up this agenda.

I think that eventually they will drop the covid 19 issue and they will go back and see what worked and did not work during the covid 19 pandemic and how they can accomplish their agenda better next time.

LL: thank you for all you are doing. Have you heard from Dr. Carrie Madej?

BA: I was texting her right after she came out of ICU from surgery. She was doing well and that was great to hear…

What are your thoughts?

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