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How To Set Up Your Plasma Energy Station

How To Set Up Your Plasma Energy Station

Here is a great video from Sean on how to set up your plasma energy station. One clarification from Lynn is about the energy flow.  The greater and the lesser is mainly when we are working through solid areas like knee joints, shoulders, etc.  These are not clear like the glass containers so you use the greater and the lesser idea with the energies.  With the clear glass or clear plastic there is no issue of getting the plasma energies into the container.  

Another thing Lynn suggests to people is that when their stations go down 1/3 just add some more distilled or filtered water (or whatever) and the water will charge quickly and you don’t have to wait 12 hours.

And here is one more item about the source water for the containers.  Over the years Lynn has had a couple of calls from people that their water started to stink or taste funky.  It is always when there is well water.  They will protest and say their well water is good but when they change things up they find out that there was an issue with the well water.   

Another thing was when someone said their container was growing algae.  They had it sitting on a window sill without a lid–a perfect set up if you want algae!  So have lids on the containers and you don’t need to put them in sunlight.  And if you don’t put a lid on the water because you think it needs to breathe, you could get opportunistic airborne contaminants that are looking for a new home.   

What are your thoughts?

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