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Some More Uses of the Plant Water

Rob’s Tulips

Here’s a Recent Testimonial from Rob to Lynn:

“I’ve got some more uses of the plant water. I bought tulips and put them in a vase . I put some plant water in with the water. Its a week now and they haven’t drooped yet.
In my garden I have dahlias and after they bloom they usually die. Well mine are getting new blooms after I dead headed the first flower. That doesn’t happen
Oh and the peace water has been having an effect. I’ve sprayed my front property more than once. I have an older cantankerous neighbor that is pleasant.”

Here are pictures below of flowers from my granddaughter’s wedding on September 17, 2022.  My daughter Steph took these today….11 days later.  She put plasma energy waters in the glass vials that keep the flowers watered.

0929-2022—We Have Something To Tell You About Treating Bee Stings and Making Cut Flowers Last!

Lynn and Steph share how to take the sting out of bee stings very quickly.  And then we share some pictures from flowers that have lasted 11 days so far.  And find out what helped someone who has a cantankerous neighbor! 

0929-2022—How Can Plasma Energy Help You With Renewed Indoor Workouts and Being Indoors More?

Lynn and Steph talk about our October, 2022 specials.  One special helps when you return to more indoor workouts with cooler weather.  And our other special helps with more indoor time whether at work or ‘play’ with the return of cooler weather.

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