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How Can You Incorporate Beneficial Energies and How to build your own plumbing grade Russian PVC Pyramid by Charlie Ziese

Lynn shares a testimonial below of someone who is embracing several different Plasma Energy Solution combinations

In a recent blog Lynn discussed the Russian Pyramid made by Dr. Paul and used for enhancing extra energy fields before orders are sent.

Should we experience various shortages this might be a good time to investigate these Russian Pyramids.

See the attached notes on the pyramids as well as the step by step instructions from PVC Pyramid maker, Charlie Ziese. You can probably make these for under $50.

You will find these pyramids for sale on various platforms from $140+ to several hundred dollars. There are many copper pyramids offered for sale. When Charlie Ziese tested energy fields on these and compared to the pvc pyramid energy fields, the fields were higher in the pvc pyramids. The Russian scientists did not use metal in constructing their pyramids.

A testimonial (Lynn’s comments in italics):

1103-2022-testimonial on multiple effects of the plasma energy waters I’m detoxing and losing weight. It does satiate my hunger. I am definitely eating less and drinking a lot of the water. I noticed a slight headache a couple of times as my brain might have been healing or something. I noticed a weird pain in my throat the last 2 days which might be a throat detox or the thyroid activating? Also seems like my mucous is going away. Maybe what the pain in my throat is? It was like an irritated pain not a bad one. 

A lot of interesting things happening for you!

Me spraying it around the house and doing laundry with it is affecting my wife to help her anxiety and mood (she doesn’t know).  She is one to never try anything alternative as she doesn’t believe it even though she arguably needs it. She literally was super stressed the last few days and would argue or was grumpy. And after a long day of work and when I sprayed she was actually way more enjoyable. Like night and day. I just don’t know how I can get her to drink it too other than spraying it and doing laundry unfortunately. I don’t know if that’s enough to heal her in time. Probably not. She probably has to drink it.

You can use the waters in making coffee, tea, soup, filling water bottles…maybe there’s a way to keep introducing it to her ‘through the side door’ so to speak. You find her more enjoyable…she may not even notice the change!

Also I sprayed it extensively outside in my backyard and literally no birds pests or wildlife every time I go outside since. We would get a variety of things but nothing now. The birds would always land on my patio furniture tables and chairs and poop all over. No birds to see at all now. Yesterday I saw them hanging on the 3rd floor roof but not coming down low to the ground toward the plasma energy field at all. Today they aren’t even hanging up there at all. They are elsewhere.  

Predatory or nuisance animals, birds and insects usually do not like the plasma energies such as the birds making a mess on the patio!

I haven’t heard updates on my grandparents yet. But I noticed a cognitive and coordination difference after my grandfather’s first glass the other day.

Interesting to see that with your grandfather!  

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Charlie Ziese on parts and pyramids

How to build your own plumbing grade Russian PVC Pyramid Charlie Ziese

Some recent insights have allowed us to start building our pyramids without the need for expensive, labor-intensive connectors. This video uses those same insights to show step-by-step how you can now build your own Russian Sacred Geometry PVC Pyramid entirely from parts readily available at Home Depot and costing roughly $30. This amazing technology is at last within the financial means of everyone!

You can readily obtain the parts from hardware stores or lumber yards.


  1. Shopping list
  2. Picking your pyramid size and cutting your pipe
  3. Making the corner assembly
  4. Assembling the base
  5. Connecting the top assembly of the pyramid.
  6. Placing the bottom vertical pieces and optional couplings into the tee
  7. Placing the top assembly pieces into the couplings

Step 1: what you need to buy:

  • PVC ¾ SCH40 6 pieces of 10 foot sections (this works for 6’ and 8’ pyramids)
  • Tee ¾” on all three sides – 4 of these
  • 45 degree elbow SCH 40 45 degree — 8 of these
  • Cap for top of each of the vertical pipe SCH 40 ¾ inch – 4 of these
  • Optional external coupling SCH 40 (makes the pyramid more portable when you use the coupling after cutting the vertical piece in half
  • Zip ties 11 inch ties (or use string, bugie cord or rubberband)
  • If you use zip tie or piece of string to hold together at the top, you will need a drill bit to drill holes in the top of the vertical pieces of 3/16th to ¼ bit (he uses 3/16th)
  • Saw to cut pipe—pvc cutter or any fine tooth saw
  • The following prices are 4 years old from Home Depot

Step 2 How to pick pyramid size and cutting the the pipe lengths

  • Figure out how large a pyramid you want to build from the chart shown above.
  • Look at the video on how to orient the pyramid to magnetic north for size and outside base length and figuring the size of the pyramid you want.
  • Next to height above in the 2nd column is the outside base length that is the maximum outside diameter or width of the pyramid. Make sure it will fit while you orient to magnetic north before making your decision on the size of pyramid you want to make.
  • We are using the 78” pyramid today and for that Make sure you have enough room to orient to magnetic north and still have a pyramid with an outside square base length of 43.25 inches.
  • Then you can start cutting the pipe.
  • Notice at the top of the page: all pyramids need 8 pieces of pipe 1 5/8 inches long to make the corner assemblies.
  • In addition to the base and vertical pieces you need to cut 8 pieces of pipe 1 5/8 inches long to help make the corner assemblies.
  • Using the 78” pyramid as an example you need 4 pieces for the base with the length of 33 ¼ inch long and those will comprise the base pieces of the pyramid.
  • You make the vertical pieces out of one single piece of pipe, or if you want to make this more portable you can make the vertical pieces of pipe and use the optional coupling that was shown in the parts section. If you want one piece cut that 80 ½”; you will have 4 of these for each side of the pyramid.
  • If you want to make this with the optional coupling you will need 2 pieces of 40 1/8” in addition to the coupling that takes up ¼”. Those equal 80 ½ “.
  • There is a formula at the bottom for making other sizes: the base piece lengths are always going to be the height you desire divided by 2.058 and then subtract 4.65. for the vertical piece take the height of the pyramid you want and multiply that by 1.0574 and then subtract 2. That is how these calculations are made.

Step 3 Assembling the corner assemblies for the base of the pyramid. You need 8 pieces of pipe 1 5/8ths inches long. For each of the 4 corners you need to make these corner assemblies. (15.24 min.)

  • First step is to put the 2 pieces inside the tee.
  • Then it’s a simple process to push on elbows on each side as tightly as you can and position them in such a way that the base pieces of the elbow are basically straight. Then put the tee that is point 2/3rds of the way to the vertical. That is all you have to do. Make 4 of these.

Step 4: Assembling the Base :

Put the 4 corner assemblies in their approximate locations on the floor around you.

  • Take the 4 pieces of pipe that was cut for the base.
  • For the 78” pyramid those are the 4 pieces that are 33 ¼” long
  • Insert these into each side of the corner assembly and you will end up with a rectangle like the one in the following picture
  • The tees will face in a more or less vertical position pointing up into the sky:

Step 5—Connecting the top assembly of the pyramid. :

  • If you are using the 4 vertical long pieces and not using 8 pieces with the internal coupling, you will take the top of those 4 pieces and drill a hole in the top.
  • If you are using 8 pieces, take 4 of them and do exactly the same thing.
  • Shown in the photo is a drill bit that has already been used to the drill the hole, going through the hole.
  • Put the cap on and you should have enough distance to put the zip tie through. The holes are drilled ¾ inch down from the tip of the pyramid.
  • Drill straight through with your drill on all 4 tops so you can put your zip tie through in the next step of this process.
  • Put the tops onto all 4 vertical pieces of the pyramid.
  • Then put this together with the zip tie. I am using 11 inch zip ties – 11 or 12 inches is fine.
  • All you have to do to assemble the top is to run the zip ties through all the holes in the end of the 4 vertical pipes that are just under the caps. These thread very easily through a 3/16th inch hole.
  • Once you have all 4 of them threaded, cinch them and DO NOT TIGHTEN YET. We will tighten this later and you will set this after you have the pyramid together. See the following photo:

Step 6: placing the bottom vertical pieces and optional couplings into the tee in the base of the pyramid.

  • We are showing the optional coupling of the cutting of the 2 vertical pieces.
  • The first part of the 4 vertical pieces are placed in the tees at the bottom of each corner of the pyramid. Then put the external coupling on top of each of the 4 pieces.
  • Now you are ready to place the top assembly pieces into the coupling.
  • If you did not cut the vertical pieces simply place each of the 4 into the tees at the bottom of each corner of the pyramid.

Step 7: Placing the top assembly pieces into the couplings

  • Place the pieces into the couplings; this is simple.
  • Do this one by one and hold the top assembly as you do this until you are finished.
  • Once the pyramid is completely put together when you are using the zip tie, you did not cinch it tightly until this step.
  • Now that you have the pyramid put together, go ahead and cinch up the zip tie until the top caps are touching each other. Put firm pressure on each of the 4 pieces to make sure they are touching at the top.
  • Once you have done that you can clip off the edge of the zip tie with a pair of scissors.

That is it! You have done this for under $50.

Russian Pyramids and How They are Used in Russia Read Our Blog Below:

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