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Dr. Ed Group, Global Healing Center, and Mike Adams-What Inexpensive Therapy Can Combine With Our Plasma Energy Products?

Dr. Ed Group, Global Healing Center, and Mike Adams

Dr. G: they are installing 5G and 6G …lots in NYC…I was chosen as one of the doctors on Trump’s task force. The information we got, and there was 27 of us on the team, others were not getting. We were evaluating what the frontline doctors were showing for the ‘covid organism.’

We knew really fast and we were on the phone with the White House, and we relayed information about iodine, ivermectin, hydroxychloraquine, black walnut hulls. It wasn’t going anywhere. The team then focused on the bioweapon. We had access to certain things and we were looking at the hydrogel technology, the luciferase technology, and we didn’t know there was graphene oxide and that mechanism.

At one time before we split up, the doctors were on a zoom call, and it was said, if this rolls out, nobody will be alive in 5 years from the time they get their first shot. We all agreed on that. We were also talking about how 5G works on the nanobots, reduces oxygen, increases parasites and fungus.

Mike: the 5G activates the payload that is encapsulated in a nanoscale structure.

Dr. G: these frequencies can activate nanoparticles and artificial intelligence. They can guide the nanobots to different organ systems. The information is coming out about the Marburg, the e-coli and the ebola. The interesting thing about that is ….

Parasites are the number one cause of all disease and conditions. The root cause of all disease is a toxic external environment and a toxic internal environment. Disease is simply defined: a toxic external environment—who are you hanging out with, what are you watching on tv, do you have mold in your house? These things all lower your vibrational frequency. Internal is all the things we talk about: food, beverages, water, etc.

The Root cause is all parasitical. Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark’s research identified and associated parasites with every single condition. The definition of a parasite is not just ‘worms’, but any harmful organism that creates damage or harm to the host. Up until a couple of years ago, we associate parasites like fungus, mold, yeast, candida, worms, micoplasmms, bacteria, anything that is harmful.

Rife said that he saw multiple worlds of organisms that we had not even identified that were at a smaller scale. Think of the parasites that are in an insect. We know that parasites are one of the major causes of disease and associated with cancer and associated with everything else.

Now for the first time we are dealing with not only nature or God created parasites that wreak havoc in your body whenever your body becomes acidic and toxic etc. we are dealing with another realm of AI, Nono, Transhumanism, synthetically produced parasites. You can call them parasites because they damage and control the host.

The focus of my research and during the pandemic the doctors really realized how important it is to do parasite cleansing. Many doctors woke up when people started taking ivermectin, hydroxychloraquine, and their heart disease and cancer went away. Nail fungus went away along with migraine headaches.

Mike: why does a dewormer solve all these other problems? Syn-bio—the human body has mechanism to deal with natural pathogens and parasites with good nutrition, detoxing and cleansing. But these synthetic parasites are not something the human body has seen before. We don’t know how to handle these things that are self-replicating and self-assembling.

Dr. G: this is the focus of my research team. We are trying to find a solution. We have been working on two things:

1. How do we deactivate this AI, self-replicating bioweapon in the body? What can we use to do that? This bioweapon creates more of the living, biological parasites that can be tuned in with this thing to produce poison. That is why Dr. Brian Ardis’ research (on venoms in the beioweapon/jab) fits into this.

Mike: the venom peptides are being found in people’s bodies.

Dr. G: exactly and this is because of the nano-artificial intelligence creatures or parasites swimming through the system and self-replicating.

Mike: Karen Kingston found that the nano-systems are cognitive function which mean they can ‘decide’ what programming they can put in your cells to turn out which proteins. Venom peptides are certain proteins. These nano-scale systems in your body can be told what to produce based on the frequency they are receiving or digital instructions through magnetic fields that are beamed down as updates that tell your body to start producing something like cone snail venom.

Dr.G: that is what is happening; we have had multiple biofeedback practitioners all across the country that even in people that didn’t get the bioweapon are still coming up on their biofeedback machines as snake venom, spider venom, wood ant venom and more.

I am in tune with Dr. Ardis’ research as well. It is artificial intelligence in the self-replicating bots. The level of intelligence and sophistication of these things are in line with the transhuman agenda. That doesn’t even go into how they can ‘own you’ because they own the patents on these things as well. They are activated by LED lights. All these people have switched their lights out to LED. Combine that with EMFs and the beneficial sun’s rays that are being blocked (note: by the chemtrails).

You are talking about a whole system where there is full control over humanity.

Mike: how are you saying the sun’s rays are being blocked? Are you talking about the stratosphere injection?

Dr.G: yes, all the chemtrails. And I believe they are spreading it that way. These are nano particles that are in the food, the water, it’s everywhere.

Mike: we know they are injecting cattle with the mRNA injections. It is killing some of the cattle but not all of them. You don’t know what you are getting when you buy ground beef—did this cow get injected?

Dr. G: you could get organic lettuce and you don’t know if there was heavy spraying over the farm. I interviewed people in Europe this summer where it was highly packed with lots of people in the subways and on the trains plus flying over and back. Many people who went to Europe this summer all got sick when they got home. Was it the spraying or people just breathing out and sneezing out. This isn’t as bad as if you have been injected with the bioweapon.

But they are trying to get these nanoparticles and these AI systems in everybody, regardless of whether you got the bioweapon or not.

Mike: we know there is shedding that takes place and that there is self-replication vaxx technology. The mRNA instructions go into your bodies and tell them to start producing spike proteins, but they can also produce the biological weapons such as the venom peptides. Nobody knows what is being made, but what is being made is coming out of your skin and saliva, your tear ducts, your nostrils. You are like a walking factory of toxins walking around and that is why a lot of vaccinated people are making everybody sick.

Dr. G: think about nano-activated nanoparticles that are being ‘peed and pooed’ into the water systems everywhere. I think those are going to be so small that they don’t have the filters to filter them out. That is going to go into the sludge, back into the fertilizer, into the water system. That is exactly what Dr. Ardis was saying about how this is going back into the water system.

Now the research is changing so fast and there are massive amounts of people getting rid of this stuff. It’s self-replicating, yes, but it is such a nano size it will be peed out. They probably thought this thing out so that the people would spread it to everyone else.

Mike: Dr. David Lewis who is an EPA whistle blower that I featured in documentary, Biosludge, wrote the book, Science for Sale. Dr. Lewis told me on camera that is in the film that this is the number one, easiest vector for biological warfare against a society. All you have to do is find a sewer anywhere in the city, a manhole cover, pop it open and dump these toxic particles and viruses. The city will distribute this as biosludge to the farms automatically.

Dr. G: that is happening right now. My research team is working on diligently since 2020, and we had our first case of a doctor severely damaged with the shot in 2021. This was before we knew abut the graphene and all the other stuff in there. There are things that we have studied and I think ivermectin has an effect on the nano-bot. I am not sure what that effect is but it is an anti-parasitical.

We found out the pine needle tea, the quercitin, the vitamin D, iodine, acetylsitine, glutathione, and many things can slow or stop the spike protein. We agree there are positive anecdotal results. We know how to reduce or stop the spike protein.

Mike: if you are going to talk about what I think you are going to talk about I want to brace the audience to have an open mind and hear you out. It’s shocking the first time people hear about it, but you have a lot of experience in its effectiveness.

Dr. G: I’ll talk about the solutions we found and we need to know how you repair the DNA—we do know that this bot and these organisms of this bioweapon will go and re-code your DNA. How do we fix that? How do we disable an AI based bioweapon? How is that going to be disabled.

We know the bioweapon has a hydrogel technology and we know that it is based off carbon nanotubules and graphene oxide and more.

The one thing we have found and we have tested this anecdotally with many, many people and we started looking at how to deactivate graphene oxide. The only thing we have been able to find is the C60 fullerine molecule. Most of the C60 on the market from the leading carbon nanotechnology scientist in the world, Dr. Tom Bailey, chief scientist and organic chemist.

Look at graphene oxide under the microscope and it looks like broken glass with all these shards on it. If you take the C60 in a good enough dose you can neutralize and bond those things and bring them out of the body. We are talking about a war on the nano scale. It’s difficult to comprehend that these nanoparticles can go beyond the blood/brain barrier and they can just go anywhere. That is how they get into the cell.

The mRNA technology is horrible and it’s very unstable so they use the lipid nanoparticles that also contain the graphene and carry them directly into the cells. Then they start communicating and changing the sequences. The only thing we have been able to find that can neutralize the graphene oxide and the graphene nano tubules is the C60. This is the same thing in shungite.

We know that C60 is the most powerful absorber of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. That is why people are wearing shungite necklaces and why shungite is worked into the EMF protection devices.

The difference between shungite and the C60 is that shungite in the natural form contains a small amount of the C60. The C60 out there on the internet is just one molecule of C60 and most of the doses out there are like 1mg of C60. I like the super-charged C60 which is carbon, nano onions because each onion that you get contains 10,000,000 molecules of C60. Let’s say you have a C60 molecule—it looks like a soccer ball. There are 60 carbon atoms bonded together.

An ex-military colonel down in Florida has been able to create a carbon nano onion that is basically layers and chains of C60s all wrapped in layers like an onion. They are attached and the layers of the ‘onion’ start peeling off as it is being used.

Mike: this is similar to removing aluminum from the body by taking ortho-salycic acid (OSA) and this is a form of silica that binds with the aluminum in your blood which is nano-scale. This OSA binds and the kidneys can grab it and you can eliminate the aluminum.

Dr G: it works the same; the reason why we are looking at the super charged C60 is that is what is going to bond to the graphene molecules, take them out and disable them. you mentioned aluminum. They want to create a conductivity in the body that they can manipulate and that is why they are using aluminum and mercury and contaminating us with so many heavy metals.

Mike: there is some research with mass spectrometer we are doing on the heavy metals in the needles. Every needle used to inject, subjects you to the stainless steel elements that are nickel, chromium, vanadium, extra copper and lead, uranium, all this stuff in every shot and then vaccines multiply this. They strip extra metals out of every needle unlike saline solution.

Dr.G: who knows how many other things we have been exposed to in order to make the conductivity to utilize the frequencies to alter our emotional patterns, and our systems, target organs and control us.

The solutions we found, and who knows there could be many more…and what we are testing and seeing great results with are the super-charged C60, and basically we want to block the AI and alter that. If we can detach the graphene and pull it out, that disables the AI. But we want to protect the body from the 5G frequencies and the EMFs. There are frequencies going through the phones as well.

Super-charged C60 is also one of the best things to absorb electro-magnetic frequencies or light or things coming from 5G, as well as iodine. I am a big proponent of iodine and people who are hyper-sensitive to EMFs say that iodine works the best for that. It’s also used for nuclear radiation. I like the nascent iodine, I-1, that is not already bonded. Iodine is a reactive molecule and it is toxic in nature before you detoxify it.

Kinesiologists always test people for iodine. They do this with a muscle test. But this is for toxic iodine out of the ground. You also need to be tested for potassium iodide, for lugol’s, nascent iodine. The difference between iodine is so reactive that it has to be bound and that is how it has to be bound and that is why it is bound in potassium iodide. Unless you figure out how to do it and stabilize it into an I-1 iodine that is a reactive iodine. Iodine put on a computer chip will rust it and oxidize it very fast.

Mike: your website is Ed has a lot of amazing formulas for detoxification. This is a great resource and Dr. G is meticulous about processes, testing, sourcing and manufacturing.

Dr.G: the iodine and the super-charged C60 are for the AI in the bioweapons.

The last thing is how do you repair your DNA if you have started to have DNA damage? That is the goal. It’s transhumanism—they want you half man, half biological human and half controllable digital machine. They do that by controlling and altering your cells and they are turning you into a half-robot. How do you recode your cells? This is going to sound controversial and you need to have an open mind. This is not something that I made up.

This came in when we were on the task force and talking to doctors all over the world. A doctor from India …and 90% of the people in 90% of the countries couldn’t just run down the road to the health food store for zinc. Urine therapy has been practiced in India for many years. Dr. Brezinksy (Texas cancer clinic) practiced urine therapy for years over there and he found out about the anti-neoplastins. He came over here (to the US) and was extracting these from urine.

In India they were using urine therapy for treating the covid symptoms and people were getting better in 48 hours. I presented this and everyone said that was crazy. I remembered 20 some years ago when we had our cancer clinic, we would go to all these ‘underground’ cancer conventions and there was always a guy who drove up in his Winnebago—Dr. Jessie Partridge. He would walk around and he would say, guys one of these days you are going to realize everything you need to heal someone is already inside of them. It’s their own urine and it’s the perfect medicine. He used to do magnetic therapy also. He gave me a book, Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christie. That book is the only book still today that is 100% scientific based for uro-therapy. It has all the studies that were done by major universities between the 1920s and the 1940s. It was published in every medical journal since the 1900s.

That interested me and the more I researched it I found articles on stem cells that your urine contains all your stem cells for every organ. It contains over 3500 nutrients, amino acids, peptides, antibodies. Even looking at evidence of people who were bitten by poisonous snakes…and that is where Dr. Brian Artdis comes in—your body makes the anti-venom to a poisonous snake bite within 15 seconds and you pee it out. It’s in your own urine.

That has been used with people who have gone into the Brazilian or South American jungles for months at a time, and they know that is what you do if you are bit by a poisonous snake. There is not getting out to a hospital in that situation. They wait a bit, pack the urine on the bite, wait a few minutes and then drink the urine for the anti-venom, anti-poison.

Mike: this sounds astonishing to people, but there is a medical mechanism at work via the stem cells or the body’s reaction to venom exposure. Your body is synthesizing cells and DNA. You are describing a real mechanism.

Dr. G: this has been studied extensively and written up in the Journal of the AMA in 1954, in Science Magazine in 1963. It since has been written in Forbes, in the Clinical Laboratory practice of urinalysis journal. This goes back 5000 years. I have so much research on this and so many reports on every condition and disease that you can imagine being eradicated by using this therapy I had to start a research website so people do their research—it’s called I put all the books, manuscripts, pdfs, all the documented evidence, all the conditions from A to Z that were documented from using this modality.

This was used in a cancer clinic by Dr. Hidt (?) in Mexico. Dr. Bhutar uses this in his clinic in North Carolina.

Mike: you said that so many of today’s medicines are derived from urine.

Dr. G: yes. You have urokinase in urine and if you go to it says it is the world’s best clot-busting drug. We have been dealing with micro-clotting and blood clotting with these bioweapon jabs. The answer is right there. I want people to look at this and do their research. We have had thousands of people since I started coming out with this in mid-2021 and I have videos on brighteon on this information—because your urine contains the original stem cell memory of your cell at the quantum level.

They are using quantum dots in the A-I systems. It is like the different fields of sound and light and this is on the quantum level and it has not been measured. We are working on it with, and we have the only, quantum vibrational testing laboratory in the world right now. Dr. Glen Ryan works for me on this and we are trying to quantify life force energy and vibrational fields. We are looking at raw materials and we want our products to have the highest life force technology. We are trying to show people what this is about and how to measure it.

Your urine has the quantum memory of the energy field For amputees, they can still feel their foot or their limb. The DNA would work the same way even though it’s been manipulated or changed.

Mike: there is research done by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on morphic resonance. I did an entire book on this called The Contagious Mind. Modern science has not figured out how to measure the resonant fields and it is a database and memory base of the patterns of what your genes are supposed to be, what your body is supposed to be. Xylitol used to be liquid at room temperature. It became crystals in one lab at room temperature and that spread to other labs around the world and nobody can make it liquid at room temperature because the crystals shared a kind of memory of the template of the structure. This happened to other drugs and the drugs changed in the labs and had to be taken off the market.

Dr.G: it s the morphogenic quantum field.

Mike: it defies modern science and right now we only observe the effects. What you are saying is that your stem cells have the proper memory of the genetics that you were born with.

Dr.G: one of the biggest lie ever told to the medical field has been letting people know they already have everything they need to heal themselves within their bodies. There has been a massive campaign to teach us that urine is a ‘waste product’ and we are all taught that. How in the world is it a waste product? Waste is detoxified in the liver and gets pushed out through your skin and your fecal matter.

Even when you test urine for compounds and metals, those are more on the homeopathic scale and they are already conjugating. It is a signaling system and it’s a complex, intense signaling system. Why wouldn’t God create the most perfect laboratory inside your system for you to come out that has the perfect balance of what you need to heal every single day to heal and to balance everything?

The hardest thing in the world is to balance women’s hormones. They change every second depending on stress and the capacity of the thyroid and the endocrine system. With women that drink their first morning urine, there is the exact balance of progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, every single thing needed. It’s a laboratory that produces everything you are deficient in and it comes out in your urine every single day. Many women have been able to balance their hormones.

In men DHEA starts to fall at 28 years, and that plus growth hormone, testosterone all start to go down. Within about 3 months of uro-therapy all their hormones come back to normal. It is wild to think about but at the same time when you research and wrap your head around it, you come to this ‘’’aha” moment and the light bulb goes off. Everything is in simplicity.

We have everything we need to heal ourselves for free-meditation, prayer, sleep, grounding outside, uro-therapy, relaxation all given to us by God. The golden nectar is the most powerful thing you can take this is customized and made by your body every day. It is custom made for your body.

Mike: could it be dual purpose?

Dr G.: I have talked with many practitioners in India. Nobody has ever died of urine therapy. Even people with severe kidney infections with blood and pus in their urine, these doctors have these uro-therapy clinics. It is not eliminating anything that is wasteful or harmful. If there are traces of mercury, blood cells or pus, it is to stimulate the body, like a messaging system. If you are excreting mercury. It is already conjugated and broken down like a homeopathic. As you consume it again you won’t absorb it. It is a signaling mechanism to tell the body to find mercury or whatever in the system.

It is one of the most effective binders to all forms of toxins and chemicals.

Mike: so do people drink a small portion of the urine and flush most of it away? Is that the way the practice works.

Dr. G: it can be powerful for people and it is a universal healing agent. I recommend that people start with the fresh morning urine when you wake up. Your body has healed and analyzed itself (during sleep) and it will push out what the body needs to heal in the first morning urine. That is the highest concentration of stem cells and nutrients in that first morning urine. I recommend people start collecting the mid-stream. The doctors in India say it doesn’t matter. Just collect 2 or 3 ounces and start with a dropperful under your tongue. Or if you are grossed out by the thought of it, since we are so brainwashed about urine, mix it in with some fresh juice.

People usually work their way up to several ounces to where you consume all your fresh morning urine. There is something called looping and people consume all their urine they produce all day long.

People just pee in a jar and drink it and they are constantly recycling. It is the most powerful anti-aging substance known to man. Urea is in a lot of different medications, anti-cancer medications and in expensive cosmetic creams. If you want the best skin care or you want your hair to grow back just rub some urine on your face every morning. You’ll get the stem cells and in 2 weeks you will look 5 to 10 years younger.

My first video some years ago was how to grow your hair back naturally and that was putting fresh morning urine on your head and let it sit. I got a lot of counter-action for that. A month later a lot of comments come back that the hair is growing back. Now I have hundreds of comments on that video still of people who have done this and their hair has grown back.

Mike: external use seems pretty easy versus ingesting it.

Dr G: it was used as a skin sunblock and you won’t burn …if you do start to burn, it will take away the sunburn when you put more on your skin. It is a regenerative compound.

Mike: that could be easily tested and you already have a lot of comments.

Dr. G: people all over the world are using this. We are going to be going through some really tough times. I am not going to tell everyone to go out and start drinking their urine, but here’s the thing. I want people to know just in case that they have the solution in them. This should take away your fear. Fear reduces your immune system and we are electromagnetic beings. As our frequency and vibration falls this A-I technology is going to work more effectively. We don’t have that resistance.

Let’s say they come door to door and hold you down and take you to a camp and they inject you. What do you have? You don’t have any …you are stuck. Whether you do this or believe in it, go to the research at Just know that you have a solution that will save your life that is being produced inside of you that will neutralize any poison or any toxin. It will repair your DNA from any damage whether you got the bioweapon or didn’t get the bioweapon. I don’t know anything else out there that holds the memory and the frequency of your original DNA. There’s not a product that has the memory of your DNA in it. There are expensive procedures where stem cells can be produced from your bone marrow.

Every person has drank their own urine. What do you think amniotic fluid is? Why do you think they take stem cells from there? When you are in your mom’s belly you are drinking your mom’s urine for the first 4 months until your kidneys are developed. Then you are peeing in the amniotic sack and you are recycling it all and you are drinking and bathing in your own urine the whole time you are in your mother’s womb.

Are we excreting toxic stuff through our urine? Does ‘life’ come out your bowel movement? No, it does not. Only life-giving things come out of the penis and the vagina. That’s where you have your babies. These are the life-giving organs. The urine is also life-giving.

Your urine is golden. We are working with a scientist that has 90% of the facts and science that by taking gold and nanoparticles of gold, that will also de-activate the nanobots and the nanoweapons. Gold emits and absorbs every form of light frequency. That is another vector for the bioweapon to operate. I am convinced a liquid nano-gold will be effective at repairing and reducing the effects of the A-I technology.

Mike: you can make your own nanoparticles with a tincture of rosemary and you get a rosemarinic acid. You combine that with colloidal silver and they form nanoparticles that your bodies recognize as food. Your cells that in that rosemarinic acid with silver ions and that molecule can morph into 2 different forms without altering it’s charge. It is a unique molecule and this is called ‘green chemistry.’

Dr G: pay attention what we have said and do your research. We are here to help transition people and help people as they become awake. Don’t be in a state of fear…there is a solution for every situation. Avoid as much toxic stuff that you can. There is window film that blocks frequencies. Be prepared…..

Notetaker Lynn: go look at plasma energy station ingredients … this has been available since 2015.

When we formulated it we included the GaNS (gas in atomic nano-solid state) of silver and gold. It has more than 400 energies in it. People often report that they don’t have to eat as much food, they aren’t hungry, and at the same time they have plenty of energy.

And now see the video below of what Lynn was talking about in May, 2022…a very inexpensive effective therapy. Just keep in mind that at the age of 79, Lynn is not on any prescribed drugs (how could she be if her last doctor visit was 1992?) And yes, she drinks her own urine.

And yes she has the energy to sit up until 2.40 AM and type these notes for others to have available. (but she will sleep in!)

What Is Your Available Inexpensive Therapy That You Can Combine With Our Plasma Energy Products?

Lynn reviews a recent discussion between Dr. Ed Group and Mike Adams: Let’s say they come door to door and hold you down and take you to a camp and they inject you. What do you have? You don’t have anything …you are stuck. Just know that you have a solution that will save your life– that will neutralize any poison or any toxin. It will repair your DNA from any damage whether you got the bioweapon or didn’t get the bioweapon. Oh, and Lynn already talked about it in May, 2022.


Notes from a friend who recently revisited this therapy:

Here are some results of starting again with the Golden Fountain Therapy, via patting the face with it and leaving it on for 20-30 minutes, as well as ingesting first morning flow, midstream, of two ounces, and one scalp massage, for just the past week:

  1. My mood and energy have shot up dramatically.
  2. Dizziness has stopped for now. Balance is better.
  3. My facial skin is getting much better after being ravaged by many things the past year, resulting in blotches, pimples, sores, scabs, etc.
  4. Optimism has sky-rocketed.
  5. Knee pain has subsided.
  6. Non-stop joy pervades my being.
  7. Increased hair shine and body.
  8. Better focus and resolve.
  9. Memory has improved, though the only complaint was having to search for a word, in conversation, about once or twice a month.

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  1. I started urine therapy about a month ago, with no instructions from anyone, but I did have a prompting from the Lord that this would be helpful. I continue also with the Plasma station water regularly after a break. I believe I was led to breath in the breath of God at night and to put my intention on transmuting the energy from the breath of God to go to my body and potentiate the healing capability of my morning urine. I am noticing MANY health improvements , changes in memory returning, energy to help others, spiritual growth, and so much more. My intuitive abilities are skyrocketing. Just saying.

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