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Planned Kill Off Of The Vaccinated To Begin!

Guest Dr. Bryan Ardis

Notes: 0123-2023—I talked with Dr. Tal Braun for the first time right before my Stew Peters interview that became the Watch the Water Documentary. Listen to this guy; we have filmed a one hour interview documentary about my realization that Covid 19 and the spike protein is nothing more than snake venom peptides. We have been lied to about what is causing the weird novel side effects of this ‘virus.’ They are all side effects of venom that they have learned how to weaponize, isolate and synthetically make in factories.

That was one thing that I disclosed in the Watch the Water documentary and also my concern that the venom is in the Covid 19 shots. When I went to film, the first time on my own there was 5 hours of research on that I had done 16 hours a day. I ripped the covid narrative apart and then it was time to tell the world.

Stew Peters did not believe when I talked to him 2 weeks later. I printed all the documents I had. I typed the word ‘cobra’ in my documents as I would email everything I found to myself in researching. I had 2 pages of articles in which cobra toxin is the spike protein causing covid 19. I had 2 pages of king cobra research papers and publications.

At the end of the 2nd page was the C19 group –a group of scientists, doctors, and others around the world.

I opened the email and it was Dr. Tau Braun and this was July, 2021 and I was printing it out in March, 2022. There was a copy of the letter he had written the FBI and he had shared with the C19 group. The letter was to ‘attention Alex’ an FBI director: I know the world continues to say this is a respiratory virus/disease. It is not; it is envenomation. What is the FBI doing to research the Wuhan lab and their testing and using venom peptides? What about your investigating the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s gain of function weaponizing with Ralph Barrick in venoms. If you don’t have the resources to look into it, I will help you.

I didn’t know about the letter; I just knew there was someone who knew this was venom before I did. No one had responded to his email. It just went dead. He had the FBI letter in the email and 2 infographics and they were a picture of king cobra venom and every part of cobra venom that causes every single symptom related to covid 19. There were 2 of them: King Cobra symptoms and diseases and Covid 19 symptoms.

He had already figured it out and I emailed him back since I was a recipient. I didn’t know I had this email. I hit reply and said I need to ask a question: did the FBI ever respond. He replied and asked to call. We talked that night before I flew to see Stew Peters. Did the FBI respond to his letter? He said yes: 3 days later he got an email back that said received. Thank you. nothing else.

I didn’t know why he sent a letter to the FBI but under his name on the letter he sent, it has his name followed by US Counter Terrorism Unit. He contracts with agents of CIA and FBI and his job is to prevent mass killings and educate those agents how to recognize even with biological weapons: what has caused the killing and how to prevent it is his job.

If Tal knew this why did no one respond? He said they did and Dr. Peter McCullough replied privately as a result of sending your information to the C19 group I can no longer let you contribute to the group. Dr. McCullough kicked Dr. Braun off the group. He couldn’t converse with anyone in the group and around the world.

What did he do after the FBI ignored him? He went to his buddies in the counter-terrorism unit and said he had to take this public and we have to warn the world this is venom. His counter-terrorism buddies told him you know if the FBI doesn’t want to converse with you about this there is a reason. You have a one –year old son and a wife. All of them told him separately that he’d better put himself in the witness protection program before he went public.

He was intimidated so he went home and started working on antidotes to prevent the mass killings world wide that he knows are the vaccines that have venoms in them.

I was still talking to him an hour before I filmed Watch the Water. The only thing different about he and I is that I, am 100% convinced the entire covid pandemic was orchestrated by putting venom peptides synthetically made in the factories for decades in your water supply; you are drinking them and getting sick and I am convinced that is how they orchestrated making people sick even on lockdowns in their homes.

They can direct through RFID valves that they have under your city and your neighborhoods. They can send to your home, your neighborhood, your city anything they want in the water. They can even do it to one house or one apartment and they have that built into the infrastructure. Read the book by Janet Fellon who actually educated the whole world on this 20 years ago. She testified before the Swiss and US governments that there is a second water system under every city that has remote controlled valves for every home. There is a secondary water main parallel to every water main that is being used. She said this is a perfect set up for a pandemic organized by all the governments around the world. Put any poison you want and direct it to the house.

I was convinced immediately when I was learning about the venom aspect of covid, for example, about Zev Zelensko’s Jewish community …you don’t think this isn’t a eugenics program? The fact that they targeted a Jewish community of 10,000 people in one neighborhood? How did they do that? You don’t think they dropped it from a plane and depended on the jet stream to blow it somewhere. In my opinion they put it in the water, directed it to the neighborhoods and they all got sick.

Dr. Braun knows they can put venom in water and do this. He thinks it’s a respiratory thing and believes it is a corona virus that they put the venom peptides with and then released it into the populace. He believes it is aerosolized; I don’t and it doesn’t matter. We are both right about the weaponizing of venom. If you don’t know what the weapon is, and it doesn’t matter how it got in there, if you medical professionals around the world don’t know what the weapon is and what is making people sick, or toxic, how in the world are you going to fix it? How are they going to treat it?

Dr. Braun knows there is venom in the shots and said watch the adverse events that are being reported. I can tell you by the adverse events that are being reported whether they have bee venom in their covid 19 mRNA shot, scorpion venom, spider venom or snake venom in the shot. He takes you through all of them.

As a result of the only 2 humans on the planet who have been brave enough to tell you the truth, I decided since Watch the Water Now is world wide, I have done about 600 interviews.

A month ago I got the impression it is time to take the 2 guys, Dr. Braun and me, and film a documentary that can be downloaded by anybody that gives as many antidotes that we know that are successfully researched, peer reviewed and published—all natural substances that inhibit the neuro toxic, blood toxic, and cell toxic effects of all venoms.

We did this and in a few weeks the documentary will come out. It has screen shots of all our research documents. It will be on my site and I will push it out as many places as I can. Why? My goal and my intent is one singular thing—to keep you alive while they try to kill you.

Host: we interviewed Dr. Braun and he backed up the venom. It was so interesting and he said: look at what happened to people in the US who are having respiratory issues and are going in and being put on ventilators. If it is aerosolized, and that is indeed how people are being infected by the spike protein (and that is the venom) the virus is just one of the delivery mechanisms. He said that because in China you did not see the respiratory aspect; you just saw people dropping dead. All this makes more sense…perhaps there is more than one delivery method.

Dr. Ardis: yes and the reason I am doing this, Dr. Braun was really pissed that I had come to the same conclusions without ever knowing him. He felt slighted that I was giving the information that he had been trying to give all of us anyway. He was just dismissed. He said, there must be some reason that God gave this to you and maybe there was some timing that was necessary.

I never wanted this stuff and I couldn’t believe what I was uncovering. For Dr. Braun he said that there is something very specific about this and you are going to help me get this information out to the world and then when the fall of next year comes…and his concern comes from someone who fights, battles, researches mass killings using biological weapons. His main concern is that the next weaponizing of the venoms is what is going to create the die-off that everybody thinks they are seeing. He is saying this is not the mass die-off they are expecting.

The die off has not even started yet. He says that we are seeing casualties but the die off has not started. The next wave of how they are going to kill a large percentage of people on the planet is that they have primed a huge percentage of the world to have the venom injected in them called the covid 19 shots.

Those who are vaccinated –in the fall, they are going to start aerosolizing venoms and they will release them over populated areas, subway trains, planes, middle, elementary and high schools, universities, work places and hotels. They are going to do this in the air systems and they are going to release vaporized powder forms of venoms.

He says that what is going to happen is that only those that are vaccinated when they inhale the venom into the lungs, it is going to hit the blood that is inside their bodies that already has the venom injected into them. The air that contains venoms will hit the inside of your lung tissue called the alveoli sacs. The alveoli sacs draw oxygen in from the air. There is blood sitting inside the alveoli sacs to receive the oxygen. So the blood on one side of the alveoli sac and the air inside the lungs will meet. When those two venoms hit each other they are going to shred the alveoli sacs and you are going to bleed internally in your lungs.

Your lungs are going to immediately start laying down scar tissue, because you are going to start drowning to death. You will develop pulmonary fibrosis or cartilage scar tissue and only the vaccinated will die. This is how they are going to do it.

In March of 2022 he said that he could go online and buy a spray can of aerosolized king cobra venom. That will walk on airplanes and spray the stuff that looks like disinfectant and it is not…it is actually venom. When only the vaccinated inhale it they will develop signs and symptoms of lung fibrosis. If they do not get lung transplants1 they will all die. This is how they are going to kill the vaccinated and leave the unvaccinated alone.

Host: what is the purpose of a commercially sold venom spray?

Dr. Ardis: I’d like to know; I cannot think of one. Right now you can go on the US Dept. of Justice website and type in US Department of Justice Cono-toxins….weapon of the sea.

This is a snail that lives in the ocean and in 2012 they state that the amount of snail venom they have made in factories around the world, this snail venom (showing an abstract at 23.53 minutes) and their concerns are that it could be stolen by terrorist and used as a bioterrorism weapon. The most lethal effect of cono-toxins to humans is muscle paralysis of the diaphragm causing respiratory arrest. Cono toxins are at risk of terrorist use including alpha cono toxins and o-cono toxins …but most are not a bio-terrorism threat.

When you open the article they state that they will just drop the venom from airplanes (picture a crop duster) and you will breathe it. Terrorists will use it over populated areas. When people breathe it in, it will go into the lungs. It will cause respiratory arrest. Just so you know, that cono-toxin I just mentioned is from snails in the ocean. They have a venom they inject in fish that cause immediate paralysis and respiratory arrest. This leads to the death of the fish.

The cono toxins referred to on the US Dept. of Justice site they ‘fear could be used’…they say most cono-toxins cannot be a bioterrist threat. But they differentiate it in the article that alpha cono-toxins are the ones they are worried about. What is amazing about that is that in Italy in June, 2020, Italian researchers found that in the blood and feces of every covid 19 patient, they found the cono-toxin venom in the blood and feces. They published this in July, 2020 and this is the 7th month of the pandemic.

They found 16 different shell fish venoms including alpha cono-toxins that the US Dept. of Justice says can be a biological weapon that causes respiratory arrest. They found it only in covid 19 patients and not in covid negative patients. Along with the 16 cono-toxins, the snail venom from the ocean, on land in covid 19 Italian people they also found 20 different snake venoms in the blood and poop of every covid 19 positive patient. That included Chinese Krait (snake) venom, Chinese King Cobra venom, spitting cobra venom, coral venom, brown snake venom, Russell’s viper venom, Chinese water moccasin venom. It’s all in there.

How did 36 different animal venoms get inside of all of Italy’s covid 19 patients? The snail venoms are in the ocean. The world doesn’t know this until I told you through a Mike Adams interview I did after Stew Peters. I talked about cono snail venoms they found in 1975 was more deadly to humans that king cobra venom.

In 1979 we (in the US) started producing synthetic cono-toxin to use to make drugs. Look this up—who has heard of the WEF (world economic forum)? On the WEF you can type in cono-toxins or marine snails and drugs. They have several pages of how the WEF is using scientists and investing money into scientists to figure out how to turn drugs out of cono-toxin venoms from these snails.

They have a drug right now that 40 million Americans are swallowing everyday that is made from snail venom and it’s on the WEF website. It is called Pralit. It is used to combat pain. It is a patented drug made from those snails and people swallow it every day. That is just like when I said you are swallowing venom in water.

People are swallowing these drugs on the WEF listed on a whole page called Life Saving Drugs from Snake Venom. Then they talk about all the drugs they are making from snake venom that you swallow like the high blood pressure drug called Liosinapril after that drug that 22 million Americans wake up every morning and swallow. It is made from snake venom from a Brazil viper. That has been sold as a little white tablet since 1981. It goes past your stomach acids, into your intestines, gets absorbed into your blood stream and is the first every isolated ace-inhibitor found in this viper venom in Brazil now turned into drugs.

They have learned how to get people to take these drugs. WEF also has another page that talks about all the drugs I am talking about now on this article. They also disclose about drugs from snakes, scorpions, gila monster. They are using the gila monster venom for diabetes. Captipril is another drug that is half of the drug in Liosinipril. Merck owns this and it’s out of the viper in Brazil. Prialt2 is another drug derived from the venom of cono-snails. This is for severe and chronic pain. They love using venoms.

Host: no wonder people getting on these blood pressure drugs and others have such horrendous side effects. Really it is just a direct effect. Why are they using deadly toxic venoms in drugs?

Dr. Ardis: people have no idea. Lisinopril is half of a water pill called HCTZ and the other half is the Captipril from Merck made from the snake venom. Lisinopril is the most widely used drug in America now for high blood pressure. I ask people in lectures I do how many know they are swallowing snake venom every day and how many of them know that snake venom by itself (and it doesn’t matter what component you isolate in a tablet to swallow) has 2 factors called nerve growth factor and epidermal growth factor that cause cancer in every animal they put it inside of including you.

Nerve growth factor and epidermal growth are tumorous growths of your nervous system tissue and all other tissues in your body called cancers. The guy who figured those out was Dr. Stanley Cohen in 1956. He identified snake venom that causes nerve growth factors and tumors in the brain and he won a Nobel Prize for that. In 1976 he started a company called Genentech ( Right now his company has 7 anti-cancer drugs that you either swallow or inject and every one of them are made from snake venom. So he figured out he could cause cancer growths with snake venom. Now they are isolating components of other venoms to try to reduce the growth of those tumors?

It is my impression and I am convinced that the cancer industry is based on venoms and their ability to cause cancerous growths and then they manipulate and isolate venom peptides (components of venoms) that will target from other animals the growths they are creating from other venoms. They are just manipulating our physiology with venoms. They are doing this by having you take drugs every day made from venoms. On the WEF right now the site shows they are investing in scorpion venom. They are making drugs to treat cancer from scorpion venom.

Right now England is making so much scorpion venom synthetically in labs and then they dry it out into a powder form. They are not dropping that from crop dusters on every farm in England and they are using it as an ‘insecticide’. They just spray scorpion venom from the air to land on your plants. When bugs get on the plants to eat them, scorpions eat insects. Scorpions inject venom into an insect and that kills the insect. So when they go to eat the venom they die. It’s no different …venom is still poisonous and toxic.

To think they are not using venoms is outright ignorance. I wrote a text to a bunch of medical doctors and said that anybody that wants to remain ignorant…you can remain ignorant, but ignorance is not bliss.

Host: how does the mRNA technology tie into the venom in the shots? They are calling it gene therapy. This is why you have antibody enhancement and your body cannot fight illnesses…how does this tie together?

Dr. Ardis: this is from Dr. Braun today—it’s going to take another 6 months before the medical community realizes that mRNA technology is just venom technology like you and I already know.

The other day I was with Peter McCullough and I told him I wanted him to type into his phone snake venom and mRNA research. He did so and showed me his phone and said, doc, there are 444 peer reviewed, published articles on mRNA and snake venom research. I don’t have time to read all those.

I went like this: I didn’t think you did; I just want you to know that I already have. So when you guys talk about “I don’t know if Dr. Ardis is right or I don’t know if I can be at an event where he is speaking… Just because you haven’t looked at it doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t looked at it.

Just so you are aware, I am concerned like Dr. Braun is that the mRNA technology they are using in these shots is actually venom mRNA from snakes or scorpions, bees, or spiders. If you look at research that most people don’t, go on to or type in google type in unusual stability of mRNA and snake venom. It is the most stable mRNA in the world. It actually will not corrode or die, even if you store it in a jar for 38 years. They figured this out in 2012. They figured out that mRNA by itself exposed to air, temperatures, it doesn’t matter, it is still stable.

Guess how they figured out that mRNA was still stable. The study brought up (around 38 min) …click on DOI and in that study they actually show you it is the most stable venom in nature and did not degrade. Guess what technology they used to identify if mRNA of venom is still present 38 years later? They have used PCR tests for 30 years. Of course they did. I found research that PCR tests are solely used in venom research to identify venom genes.

Why did they force the world to have to use venom detecting PCR tests? Why—because they had snake venom peptides they were throwing on the whole world. Every medical doctor was saying they never used PCR tests. “This will not diagnose any viruses ever”…Cary Mullins the inventor of the PCR test. He is now dead (August 2019). They needed him gone because he was vocal.

Host: the people that have the shot and they aerosolize this, what about the people who are taking medications? Will the vaccinated be more exposed than people taking venom based medicine.

Dr. Ardis: in January, 2020 there was a group called Genentech that published an article that they had spent 20 years mapping out all the gene sequences in the venoms. They state that they have found of the 139 toxins in the King Cobra venom. They have mapped out 19 specific venom targeting toxins (COVID 19?) that affect various organs. All snakes make these 19 to target and kill their prey. They found the 19 venom genes that identify the core of venom toxins. They have separated them from the rest of the venom, isolating just one component. Like the drug that lowers blood pressure.

They isolated the 19 venom specific toxins to the one that relaxes blood vessels that is called an ace inhibitor. Genetech was purchased by Giliad that makes Remdesivir in 2011. This is why I was so concerned that they are just using venoms that Genentech uses and makes drugs out of venoms. They used venoms in the drug called Remdesivir. It is just as toxic as every aspect of cobra venom toxins.

I am convinced that all the research with mRNA with snake venom because it is more stable than anything else in nature, it was easy for them to take that mRNA knowledge of the research study of 2012 and then I found research papers and articles in 2014 where they took snake venom mRNA and wrapped it in nano-particle hydrogel and made it more stable. What do you read about in these shots? There is this nano-particle gel component inside the shots. That is encapsulating whatever mRNA they have inside of it.

Then they took that mRNA hydrogel and they wrapped it with a substance called dynabeads. For everyone in the world who was wondering why people who got the shots were suddenly magnetized, dynabeads were used. Dynabeads are patented by a company called ThermoFisher Scientific Dynabeads. This is what the people who created the Covid 19 shots have published in their research studies.

They wrapped dynabeads in the hydrogel and wrapped mRNA with it and dynabeads are called super paramagnets. They are like charged so they can wrap any genetic material with these magnets and when you inject it into somebody, because they are all like-charged they repel each other. This is dynabeads and in the research papers by Cataline Carrico and Drew Wiseman who made the Covid 19 mRNA injections. It wasn’t who you thought it was. Type their names and dynabeads together and you will in 2009 they used dynabeads with mRNA to do mRNA gene editing therapy paid for by Anthony Fauci’s department since 2009.

They used dynabeads in the studies. Do you know what they used to cleave the RNA and DNA to do their gene editing therapy using mRNA? They used snake venom phosphdiesterase. It is in all their papers.

How many of you have heard of Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD from Canada. He said that of all the patients that he gave mRNA injections to, 60% of them came back with all these complaints of fatigue, myocarditis symptoms, lethargy, brain fog, and more. He ran the D-dimer tests and he said 60% of all of them had elevated D-dimers. He educated the world that elevated D-dimers are used to look for blood clotting.

Type in Med-scape 2019 How To Interpret Elevated D-Dimers. I didn’t know what that meant. What are medical doctors and lab technicians supposed to look for when you see an elevated D-dimer test that only the Covid 19 patients are having who are injected with the mRNA Covid 19 shots. Imagine my shock to read what it says. I showed it to Peter McCullough and he asked if I wanted to contribute to his next book. First 5 bullet points: what to look for with elevated D-dimers:

  • Blood clot, thrombosis
  • Rule out deep vein thrombosis in the leg
  • Any kind of anti-coagulant to break down a blood clot
  • Disseminating intravascular coagulation
  • Cause for blood clotting is snake venom poisoning.

There was a lot of pushback and people said I was wrong because covid and vaccines caused blood clotting and snake venom doesn’t cause blood clotting. Look at the report: when you see blood clotting all over the body, look for snake venom poisoning. Ignorance is not bliss and it makes you look ignorant without studying.

Snake venom causes elevated D-dimers.

My next question was who created the covid 19 mRNA shots? Imagine my shock it wasn’t Robert Malone, but 2 scientists at the University of Pennsylvania: Drew Wiseman and Cataline Carrico and snake venom research. I told McCullough to type these names into his phone now that he knew that elevated D-dimers mean that you need to look for snake venom. He found that on his phone and said he was going to come out with another book on vaccines and did I want to contribute to it?

No, not really—I think I will write my own book. This just takes time and you have to show people stuff. Wiseman and Carrico are getting royalty checks every month on these shots. Their names are on the patents for the mRNA covid vaccine. They are the only ones who were funded by NAID of the NIH, Fauci’s department since 2009 to do mRNA gene editing therapy and they used snake venom in every study to do it—2009, 2012, 2014, 2017—every study they used venom phosphdiesterase.

This venom phosphdiesterase isolated is actually the component of venom that pre-digests the animal’s organs so by the time the snake gets to the prey, the venom has started digesting the internal organs. That is what they are using? Did they figure out how to master control that substance to only cleave or cut RNA. There is no way. To me it’s only going to create massive amounts of harm.

I have done a lot of zoom calls with medical doctors. They ask me now that I have brought this to the world, how does this fit in with the narrative with covid in the vaccines. They really want to know how to wrap this up. It’s easy: Ryan Cole, the Idaho pathologist asked this question in one of the first meetings. There were 30 MDs on there—Richard Fleming, Dr. Barlett, Lee Merritt—they were all there doing an ‘intervention’ with me to reel me in because I had ‘fractured the movement.’

Ryan asked me to sum up this now that you have done all this. How does this fit into the narrative of covid that we are seeing? I said there was something none of them wanted to acknowledge but I had been doing it since October, 2022. They are specifically targeting diabetics. This is the eugenics program of covid in the vaccines and none of you are talking about it.

You all say that the vaccines per the CDC stated at the end of 2020 that 94% of everyone that died with covid died with 4 other co-morbidities. The truth is the majority of them are diabetics. They figured out how to target diabetics with a poison and a venom and it did not affect other people to kill them. It will only kill the diabetics.

How does that fit into the narrative? Well, back in October of 2022, I came out and I called the CDC racist. I said that they continue to report to the media that Blacks and Hispanics are overwhelmingly targeted by this covid 19 virus, and only Blacks and Hispanics are the number 1 and number 2 races ending up in hospitals and dying from covid. I showed the articles in Wall Street Journal and the NY Times that the CDC is relaying this information.

Then I show on the days of the articles printing, I pull up covid 19 data tracker on CDC website. Are they being honest? When I pull it up, it shows that Native Americans are the number one dying race in America, not the Blacks and Hispanics. But they never, ever, ever once acknowledged that Native Americans are dying more than any other race and they are.

Every week of the pandemic until now, Native Americans are the highest percentage of race dying from covid and they will not acknowledge that. Why? Because they hate them. They are racist, they are killing them with their ‘program’ and now they want to kill, poison, target, victimize, scare the crap out of Blacks and Hispanics. This makes up the eugenics movement.

Ryan Cole got it. I said they are targeting diabetics. If it is Native Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics who are dying as a percentage of a race in America, then go online and google it. I made every doctor do that. What race of people in America have the highest percentage of diabetes. It is Native Americans and Eskimos.

Ryan Cole started shaking his head as I continued talking. I said that now I would explain to them how they are killing the diabetics. Put in the link …Native American, Indians, Eskimos, non-hispanics, Blacks, and Hispanics. That is the order of the diabetics. The ‘whites’ are not on there.

This is how they did it and they are doing it. In 2015 they did a research study and took 100 albino rats and they separated them into 2 groups. There were 50 albino white rats they did nothing to. They took the other 50 albino rats and injected them with a drug that induces diabetes in the animal in 48 hours or less. Before I go any further I need to make you aware: notice in the study they inject something into the rats to cause them to be diabetic.

I have said for 20 years that with the CDC schedule of childhood vaccines, they are creating diseases with those shots to actually sell you drugs to manage symptoms over time. When you look at the relationship of this massive genocide program called covid 19, and the WEF, committee of 300, Club of Rome attempts to depopulate the planet by the year 2050 and that is the actual goal…they need to get to a billion people. In order to do that they knew and were doing the studies the whole time, that if they could induce diabetes in mammals like rats with a drug, they could do it to you and your children with vaccines.

They are inducing populations of people with the CDC vaccine schedule and they are injecting with chemicals that cause diabetes and other diseases. Then they can sell insulin, gluophage, metformin and the rest of them for the rest of your life. If they can do it with a shot and they know how to do it with animals, they know how to do it in life with humans. They experiment with animals and take it to humans. This is all nefarious and evil.

Then they took these diabetic rats in 2015, 50 with diabetes, 50 healthy, and they took a sub-lethal dose of king cobra venom, crude, raw king cobra venom—nothing isolated, the whole mixture. They injected them in an amount based on weight that will not kill a rat they injected every single one hundred rats with king cobra venom with a sublethal dose.

The healthy 50 rats all broke out with a cough, respiratory hypoxia, low oxygen levels, diarrhea, fever, chills, rashes. Within 72 hours they were all better. They overcame all the symptoms and were healthy; they did not die.

The other 50 diabetic rats they had just created the diabetes in, had the same amount of sub-lethal dose of king cobra venom. Guess what happens to them: 30 minutes later they had hyper insulinemia and the actual venom targets the actual pancreas and then there was a massive swing of insulin. Then glucose bottoms out and the rat goes into cardiac failure, neurology coma, diabetic coma and the rats die.

There were 2 swings that happened within one hour. The insulin went 3 times the normal and blood glucose drops out. All of a sudden this rat cannot breathe and they are about to die. 30 minutes later their immune system shut off insulin production to keep it alive and the blood glucose went out the roof. That is when they all died. That is exactly what happens for diabetics with covid and the vaccines.

This is because they figured out how to weaponize venoms to target specific groups. It doesn’t look like a eugenics program. So what have they done for decades? They have sent lots of vaccines to Indian Reservations that are not the same that they are sending to Dallas, Texas. But they are sending those same ones to El Paso, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and they all create diabetes among the groups they want—Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. All of you that have been targeted and racially profiled forever. Remember Darwinism—all indigenous species need to be eliminated…all of them…in order for the human race to perpetuate.

This is no different than a massive global holocaust than what was experienced in a smaller scale in WWII. They are learning how to weaponize venoms to target us. The WEF article I just showed about the snake venom, it talks about different components and how they can target different receptors and specific organs by isolating those components of the animals venom that target and stop specific organs inside the prey and that is human, mammals, you name it.

Ryan Cole shook his head the whole time and I asked him why. He said I think God gave this to you because you are a chiropractor. He knew us medical doctors would think we knew more than He did. He said, I just want you and the group to know that two days ago I decided if there is really an orchestrated attempt like a planned attempt to cause massive harm on the world, and the vaccine agenda is to create harm, or there is some nefarious plan being orchestrated, I had a feeling I could find it in research studies by defining what it is they are researching as covid goes forward.

If you release a weapon, don’t you want to keep track of the data? If it is working or not. Ryan Cole continued: I went on the pubmed website and typed in covid 19 and… that is all I did. It populates every research study and the numbers assigned to specific words tied to covid 19. Of all the things being studied around the world do you know the number one researched published word is in correlation with covid 19 researchers and scientists around the world? Diabetes. And number 1 and number 2 are twice as much as the third word. So I know you are right. The second most researched and published word with covid 19 is blood glucose.

They want to see how the bodies of people are reacting to their venom weapon. Is it working? Is it doing what we wanted it to? Yes. Even if it is diluted in the air and in the water the real goal is to specifically inject into you in a more concentrated form just like they did these rats in 2015 and figured out their weapon works.

Then all the doctors thanked me for the information and they held up their nicotine packs and said, we knew you were right all along. They said they knew it all along and just needed me to tell them…like I was some lone gun John Wayne.

I am really confident and sure this is what is going on. You can’t fight it…you have to look at it. You will see what the Chinese researchers in 2020, the French scientists and geneticists in April, 2020, and the Italy researchers in June, 2020. They all found the same thing and they all said it was all venom from snakes that makes up covid 19 spike protein. The only thing different with Italy researchers is they said it wasn’t 2 snake venoms…it was 20 snake venoms, and 16 different shellfish venoms. One of these venoms …google toxin like peptides, Italy.

Host: the WEF says you will own nothing and be happy. That includes property and land. Those Native Americans just happen to own, if not the most valuable land on earth because of the resources and water tables they sit on. Why would they target Native Americans…total coincidence?

Dr. Ardis: Toxin like peptides, plasma, urine and fecal samples…DOI article published October, 2021 and it took them 1 year and 3 months to approve this article because it exposes the 36 venoms in covid 19 patients. The study shows 4 charts and those charts have the 36 venoms in them. (around 108 minutes).

Table one: look to the right on the chart…Malayan Krait and they tell you what component of that venom is in the urine, feces and blood of the patient. You see protein name column—that is a kunits type searing protease. This is one of the things covid 19, actually krait venom, does in the human body. Go back to the right and it shows the names of the venoms they found: banded krait venom. This is only in the covid 19 patients. Chinese Cobra, Malayan Spitting Cobra venom (how did that get into patients in Italy??).

Look at the spitting cobra and go all the way to the left. In the middle you see phospholipase A2. It is abbreviated PLA2 that is a component of king cobra venom. That is the one enzyme they found in every single covid patients that died in hospitals. They found that element in the king cobra and the Italy patients. That is the one marker that killed the patients.

Don’t forget PLA2 and look at more names in the Italy patients: coastal Taipan, Eastern brown, Juraca, water snakes, Chinese water moccasin, king cobra. Starfish venom from the crown of thorns starfish—you will see the phospholipase A2. Now the next one…remember the US Dept of Justice, they found 15 kinds of cono-toxins in the feces and blood. These are marine snail venoms. How did all these venoms get into only covid 19 patients and not in any PCR negative patients.

Focus on the PLA2…now google University of Arizona Like Venom Coursing Through The Body. The Univ. of Arizona Contacted two health systems last summer –2021. They got the blood from 300 people who died from covid and they ran the blood to see what there might be in common that was killing people. they figured out one thing in the blood that was 20 times the normal level that you would ever see in a human. Look at the article: they said it looks like venom…researchers identify the mechanisms driving Covid 19 mortality. The key molecular is an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom.

If covid 19 is not venom why are they finding this stuff? Look at the key mechanism in rattlesnake venom found at 20 times the normal level: this is what we found…it looks like venom coursing through the body.

Look at the Italy article title: Group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 is associated with the patho-biology leading in Covid 19 mortality. In this study they tell you that the PLA2 was a component and in this study they disclose that PLA2 was first ever isolated and studied in king cobra venom. Cobra toxin was listed as number 1 and spike protein on SARS cov 2. Spike protein is another word for snake venom peptides. Spike proteins are snake proteins.

They literally took out the NA in snake and put in PI and called it spike proteins.

Snake venom depletes sodium from the human body and shuts down the kidneys and heart from functioning. That is what it does to damage the kidneys. Imagine Remdesivir. It shuts down the kidneys. Take sodium out of the body when venom is introduced. The period table symbol for sodium is NA. They took the NA out of snake and replaced it with PI. It’s actually snake protein. It has always been snake protein.

Host: you have all this data and nobody will debate you.

Dr. Ardis: you want to know why? They are all writing books and now their narrative is wrong and they feel embarrassed and humiliated. They don’t need to feel humiliated. We didn’t start speaking out to sell books or to build a social following. We were taught to save people’s lives who are being bullied, coerced and absolutely lied to…and then poisoned. Why not acknowledge that you are wrong about something?

If I am found out to be wrong about the water so what? You only get poisons in your body by eating, drinking or breathing it or slapping it in your skin. They get this weapon into you and they figured out how to do it.

Host: if clotting is a major issue is anti-clotting important>

Dr. Ardis: in the covid 19 awards they state that heparin does not stop the blood clotting cascade and heparin is an anti-coagulant. They also figured out in research that king cobra venom doesn’t react to heparin. They are seeing heparin not working around the country. What does the anti-clotting is NAC…n acetyl systine. Used in surgery it works better than heparin and warfarin for anti-clotting in surgery. This is better than heparin and warfarin. In May of 2020 FDA said they were going to stop allowing supplement companies to sell NAC. They said they were going to change the registration from a supplement to a prescription drug. They knew the venom weapons caused blood clotting and the vaccines were going to have venoms in them. They had to take that out of circulation. It didn’t work and all the companies that sold NAC sued and they backed off.

Snake venom absolutely causes clotting. King cobra venom has 2 components: a coagulant and an anti-coagulent. They just have to isolate the coagulant and call it a spike protein and inject it. They can put it in the water and the air. My personal feeling is that I do not think a virus is involved at all. I think it is weaponized venom. What is the latin historical definition of virus is venom. What if they are just using venom and calling them viruses and injecting them all around the world? They have been mass producing these in the bioweapons labs around the world since 1975. They don’t even need real snake venom. Now snake venom can be made in a lab. CNN reported on this in 2020.

The WEF is making drugs out of snake venoms. Insecticides are being made out of snake venoms. It is the most toxic substance on the planet. There is a lot of money coming to snake venom research… and ‘life saving’ drugs.

Nicotine is the number one most effective agent against these venoms; number 2 is macuna prurines (an extract of the velvet bean plant) and number 3 is vitamin C and NAC, and selenium at 200mcg. Ivermectin is inhibitory to snake venom. HCQ since 1975 has been known to inhibit snake poisoning. That is why they wanted to prohibit the use of these.

They are causing diabetes, cancers with venoms and experimenting on us and poisoning the planet. Don’t buy into the experiment. Go to and most of my interviews are on the site. I have all the documents laid out in the Adam’s interviews. I cannot wait to tell the world what I found out this week about remdesivir that will answer the question that it is venom. And third is how I came to the conclusion of how the vaccines have venom in them and all the adverse reactions.

There is NOT a single side effect or symptom that you get with covid that is not answered by venom. There is no side effect or adverse event to the shots that are not 100% related to venom side effects. It is the only thing that explains all of them. Did you know the loss of taste and smell is a published side effect of venom after snakebites that can last for years? It is on the NIH website. That is not a virus side effect; that is a venom side effect.

They are showing pictures of people after the vaccines that appear to be hallucinating when they look around and go into a catatonic state. It looks like they see demons. Do you think the vaccines are cursed…I am asked that on interviews. I say, NO, look it up, Mike. Visual hallucinations after viper bites. It’s a published side effect of venom and the moment it hits the blood brain barrier and crosses into the brain, you get hallucinations, paralytic effects and you see people fall over, paralyzed and die.

Every rat or rabbit that gets hit by venom roll over and go into a catatonic state with their arms and legs straight out. Visual hallucinations is a public side effect of venoms and not just the Russell’s viper. There are studies in Bangladesh that show that schizophrenia is a result of snake venom bites and they say it creates hallucinations, psychosis, depression, PTSD and all these are published psychological symptoms after a snake bite.

It answers the question about what people are swiping at when they die. They are hallucinating and that is called hallucination and these venoms do this. And now I wonder as the WEF talks about the life saving drugs from venoms…what if people being given anti-depressants or high blood pressure drugs…what if they start seeing crap and hallucinating and then are diagnosed with schizophrenia and are being put in institutions or psych wards? What if that is a side effect of venoms and they know it.

It’s disgusting. Avoid the pharmaceutical industry…it is all sorcery and it is all evil. Avoid it unless you have a bullet or your arm is cut off … only go to the ER, let them stitch you up. Vitamin C isn’t going to fix a bullet wound—go to the ER, trust them to save your life and then go home. They can do amazing things to save your life in a short, acute situation. But after that don’t trust them for anything else, and I mean anything.

From now on any time a medical doctor opens their mouth assume they are lying to you even if they are not. First assume they are lying, then go home and do your research and then pray to God and have Him tell you what is right for you. He knows you better than anyone else. Have faith in God…ask Him, do I need a drug, surgery, supplement, what? Trust in God, put your faith in God and listen to the still, small voice, peaceful feeling, trust your gut. Put more faith in yourself and God than in science all day long.

1 (Notetakers note: my friend who lives in the south has been offered lung transplant (one lung) for his lungs damaged from COPD. They would required that he live in the hospital for a year. He doesn’t know if they would require the jab. Are they eyeing his lungs or eyeing his bank account as he owns several rental properties and acreages?)

2 The ad says the only FDA approved non-opiod.

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  1. wow…. that is just unbelievable…in homeopathic medicine they use snake venom.

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