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Notes: Dr. Jane Ruby and George Webb Legalized Murder: Prep Act, Big Tobacco and Robert Malone

Notes from the following:

Dr. Jane Ruby (JR) and George Webb (GW) Legalized Murder: Prep Act, Big Tobacco and Robert Malone After talk with Jane Ruby and George Webb

Mon. Jan 16, 2023:

JR: after 911 your government treated itself to two new laws: Project Bioshield and the Prep Act claiming they were going to protect you from future bioterrorist attacks. What they were really doing was funding the stockpiling of millions of poisonous injections, never tested for human safety. Enter the Covid pandemic. And how does a little known company called Alchem Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Robert Malone play into this?

Award winning investigative journalist and reporter, George Webb, has the goods…the evidence is a government turning on its on people and the mass genocide of the shots to poison the American people is a front and center DOD operation. As huge and as overpowering and daunting as that may seem to you, the initial answers are simple. Don’t comply and buttress yourself with small and local alliances and parallel services in your family and your community.

….there is a great deal of proof that is undeniable in the public domain for you to use as you yourselves go out and spread the word.

Tonight’s guest will expose what is behind these government actions but just know that the 2004 Project Bioshield Act was essentially a power grab enacted after 911 under the disguise that they were protecting us from future bioterrorism acts.

That act ushered in the pilferage of billions of dollars of Amercian taxpayer money to actually fund the killing of Americans and others world-wide. This was proposed under the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The Prep act stands for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act.

It not only gives the US government the power to force these poisons on the citizenry but it also absolves them of any legal liability. Is that the way this is going to shake out? … will it hold up in a court of law when there is criminal intent? Lawyers and other legal experts tell me no, not in normal courts. We have a problem – we have courts that are bought and paid for. There are very few left that can be of assistance and as I have also said using and appealing to the very institutions that are conducting these crimes against us is not a smart move.

…very few people have the background and the instinct with a proven track record of George Webb. We are going to look at how our own government that includes all the agencies and the military leadership including the pentagon, DOD, and numerous companies under them they have created under the disguise of public/private partnerships to pilfer many billions of dollars of tax payer money that actually fund this mass genocide. The evidence is mostly in plain sight. George Webb joins me now…

GW: I love the background you have there with the heart now that I have been diagnosed with myocarditis. I am not joking; I went through a multi-functional cardiogram that is 3rd generation EKG and there are 12 tests under advanced mathematics on all 5 tests from myocarditis across the board…

JR: you took the shots?

GW: I took one…

JR: I recently saw you in an airplane hanger in an undisclosed location with some heavy hitters on the front lines who I think are controlled opposition…tell me about the meeting and who was there and how did you get into that?

GW: it came out of this multi-function cardiogram where people have private jets or public aviation. It is not like the airlines where you get the EKG testing every 6 months and now you are flying to Davos and you’ll hear Greta Thunburg talking about climate change. You are going to fly across the Atlantic ocean with your G6. You are afraid that your vaxxed pilot could have a heart attack and there is not a double situation as you have in commercial. So there is single point of failure here.

They are actually asking Steve Yoder, who put this event on for unvaxxed pilots – can you get me an unvaxxed pilot …

JR: that is what this meeting was about?

GW: yes. Steve Kirsch was the impetus from this saying that we should be testing private pilots. Steve Yoder was on stage. He had this thing at the Jacksonville Airport.

JR: how many people were there?

GW: 25 or so—there were 7 presenters…cardiologists…

JR: who were the presenters?

GE: Judy Mikovitz presented on immune systems, plants, animals, and humans; Brian Ardis did the Watch the Water, Ryan Cole presented slides of myocarditis damage. There was Dr. Levy who talked about hardly any incidence of myocarditis until 2021 that a practicing cardiologist would see. Then it shot up to 16,000 cases and the next year it was 14,000 cases. I am one of them.

JR: you didn’t have the famous cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough who pushes Paxil, Novavax, …

GW: all I know is I did one show with him (McCullough) and said the spike protein went to the parasites in the heart and that turned out to be right. The jury is still out there, but the jury is not out as far as I am concerned with Bob (Dr. Robert) Malone who I will talk about later and who I think is tagging on to these guys. I am not sure about this.

JR: we will get to that … I want to mention that Dr. Ryan Cole has come out on the white fibrous clots I introduced a year ago with the embalmer Richard Hershman. Cole has consistently come out to dismiss them and he has called them cholesterol. He sat on Hershman’s samples for 12 weeks and did not do anything. That is when and why I brought in Mike Adams to do some mass spectrometry because Cole refused to do anything about it. That is very worrisome to me. I don’t know what Steve Kirsch’s agenda is but we will get there. He has interfered with my investigations with some of my witnesses when I brought in other embalmers. I have had a challenging time with that and he has never reached back to me. Who was the organizer?

GW: … Josh Yoder

JR: Josh Yoder is the founder of US Freedom Fliers and he is an American Airlines Pilot on leave.

GW: when I first heard about the story about the clotting…

JR: the white fibrous clots…let’s keep that separate from blood clotting that does happen from these shots.

GW: Dr. Jane Ruby was the first person who broke the story about the fibrous clots and I flew to West Palm Beach to meet with her to get as much information as I could. I did the drill down on the background and Jane passed with flying colors. We met a second. I was shocked when Stew came out and you were not in the credits.

JR: yes, of the documentary, Died Suddenly. This has been a huge issue and the public has noticed it. Mike Adams came out with a story, Where is Jane Ruby? I don’t know why…that goes to the documentary film makers and Stew Peters. I was the story and there is no question about that.

GW: I mention this to get it on the table with total transparency and I am not hyping anything; I went right to the source as soon as I heard about the story. There were 2019 clips in the documentary that were not part of covid. You were not a part of that.

JR: if I had been consulted as a background consultant since it was my story and I don’t say this from ego, but whoever is first is the story. Some doctors did put me on their Zoom. These front liners who come out and even Dr. Malone who came out with someone named Sasha Stone did a taping and started talking about how they were cross linked and what the material was… to my knowledge Dr. Malone has never been given samples and he doesn’t even have the capability to examine it under microscopy and mass spectrometry and the chemical processes that Mike Adams put them through…with lactic acid and more. I don’t know anyone else out there who has done this yet there are so many experts out there who think they know and they are telling the public. But I listen to what they are saying about what they think they know about these white fibrous clots and it is not right. They will use terms like amyloid or human —part of the blood vessel. Those have all been ruled out. They have nothing to do with human blood and chemically with the metals in them they are the extreme opposite of human blood.

GW: one postscript to that is at that event with Josh Yoder, Ryan Cole did pass around a sample in a sample jar. This could be the story that someone is feeding them to wrong information to get away from your story that was the blood based clotting. We will see.

JR: there are 2 types of clots that the shots are connected with: microclotting that eventually that throws a clot and someone gets a heart attack or stroke. What is also happening since 2021 is the embalmers pulling out these white fiberous clots and they are not coming out of the bronchial tray. It’s a different illness and we have ruled that out. These are originally from veins. Dr. Malone said from that recent interview that they were coming primarily from arteries—Hirshman said they were very rare in arteries when he first started pulling them out. They were coming out of veins and eventually they were being pulled out of both arteries and veins. It is always telling who IS NOT at a meeting like that.

GW: I ‘crashed’ the meeting and it was on the ‘downlow.’ I got in as the ‘secret’ investigative reporter. I was upfront and let them know. These people are all part of huge mega-view documentaries and that is why it is important to get the story Watch the Water has 12 million views: Died suddenly had 14+ million views. I want to put everybody’s heads together and get all the information on the table.

JR: I appreciate that and some of the wrong heads were there and heads that should have been there were not there.

Let’s talk about the evidence you have come up with that ties in with Sasha Lapa— with Team Enigma’s work, Todd Callendar and a host of other experts. This is a US government …whatever it has turned into…the US government is gone and they have subsumed all the alphabet agencies, they work through the DOD, and this is a DOD operation to take out Americans. I want to first talk about the PREP act that gave this government and it’s entities carte blanche.

GW: the full flight of the arrow goes back to 911 and before 911 and being ready for a bioterrorism attack. So you had a series of live exercises called Dark Winter by James Woolsey in 2002 after the anthrax attacks with Robert Cadlick. They were pushing for a bio-agents act..let’s prepare for all the bioagents and bioweapons that came out of the old Soviet Union. Let’s prepare these counter measures. So it was a funding bill.

There was the Bio-shields Act in 2004 and there were a few breakouts (Pearl Harbors) to encourage us with the SARS 2003 with Matt Pottinger and Henry Kissinger SARS 2004 to encourage the Bioshields Act. That Act was passed and then PREP Act is the funding of the counter measures. This is when Michael Callahan of DARPA and others go to all these bioweapons factories in the Soviet Union and they brought all the scientists and agents to Odessa in 2005 to set up this testing against plants, animals and humans for the ‘full refrigerator’ of all the things in the soviets’ bioweapons program and it was called the BioPrepper Act. Ken Allabeck ran that and was a big part of getting the Bioshield Act and the PREP Act.

Fast forward to Robert Malone and Latapova and you had a great interview with Latapova (Team Enigma) that broke down these public private partnerships. Alchem is the one that Robert Malone is associated with.

JR: let’s talk about that. It’s a tiny little ‘shack’ outside of Gainsville.

GW: its in a little town called Alatchuwa (?) that has turned into a big biohub and there is a huge amount of money that came from a billionaire (can’t remember the name). Usually when this happens near a major university it is so they can use that university talent to test these things. It is usually a bio tech park they put in. They usually bring in a group of people that have shady visas that they cannot get in any other way. All these Ukranians and Russians are there in Alatchuwa working with Dr. Robert Malone. I couldn’t believe it when I went there. And I’ve gone there several times and they are working on things like nano particles and things that would form long line clots in veins.

JR: how did you learn that? Did they disclose that Robert Malone was part of their organization?

GW: No, I actualy read a Washington Post article about Robert Malone at the Chief Medical Officer at Alchem evaluating natural solutions to coronavirus in January, 2020. He was the key guy at the switch that would determine whether HCQ or Ivermectin would be okay as a treatment. If you have an available, repurposeful drug with clinical trials behind it you do not get emergency authorization and you don’t get mRNA.

JR: correct; that was an illegal move and they just did it.

GW: the key at the switch was Robert Malone at Alchem …he literally is the last stop before runaway mRNA vaccines are approved in America. He had evaluated HCQ previously in his career with either Zika trial or Ebola trial that he did with Michael Callahan. He also evaluated Ivermectin and he had given glowing reviews for both Ivermectin and HCQ.

Why now when he is the last guy to flip the switch mRNA yes or mRNA no, he flipped the switch to yes and he picked the ‘blind dog’ of Pepsid AC to evaluate rather than HCQ or Ivermectin. It made Trump look bad and they picked the mRNA. He came out like he was against mRNA vaxx and he was the guy who flipped the switch for mRNA.

JR: who do you think this guy really is?

GW: I think he has been working a long time with big tobacco. Vaprbar is one of his key partners; Virginiabio is an organization that he is a fixture in. It is all about Big Tobacco getting in to Big Pharma.

JR: what does that mean? Are they going into drug development? Make the tobacco industry more ‘medical?’

GW: yes. You could actually grow vaccines, bioagents and counter measures in the tobacco plant. If your revenue like Philip Morris in Holland is cut back on smoking you go to vaping. Vaping doesn’t have as high a temperature as smoking so you use a polyethylene glycol bubble around your vap bubble and that goes into your lungs. It is the same exact process as the virus and the vaccine that Robert Malone developed.

He is also is a partner with Lados that goes into the lungs and it leaves residuals like tar and that can be seen in a Lado scanner that you go through the airport when you fly. They are also doing synthetic tobacco and the FDA has ruled that all tobacco VAP has to be synthetic and it is Robert Malone and Alchem all the time.

JR: Have you ever heard from him or his lawyers? You and most of the public knows that he is suing me for $25 million for defamation. One of the major things in the complaint that he published in his own substack was that he had an issue with me associating him with the CIA. In spite of the fact he has said in many interviews, many times, on January 5, 2021, maybe 2020, he got a call from CIA director, Michael Callahan at the Wuhan lab, to ‘get my team spun up because there is a new virus.’ He has said that many times.

It caught my eye…you are in association. I am not trying to litigate the case, my lawyer would kill me. But you are tying together some critical things. Let’s tie Michael Callahan at the Wuhan Lab with what you have learned about Dr. Robert Malone, Alchem and this whole movement with Tobacco.

GW: I have never said Robert Malone is in DTRA and that is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and that is the key agency that does all the counter measures. Rick Bright’s BARDA spun out of that. They sit there on the vaccine side. Robert Malone addressed the progression of vaccines 10 years ago and how we should be moving to mRNA. So he was one of the biggest proponents of mRNA in front of the WHO.

Leopards are not allowed to change their spots in this game. Michael Callahan is on the other side. He is on the DARPA side and they are the people that do live exercises for the US State Department. US State Department does these programs through USAID Predict. They can literally predict what kind of things are going to be released because they are in the business of doing that.

The idea is that they release an attenuated virus and go through all the steps you would go through in an outbreak response so that you are readying your response level. If an outbreak happens in Ghana you will build a BSL lab in Ghana. The result of these live exercises is that these BSL labs are built all over the world including satellites of the Soviet Union, Africa and the Middle East.

JR: these are Level 4 Bio Safety Labs (BSL). That is the highest (designation) and they have universities involved that don’t have the highest security infrastructure.

This is the second segment of our show. You and I literally got this breaking news before we started this show. The title is Cicero and Dr. Robert Malone—What Do They Have In Common? The former spoke about the enemy within and the latter is the enemy within. He knows it, we know it and Malone is a Grifter, Fraud and I Tried Silence. This article is from Dr. Paul Alexander who was with HHS (health and human services) under President Trump.

I am suspicious of him as a character and we can get into that. My antenna go way up as yours do. This guy wrote tons of cover from President Trump pushing that big, beautiful shot. It’s a little suspect and he should be held to account we just looked through his breaking substack. What do you think this is really about?

GW: I look for ‘juice’ in articles. I look for titles, dates, companies, proof, documents, trials for companies. If I was talking about Jane Ruby I’d be saying she did the I-Cardiac Flomatadine whatever from this date to this date. Here was the opinion she published and none of that is here. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some sticks in this article.

JR: to be honest with you I think this is a bit of theater. That should garner Malone suing him for something that is potentially defamatory. Calling someone in the title a grafter and a fraud…. What do you think?

GW: full spectrum dominance when you put out a message as the Defense Intelligence Agency, you put every person and spokesman all along the spectrum—all the way from left to right. You have your heroes all along the way for everybody to give money to. You want your operatives to get the money and you don’t want dollars going to investigative journalists. They are going to get the story out and that is the last thing you want. You don’t want to cut off the Jane Rubys or George Webbs.

So I think this is what it is about. Who comes out and says he owes me $10,000? First of all you must have been doing something that required a $10,000 transfer.

JR: He says of Malone in the article I divorce him! Well, what were you doing in bed with him and ‘married’ to him to begin with? He names other people who also could be accused of grifting and that is all going to come out. That is in God’s purview.

GW: These CIA guys, the Robert Cadlacs of the world who are associated with the anthrax scare that ended up in a huge windfall for Robert Cadlac who was also in charge of the corona virus. This goes back to anthrax. They created an anthrax scare after 911 investigations started getting going in Congress. Everybody in Congress got locked down…does that sound familiar? Who was the key beneficiary of all the millions that went to anthrax vaccine? Robert Cadlac. This Paul Alexander is a good friend of Robert Cadlac.

They are what I call ‘the anthrax kids.’ So let’s get the

Anthrax ‘band’ back together again. This time for SARS and what will it be this next time? Oh, it will be MERS this time. Then it will be corona virus. It’s the same kids and Vladapova named the public/private partnership on this in your interview with her with the Bio PREP Act of 2005 and the Bio Shield Act of 2004 . This really unlocks everything.

JR: Wow. Let me ask you a question I’ve always wanted to ask you from the DC days when I would clam on to the studies you put out. Are you ever afraid for your life? These are well endowed entities, they are mean. If they can take out Kennedy they can take us out. Are you ever concerned about that?

GW: I had a research assistant who was working with me with a lot of JSOC—joint special operations command in Ft. Bragg. She had a lot of inside reporting and she died in 2018. Brian Lloyd was an attorney who was working with whistle blowers at DTRA and he died of an early heart attack. So I have been close to people who have died but again that is like the point man in Viet Nam. You don’t want that guy to be the one hiding in the back. There is some responsibility with this job and it means that you have to lead from the front. If that happened I just ask that somebody behind me picks up the flag and keeps the march going.

You are right about the CIA connections. Robert Malone has talked in interviews about father and father-in-law being involved in the CIA. He decided not to do that because he wanted to help people and do vaccines. Great. He pushed vaccines for 25 years, going into the WHO and lecturing them about mRNA and how that was the future. You cannot turn this around now and be the hero and you are against mRNA. It’s a hypocrisy to begin with as there are some intelligence connections.

Robert Malone just put out a book and admits in 2009 he was introduced to Michael Callahan as a CIA operative. You don’t have to name it CIA on the building if it has to do with counter measures. You call it Defense Threat Reduction Agency. What difference does it make? It is taking the old refrigerator of bio-agents the Soviet Union had, releasing them in live exercise and then doing counter measures and making big money doing it. 9 million.

JR: 9 million for his consultancy?

GW: 9 million for his counter measures. He did the counter measure for Zika and for Ebola. There was a lab that got built in Rwanda because of the 2014 Ebola. 2016 — Zika got up as far as Miami. There was an outbreak at the games in South America before that.

So this is the way to do it—in a high profile way at a high profile event like the 2019 Military Games (in Wuhan) and now the fear goes and now you need to fund the counter measure.

JR: Wow. Let’s go to the PREP Act and the BioShield Acts.

GW: Go back to 2005 all the way back to where this thing got funded. This was get all the soviet scientists and move them to Ukraine and get them away from the hinterlands or Russia. They will get them in an area of Ukraine and then carve off Ukraine as an independent state and that will kneecap Russia in the future. That was the whole idea.

Christopher Steele was very much involved with his company, Orvis, getting these people integrated into the West. He brought them to the Port Endown (?) facility in England. This has been a long term bio-strategy of NATO and 5 Eyes since 2005.

JR: it is every bit of what Dr. David Martin said in the beginning. There are privateers and many companies behind the guys in the front like Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J. It is so much more than that and my first suspicion was the lockstep nature of this. In 2020 I was in DC and my doctor literally ran and hung up on me and said he couldn’t do anything for me.

Then I saw them blocking HCQ that came out first. I kept thinking they are going to stop this; it’s insane. They aren’t going to force this. Yet every industry and every country continued. Did that give you a clue that this was a very large operation that was higher and higher than we knew?

GW: We had a group nine days after the WHO declared Corona virus as a pandemic. It was a group of citizen journalists from all over the US come to be on the Potomac. We called it the Potomac Group and we looked at all the information that was available.

People don’t realize that there were two reports already out in the early days of February and March that said that there were 5 variants in North America and only 3 in Asia. This led me to believe the meta-data that came from the US and North America.

The other piece of data that we had was that there was a big breakout in Japan in December and January. Then we had the Chinese Foreign Ministry after Bob Redfield said they didn’t put out the right kits for detection in 2019 and the CDC was totally dark. He came out and accused the Americans of bringing it to China. That is where we picked up the story.

We said that we are only going to look at people at the highest levels. We are not bringing Joe Averages into the story and we are only bringing people that are at the top level of NATO or people that work directly for the US State Department.

All I can say is that we found a US State Dept. Services diplomatic person who was armed who usually travels with the higher ups. We placed NATO, the top level, the top guy and their career entourage in Wuhan in October before the outbreak. Now that is pretty big and is like shooting Archduke Ferdinand in WWI or Pearl Harbor in WWII.

JR: how are we ever going to stop this and then bring justice?

GW: truth is a lion and all you have to do is set it free. The sunshine is the best disinfectant and remember that little Toto pulled the curtain back on the great and powerful OZ. That is who we are and we do that rather than having huge 2nd amendment type of revolution in our country.

It is much better and much higher international ground with people watching us. If they see the truth and then it happens by itself.

JR: we are seeing lots of examples of this and more people seem to be aware instead of MSM trying to bury it. More people are getting involved. ‘They’ are saying that the uptake on the boosters was only 1/10th of what they were hoping to get. They are scrambling and made a lot of mistakes. The PCR—we are going to recall it but then give you 50 other versions of it. The public is seeing things like this as ridiculous.

Where is this going with Dr. Robert Malone? You have information about a suit against him.

GW: the suit is really about that case of the armed diplomatic services person working for the highest levels of NATO being at Wuhan. We did not characterize that person in any way as perpetrating anything. We said vaccinated and the person was not contagious. Dianne Sullivan of CNN completely reversed that story.

I think we need to find a whole new category of search and destroy journalism and call it story reversal where you attack the victim. You could call it ‘storyreversalfull.’ That is what they do. They turned around the attack on Nick Sandman the kid at the Lincoln Memorial. He won that lawsuit and this case is much worse.

This is me running down a story with 12 other journalists with a lead from the White House just trying to find out who from the Dept of State of NATO is there. Plus, the Americans were being blamed. This person was not born in the US and had been brought in from Holland to be an armed diplomatic individual for the State Dept. I didn’t want to see the US taking the blame from China and going into WWIII.

I think we diffused the situation and we are also getting to the truth and this is why you are seeing the Paul Alexanders come out of the woodwork and say Robert Malone owes me $10,000 because I ‘put a new engine in Joe Biden’s corvette.’ Oh by the way I just happened to get some classified documents while I was working on the engine. I think that is why these crazy distraction stories are coming out.

JR: so these rats are jumping ship. They are not all innocent when they are calling out ‘grifters’ and a lot of them were in bed with the bad guys they are now brushing off.

GW: yes and you take a couple of key perpetrators and key conspirators and you make them heroes on the left and then a couple more key conspirators and put them on the right. By splitting forces or hair pulling between the two groups and it’s 50/50 he said, she said, and people move on to the next story. This is a classic defense mechanism for any covert operation and you get funding for this. People give money to both sides as well.

JR: there are so many details and hundreds and hundreds of players. Maybe you will take a good chunk out of CNN in this lawsuit. What role does Dr. Robert Malone play in your suit?

GR: I am charging that a live exercise was conducted beginning on Sept 11 in 2019. The State Department was conducting a live exercise either on a nano particle or an attenuated version. There was lockdown situation. Andrew Huff from Eco Health Alliance said this was the case; the digital protection was there for a breakout. He thinks it is as early as June or July up further on the Yangtze. But the digital detection is using the satellite imagery, the lookups on google, all the things that would happen if there was a real emergency or breakout.

I’m saying and he, somebody that was there working with Peter Dazack of Eco Health Alliance, that we were in a live exercise. I am saying that the person who had the Harvard chair with MIT…remember this is a Harvard MIT professorship in Wuhan since 2009 was one Michael Callahan of DARPA.

Now that means Robert Malone was working with him during the 2014 Ebola and the 2016 Zika and he knew he was DARPA and Callahan had been introduced as a CIA operative in 2009. So Robert Malone was introduced to Michael Callahan because Michael Callahan had a Harvard MIT chair in Wuhan. The history between them in Wuhan goes back to 2009. It is critical that the American people need to know what happened between Callahan getting the chair in 2009 and in Jan 4, 2020 when he supposedly got a phone call out of the blue from Michael Callahan.

If we fill in that history and I will try to call both of them as witnesses, we will have the answer. We don’t need to go farther than those two people and what really happened with the corona virus.

JR: wow…we are going to continue our discussion in the Aftertalk extention of the Jane Ruby show. We will continue this discussion. Talk about your book Citizen Journo…

GW:the gloves are coming off in the Aftertalk. I am realgeorgewebb1. I wrote that book with Addy Adds and I wrote a couple more with a deceased associate. I have substack georgewebb. Also a Rumble channel.


Aftertalk with George Webb and Jane Ruby After talk with Jane Ruby and George Webb

GW: Alchem is all these people from the old soviet bioweapons program called BioPREPPER Act. These are a lot of Ukrainans back in 2004 and 2005 moved to Odessa and now you have the Odessa people that you rinse with the ‘red, white and blue’ rinse and bring them here. Who better to work on counter measures for the old pathogens than the people who did the pathogens in the beginning.

That is all part of biodefense, but where this takes a turn is when you say let’s deliberately put this stuff out in a live exercise and we can cash in on the mRNA vaccines. We will have the insider, Michael Callahan of DARPA to do the live exercise and we have the insider at the Defense Strategy Reduction Agency, Bill Boar (?) and it’s an inside game here and not a public bid situation with Robert Malone. That is what has happened since 2005.

JR: you have said that Alchem is involved in some of the nastiest part of gain of function and that is to create the antibody enhancement and that is the planned destruction of human immunity.

GW: yes; the way it works is that I can come in with a pathogen like corona virus that is relatively 1% pathogenic. But as my submarine attack I go not for head of the spike protein or antigen, I go for the stalk and that is the functional constant part of the protrubances from the cells from your T-cells. This is the same attack that HIV made against your T-cells.

What is really pernicious about this attack is that once it goes into your T-cell and the T-cell is trying to respond to the first light attack from corona virus, it is making more of the really bad thing. It is a secondary attack and could be the HIV virus. We say the 5 proteins from HIV being delivered and again, this is how HIV attacks the T-cells in the F-C pathway and it is called the functional constant pathway.

When I saw this I said that this is weaponizing HIV and aerosolation of HIV because you come with the corona virus balloon but then you immediately do the submarine attack to this F-C gateway. This is autobody dependent enhancement. This is ADE and there is no guessing and that is what Alchem does.

JR: it is to fatigue and burnout the entire immune system.

You have validated so many medical counter measures analysis of 2019….

Alchem Laboratories Corporation dedicated to excellence in custom synthesis

Medical Countermeasures Analysis of 2019-nCoV and Vaccine Risks for Antibody – Dependent….Enhancement ADE

JR: this is unbelievable and this company should be shut down and raided and cleaned out.

GW: holds up sign: say hello to nicotine 3.0

JR: you mean they are going to poison people through nicotine? I have always said this is why they want you to take more and more and more. They are priming you with many different things.

GW: this say hello to nicotine 3.0 is on the Alchem website and that is their product. That is Robert Malone’s product. This is going to inhalable vaccines. DARPA was working on inhalable vaccines. Go back to 2009 and look at the inhalable Anthrax vaccine. Look at Ebola and MERS and they are looking at testing people who are not informed. This is the terrorist situation where you want to go put this in the Hookay of the Tora Bora terrorist with Osama Bin Laden. Then when they go through a body scanner they can say, ‘hey this is the 3.0’. They are repurposing the war on terror to now bring it to DHS for tracking and tracing you. This is the real story here with Alchem.

JR: Whoa, George!

GW: holds up the phone showing the partner page: here is ther partner page. This is Robert Malone’s partner page and you can see Virginia Bio, Alchem, Vapor Bar, Leidos, Reliance—another DOD DARPA contractor.

JR: this is mind blowing. I knew there was more to this Alchem company. Dr. Robert Malone claims that he left the company. What does that mean?

GW: to me Robert Malone goes from company to company like a spokesman. It’s time to commercialize that product, go public with the product and make a lot of money. He is sort of like Ronald Reagan was in the old GE Theater.

Malone is the one who said now is the time for mRNA. He is the fixture that they screwed in at the key switch whether to go live with mRNA or not and whether there was an existing solution and natural like HDQ or IVM. He is the one who pulled the switch to go mRNA.

We are just saying it is time to tell the truth. (holding phone up 8.48 min) Here is the F-C pathway: the s domain may enable an alternative infection pathway via the F-C mediated receptor. I am reading from Alchem’s own paper. This may be the gaining event in immune response disregulation.

This is exactly what happens in HIV and in Ebola. They take over the T-helper cells. When the body is trying to respond to fight back the first minor infection, it actually creates a much worse pathogen in secondary reaction by creating a bunch of T-cells to fight the first infection. They are talking about doing this study for SARS, MERS and SARS2 CoV. This has been since the 2004 All PREP Act and Bio-Shield Act that Alchem has been involved in every step of the way.

The whole clade of Corona Virus is SARS, MERS and SARS2 and all the variants that have come along thereafter. This is all Alchem and you cannot hide from your scientific papers. This is why I say I kind of like Robert Malone and his interesting personality…

JR: how could you like someone that is responsible on so many levels for the mass damage, maiming and destruction of humanity?

GW: until I knew that …up until you tune in to the Dr. Jane Ruby show, you don’t know. You just think Robert Malone is the most interesting man in the world like the Dos Equis guy.

JR: I have had a crawling feeling in my body since the moment I first heard him speak on Bannon a year and a half ago.

GW: when I saw him on Bannon then I knew that this is more than controlled opposition. This is the splitting of the conspirators…left and right…to get full spectrum dominance using both sides. That is who Robert Malone is. I have nothing Robert Malone or science of any of the things like developing counter measures for the US of America. But profiteering is bad enough from something that killed so many people. But then turning around and trying to be the savior and take money is a bridge too far.

JR: I see it slightly differently—I see it as from the beginning understanding that you are not only going to be profiting hugely but it is going to be at the cost of maybe 100s of millions of people around the world and 1/3 to ½ of the US population.

Let’s just stick with America for now—to me that screams Treason. I am not accusing and I am not bringing an indictment yet, but call me crazy. It wasn’t about drooling and salivating over making $10 billion as a single human being. It was in order to propagating somebody else’s agenda and it is becoming my interest to kill and maim maybe 100 million people in the US.

GW: I do think there is an agenda here for heart damage. We started the show and the PQRT wave in the logo behind you is what EKG’s measure. There is a controlled set of spikes. I had a partner who said this was going to happen in 2017. She said it was going to be influenza spikes, but there was a series of influenza where there was vaccine fatigue. The next series was just close enough that it would use the old antibodies and wouldn’t be a specific response and the macrophages would come in and cause the damage.

Through a series of vaccine fatigue responses, you would have a little scarring on the first one, a little more on the second one, third one, fourth one, reducing your stroke volume for your heart, causing more heart attacks and remember if you scar the heart you reduce the electro-conductivity between the SA nodes and that can cause these sudden heart attacks.

This is where you were going and why I liked your research in the Died Suddenly into the heart.

JR: it wasn’t in the Died Suddenly. I want make that really clear that I was not invited to be part of it and I had nothing to do with it but what you mean is the white fibrous clots on which I broke the story after working with Richard Hershman for many months. Screenshot of JR Show: Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled With Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots

GW: you were heading in the heart direction is what I am saying and the pulmonary lung damage area. I think something happened and I love Stew, but I think somebody got in there and hijacked this thing away from the heart…

JR: There you go George! There you go! When somebody messes with the narrative of the truth, I knew what the truth was, because I was working with Hershman. When it comes out a little differently or fills in with other stuff, I think to myself ‘antenna’—who is qui bono!

GW: yes, this was a plan I think unfortunately and I don’t know if it was Kissinger or his key lackey, Matt Pottinger who was in Wuhan as well running the China desk for the National Security Council. He was the one who did not tell Trump about this thing until after Nancy Pelosi had her huge potluck for the New Year’s Day of the Chinese New Year. Who does that in the middle of a breakout? The next day they went to Trump.

You were on this heart and you have the heart symbol there and this is the key attack vector at the heart and the lungs is secondary. I think you nailed it and I think my partner nailed it. I think somebody has hijacked this train to keep you away from the symbol that you represent.

JR: if that is the case it’s a race against time to get the truth to people in terms of stopping them of continuing with boosters. And it is not just boosters for the C19; what you have laid out is so much broader than that—the Nicotine 3.0 that then maybe they can make an excuse for inhalable vaccines. My God why would you want an inhalable vaccine?

I want to know what your thoughts are on…millions of people who have taken 2 shots and 2 to 3 boosters. We know from the Pfizer documents that something is transferred and I agree with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny—that is the appropriate term—transferred. Not shedding…but we call it shedding colloquially. We know that something is transferred.

Are hundreds of millions of people around the earth contaminating the earth? The world, the water the air by concentrating this stuff?

GW: I think initially it is what they call vectors. Air is vector. Vape is a much better vector because you have 20,000 times the viral load from normal breathing like the air. You mentioned food and Bill Gates is talking about vaccines that you can eat with meats. Robert Malone and his folks have a long ambition of people growing tobacco to also grow vaccines as I mentioned before. Those are initial ones.

In Watch the Water with Brian Ardis I don’t think he articulated to himself as well as he should have in the documentary. I later clarified with him and he was saying the homology of the GP120 protein that is what attacks the F-C Pathway and is the submarine attack vehicle and this is what they were trying to emulate with spike proteins of the venom.

He wasn’t saying snake venom was in there; he was saying they put in genes that made a snake-like venom that also look like GP-120. Guess who made his career on attaching GP 120 to anything? It was at Vi-Cal and before that. Dr. Robert Malone.

JR: OMG…all roads lead back.

GW: all roads lead back to Dr. Robert Malone and you look at how he suppressed his GP120 research. He has tried to erase his name off everything he did with GP-120. Go all the way back to his original work at Cal and the Salk Institute and it’s all GP120. He in Murray Garther’s lab at Cal for the HIV lab that used GP120 to infect the cell.

Murray Garther brought him back on a plane from Luc Montaigne in France. He was at the ground zero of the HIV thing and he completely erases this from his history.

JR: why has nobody noticed that? That he has erased that?

GW: I think you have some very powerful vehicles to amplify false narratives. Joe Rogan for whatever reason just doesn’t dive and doesn’t do the deep dive. So he ends up being the biggest spreader of all the kind of false narratives.

JR: there is a reason for that George in my opinion..i’m glad you asked. My second PhD is in psychology research and I am not a therapist. However, understanding advanced psychology I just think that …. I don’t believe anybody flips 180 degrees in their values. In order to go from being a progressive far left wing lunatic to being ‘oh I get it now’ … I don’t get it. They jumped on the Trump train in 2016 because that is where all the parties were in DC. I think Joe Rogan was the perfect vehicle.

GW: he also moved to Austin where Alex Jones is.

JR: so that is for the ‘countering.’

GW; yes, these are the train jumpers who take over the Great Train Robbery. They take over the truth trains and derail them to mRNA. Robert Malone was in where ‘Casey Jones was in the boiler of the train.’ He is the guy who turned the switch away from HCQ and IVM –he had experience with them and he had published papers about them. he made the train go toward mRNA.

That is really important—this train jumping thing is jumping the track and getting hold of the narrative and make sure Jane Ruby doesn’t talk about the heart. She has the pqrst wave behind her (the show logo); make sure she doesn’t talk about the heart.

JR: I am also a cardiac nurse practitioner, I have a big mouth and I am not afraid to talk. It’s a bad combination for them.

GW: I also want people to know that you wanted to be a nurse practitioner in the critical care heart setting where you are dealing with cardiologists every day and you know the language of cardiology. This was the insider threat. I have a couple of relatives that are in the medical arena. But you were on the inside and you have the network and you were at Rochester, NY and it is a big hub now for medical cardiac.

GW: Dr. Malone, Steve Hirsch, they are all going to Rochester in March again? Why? You had the inside track of that knowledge.

JR: the first part of the narrative when the cardiac damage was coming out was that it was ‘mild’ and this will be fine. This has a 5 year mortality rate with myocarditis whether you are 1 year old or a hundred years old. It does not matter.

People do not understand that cardiac tissue does not regenerate.

That is why a heart attack—eschemia in the heart—that tissue is gone forever and you better hope you have collateral circulation around that dead tissue. It doesn’t regenerate. When you damage it with tons of inflammation from the reaction of the heart to protect itself, the inflammation itself damages the cardiac. They are going to take out a lot of people over the next 5 to 10 years.

It will be slow and people will say, oh he had a heart attack. He had that myocarditis. They are just not putting it together George.

GW: I’ll throw in another one that you just won’t believe. Stephen Bansell (?), the CEO of Moderna that was the number one beneficiary of mRNA he was the guy who built the lab in Wuhan. He was the key beneficiary for that lab to leak. Now he is coming out with a heart vaccine that transfers the genes you need for vascular endothelial growth factor–the EGF to rebuild part of those heart structures. It is ancillary cardiovascular development to go around the things that have been scarred. Again he is the key component and the key beneficiary to the thing you have behind you (the show logo of the heart).

Can you see why “I need to take out Dr. Jane Ruby” off this train? They cannot have you on the truth train on that. They would have taken it and said wait a minute, the key beneficiary is Stephen Bensell and he just came out with a heart vaccine. That is 2 for 2 in 2 years with the mRNA and that is too close.

Now I will throw a third one in and he has also come out with a cancer vaccine. They are talking about all these ancillary cancers.

JR: yes, I did a story on it. Tell me what you know.

GW: that is 3 for 3. It’s like fortuitous arson. It’s not like two liquor stores competing or 2 gasoline stations. This is a worldwide business and its with mRNA. He has done a trifecta on these with crazy coincidences.

JR: absolutely. George this is so deep I just worry… we will attack it piecemeal and we won’t get the dog pulling the curtain back in the wizard of oz. We need more of that and it’s just the beginning.

GW: there is a dearth of content and there are a million people out there that are doing shows. The quality and this kind of content is not there. What they will do is steal all your stuff. That is ok because it will multiply everything times a thousand.

JR: I never minded that George. I never minded someone for ripping this up and putting it on every other platform you can think of. What I have resented and what I am concerned about is not telling the whole story that I have laid out it is not about an ego thing of me being first. It is about me being early and where are those other doctors like Alexander and Mccullough? They are trying to pretend that they just discovered all this stuff about Malone.

That is the disingenuousness and the danger and that is what it is about.

GW: I am with you about Malone 100% and the picture behind you is why they didn’t want you on the train. It is that simple and I think we are going to get the message out. There are too many good people like you. Well, there is not enough but there are too many people who want your ratings and want your content. They will steal this and put it out.

JR: you are very kind…

What are your thoughts?

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