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Plasma Energy for Peace!

A Special from Dr. Paul and Lynn!

Hi Everyone!

September 11, 2020 would have been Paul and Lynn’s 55th wedding anniversary!  We were very fortunate to spend 54 years together and even in our later years we could look each other in the eyes, say “I love you!” and mean it!  My wish is that you are all as fortunate.

When our children used to ask Paul what he wanted for gifts at birthday or Christmas he would always answer, “Peace!”  Now he never went into detail about Peace.  One year Stephanie made him a big sign for Christmas that said Peace! 

As you can see from the date above September 11th was OUR date first.  That date was hijacked and our country and our world have been experiencing diminishing peace since then.  So read on to find out what I’d like to do about that especially to honor the many years Paul and I had together. 

You can scroll to the end to see the offer but don’t miss all the great information in between!

First let me tell you about a recent email that I had.  A mother with a teenaged son, “a big football player teenaged son” said that she had started using the Peace water in his water bottle and when she laundered his sheets and clothing.  She was reporting that ‘flare-ups’ were less frequent.  As any parent who has had teenagers knows, even in loving relationships there can be flareups!

It got me to thinking about an event in our town when many people were extremely upset over some actions by certain members of the city government.  A group of women was fuming about it and what they were going to do about such as going to the next town council meeting, complaining through letters and so forth.  I am no stranger to seeking resolution through those avenues and sometimes experiencing indifference and lack of response from officials.

Pads are made by spraying plasma water on them first then drying

I decided to do something different.  I made some pads with Peace water and put them under rocks at City Hall.  I put peace pads under a table in the coffee hangout for these city officials.  And I put my intention in those Peace pads for the best outcome for all involved. 

Within two months two of the city officials involved in what had caused the ruckus had resigned.  Did Peace pads have anything to do with that?  I say “Never overlook the power of intention combined with plasma energy!”  Look at the pictures below.

One set of pictures shows the devastation of Dominica from Hurricane Maria and one home and garden that were COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED for a 30-foot radius from a jar of plasma energy water a son had made for his parents the year before. He had placed a jar of the plasma water in his parents’ garden for the well-being of the garden and the family.  Outside this 30-foot radius their tool sheds were destroyed and all the plants and trees were completely knocked over or stripped of their leaves and flowers.

Before and after pictures in Dominica—hurricane Maria-Plasma water made by Tom spared the house and gardens; 90% of Dominica was destroyed

In another set of photos you can see what happened when Paulette used some plasma energy water on her petunia that was pulled up by a deer.  As you see in the photo it didn’t look so good.  She replanted the petunia and watered it with plasma water.  And she had the intention that this would work.  Just look at the photos!  It did work!

What is in Never-Ending Plasma Energy Peace Water? 

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Peace has CO2, ZnO2, CH3, Amino Acids and those components found in hemoglobin. 

How To Use

Once you set up your jar of peace water with the unopened vial placed inside or attached to the outside of the jar, let it change overnight.  Then it’s ready to use.  Make pads of it and carry in your car, wallet, or purse.  Be creative with the use…place it around the perimeter of your property if you wish to be in a peaceful ‘oasis’.  Place your written intentions on peace pads.  Be creative!  

Lynn’s friend Dianne placed pads around the grounds of her apartment complex.  She was devastated when the landscapers removed them.  But wait…it’s not a problem.  Lynn told her to take a spray bottle with her plasma water in it and spray the rocks!  The rocks are going to stay there and they can hold the energy.  So can trees, plants and fences! 

You can spray some ribbon and hang them in the trees or on the plants. 

Or just spray the trees and plants directly and let them be your Peace plasma water containers!  A little peace goes a long way! 

Tommy Lee told Lynn what he did about some ‘rough neighbors’ and undesirable neighborhood activity. 

He soaked popsicle sticks with plasma energy water and put them around the boundaries of his property.  He said that within a few weeks the ‘rough neighbors’ had moved away and the hoodlums in the neighborhood never crossed the street to his side of the street.    

So Lynn, get to the point!  What is your offer?

Okay here it is.  We want to spread Peace around our lives, our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns and cities, our country and our planet.  Here’s how you can save on Peace vials for yourself and family and friends.

–First purchase one vial of Peace for $27. –Then set up your container of Peace water by attaching the vial to the container of distilled or filtered water with your intention of peace.  –Once it sits overnight it’s ready to use.  –After that initial set up all you have to do is add more filtered or distilled water as needed.  It will change pretty quickly. –You will now have a never ending supply. –Then make more vials or patches as shown by Lynn in videos on this site to use yourself or share with others.

If you are too busy to make the patches and vials for family and friends, take advantage of the following offer:

Purchase two vials for $20 each for a total of $40

Purchase five vials for $17 each for a total of $85

Purchase ten vials for $15 each for a total of $150

Just send Lynn the names and addresses where you want the vials sent and she will mail them at no additional cost to you!  Let’s spread the peace!

We Have More Ideas For You–How About A Little More Peace In Your Life?  

Dr. Paul, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace and how you, your pets and your environment can benefit from having the plasma energy water of Peace.

Paul and Lynn wrote their Invitation and Intention for Peace and have read it often in past videos.  Paul thoroughly believed in the use of intention when making the Plasma Energy GANS.  Just think of the Intention displayed in the studies by Japanese scientist Masuro Emoto.  You can find out more about that in The Messages From Water.  What follows is Paul and Lynn’s intention for Peace:

Our Intention and Invitation: 

“All plasma energy that originated from Paul and Lynn’s efforts joins every other bit of plasma energy that originated from their efforts wherever that plasma energy is in the world—on the land, in the waters of the rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and in the clouds above. 

All that  plasma energy brings Paul and Lynn’s intention everywhere on, above, around and below the surface of Planet Earth that all living beings are filled with love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being with the ethics and morality to support the love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being of all living beings on Planet Earth including the living being, our home—Planet Earth. 

All of like intentions are invited to join this Intention.”

Just imagine what Plasma Energy waters can do for you!

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