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Is The Smoke From The Fires In The West Getting To You?

Here Are Some Ways To Use Your Plasma Energy Station And Other Plasma Energy Formula Waters!

Lynn knows a couple who are about 20 minutes away from fires in California.  Their neighborhood is covered with ash and breathing the particulates in the air are causing headaches and more.  What follows is what Lynn suggested to them and suggests to all of you who are experiencing the poor air quality caused by the fires.

Be sure to read below about the plasmatic field of protection that protected a home and garden in Dominica.  There was a 30-foot perimeter around the house and garden  that was unaffected by Hurricane Maria because of some plasma energy water their son had made and put in the center of their garden.

And here are some suggestions to help your home environment:

  1. Spray the Plasma Energy Station water on your exterior walls, and around the exit doors. 
  2. Go to the property line, such as a fence around the yard and spray that with the plasma energy water.   This sets up a field that can act as a protective dome for lack of a better term. 
  3. If you need to open your windows because of hot temperatures spray cloth such as table cloths, curtains, towels or pillow cases with the plasma energy water and have that as an indoor barrier to the smoke. 
  4. For headaches you can spray a bandana and wear it on your head (or a cap).  You can spray your head with the water.
  5. Use your Plasma Energy Station water, or other plasma energy waters that you have (or all combined) with a breathing tube made with aquarium tubing….7 or 8 feet of it.  Coil the tubing up in a large glass mason or pickle jar.  Leave the ends hanging out.  Pour the water OVER the tubing and fill the jar up.  You can leave that water in there.  Do not put any water into the tubing. 
  6. For headaches or impaired breathing issues breathe the in-breath through the tubing and just exhale out into the room.  That is a close ‘direct delivery system’ to the brain and the lungs which send energy to the brain.  If it’s still very smoky spray a damp sheer cloth or coffee filter over the air intake end of the tubing.  Let the covering dry before you put it on the tubing.  If it gets gunky change it for a clean covering.  Coffee filters could work well as they will be easy to cut several coverings from one filter.
  7. These same instructions could also be useful in the case of dust storms.

Is The Smoke From the Fires Getting to You?

Lynn Schmaltz gives some suggestions on using plasma energy waters in various ways in and around your home to help you deal with the particulates in the air from the fires in the Western United States.  These suggestions will also help when there are dust storms or when you are dealing with high pollen counts and allergies. 

How to Make a Plasma Energy Breathing Device

Never open and empty out the contents of the plasma energy vials. This process can be used with ANY of our combinations.  It can be used with PEACE, 
Plasma Energy Station water, Clear Mind, etc

The water changed by the plasma energy vial will be added to a hookah or bong that you purchase. 

The vial is attached to or placed unopened in a clear glass or plastic container of water to charge the water.  You will then add this water to the breathing device (hookah) of your choice that you can purchase locally or online. 

The charged water is then placed in the bottom of the device and you breathe the air through a tube that passes through the water (you don’t breathe water, just the air). 

The air you are breathing that is charged with plasma energy then goes to the lungs to support the emotions.  The center for the emotion is in the brain.  

This method of breathing is being used for relief in various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and mental issues such as those brought on by stroke, Alzheimers and brain conditions in children.  This is non-toxic and suitable for any ages.  There are no medicines in the air or the water in the breathing tube but only the plasmatic fields. 

See articles on these conditions on our web page How to Make Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station And How to Use The Plasma Energy Water

Find out how to use a Breathing Device to get results faster from using various Never Ending Plasma Energy formulas and hear a testimonial from Hope who talks About Lyme Relief, Clear Mind, New Tech Freq Relief And More! Find out if there is something special in this video for you.

If You Are Not Familiar With Never Ending Plasma Energy Products Here Is Some Additional Information For You

We would like to share some information with you about our Plasma Energy Solution.  What is Plasma Energy?  It is the magnetic/gravitational energy that keeps the planets in their positions.  It is the same energy that keeps all the components of your cells in their proper position and functioning. 

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, Lynn’s husband and Stephanie’s dad, isolated the magnetic/gravitational energy called GANS (gas in atomic nano solid state) of many various metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, indium as well as those energies from herbs, vitamins, salts, minerals, foods, roots, stems, and leaves that all have beneficial energies for the bodies. 

Why?  Dr. Paul and Lynn wanted to isolate energies that are found in the various foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements many people take for granted that they are always able to get easily in an instant delivery system. 

Dr. Paul and Lynn wanted to add beneficial energies to their surroundings.  They wanted to help themselves and other people who were spending hundreds of dollars on these products they used monthly. 

How?  The energy is isolated in the GANS which is kept in water.  The GANS water is placed in small vials that you purchase one time and use on a jar of distilled, purified or filtered water to change the energy of that water.  Then you drink that water, apply it to clothing and your surroundings and more as instructed in many videos by Dr. Paul, Lynn and Stephanie.  With some of the formulas you can create a ‘dome’ effect of beneficial plasma energy around your home and property. 

That is why we have Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace –it can be used for you, your family, your pets, your home and your property. It is a Never-Ending source of plasma energy.  You can share your changed peace water with family and friends…just put some of your changed water in a vial or small jar and have them do what you.  They can share with others as you have done.  It is Never Ending, just as sunshine from our sun (more plasma energy) in our lives!

You can find blogs about many of the products as well as Testimonials, FAQs and videos on our website as well as our ‘sister’ website that features quality long term shelf life fully cooked bacon and non-GMO Simply Clean Foods, all free of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, perfect for hunters, campers and preppers.

This plasma energy station has 16 vials that contain more than 450 plasma energies.  The station is a clear glass or clear plastic that you purchase and add the vials to.  In cold weather we ship 4 large BPA- free plastic vials with the same 450+ plasma energies.  The bodies of you and your pets will pick and choose the energies they need at any given time.  Your plants will do the same ‘picking and choosing’ of energies.

Here are Before and after pictures of Hurricane Maria 

90% of was Dominica destroyed. 

Plasma water made by Tom a couple of years earlier and placed in his parents’ garden spared the house and gardens for a 30-foot circumference around the jar.  Sheds and all plant life were destroyed outside the 30-foot circle.

Just imagine what Plasma Energy waters can do for you!

Do You Have Your Plasma Energy Station?  Be Sure To See Our Basic, Medium and Large Preparedness Packages On Our Website!

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