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What Do Masks and Dental Health Have To Do With A Healthy Heart?

Find Out Why Our Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart has more than 200 helpful energies for you plus the additional energies from Anxiety Relief, Clean Mouth, Detox, Silver, Peace, B9 Korean Salt, Gold, Amino Acids and Hemoglobin

Is This the Perfect Time for Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart?

Lynn Schmaltz introduces Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart which provides a combination of energies to support mouth health which can prevent heart issues, as well as supporting the body with those ‘fight or flight’ emotions.

Would Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart be a good addition to your Plasma Energy Pantry? 

For the Month of September Healthy Heart is on Sale to help you, your family and friends support the body.

Healthy Heart has more than 220 ingredients:

Homeopathics Energies:  Asfoetida, Kali iodatum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Stillingia  Sylvatica, Aranea Diadema, Vitamin D3, Hydrocortisone, Mercurius Praepicipitatus Ruber, Calcarea Phosphorica, Hekia Lavax, Parathyroid Gland, Aurum Metallicum,  Lycopodium Clavatum, Gaertner  Bacillus, plus Demineralized Water, 25% Ethanol

Strontium Plus: V- D3 (Cholecalciferol) (derived from lanolin), V-K (as Menaquinone 7 {MK-7} (K2), Strontium as Strontium Citrate, Cellulose, Croscarmellose Socium, Steric Acid, Magnesium Stearate & Silica 

Bitter Herbs, Cholecaliferol, V K2, Folinic Acid, Methylcobalamin, Calcium as Citrate/MCHA, Phosphorous/MCHA, Magnesium AA Chelate, Zinc Gluconate,

Copper Glycinate, Molydenum Aspartate, Horsetail (Shave Grass) (Equisetum arvense), Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea)(L), Strontium (Oxide), Silicon (Aspartate), Boron (Glycinate), Vanadium (Aspartate), Microcrystaline Hydroxyapatite (Mcha), Lyophilized,

MitoQ: Mitochondria targeted antioxidant, CoQ10, MitoQ (Mitoquinol mesylate),

Red Yeast Rice with CoQ 10, Red Yeast rice Powder 600 mg CoQ

PRO Vital C-Liposomal Delivery, C proprietary formulation of ascorbic acid,

lipid metabolites (fatty acids), Bioflavonoids (from citrus bioflavonoid complex),   L-Carnitine – 100% levo, L-Carnitine as LCarnitine Fumarate, Niacin,  Nicine  as B3/Nicotinic Acid, Norwegian Fish Oil, Total Omega Fatty Acids, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (Dacosahexaenoic acid)

Essential Oils for Heart health including Turmeric, DNA damage Repair, Copaiba,

Yarrow/Palm, Metabolic blend for healthy metabolism support and liver and other organ functions, fish oil, juiced Powders and pulp;

Fruit Powder – apple, cranberry, beet root, pineapple, acerola cherry, mango, peach, date,  prune, lemon peel, tapioca pullulan, citric pectin, citrus bioflavonoids, calcium  ascorbate, natural carotenoid blend (lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin,  zeaxanthin), natural tocopherol blend, (y, 𝛿, a, β – tocopherols, sunflower a – tocopherol)  natural enzyme blend, bromelain, Lactobacillus acidophilus 

Vegetable Powder – carrot, Parsley, Broccoli, spinach,  kale, tomato,  rice bran, garlic,  cabbage, beet, lemon, tocopherol blend, calcium ascorbate, natural tocopherol blend  (y, 𝛿, a, β – tocopherols, sunflower a – tocopherol) natural carotenoid blend, lutein, bata  carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin)calcium carbibnate, spirulina,natural  enzyme blend, Lactobacillus, Adrenal Support, Vitamin C, B12 – Riboflavin, B3 -Niaicin, B6 -Pyridoxine, B5 – Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Zinc bisglycinate, Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate, Potassium Glycinate Complex, Lemon Bioflavonoid from Citrus & Lemon fruit peel, L-Tyrosine, Parotid (from bovine) Predigested Thymus, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, Adrenal Gland (bovine)Predigested, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Spleen (bovine) Predigestrd, Grape Extract Proanthocyanidins, Green Tea Extract, B vitamins, Yerba mate leaf, 

Organic Vegetable blend: yeast, pea, oat bran, red pepper, carrot, Broccoli, cucumber.. okra, beet, wild yam, wild blueberry, apple, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, grape, orange, raspberry seed, blackberry bilberry, tart cherry, cinnamon, pomegranate, black current. 

Probiotics: Lactobacillus Plantarum, DDS.1, L-acidphilus, Bacillus, Coagulans, Bifido bacterium bifidum, B. Lactis, L Balgercus, L Saivarius, Enterococcus Faecium, Streptococcus Thermophilus, System: Amylase, Protease I, protease II, Peptizyme SP-Serrapeptase, Lipase, Invertase, Celluase, Lactase, Phytase, Patented Organic Zinc, Patented Organic Copper, Patented Organic Manganese, and molasses. 

Other ingredients: Rice complex, Beet Fiber, Plant based Manganese Stearate, Silica, Lemongrass; Protease, Papain, Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, Alpha Galactosidase, Cellulase, Sucrase, Betaine HCI, Glucoamyase, Anti-gluten enzyme blend, Peppermint leaf, Ginger root, Caraway seed. 

Healthy Heart also contains additional Never Ending Plasma Energy GANS waters of Anxiety Relief, Clean Mouth, Detox Relief, Peace, Silver, B9 Korean Salt, Gold, Amino Acids, and Hemoglobin. See below for more information on these particular ingredients

Here is how you use Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart:

The vial with the plasma water from the GANS of the ingredients listed above can be placed on or in a large clear glass or plastic container filled with filtered or distilled water. You can use this as your drinking water all day.  You can add it to your water bottle for the day as well as to any coffee or tea that you make during the day. 

You can also wash any of your bedding, blankets and clothing and then do an additional rinse and add a cup of the Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Heart to a second rinse in the washing machine. Let everything soak for about two hours in the rinse water with the plasma water, then spin and dry as usual. Once you have laundered these items in the plasma energy water you don’t need to repeat it. The plasma energy does not ‘wash’ out and it does not ‘expire’.

You can put some of the water in spray bottle and spray it around the area where you sleep as well as your favorite reading or TV chair.  Spray some of the water on yourself after you bathe or shower and put some of the plasma energy water in your bath water.  

Is Your Face Covering Changing You?

In an August 9, 2020, article there is a warning from a dentist in New York of what he is calling the potential side effects of “mask mouth”. Dr. Rob Ramondi told the New York Post that “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before.  After 50% of our patients are being impacted by this [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’—after ‘meth mouth.’

Dr. Ramondi’s colleague, Dr. Marc Sclafani, explained that “People tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose while wearing a mask. The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva—and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth…saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.”

Periodontal issues constitute a risk factor for serious cardiovascular disorders. 

The dentists added that bad breath is already a sign of gum disease or an excess of tongue bacteria, although it is encouraging patients to schedule a cleaning.  The article goes on to state that possible home remedies to address mouth issues may include consuming more water, reducing caffeine intake, installing a humidifier, gargling with alcohol-free mouthwash, tongue scraping, and avoid cigarettes, they said.

How Can You Use Plasma Energy to Avoid Mask Mouth?

Drink plenty of water—Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Water offers your body nearly 500 energies of vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, teas, foods, supplements, gold, silver, copper and many other beneficial ingredients.  Your body will pick and choose at any given time the energies that it needs and ignore the rest at that time.  This water is shown to be beneficial to people, pets and plants

See our blog regarding the case for drinking plasma energy station water at

Your mouthNever Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth can have many beneficial effects.  It can be combined with Plasma Energy Station Water and used as a mouthwash—add some essential oils for flavor and you have an excellent, non-alcohol, non-toxic mouthwash.  Make a spray bottle with the water and spray your mouth, spray your tooth brush, and use the water in a water pik.  If you make your own toothpaste with charcoal, coconut oil, essential oils, xylitol or erythritol and what ever else you choose, you can mix in the Clean Mouth for effective management of your teeth and gums.  It can be put on a piece of gauze if you have a toothache to help clear up the issue.

See our blog about Clean Mouth at

What Does Inefficient Breathing Do To Your Brain?

Your brain—when you are not breathing well do you get brain fog?  Not inhaling and exhaling properly means that you are inhaling the toxins your body is trying to get rid of through exhalation. If your lungs help supply your brain with what you need for clear thinking, how can they do that when they are re-circulating your own carbon monoxide? 

What effect is not breathing efficiently having not only on your brain but on your lungs and therefore on the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood?  What happens to the cells that are waiting for nutrients and oxygen for proper functioning?

What can Never Ending Plasma Energy Clear Mind do to help these conditions in your body?   See our blog on Clear Mind at

Is There A Special Way to Breathe For Better Health?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses Wim Hof’s breathing techniques to help you boost your immunity and enhance your energy and well being.  Find out more about this timely discussion in today’s uncertain environment.

What Can You Do About Fear and Anxiety?

woman in green and white stripe shirt covering her face with white mask

Does fear feed health conditions?  Is your TV keeping you plugged into fear?   When we are in a state of fear we start to do shallow breathing, cutting back on the amount of oxygen we get in our bodies.  This is why energies found in Healthy Heart include Anxiety Relief and Peace.

Detox Relief Is Especially Important When You Are Wearing Masks Every Day!

business people wearing face masks and talking

Detox Relief took over 4 months to develop and has over 150 plasma energy ingredients that include homeopathic remedies, oral chelation remedies that include Vitamins C and E, B6, B12, Magnesium Oxide, Selenium, B-acetyl Choline, EDTA, Calcium Disodium, Timatheglycine, Bromelain, Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium, Silicate, Silica Dioxide, circumin, lipase, cetyl myristoleate, over 80 seeds, berries, roots and herbs.

In addition there are certain essential oils, teas, Swedish bitters, salmon fish oil, saffron, Fulvic and humic acid, plasma energy station water, zeolite, diatamaceous earth, C-60 oil, certain South American herbs and energies from Never Ending Plasma Energy Inflammation Relief and Clean Mouth. 

The combination is meant to support the body while also detoxing the body.  The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others.  Remember that these are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state. 

How Can You Use Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief and how you (and your pets can) can benefit. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos.  We appreciate your subscribing and giving us a thumbs up! 

More Special Energies in Healthy Heart Include the energies from Silver, B9 Korean Salt, Gold, Amino Acids and the energies found in Hemoglobin. 

The Silver, B9 Korean Salt and Gold energies are generally not found for sale anywhere else. 

It takes up to 6 months to develop a very small amount of the Silver and Gold GANS (gas in atomic nano solid state). 

B9 Korean Salt was sent to Dr. Paul by a Korean company who wanted him to tell them his results with using the B9 Korean Salt in his formulas.  Dr. Paul made a GANS of the B9 Korean Salt and found it to be a very powerful addition to many of his energy combinations.

Here is a chart that shows the energy relationship between the teeth and different parts of the body.  Notice that heart is your upper and lower back molars:

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