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In Honor of Dr. Paul Here’s 25% Off Everything for December.

December 2020 Special

To Honor Dr. Paul who Passed Last December We are Offering the Following Special for the Month of December:

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Paul Schmaltz  April 9, 1940  –  December 20, 2019

This month I am honoring Paul, who passed last December 20th.

Our love story started in 1964 when I was home from summer school before my senior year at University of Arizona.  Paul was home on leave from the Army for a couple of weeks and had just returned from assignment Germany.  Lucky for me he didn’t find someone in Germany for his life’s companion!  We dated until I went back to Arizona…and we decided to get married after I graduated.  We were married for 54 years and could still look each other in the eye each day and say, Í love you, and mean it.

I look at pictures from various times in our lives and wonder how it all went so quickly.  Every morning and night I say, “I love you Paul, wherever you are.”  And where is he?  Do we just change dimensions and perhaps still spend some time around those we love when we are in a different dimension? 

I ‘talk’ to Paul often and sometimes I ask for a little help from him wherever he is.  We had family who decided to move here.  Quality rentals that accept dogs are hard to find here.  I finally said to Paul one day that we could use some help with finding suitable housing for family that he had tried to convince for two years that this would be a good change from the city they lived in.  That day I went for a walk earlier than usual.  I ran into Willy who works nearby and whom we have known for 9 years.  I’ve seen him out walking his dog about 4 times in those 9 years. 

Willy and I stopped and talked and I told him about looking for a rental.  I told him about a place we had missed out on because of timing.  He knew about that 4-plex and told me he had heard someone was moving out in a couple of weeks.  I had the owners name and number from before and called immediately.  She was unaware that someone might be moving and said she would rent to my family if it did go vacant. Long story short…family not only rented that unit, but someone moved out of the original ground floor unit that we had ‘missed out on’ before and now they are comfortably situated.  Coincidence?  Help from Paul?  I wouldn’t have known about the property if I hadn’t gone for my walk earlier that day and met up with Willy.

My neighbor stopped me one day as I was returning from putting trash out.  We were visiting and he said, “Paul and I always used to talk when he was returning from the trash cans.  And then he told me he thought Paul was still around.   He said he glanced up several days earlier and saw ‘Paul walking by.’  He was dead serious.  He said he set his tools down and walked up to the alley and looked right and left, but no one was there.  And then said, I know what Paul looks like and I know he was ‘here.’  I just don’t think he was ready to leave you behind.’

And this next thing made me laugh when I figured it out.  I heard a big racket one day out the back door and went to see what it was.  There were 13 magpies lined up on the fence next door and they carried on for about 10 minutes and then flew off in twos and threes.  I was telling a friend about this later and she said in some native tradition magpies are messengers.  I thought about it and then I laughed.  13 magpies were sent to 13th street to ‘sing’ for Lynn’s birthday coming up on the 13th!  And when Paul and I tried to sing Happy Birthday to family we sounded like a couple of magpies.  When I told Steph about it, she laughed and said that Paul’s mom and Paul used to tell she and her brothers they sounded like a bunch of magpies when they were little and all whining at once.

Several weeks after he passed a friend told me she had a ‘picture’ of Paul flying through the air with his arms outstretched and a big grin on his face.  He used to say he’d love to have one of those ‘flying dreams’ he had when he was young.  He was always curious about what was ‘over the top of the hill’.  That finally made it more ‘okay’ with me that he was gone. 

I wish for you that when you have life changes you can look at the positive things about the changes and the ‘messages’ you might get about those changes.  And I wish for you that you will take the time whenever you are with family and loved ones that you will look them in the eye and say, “I love you” and mean it! 

In celebration of who Paul was, his ethics and determination, and what he brought to all of us with his willingness to think outside the box, learn, study and experiment with plasma energy during December, 2020 you can take 25% off everything we offer by using the coupon word “Paul.”

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