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The More You Give the More You Receive

We have been told December is the season of Giving.  But it’s January, so now what? 

How do you stay away from a sense of lack or deprivation when you are trying to maintain your lives and families in these unusual economic times? 

How do you stay in gratitude for the $600 some greedy Washingtonians thought would be sufficient for you while they sent billions around the planet to make sure their bribe money comes back to them? 

Really, millions for gender studies in Pakistan?  Did they miss the ‘memo’ on the season of “Giving?”

What can one individual do about this?  I have watched as frustration builds up among family, friends and others over the insanity of the last year. 

A couple of months ago I decided to do what I could and I started sending free peace vials with every order along with the intention that those peace vials will spread peace among the families and friends of those who receive them. 

Now I’m wondering …what else I can do? 

I had someone ask me today for ‘help’ on some things to order as now this individual is not working.  So, here’s what I’m going to do: 

We already have the January, 2021 special going on this month for our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Product 2020+ Support for $50 off

But I am going to add a 25% off discount throughout the month of January on all our products.  Keep reading to find the other gifts you’ll receive this month.

If you already ordered this month and ‘missed out’ just figure out what you would have saved on your order and then send me an email and request a free vial or shungite product to make up that difference.

Lynn Schmaltz shares information on the January 2021 Special and how plasma energy can help you

Now about the situation we are all in...

It’s obscene that people are being forced into lack because of insane politicians and draconian measures regarding a virus in the news.

Perhaps there is genuinely a virus out there. 

Did you do your research to see if viruses can spread, or can only bacterial infections spread? 

Did you listen to supposed experts tell you that it’s a good idea to cover your face and breathe your own carbon monoxide? 

Do you expect a good outcome from doing that?  Did the main stream media tell you to mask up when you are outdoors and have your children mask up indoors and outdoors?  Did so-called mask experts and mask-expert-appointees tell you to be sure and mask up when you work out? 

Did they tell you what to do when your oxygen levels drop below OSHA health standards because you are exercising and breathing carbon monoxide?  Why do you think we have always gone out of doors for fresh air? 

How can you get fresh air with a mask on? 

How do you maintain emotional well-being when everyone is afraid to go visiting, go to church and more?

Did you listen to Washington fat cats debate about how much money you should be allowed to have just one time to cover your rent or house payment, your groceries, your utilities and more? Have you watched the monetary ‘experts’ doing insane things with currency that make no sense in a ‘one plus one equals two’ world?  I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of those clowns who have rules for thee, but not for me.

I know people are anxious.  I’m dismayed at the number of calls one of my children gets from friends who are in distress because their lives have unraveled.  They are not only in distress, some of them are suicidal.  They don’t know how to turn their lives around. 

And, some of you are experiencing high anxiety and occasionally unexplained anger on some days.  This is above and beyond the everyday type of anxiety as it is being described and even as I have experienced that odd anger a couple of times. 

Is it just a random thing, or is it from some kind of directed energy?  What do you think can happen with excessive numbers of cell towers and now all the satellites going up to beam energies?  What could possibly go wrong with 100,000 new satellites beaming energies at the earth and all the living things on the earth?

Okay, enough ranting.  Here’s what I’m going to do…I am continuing the 25% off from the December, 2020 special through to the end of January.  And… when you order you may request a free peace vial or a free anxiety relief vial.  Keep reading to find the coupon word to receive your 25% discount.

I want to ask those of you who already have plasma energy products to consider giving some anxiety relief, peace or whatever you think is appropriate to those who will use and appreciate it.  I know not everyone is going to embrace the concept of the plasma energy.  Maybe a way to give someone the energy is to first ask them if they know someone they could share some plasma energy peace or anxiety relief with so they are in not only a receiving mode but also a giving mode. 

The more you give, the more you receive. 

Don’t forget about our Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  It contains the plasma energy of food, herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, minerals, metals and could supply many forms of relief during a time of disaster or crisis. 

Paul and I tested the food plasma energy part of it by only drinking the plasma energy station water several times a day in place of meals for ten days.  We did have three ‘dish’ meals during that time, one due to an invitation to dinner.  We were satisfied that our plasma energy could provide plasma energy of food, combinations of plasma energy for first aid, and the plasma energy to purify water.  Neither of us had a loss of energy while we did our ten day ‘test’ and continued to do our daily walks.  Paul continued reading, studying and developing different types of plasma energy.  And Lynn kept up with her synopses which generally took from 30 to 40 hours a week for the two workshops every week. 

One woman who received a plasma energy station made some energy station patches and gave them to a friend whose mother fractured her hip.  “Want to report:  95 year-old woman with fractured hip is healed in 2 weeks!  Had X-ray yesterday and doctor said is healed and she can start walking. Used homeopathic for 3 days and sprayed her hip with your plasma water everyday several times a day, plus she drank it and wore calcium plasma energy patches front and back for two weeks.” 

We have many testimonials from people around the world who are using our plasma energy stations.  Be sure to read those and the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

Remember the giving is important and especially giving without a sense of deprivation.  It is the giving and taking of the magnetic and gravitational energy throughout the universe as well as throughout our bodies. 

Paul did a short video called About Plasma Energy to explain the magnetic-gravitational energy.

When we make energy patches for various conditions, we make one side three times the thickness of the other side.  What is the reason for that?  The greater side will give to the lesser side to balance it and in that process everything between is also balanced.  It’s the perfect demonstration of the more you give, the more you receive.

Pat has used some of the plasma energy combinations for several years but had something unusual happen.  She called me after her bouts of ‘instant’ paralysis had been diagnosed.  When I heard what was going on I remembered the videos of people who experienced instant paralysis while walking down the street on their cell phones in the country where we first heard about the virus.  They collapsed on the spot and many died after several minutes of complete paralysis. 

Was this a virus or was this the result of a perfect ‘storm’ with a cell phone and a cell phone tower directing high levels of radiation?  I have heard from several people who are experiencing difficulty where the energies are being ramped up. 

I suggested to Pat that since the breaker box was in her bedroom, it might be a good idea to have a shungite/silver breaker box magnet on it.  And I sent her several energy combinations to help with her symptoms.  Here is Pat’s testimonial on what happened:

1007-2020—Pat regarding autism, enhancing flavor in meat and produce, polymyalgia rheumatica

Dear Plasma Energy Solutions:

As you know, I have been using your plasma energy products for about 7 years.  During this time I have experienced fabulous results

Originally, I set up my energy station and put all sorts of “stuff” into it for enhancement – without anything but Spring Water and whatever came to mind.  I put fruits, vegetables, uncooked meat – separately, of course.  Each item in a sealed plastic baggie.  All as experiments.  The results?   Better flavor without condiments, extended life of whatever was exposed to the plasma.  Amazing, right?

Well, the experiment continued through my actions and those of my friends.

We used the water to “plasmarize” our air-flow by spraying the replaceable air filters on the central air system.  The results?  Less dust and extended use of the filters.  (Remember I live in Arizona and our air is often worthy of breathing warnings from local authorities.)

Then, we soaked the cap of a young autistic kid – who to all of our surprise calmed down and was easier to deal with. His interpersonal dynamics was smoother. 

We were heartened by this and put some of the water in the laundry rinse of an elderly Alzheimerr man’s laundry, and added a bit to his drinking water.  The result?  He was also more alert and his appetite picked up.  When his caretaker (my friend) was away he was not exposed to the plasma in his drinking water on a daily basis.  The attendants who covered for her commented that over a two month period he became more agitated and his consumption of food was greatly reduced.   My friend returned to that job and started sharing the water with him and he quickly became track-able again.  She remained in his employ until he quietly passed away last year at age 95.  Although the plasma made dealing with him easier, it did not restore his previously brilliant mind. 

This year I had a sudden onset of Polymyalgia Rheumatica.  As one normally does in these circumstances, I initially turned to my Primary Care doctor who ordered Prednisone (the go-to drug for this condition).  She referred me to the top Rheumatologist in our area.     Have been under the care these doctors and others.  Have been X-Rayed, had extensive blood work and received the best allopathic medicine could offer., including Physical Therapy  From the onset on July 5, 2020 until November 15, 2020 I was on 25mg of Prednisone.  This is a very damaging Steroid.  I had to be “tapered” off it and it did damage to my bones – I have lost 1/2 an inch in height in this time.   Not to mention the damage to my adrenals. 

It was only after 6 months of unmitigated pain and semi-paralysis that I sought alternative care.  I contacted Plasma Energy Solution in late December, 2020, and chose several combinations of the plasma water.  I obtained 15 new vials from you, among which I chose to include Inflammatory Relief and Super Woman Plus (why not!).   I set up a separate plasma station using only the new vials. Otherwise, we would not know if there was an appreciable difference in my rapidly diminishing physical condition. 

Since drinking the “new water” I am moving better than I have in 6 months. My pain levels are radically reduced.  I am able to sleep through the night without awakening in tears from the pain and overall discomfort.  These results are in less than one week of drinking it. That is the only liquid I consume.  Now I have started using the water in the rinse water of my laundry, have sprayed the air filter here in the house, spritzed the interior of my car.  I am energized and much more positive that this dreaded condition may be manageable.  Thank you for providing such a great set of products for us to use without harming ourselves and the environment. 

To your continued Health and ability to show others how to help themselves.  You are an incredible educator and source of knowledge. 

Warmest regards,

Pat W


Lynn Shares Testimonials on COPD And More!

Okay, everyone, put your thinking hats on…who can you share some of your energies with? 

If you are pressed for funds who can you team up with on the order so that two of you can have the energies?  All you have to do is set up the energies and after the waters sit overnight, fill some vials for your ‘partner’ so their energies can be set up. 

And then figure out who else around you will appreciate and use the plasma energies and share with them….but get them to commit to sharing, ‘paying it forward,’ to someone right away.  Just use the coupon word “Paul” for 25% off any products for the rest of January, 2021.

Remember, tough times never last….tough people do!

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