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Neutralize The Negative With Our New Never-Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support

Do You Work With The Public In A Service Industry? Does That Ever Wear You Down?

Keep Reading…PLASMA ENERGY SOLUTION Has A Solution For You.

  • When you work with the public are you confronted by people who have left their manners at home?
  • Are they frustrated with all that is going on and take that frustration out on you?
  • Does this small percentage of people who act like jerks negatively affect you and ruin your day?

Is There Any Positive Solution? 

What if you could strengthen your positive energy fields to counteract the negative allowing them to slide off you like water sliding off a duck’s back?

We Have Created a Solution Just For You!


Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support has the energies that address some of the major issues we have today especially for those who are meeting and greeting the public in the work they do.

Here’s what Positive Energy Support has for you:

  • There are energies for overall well-being with plasma energy combinations found in Algae combo; mildronate; lion’s mane’ NAD+; nattokinase; berberine; ashwagandha; bacopa; cinnamon oil; n-acetyl cysteine; maca; moringa; chaga; sulforaphane; cordyceps; quercetin; hawthorn; resveratrol.  
  • There are also some of the energies found in our other products: Anxiety Relief, Cold/Flu Relief and Lung Support, Life Force, New Tech Frequency Relief, Peace and ZnO2, B9 Korean Salt GANS, Amino Acids and Hg. CuO, ZnO, Shungite, silver, gold, CBD and C60.  The combination of shungite and silver GANS can help to address frequencies such as those found in wifi, radiation and 4G and higher minerals, salts, leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and teas from various plants to help the body bring balance to itself and maintain beneficial frequencies.
  • Korean B9 salt plasma energy is included and has over 70 minerals. There many studies done in Korea showing the efficacy of the B9 salt.  ZnO energies are present in many of these combinations.  It is what helps the body stay emotionally balanced.  When your emotions are in balance, it helps your body maintain balance and stay out of ‘fight or flight’ mode.
  • Additional energies are from Macassar Kernels, a super powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agent that is effective against viruses and warts, and works great for diarrhea and malaria. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which work well for all kinds of inflammation processes including inflammation caused by radiation treatments.  It can be used in combination with chloroquine and quinine therapies. 
  • More energies from Muscadine grapes which may help support cardiovascular and joint health, restore energy levels and help reduce free radical damage plus Probiotics, Glycine which is the amino acid your body uses to control inflammation.
  • Ivermectin is another energy; itis an anti-parasitic and has been shown to inhibit the replication of severe acute respiratory syndrome in cell cultures. Doctors in Dominican Republic and other areas of the world treated more than 6000 patients with the virus in the news with excellent results using Ivermectin. It is a well-known and studied drug because it has been used for more than 30 years in humans and for around 45 years in animals, while around the world a trillion doses are given per year with no side effects and in laboratory tests showed a significantly rapid reduction in viral load when used in early phase.
  • Also included in Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support are the energies of Chaga Mushroom, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Osha Root, Essential Oils, Chinchona bark, Quinine, Wormwood, and Grapefruit Skin. 
  • You also have the energies found in Clean Mouth because of the harm being done from wearing masks—dentists are reporting 50% increase in mouth infections and cavities in the teeth. 
  • Your body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others.  These ingredients are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state. 

How Do I Set Up My Positive Energy Support?

  • The unopened vial or the pair of pads (if you are outside of the US) will be placed in or on a large clear glass or plastic container. Either distilled or filter water is added to the container.  As you use the water from the container just add the distilled or filtered water and let it charge overnight and never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support.  Now you can drink this water, you can mist in on you before you leave for work, you can mist in the car and around your house.
  • Why not take a spray bottle of it to work and mist around there too?  (Hmm, maybe you don’t want to outright mist your boss or that co-worker who can be a pill.)  But by misting yourself you are ‘sheltered’.  Add your intention to your water that all negative energies near you are completely neutralized.
  • Once you have made your separate container of Positive Energy Support you can add a vial or a pair of pads of it to your main Plasma Energy Station or combine on one container with your other favorite plasma energy formulations.  You can also place the glass vial inside the jar.   Do NOT open the vial and do NOT use an opaque glass, plastic, metal or crockery container.  Use filtered or distilled water and fill the jar. 
  • Let the water sit for 8 to 12 hours the first time you fill the jar.  Then the plasma water in the jar is ready to use and you can drink it, and add some to a separate spray bottle to spray on masks, bandanas, clothing, whatever you decide needs the water.  Drink the water.  Once the water is set up you can use some of your ‘mother source’ and share with others. 

How Do I Use Positive Energy Support?

  • Use it daily in the water that you drink. 
  • Use a spray bottle and spray some on yourself when you leave the house especially when you are going to interact with other people in your work environment. 
  • Spray this on your mask and in your car. 
  • Use it in an environment that you or other people are worried about a virus.
  • Don’t hesitate to spray some around your home and your work place! 

Be sure to read our several free reports regarding shots or jabs and blogs on EMFs, Wifi, radiation, energy frequencies, cell phones and a history of viruses going back 103 years to the ‘Spanish Flu.’


YES! YOU CAN INCLUDE POSITIVE ENERGY SUPPORT AS 2 OF THE VIALS ON YOUR WISH LIST (It’s priced over $97 so it will be equal to 2 of your 12 vials)


Coming Soon….by mid-March, 2021…….

Never Ending Plasma Energy Shungite and Positive Energy Support Pendants with imbedded small stones of Amazonite, Fluorite and Lapis…….($97)

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