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Scott Kesterson, BardsFM-A Conversation with Dr. Lee Merritt

BardsFM, A Conversation with Dr. Lee Merritt – 20210507

May 7, 2021

Scott Kesterson, Bards, (SK)    Dr. Lee Merritt, (LM)

What is the bioweapon that we are facing?

LM: I trained at Rochester, NY, and I am an orthopedic and spinal surgeon by profession. I was semi-retired and now completely retired from orthopedics when this whole thing started. I was a military surgeon for 10 years and I served on NRAC which is a congressional subcommittee which looked at defense strategies and technologies for the Navy. By law they had to have a physician on the committee…

LM: When this whole thing started, I was appalled.  Before Trump ever mentioned hydroxychloroquine (hdxq) doctors all over the world were watching this disease come across Asia and into Lombardy, Italy and we were communicating with each other.  I was on emails with doctors in France, with Zalenko, and all these people dealing with sick people and how they were figuring this out.  We knew about hdxq and I thought ‘we’ve got this.’  Then Trump mentioned it and then there was a sudden back-pedaling. 5 governors criminalized the use of it.

LM: I researched the literature and found that we had known since 1974 that we had treatment for viral illnesses.  I want to point out what a big cosmic shakeup that is for medicine.  I started medical school in 1976.  I may have missed this; they were doing research and may not have figured it out as there is a lag in what we know and how we practice medicine.  I’ll give them credit in how they didn’t teach it to me.

LM: I asked my son who is a recently admitted general surgeon and now in training in fellowship if he had ever heard in all his training that we could treat viruses with anti-microbial agents.  I am not talking about these weird anti-virals that we use for herpes and other things.  I am talking about real treatment like we treat bacteria.  They always taught us that we could not treat viruses because they did not have a cell wall.

LM: Bacteria have cell walls and we can punch holes in them with penicillin, etc. and kill them.  We were never told it was possible to do this with viruses and they knew this for a long time.  I asked a friend of mine who is a 40-year professor of medicine in a major university if he had heard about this.  Even if they are not using them you hear about things in research.  He had heard nothing… this is a huge cover-up and you cannot hide this information easily.  They suppressed medical literature, basic science literature and research, they suppressed medical school and pharmaceutical school teaching, publications and journals.  It’s amazing.

LM: The other thing was the masks.  The reason I got propelled into this thing is I went to city council to protest the mask mandate in Omaha, Nebraska.  I don’t think they cared about the data. They should care about the children.  It’s tragic what they are doing to children.  I lived in a mask for 40 years. I can research the science about masks and I know about masks. Everything they are telling you is a complete lie. It is not just a lie about the masks, but the nature of reality that justifies them saying about the masks. We live in an information matrix.  It is not medical and we are being manipulated about our world view so we can believe all this… that is how I got into all this.

SK: what exactly is covid.  Dr. Carrie Madej says there is not a strain they are holding but they are developing a ‘cure’ with a CRSPR mRNA genetic modifying input into our bodies.  What exactly are we dealing with?  Is this natural occurring, man-made or just a flu virus?

LM: that is a good question and science usually becomes clearer with time.  Take Legionnaire’s for example.  I had a friend who was instrumental in figuring that out.  Essentially, we do research, we look at the pathology of the dead people from the disease, we put together the data and we clarify what is going on.  None of that was done.  I don’t think this is by accident.

LM: As you go into this more and more you find out that maybe the corona virus that we are dealing with was patented. People have been researching and for some reason the corona virus is the neat, genetic darling of the gene manipulators…the guys in the virology labs like Ralph Barrick and Dr. Xi from the Wuhan labs.  For some reason the corona virus has a lot of properties that they really like and they like to manipulate it and mix it with other viruses and create these chimeric monsters. 

LM: It is shocking how long this has been going on all over the world.  It is also shocking that we funded it, no question about that.  I really think the NIH is at the heart of this as well as Ralph Barrick, Frank Plummer who is now dead, and there is a lot of finger pointing to go around.  We don’t exactly know the whole point but I would say that there is a lot of manipulation that makes this very unclear.  I used to think we knew that corona virus in nature just caused a cold, but then it was manipulated in a lab. The spike protein of the corona virus was manipulated by what is called adding a fur and cleavage site that allowed it to get into your pathways.

LM: Humans have H2 pathways in their bodies and once these got genetically manipulated, this once nothing-burger virus now can get in and damage your brain, your lungs, your liver, attach to your fat cells which is why obese people go down.  It seemed for a while that it was getting clearer and we kind of knew who was at risk.  It was obese people and people with low vitamin D.  Those are the 2 big risk factors.  Being black is probably related to the low Vitamin D.

LM: I thought we were getting clearer. Now we see that you don’t even need the whole virus to produce this. You only need a very small molecular part of the spike protein of this corona virus.  Then the issue is that we have been lied to about the PCR test.  That was completely fallacious from the get go.  That is a test that can be manipulated.  All the time they told us ‘cases’ …and they made that unclear as cases from the time of Hippocrates were sick people.  Suddenly a case was redefined as a test that is fallacious.

LM: This is why we are confused.  Even in June of 2020 when they claimed the cases were going up, Dr. Michael Yeadon who was the former head science officer of Pfizer said that these tests are 90% false/positive and these were never meant to be used this way.  This is being used for propaganda…don’t listen to these tests.  What did we do?  We continued to make public policy with these tests.  It had to do with the cycle of amplification. On January 21st the cycle of amplification was suddenly lowered. This is just one topic.  They have made this confusing and we are using tests that are unrealizable.  We cannot verify that the virus has been isolated.  I thought it had been isolated or a portion of the virus…enough that we knew what was going on.

LM: Early on Chinese researchers came out with a paper that claimed that they had the genome. They passed that around and other researchers took that and put it into computer models and claimed that we didn’t genetically sequence the whole virus, but we have enough of it and we put it together by consensus in a computer and we know what we are dealing with.  That turns out to be telling you something that is really not pertinent because here is what it is like.  How many pixels do I have to make a picture?  It is one thing if I have 99.99% of the pixels that show me a camel. Then I can say it is a camel.

LM: But what if I only have 5 pixels and I declare this to be a camel based on my computer modeling?  We don’t know which one this is. Did we ever get enough of the virus to really model it or did we just make it up?  The other thing about really knowing what this virus is, you have these lab people in California and other places who are saying that they tried to isolate the virus from the lung effluent from people who were sick.  We got samples of their lung fluid and one guy said they looked at 1500.  They sent it to Stanford and UCLA and I can’t verify his veracity but he sounds legitimate…

LM: Another group has said they have asked for an isolate and they don’t have it. They have an isolate for smallpox.  Presumably they have an isolate for different types of pathogens and apparently they don’t have this. I am not a microbiologist, virologist, or lab person so this is beyond my level of understanding. But it sure sounds like something is not right here.  We should be able to be clear about this at this point.  This has been going on for a year and a half.  Why is this so unclear to the people who do this for a living.

LM: All I know is we have patents going back to 1999 and 2004 and the CDC has patents on the corona virus methods of testing and intellectual property related to it.  You cannot patent natural things…you cannot patent nature.  You can patent changes so either this is a false, illegal patent as I heard from David Martin who is legal researcher and a very smart guy on constitutional things.  He says this is illegal to patent a naturally occurring virus or this is a manmade virus that they have patented a manmade virus along with all the intellectual property around it and this is from 2004 anticipating today.  The CDC owns this.

LM: The big thing people have is with the nomenclature, the naming of things.  There is SARS COV2, then there is Covid which is the disease.  The real issue is that we know there is a corona virus.  I believe there is a corona virus that has been modified with this fur and cleavage thing and all the upregulation to Ralph Barrick. I have to say that I think that exists.  The issue is, does that cause covid?  Is what we are seeing with these sick people really just the result of that?  I don’t think we have proven that.  So it is possible that we are being misled on such a grand scale that we cannot sort this out. 

LM: I haven’t finished looking at this…it’s simple things.  I ask people who don’t believe in conspiracies if they really believe that Tony Fauci and all these bright guys in the CDC, NIH, and medical research arms all over the world were wrong about everything?  They should have said something for the benefit of people if they cared about their welfare.  They didn’t say anything to help us.  For example, they didn’t even tell us what we already know about vitamin D.

LM: We have known for decades that Vitamin D helps you fight off viruses.  If you have low Vitamin D you are more at risk. When this came out it appeared to be a bi-modal disease and most people just walked away from it. Even in China the vast majority of people didn’t die.  They didn’t even get seriously ill.  They got a cold or a flu like illness and they walked away from it.  But a small percentage ended up in the ICU or dead.

LM: I kept thinking if the CDC really cared about us they would look at this. Won’t they figure out what the difference is between the two groups of people?  We really need to know and if they did it, they kept it silent.  The Indonesians did and they looked at the 800 people in their hospitals with covid.  Then they looked at who was going to the ICU and dying.  They tried to look at factors that made a difference and the biggest factor was Vitamin D levels.  If your D level was above 30 you had less than a 4.2% chance of ending up in the ICU or dead.

LM: That is a pretty big piece of information.  Vitamin D is cheap. We have a global problem with Vitamin D levels of people who don’t live naked on the equator. In Scotland they give away Vitamin D for free from the public health service to people who want it. They know that getting your Vitamin D level up decreases the burden on the national health service.  It helps everything—cancer, infection, everything.  Why in America do our institutes not tell us about it and literally tell us that we don’t need to take Vitamin D supplements?  The 400 you get from multi-vitamin is okay. 

LM: I am telling you as an orthopedic surgeon that is a flat out lie. I see people with adult rickets all the time.  Rickets was that childhood disease that gave people deformities and we saw it from people like my dad in the depression who got it because they didn’t have a good diet. And there was a lack of them being out in the sun. It is a bad thing; it’s easy to treat.  Adults take 10,000 units a day, or even 5,000 units a day and we are being told to take 400 units a day. They have set us up for this and they have totally lied to us about a lot of things and that is a big one.  I think it’s getting more confusing that we don’t know what is going on biologically.  But it’s getting clearer politically…this is not just a viral outbreak. This is a world-wide attack on humanity.  I used to not say that as I didn’t want to sound like a crazy crackpot, but it appears to be this.  I am not going to back down from that now.  This is about controlling us.

LM: The masks don’t stop viruses and when you see the nonsensical things like wearing a mask 6 feet into a restaurant, and when you are 6 feet in you can sit at your table and you are safe. But if you have to go to the bathroom you have to put the mask back on to walk past several tables with unmasked people.  This is not contagion control, especially when you take this dirty mask off. You put this on your dining table and you touch everything with your dirty hands. This is insane and that is not contagion control.  That is what Albert Viedermann, a psychologist said.  It is part of his chart of coercion of how you get people to obey you.  One way is enforcing nonsensical, trivial demands.  You cannot trust your life decisions to these people who would believe in that. It’s crazy.

SK: what you are saying we are seeing all the time.  Even the recent statement by the DC mayor that now people cannot dance at a wedding…

LM: or sing at church…

SK: the stupidity of these rules is unbelievable but there is something going on now. They have gotten people to accept these injections. It is almost as if they have created a transmissible injection of some fashion and there is something now that is having some real consequences.  This SARS COV2 is more like a flu and they have created something out of nothing and now when you get the injection you become toxic.

LM: exactly and I think you just nailed what is really going on here.  This is a huge psychological operation against humans and they really don’t want you to have treatment.  We know a lot about treatment and prevention now. There are always good things that come out of warfare like prosthetic devices from Viet Nam and Iraq. Now we have learned a lot about viral treatment and prevention from this.  Unfortunately it is all being censored.  And they blew up 2 precursor plants for hdxq on the same day last year—one in Mexico and one in Illinois. And they just torched…you can’t say that 3 plants spontaneously combusted, one in Taiwan that was the 2nd largest hdxq plant on the planet.  And they hounded this couple in Canada who were making and distributing it cheaply.  It is unbelievable and they really don’t want you to have treatment.

LM: But they have used a huge psychological operation against us to create the kind of panic that gets people to flock to take these experimental jabs. What is this all about?  The psychological operation works like this and you can look at Dr. Viedermann ‘s chart of coercion.  He looked at Korean war veterans that came back who were brainwashed, Manchurian candidates.  They came back kind of turned against America.  He was tasked by the US government to look at these people and figure out what this was about.  Did they poison them?  What did they do?

LM: He said it was just standard psychological operations.  If you want people to be obedient to you and do what you say the first thing that you do is to isolate them.  That was the lockdowns.  Then you monopolize their perception and just think of the censorship and the constant bombardment of mainstream media telling us that we are all going to die. This is not true for a world-wide disease last year that was 99.92% survivable.

LM: You create fear and if you add confusion to the fear, you get anxiety.  The confusion was Dr. Fauci. He would say we shouldn’t wear masks as that was just for medical people. Then he would say that we needed to wear a mask all the time, and then he said, on no, it is just there so you don’t touch your face. The New England Journal of Medicine had an article that said it really doesn’t protect the medical people but it acts as a talisman …it acts as an occult symbol and they admit it.  The talisman makes them ‘feel more protected.’

LM: How crazy is all this?  Now you have to wear multiple masks and then he changed it the next day and said that was not true.  He is the doctor of confusion. When you add confusion to people who are afraid then they have anxiety and people will do anything to get out of anxiety including taking an experimental, unapproved genetic agent that has never been used on humans before.  Keep in mind that these so-called vaccines are not vaccines. They are genetic agents have never been used and this technology has never been used.  There are chemicals in there that we have never used on humans before.

LM: We know that some of these chemicals have known toxicities and they have never worked out very well. They don’t have to tell us in the Experimental Use Authorization (EUA) that goes through the FDA at this point because it is an experiment. They don’t have to list all the ingredients.

LM: So let’s get this right.  People who will not buy the first edition of a car line because they are worried the bugs haven’t been worked out, are willing to stand in line and be experimented upon. They don’t know anything about the ‘vaccine’ and their doctors don’t know anything about the ‘vaccine.’  Quite frankly, this is what really upsets me about my own profession.  Physicians are not looking at the data themselves; they are just respecting authority and marching along like little German shock troopers saying ‘you will get your vaccine because the CDC guidelines say to do that ‘

LM: You better read what is in this stuff because doctors are morally culpable here. They don’t really know what is in it and I know that because we tried to know what is in it.  A bunch of us from the America’s Frontline Doctors got together electronically and we tried to hash this out. We just don’t know completely how this works because they don’t give you enough information.  So somebody at the top of the research arm are the only people that really know what this is about. The point is that this is an unknown, untried thing and people have been set up to take it.

LM: We are already seeing incredible problems. Before I get into the secondary complications I will tell you that I have been studying VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Event Reporting System.  In this system you can look up various things.  You can look up by symptoms so the first thing I looked up just to see how this compared to previous vaccinated years was to look at total deaths.  The VAERS looks at total vaccine deaths.  I looked at the total deaths from all vaccines put together in 2021 and compared it to the 3 years before.

LM: 1st quarter of 2018 there were 12 deaths reported in VAERS’ in 2019 there were 18 deaths.  In 2020 there were 23 deaths (same quarter). In 2021 there were 2917 deaths. 99% of them were the Covid Vaccine and 1% were all the other vaccines put together. I looked up thrombo-cytopenia—remember the doctor down in Florida, the 56 year old OB-GYN doctor who died of no platelets.  That is what thrombo-cytopenia means – you have lost the platelets in your blood stream that plug holes in your arteries and veins to keep you from bleeding out. You have to have platelets and you usually have 150,000 and that doctor had zero. This is not anything we have ever seen before.

LM: We know about ITPP, idiopathic thrombocytic peniperpura, but they don’t act like this. We can always support people, keep them alive, until we figure things out and more than half reverse themselves.  So thrombocytopenia in 2018 was a total of 2, 2019 was a total of 2, 2020 was a total of 2, and 2021is 94 (comparing 1st quarters). Here’s the 2nd point.  The VAERS is supposed to give you safety signals and according to the CDC they say VAERS is designed to rapidly detect unusual or unexpected patterns of events, also known as safety signals.

LM: Compared to the 1st quarter of the previous 3 years, vaccine deaths have increased over 12,000% and 99% of those deaths are Covid vaccinations. All other vaccinations total 1%.  We have passed the threshold where safety signals need to be taken seriously by medical authorities. They are not looking at this and here is a kicker…talk about transmission.  Whatever they have done, not only are people dying, and I just pulled out seizures and neurologic deaths.  We have young people just dropping over dead in the hospital.  A 23-year- old guy works in a hospital and took the vaccine. 4 days later he was found dead on the floor. He had no medical problems.

LM: This is way beyond anything we have ever let happen and not stopped it.  We recently had a one-month-old baby breast feeding from the mother.  The mother took the 2nd Pfizer shot and the baby died of thrombocytopenia. That means the child lost all its platelets…this was from the breast milk. That case alone should cause the CDC and the FDA to say hold on, what is going on here?  They are telling pregnant women to go ahead and get this shot. I ran the numbers on miscarriages and it’s up 16,000% in VAERS this year.

LM: They tell people it is okay to get this (shot) when you are pregnant or breast feeding. This is unbelievable and now they are giving this to children.  Keep in mind that Oxford University said that children have less of a chance of dying from Covid than they do of lightning strikes. Why on earth would you give your child an experimental genetic agent that might alter their genome for the rest of their lives?  For what? A disease they don’t die from?  So do you see the psychological operation here? We have convinced people to literally experiment on their own children. This is a tragedy beyond words.

LM: And what started as a trickle about a month ago and now it’s a flood, an avalanche.  I’ll give you exact stories because people talk to doctors. A woman who works in a salon is the only unvaccinated person and when all the other people started getting vaccinated she had flu-like symptoms that she couldn’t get over.  At first we thought, ‘how could that be?’  I had to talk to Judy Mikovits about this and she said she didn’t think it could be shedding the virus.  She thought it is reactivating latent viruses in the recipients’ genomes.  So when a person gets a vaccine it allows for their own native viruses to be expressed.

LM: Keep in mind that these so-called vaccines, these RNA agents should not theoretically get into your DNA. People ask if they are going to be a “GMO human.”  It’s not really for that reason.  But the RNA is an epigenetic controlled of DNA. In other words when you take this genetic device, this Moderna, Pfizer or whatever, mRNA technology that mRNA has the potential to control your DNA. We know that they put in there a suppressor to suppress your innate immune system so you didn’t reject the live vaccine. That is going on.

LM: We don’t know exactly how this is working, how it is transmitting.  We don’t know what went through the breast milk. That should be investigated to the nth degree and we should stop this until we figure this out.  The next thing we heard is that women were starting to bleed. Women who were around all these vaccinated people and are not vaccinated themselves, are suddenly after having totally normal menstrual periods are not now menstruating.  Or they are having big clots, or they are having lots of blood or the cycle is not coming at the right time and it’s irregular.   

LM: I am not an OB-GYN doctor but I can cite Dr. Northrup who is a famous OB-GYN doctor. She said that we look at menstrual cycles in women almost like a lab test of women’s reproductive health.  When you start seeing these changes we are seeing changes in a woman’s reproductive wellness. So whatever is happening, we have started seeing this bleeding. Now this has gotten to be so much of a problem that doctors all over are hearing these stories. They are having to respond to women who didn’t take the vaccine but are having complications. 

LM: I had these two in one day. I had a woman who is post-menopausal and she started bleeding after 3 people in her office got vaccinated. She had not been bleeding for a long time. The wife of a physician friend of mine is in the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy which is not usually when you have problems and lose babies. She is a teacher and is around vaccinated people and she is not vaccinated and suddenly she is having cramping and bleeding.  In both cases I told them ‘we need to treat you right now.’  We did treat them and they are okay right now.  That is what is happening.

LM: We know this transmits through breast milk. It sure looks like it is transmitting some other way…what do we know about that?  There are really only a few ways that things can transmit…by breathing something out, it could transmit by blood, semen and fluids, and it can transmit fecal or oral. That is like salmonella or hepatitis A.  People go swimming some place that is contaminated with fecal material and they can get hepatitis.  That is a disease that comes out in your poop and if you don’t use good handwashing and sanitizing techniques, it tends to infect other people. Those are the only possibilities and I’m not sure what it is yet. Just casual contact like someone who is in a beauty salon or a teacher and are not having sex with the coworkers makes you think it’s in the air. But you cannot rule out the fecal-oral from using a common restroom.  That is about all we know at this point.

LM: I think a lot of doctors, myself included, are starting to treat these people because we don’t want there to be lost pregnancies and we don’t know what worse it is going to do. We don’t know where this is going.  One more thing I discovered: it turns out that the psychopaths that are running this have been researching what is called self-disseminating vaccines.  I learned this from Greg Reese who I think is an excellent journalist and researcher.

LM: I didn’t even think to look for this.  Even I who is skeptical and doesn’t trust the people in the pharmaceutical industry as far as I can throw them, I didn’t think they could do this.  But we are looking at ways this could possibly transmit.  We weren’t looking at it that it could be purposefully transmitted.  Think about this—self-disseminating vaccines. I vaccinate you and your coworkers who didn’t want to get the vaccine now get it from you. That might be what is going on…that they actually deployed the self-disseminating vaccines as an animal control thing in Australia. By the way, the other thing they have looked at and I don’t know where they are in this, is using mosquitoes to disseminate vaccines like they do malaria.

SK: This is bio weaponry at its max.

LM: I look at the whole thing, and I’m actually giving a talk in May on Covid 19 and the weaponization of medicine.  I have been worried about small pox and I had a vision that is outdated. In the outdated view of bio-weapons you create a pathogen that is highly deadly and you somehow protect your own people.  And then you let it loose. That is a real bio-weapon.  We have had bio-weapons attack and we are very poor at determining what it was. 

LM: Do you know what the first bio-weapon attack was on America that we know about?  It was the Bagwan Sri Nashish in Oregon years ago. It was a cult in a little town and they wanted to take over the town’s politics.  The only way they could do that … the townspeople would vote enmasse against these guys…was to get the townspeople not to go to the voting booth.  So on a Sunday in a meeting hall where a lot of the local people ate, they poisoned with either e-coli or salmonella in the salad bar. A lot of people did get sick. The CDC went to investigate that and they never figured it out. They blamed it on the poor chef who became an alcoholic and about killed himself. The poor guy; it wasn’t him at all. It was Bagwan’s nurse assistant who did it.

LM: At that time you could literally buy bio-weapon pathogens over the internet. You could buy e-coli or salmonella on the internet and order a sample. That stopped under Clinton who also made it illegal for any graduate student or any unallied state such as Iran to work in any lab in America that was doing biological research that could lead to bio-weapons.  In the state university of Iowa they study anthrax because it is only a big animal issue. It also has a famous veterinary school.  You could not be a Chinese researcher and work there.  The same with a Russian graduate student. 

LM: Think about this:  Dr. Fauci funded the Wuhan lab. He funded research in China by the PLA, the People’s Liberation Army researchers. He funded that and not only that, our department of defense funded Dr. Xi who is critical in this whole scenario of ‘who done it’ to come to our bio-weapons laboratory at Ft. Detrick, MD, our army bio-weapons lab and research Marburg , a deadly virus that is in Africa. It is like e-bola. Think about that; it’s just insane that we are funding those guys. This cannot all be by accident.

LM: Look at the timeline of events; it’s really ugly.  Dr. Plummer who is now dead and cannot talk. This looks like a John LaCarre’ novel where the spy network cuts all ties so it cannot be traced back to them. Dr. Plummer was the head of the only Bio-weapons Level 4 lab.  I’m calling it that.  It’s a level 4 biologic containment lab.  They have one in Winnipeg in 2012 just before the MERS outbreak.  IN 2002 we had a SARS outbreak in China that was more deadly than this thing now, and they are claiming this is the corona virus that mutated.  I am wondering now if it actually spontaneously mutated. They claim they had an intermediate host and it mutated from civets into humans.  Maybe.

LM: Whatever that was, it was the first outbreak and it went away. Then we had MERS in 2014. It was from the camel.  Again they said it was naturally evolving. I haven’t done the research and data to see if that is really true. I don’t know if we can now but they said it was ‘natural.’ Slightly before that Dr. Plummer from the research lab in Winnipeg picked up a sample of this ‘novel corona virus’ in the lungs of a guy that had a very severe disease in Jetta, Saudi Arabia. I don’t know why he knew to go get that and it raises a question that we cannot answer. He took it back to the Winnipeg lab.  Subsequently Dr. Xi and her husband come from the PLA Wuhan Viral Research Lab from China and they worked in the Winnipeg lab.

LM: About the same time in 2014 Dr. Ralph Barrick in North Carolina who was known as ‘Mr. Bat Coronavirus” was funded $10million to the Gillings School of Health by Dr. Fauci, and what was he going to do with it?  He said right on his website that he was going to use it for up-regulation research on the bat coronavirus. This is what we are dealing with right now theoretically.  Somebody tapped Fauci on the shoulder and said that in 2013 the government made it illegal to do this upregulation.  Somebody decided that was a little bit beyond the pale. 

LM: That is when Fauci turned around and funded the Wuhan lab with $3.7 million.  That funding continued for 2019 with another $3.7 million. That was to research the bat coronavirus in the wild. In 2018 it was noted by viral researchers around the world that the corona virus they were working on in the Winnipeg lab, these highly pathogenic upregulated specimens had made their way back to China to the Wuhan lab. Apparently this closed group of viral researchers started squeaking and asked what was going on.

LM: An investigation ensued and the upshot was that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police went to the lab in Winnipeg and escorted Dr. Xi and her husband out of the lab. They did not arrest or question them. They didn’t do anything and just let them go behind the bamboo curtain.  In 2019 this whole thing broke out. It broke out in mid-October in Wuhan while Event 201 in NYC with Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins, was talking about what could happen with a viral pandemic.  They picked their novel virus as the corona virus.  What are the chances of that?

LM: There is no one that I have met who knows this, but you can find a good article in the National File that at the same time as Event 201 the World Military Games were going on in Wuhan. In all the public pronouncements and in all these so-called investigations, did you ever hear them mention that big fact?  Military from all over the world were participating in Olympic-like games in Wuhan, China exactly when this broke out.  When the National File went back and questioned the French and the American participants, they said they got sick when they got over there. They got even sicker when they got home.

LM: Now it says that there is an incubation period.  The Chinese apparently said, ‘we didn’t do this.’  This came over with the military athletes. I have never heard this interesting fact be brought up.  We have to be suspicious when something that obvious to research is not researched. Then we have Charles Lieber who was the head of Biology Biochemistry at Harvard who was being paid $11million in grant money from our department of defense.  It says something about what he was doing if the department of defense is funding a biologist.  He was simultaneously working for the Chinese in their Thousand Talents program, so he has been indicted as well as his Chinese graduate student

LM: That program pays a lot of bonuses and also pays bonuses for stealing proprietary scientific information and giving it to the Chinese. This is ugly. After he got indicted his graduate student fled and was picked up in Logan Airport with vials of biologic material. I don’t know what was in those vials but he was also indicted. Don’t be quick to point fingers at China. There is a lot of finger-pointing to go around.

SK: this is a global event. There is no question. Just to add to your other things about Wuhan that nobody is talking about is that Wuhan was also the headquarters for the Chinese Nationalists which was under Chiang Kai Chek. They settled Taiwan.  It is also the hub of the strongest Christian groups in China.  We have a couple of layers to this that we can continue to look at.

LM: other layers of information.

SK: exactly. This is one thing I did a lot of when I worked for Dept. of Defense. It was data layering. What does it look like when we start to build that strata?  What are we seeing? I want to go back to something you mentioned that I find very interesting. That is this transmissible vaccine.  What are the mechanisms that they are able to do that?  How are they able to make a transmissible vaccine?  I am also dove-tailing on to that with something being shared with me yesterday by Dr.  Sherry Tenpenny are the number of cases of small children that are being infected by their grandparents who are being injected.  Again we are back to what is the transmissible mechanism?

LM: right, this is not a small point.  I had an orthopedic colleague who said that a friend of his took the vaccine because he lived with his elderly mother who was in her 80s.  They were both well.  He is retired and older and she was in her 80s. He took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and he got sick for 3 days.  She died of covid right away.  Something is happening here.  In what I could find out they talk about 2 ways they can vaccinate animal populations and have it spread.  One of them is simple; you smear something on an animal that is a sterilizing agent if they want to cut down a population that is overgrown or damaging.  I always worry that they are messing with Mother Nature and maybe some other animal depends on this population for food. I don’t like this whole thing even in animals. They smear something on their fur and when they go out and rub against other animals it slowly gets around.  That is not as productive as something that is like a communicable disease type of transmission and that is what they are talking about.

LM: they are talking about vaccinating one animal and having that one communicate it like a cold to another animal and I think that is why they like the corona virus.  It is extremely transmissible.  When we entered the atomic age, building the bomb had some hurdles.  But once we had the nuclear material the problem was that we didn’t have a way to get it there.  We just had to drop it using airplanes. It took quite a while before there were missiles that could target things and take this nuclear material.  The transmission is the problem and that has always been the problem for bio-weapons. I think what they see in the corona virus is that it is the missile.

LM: they put something on here and one of the problems when they did all the animal studies at the time of SARS they did the study in cats. Cats are a natural reservoir of corona virus and they get sick from it. They tried this mRNA technology on cats and it made them create antibodies.  The vaccine didn’t kill them, but then when they were exposed to the corona virus that they were being vaccinated against they developed what is called antibody enhancement.  They call it antibody dependent enhancement.  It is immune system that throws out these very stylized antibodies and it’s not the natural immune system; it’s a stylized antibody. It goes out and coats the pathogen but it doesn’t kill it and it doesn’t keep it from spreading in your own body.   Your own immune system doesn’t see it.  It is like a Trojan horse.

LM: It comes in and creates this inflammatory overshoot and the animals died of sepsis and cardiac failure. That was an unsuccessful trial; death is usually a bad outcome in a trial. That is what happened in the coronavirus trials against cats.  It was done again against ferrets.  They were using ferrets when MERS broke out.  Again, they had to overcome this problem.  One of the problems they have not theoretically overcome is the antibody enhancement. It is possible that this idea that we give people a vaccine and they are going to die later when they are exposed to the virus that they are being vaccinated against. I think we are seeing that to some degree already. There was a 57-year-old orthopedic surgeon in Memphis that died. He had antibodies from having had covid recently and he got the vaccine. He suddenly died of this overwhelming inflammatory response.  It sounded just like the cats and the ferrets.

LM: So this is a weaponizable bio-bomb. I have been thinking about this for a while and people thought I was nuts. This is the way you could do this and this speaks to question of ‘is covid a disease or what?’  What if this was just the flu and some people were exposed to a sub-unit of the spike protein that is just being used as a chemical agent? You get it in and it goes into your cells. Somehow it reproduces. It is not like the coronavirus and it was never really the coronavirus. It’s just a spike protein.  I am just speculating.

LM: Let’s say you are a bad guy like one in a James Bond movie. Let’s say you wanted to extort Iceland for billions of dollars and I pick Iceland because they are an isolated island. You tell them they are at risk and you create a disease and everyone gets sick. You tell them it’s going to get worse unless everyone takes the vaccine.  You give them a vaccine that is really not a vaccine for anything that is in nature.  In other words, the mRNA is programmable and I can program it to whatever I want. So I program it to a biologic non-common thing in nature.  It is not around. It’s an artificial thing.  And then I give it to everybody and nobody dies. With a perfect binary bioweapon it’s a poison I give to you and I walk away. Then you come in contact with something that triggers the poison and you die. That is the principle of a great binary weapon.  Then I give this to everybody in Iceland. Then I tell the government in Iceland that I didn’t really do what I said I was going to do and if you don’t pay me a billion dollars a year I will release the trigger that will kill 30 to 50% of your population through this immune enhancement.  That is potentially feasible using this technology.

LM: That is what Michael Yeadon (formerly of Pfizer) said: “this has the potential to kill billions of people.”  Wake up world!  That may not be what they are doing. But it has that potential.  Why would you take the risk and take the vaccine? And now it turns out that those of us I think who were smart enough not to buy into this fear are being exposed to this secondary contamination somehow. We are seeing this in children and I am hearing from other physicians. Children are being affected by the secondary transmission. If your kid doesn’t get vaccinated and goes to school and all the kids are vaccinated around him, he starts having problems. We are seeing young girls bleeding. Vaginal bleeding from young girls is not right. I don’t know how it’s transmitting.

SK: let me map out something I have been thinking about and get your opinion on it. It’s along these lines.  When this thing came out we had 3 components that were fairly openly discussed. One of them was the concept of luciferase which is the agent they were going to put in there for luminescence to track the people who were vaccinated.  We had the mRNA which you say is the programmable element.  And then we had the DARPA hydrogel which was supposed to be part of this next future and they are still talking about it in other forms trying to put a nice coating on it.

SK: if I am following exactly what you are saying, and we are thinking very similarly, of creating a bioweapon you begin with the seeding of the environment with aluminum and other particulates in what we call chem trails.  That is active; it is established and it is in us. You then introduce an agent like a SARS COV2 which is a manmade agent with high transmissibility and low lethality. Now you introduce the fear component which affects the body’s frequencies and energy levels. It suppresses that down. You then roll in the vaccine which I would refer to as the binder that brings it all together. Then you use a 5G wave to stimulate that.

SK: what is the probability that is what we are witnessing that now?  I know that is a rigid model to present to you but that is the pieces I have been putting together.

LM: actually you said this clearer than I have.  I think that is the potential of what is going on here and they didn’t just prep the population.  You don’t have to believe in chem trails and some people don’t.  They don’t have to because the government admits it.  They have been vaccinating our children and giving them big doses of aluminum.  They looked at one of these quadrivalent vaccines that kids get to go to school.  That has so much aluminum in it that it exceeds the EPA amount that you would give in any other circumstance by a long ways.  You are exactly right.  Those heavy metals don’t go away.  They sit in your bones as possible inert metallic foreign body.  It doesn’t go away unless you get rid of it in specific ways. This just didn’t start yesterday; they have been doing it for years. 

LM: Then they made us afraid and now maybe they can send out the trigger and I really do think the vaccine is that thing.  Have you noticed that suddenly the stock prices have dropped on these vaccine companies?  Quite frankly they have had immunity for vaccine problems up until now. People are now going after them; they don’t have immunity under the whole PREP Act which has some clauses in it. I have heard that one thing is that there is only immunity when they involve children. People can’t wrap their heads around ‘this could never happen.’  Why would they want to commit economic suicide by doing something that would greatly damage or kill 30% of the population?  The real psychopaths that are running the show above the pharmaceutical companies don’t care if those companies survive.  So they are going to be blamed for this, but they don’t care.

LM: I think you have really summarized this in your 3-stage process.  You are right. Why are people going out and getting this experimental vaccine and worse, getting it for their children? It is because they are not psychopaths and they cannot wrap their heads around the fact that there would be people in the world that in order to control the people are willing to kill a lot of us.  They just don’t buy that. There was a study by a man named Gladfelter in Switzerland who showed that there are 37+ million corporations in the world.  They put them in a super computer and ran all the data.  These corporations are actually owned by 147 corporations. We don’t have 37 million corporations; we really only have 147 corporations. When Forbes analyzed those these 147 corporations are owned by 10 banks. By another independent analysis those 10 banks are owned by 4 big funds. Those big funds are controlled by 150 men and women need not apply.

LM: for those who don’t believe in conspiracies you have a situation in the world 150 men control over 60 to 70% of the world’s corporate wealth.  These guys could fit into one room and you would have lots of room left over.  If you don’t think they get together and talk about things and figure out the idea of how ‘we can control the world’ and I bet we don’t know the names of most of these people. The most dangerous people are the people who are unnamed. But we certainly have people like Klaus Schwab who are saying exactly this.  There have been people in the past who have said that part of the problem with modern medicine is that we have eliminated the modern pandemic and we are getting over populated.  These guys are on record talking about this. There is motive and you have shown means and opportunity and a technique for doing it.

LM: that is exactly right and I’m trying to come up with another reason for this.  For example, why would you lie about masks?  Masks are not useful for virus control, but they are useful for people control. They are a sign of obedience. Don’t ever underestimate the potential of symbols.  When the Chinese came to work on building the railroads in the 1800s the men wore long braids.  They were Han Chinese who were conquered by the Manchu and the emperor of the Manchu said they would wear the long braid hair style on penalty of death. It was a sign of obedience to the emperor. It was so important to the Manchu that they would send agents to the states to kill the Chinese (Han) who did not obey by wearing the braid. That shows you the power of symbols.

LM: there is a 4th part to your scenario.  That is how you deal with the dissenters who don’t take the vaccine.  You paint them as dangerous enemies of the state. If you aren’t wearing a mask you are a danger to other people and you don’t care about other people. Everything is exactly backwards.  It turns out the vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated. 

SK: I agree with you 100% and that gets to the 70%. They keep pushing for this number.  They have used this number before and now the desperation of this number is showing itself. The 70% tipping point is a psychology thing. I did a test on my podcast.  If I say to the patriots that 30% of the population is a threat to the US because they are communists and we need to have them removed, they will agree.  If you flip it around and you say that 30% of your population is a threat to humanity because they won’t get vaccinated no one will shake a head. There is something in that number of an acceptance of a majority. It makes the acquiescence to accepting the tyrannical state doing what it needs to do to ‘remove the virus’ and you will remove the problem.  People will succumb to that especially under fear and anxiety.  1.09.03

LM: that is exactly right. This is acting like a cult and it really is a cult.  You get people involved and they take it further. I have heard that if you get 10% of the people with a religious type fervor and a firmly held belief that they won’t let go, that will eventually waft over into the general public’s consciousness.  The Bolsheviks were 3% of Moscow and they took over the city. In our country the patriots were 3% and they culminated the revolution.  For example, it is a cult to believe in a mask.  You know that because they shame people who are not wearing a mask.  It is not science; it is like a religious hatred of people who don’t wear the masks.

LM: I asked a friend of mine who is a pediatric psychiatrist who these people are who are driving around in a mask.  Even if you believe in mask wearing that does not make any sense. Somewhere someone is showering in a mask.  Who are these people?  He told me that these are Stockholm syndrome people.  They are people who have been made so afraid that to get out of that anxiety zone they over-compensate and they anticipate what their captor’s desires are.  So they capitulate to their captors and they anticipate their needs. There is a picture of a 3 year old child by himself in a room social distancing from his toys. That is what we are doing to this generation and it’s pathetic. We are damaging the psyche of a whole generation of children and the masks are part of it. These Stockholm syndrome people when told to wear a mask will wear 3 masks. If they are told to wash their hands 10 times a day, they will do it 30 times a day. They will stand 27 feet apart from people. We are already seeing that and even when the mandates go, you are still seeing people wearing a mask.

LM: We are in a danger zone. There is a really good article by James Lindsay and it is called The Psycopathy Of Totalitarianism.  His point is that all totalitarians regimes act like cults; they create a false reality. They get people to buy into this false reality.  The longer it is in place the harder it is to take down. Humanity has a sad tendency to not recognize what is going on until it is too late like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. That is what we are in right now.  They have created this false reality.  Part of it is the virus and part of it is the psychological belief in stuff that is just not true.

SK: let’s close with another extension of this idea, especially since there is a lot of concern of what we don’t know right now.  Again, I am going to throw out a belief I have put together.  I have done some research. I am going to the nanotech because what I do know about nanotech is that it has to feed off something and it feeds off energy in its environment.  It’s a tiny engine.  It appears that the people that may be getting affected by this could be that their energy is accessible. This could mean that there is a potential change in frequency.  There is a frequency issue in the energy.  So, this is where it gets interesting.

SK: fundamentally as people focus on prayer and faith, their energy gets more intense and focused and their frequencies and vibrations elevate. That is provable and we can measure that.  So I wonder if the fear is driving down their protection and allowing the nano tech in this along with other things to feed off their energy and to actually grow.  If we elevate through payer, literally Ephesians 6:10-18 ‘becomes an armor for this sort of thing, enhancing our bodies’ immune systems and also protecting our core energy.

LM: I honestly, absolutely believe that. But there are also external energies. This is what I know about nano technology.  It is not just a myth and it is not future science. It is here. We are already experimenting with nanobots that are self-organizing. We can put these into people to line their nervous system and they are trying this out for people with Parkinson’s.  So that is in the works and by the time the average person hears about it, you know there are deep, dark aspects of scientific research for DARPA and things like that and they are already doing it. Nanotechnology is here and your energy clearly makes a difference.  But let’s suppose that we can change the external world’s energy around you to make you more susceptible. 

LM: When I did orthopedic surgery on your leg and we could not get it to heal, one of the things we could do is to put on an electrical stimulator. This electrical stimulator is a wave length. Why does it build bone?  It builds bone because your DNA is a wave-length receptor, an antenna. Certain wave lengths will stimulate your DNA in different ways than others. We can put on a particular wave length that stimulates your DNA to make mRNA to make bone. Think about that. If I want to stimulate your brain waves to be depressed, I’m sure there is a formula and a wave length. 

LM: Royal Rife who is actually from my neighborhood years ago developed a technology and he showed it very conclusively in science that he found the resonance frequency for tuberculosis. In the days before antibiotics for tuberculosis he could kill tuberculosis by exposing people to wave length.   We know that there are good and there are bad wave lengths for us…for humans and for biologic beings.

LM: In 1905 the Rockefeller Foundation decided to change the wave length of the tuning frequency of all the world’s orchestras in music. They tried and couldn’t get it initially. They couldn’t get anyone to buy this and they wanted to change the tuning frequency from A432 to a tuning frequency of A440. I have a whole book on this.  They couldn’t get anyone to buy into it.  Finally they went to Chicago and they bought up a 6 block area. They found this little guy in mom and pop shop making glockenspiels, the bells for bands. They gave him a deal and said they would let him have a premade, fabulous business building musical instruments but you have to tune your glockenspiels to 440.  I’m sure at the time it didn’t seem like much to the man.  Who knew about this in 1905? They managed to do this and all our bands and orchestras had to tune to the glockenspiels of 440 because that is not tunable. 

LM: so we have been using 440 tuning for a long time.  Then they went to Europe and could not get this done. He got Goebbels to go to England and they squeezed the French to going to A440.  That is the way the world changed its tuning frequency.  Why? I have heard and cannot prove that Tesla said that the even numbered frequencies are not good for water and we are made mostly of water.  If you look at the pleasing frequencies for our biologic selves, they can be divided by 3, so they are odd numbers like 432 which adds up to 9. The A440 adds up to 8.  That is one of the ways to tell that you shouldn’t be involved with.  Tesla said that 60 Herz was bad for humans.

LM: so there is a lot of this and I do think that spiritual energy is a big part.  That may be part of this whole ending phenomenon of what is happening to humanity as a whole with the awakening of people’s spiritual energy. I do believe that you can make things worse or better depending on how you approach the spiritual aspect of this.  I do think that things can be overcome in the short term when these external agents, and that is one of the things about 5G. People think that it is just nonsense and I tell them the story about the bone stimulator.

LM: It is not nonsense and 5G was developed as a weapon and it was used as a crowd control agent in Iraq because the helical coil of your hair follicle picks up that resonance. It makes you feel like your whole skin is on fire. People say that is high power. Well yes, what happens when I put a hotdog in a microwave and I turn the power down? I just have to cook it longer. That is really what this wavelength technology can do. There are 2 industries that are so completely indemnified that you cannot sue them for medical problems.  They are the pharmaceutical and the telecommunications industries.

LM: if you notice, Wuhan was one of the very first cities to have 5G rolled out and a lot of people are talking about the relationship.  5G may not have caused this whole thing but it may have made the reason that Wuhan went down more than other cities in China at the outset.  They had completely rolled it (5G) out in Wuhan including the hospitals in December (2019) when this really got bad there. Ultimately Tesla is going to be right that frequency wave length is everything and we need to pay attention to this and it is very scary that somebody else controls that wave length.

SK: absolutely, so what would you say to people at this point in time as they are concerned and a bit afraid of the things of the unknown? I would say there is more concern erupting now within the patriot side of the unknown of the transmissibility than anything else. What would you say to them as words to live by? 

LM: this is like when this whole thing started. I always say that when doctors are dying, we have a problem. We do what we can to save ourselves as anybody would. When this first came across and doctors were dying in Lombardy (Italy) it looked really bad.  We do what we always do; we studied and we figured it out and we have treatments.  When it comes to the natural disease here, which is as you said may just be the psyop part of this, the disease itself is treatable.  We could have saved 350,000 last year had we used hydroxychloroquine (hdxq) early and as a prophylaxis and ivermectin and all these things we know now. I didn’t make that number up—it is based on the science. And Michael came up with that number.

LM: for people who are afraid, the first thing to say is we are kind of in a second wave of unknown. We have the unknown of the disease and we figured that out. Now we are in the second wave and we are going to figure this out. But we just don’t have it figured out now.  But we are starting above where we started before. We know things that help prevent you from getting the disease.  If this is transmitted by spike protein, it should help this too.  So, for example, hdxq and ivermectin—everybody should make your immune system as strong as possible.

LM: I have a website, and I go through the list of what you can do to make yourself so healthy that you are less apt to go down with this. Being in isolation is generally not the right thing to do except in one circumstance and that is when you see people literally dropping over on the street like they were in Wuhan and Lombardy when it was coming across so fast it didn’t look right. I would have kept myself home for a while if I had been working in Wuhan at first.  But then I would not have wanted to get locked in my house later when we had it under control. That is our problem.  We have taken these draconian measures instead of making this voluntary. That is how people avoided smallpox death.  There is a time to go to ground.  This is not it.

LM: now having said that, if you are pregnant and you are around a lot of people that are vaccinated, you might want to rethink that. Until we figure it out you might want to protect your baby and just stay home. I have talked to Sherry Tenpenny, Stella Immanuel, and a bunch of other doctors. I asked what they do if a pregnant woman starts bleeding and they said, ‘stay home.’  That was their first recommendation. The second recommendation is that we do have prophylaxis and we do have treatment.

LM: there are other things; we are finding out that black cumin seed is a low level hdxq. It is called Nigeli and you can buy it and it seems to be helping. There are a lot of things we know that we didn’t know starting out.  There is also elderberry juice and things that you can do yourself to improve your immune system.  Our goal should be to not teach our children fear. In the nuclear age we built bomb shelters as a precautionary thing, but we did not live in them. Even if masks or any of this stuff work to some degree, it is not a strategy to take forward into the future. We need to teach our children that we take on life fearlessly but we are not cowering in our basements over a stupid, piss-ant virus like this.  We don’t put them in masks and separate our humanity from each other. Masking is a terrible thing for our children and we have to stop it right now.

LM: Florida has opened up; my state is opening up. We have to keep them open and never let them lock us down again. It is time to realize that they are coming after you and they are coming after your children. We have to stand together and you can’t just expect doctors to do this even though we are doing some things to help you be preventive as well as treatments.  We need people to stand up and say no more.

SK: these are great words and hopefully very encouraging to patriots.  It’s a pleasure having you today, Dr. Merritt.  I always close the interviews with a prayer and I’d like to do a prayer for you if that is okay.

LM: thank you, thank you very much.

SK: Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for this blessed time we have come together to once again share truth and open up the hearts and minds of the many, to encourage them, to empower them with the words of truth and wisdom that come from great research and the great understanding of this threat that we face in this day. Lord, we ask that you will continue to bless Dr. Merritt and all she does and continue to give these words out to people to truly understand that one of the greatest things that they can do is to put prayer at the center of their life and through that enhance the strength of their life and the strength of their health of their temple, their body temple.  And for each one of them to stand against this and to stand together without fear. We say these things in Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.

Dr. Lee Merritt,   

LM: I have things like the code of regulations against the mandates and I have my article on the complete like of hydroxychloroquine which got published.  

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