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Mike Adams Interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup, The Spike Protein, Treating COVID With 99.6% Cure Rate and More…

0520-2021-Mike Adams (MA) and Dr. Christiane Northrup (CN)

MA: I am not going to Tampa; I am invited and I support it, but I am concerned if 1000 fans come in and there are vaccinated people transmitting something.

CN: It is real and I want everyone to know there is something being transmitted. We are now working together…the 5 docs…and a marketing expert, Tiffany Holms, had a friend who started collecting thousands of stories of women having menstrual irregularities, passing an entire decidual cast, which is the entire inside of the uterus just falling out.  What would do that?  I have never seen that in my career (as an OB-GYN) and clots coming out of the vagina of a 16 month old baby girl, as well as a 6-year-old in the UK bleeding into her underwear after spending the weekend with newly vaccinated grandparents.  I want to use the words’ newly inoculated, not newly vaccinated.’  Something is clearly being transmitted. 

CN: if you look at the Pfizer document from the very beginning on page 67, it says for study participants after being inoculated: No male should be impregnating a woman for 7 weeks and no female should get pregnant for 7 weeks….because of skin contact or contact with sexual fluids.  What did/do they know that they are not telling us? Now we have all these hospitals with virtue signaling doctors who are pregnant showing on social media getting their shot.  How does that work? 

CN: Suddenly OB-GYNs are starting to inject women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy with flu and DPT. I have never understood that or that 99% of newborns are injected with hepatitis B vaccine that contains 15 times the FDA allowances for ‘safe’ amounts of aluminum. That is in a nano-particle form that is bio-persistent meaning that it goes into the brain and it doesn’t leave.  What is it that we are doing in the first place?

CN: right before March 2020 I had testified against vaccine mandates in our state, which was 90% voluntary vaccination rate and we were not in any danger of giant epidemics.  We now mandate 72 shots in children before they are 18 and 54% of our children now have chronic illness and 1 in 32 children has autism. When I testified there were 3 overflow rooms with parents with vaccinated-injured children.  I’ve never seen anything like it.   They went before a panel of doctors and legislators and it was as though an MK Ultra mind control came over the eyes and ears of the people running the panel. The doctors stood up in their white coats representing the medical establishment were saying ‘vaccines are safe and effective, and the injury rate is less than 1 in a million.  That is the narrative and the brainwashing and my profession, pediatricians in particular, when they see a vaccine injured child they are programmed to say that is a coincidence and anything but the vaccine could have caused it.

CN: now we have this shot they created in 7 months.  All the ferrets in the testing that was done died.  Now we are injecting synthetic mRNA in an adenovirus vector that gives you the DNA of some other species.  The J and J shot is the most dangerous and they are all dangerous.  Now when you drop dead after this shot it’s a ‘coincidence.’  This is the same playbook we have heard since 1986 when the vaccine schedule tripled because Congress passed an act that said the vaccine companies could put anything in the vaccines they wanted and not be held liable for vaccine injury.

CN: look at Pfizer, J and J, Merck, all of them—they are serial felons.  If you look at their history and people don’t even question what is stuck in your child’s arm, even when 6 or 7 are stuck in at once.  Pregnant woman are worried about eating tuna, and they don’t questions the shots.  Now we have millions of people who stepped up to get the shot to protect others and there is not one shred of evidence that suggests that it protects others. 

CN: this is a depopulation agenda.  Why would Pfizer suddenly want permission to give the shot to 12 to 15 year olds?  That is the window of puberty. We are getting disturbing reports from fertility clinics that the men who have the shot now have sperm that will not swim.  The women who have had the shot have eggs that will not develop into embryos.  We have women in small towns where miscarriage statistics used to be 1 in 6.  Now if you have 5 pregnant women in a church, 4 of them miscarry. The only thing they have in common is that they have been around somebody who had the shot.

CN: our job here is to go quantum, but remember that fear lowers immunity.  You want to be doing the things that you can do.  You just reported that we are seeing that suramin is found in pine needles, and you are talking about pine needle tea as an antidote to the CV SARS 2 protein. It is the spike protein that is in the air, the urine, the blood, the semen, the sweat of people who have had the shot.  I remember listening to you talking about the study from The Atomic Scientist where they have the ability of making a self-spreading vaccine.  If they can make it self-spreading for immunity, they can make it self-spreading for the opposite. 

CN: think of the brain washing that led to people giving their kids 72 shots to protect ‘my immune compromised kid.’  The science would show that if you go to a leukemia ward or transplant ward in most hospitals you will see signs that if you have recently had a vaccination, you cannot come in for 7 weeks because we know that a chicken pox, polio, and other vaccines shed those viruses.  This shot is not that kind of a shot; it is an mRNA shot that is actually programming your body to produce the spike protein that is the thing that injures people and cross-reacts with 28 different human tissues including Syncytin which is a protein made from ancient DNA viruses that is absolutely essential to fuse cells to create the placenta.  Syncytiontrophoblast (“a captive retroviral envelope protein involved in human placental morphogenesis”) is a specific type of tissue and it looks like the spike proteins can cross react and cause autoimmunity which causes the person to reject their own placenta.

CN: if I were pregnant at this particular time, I would use that time to say that I need to care for the life coming through me and if it is optional, I won’t fly on a plane, I won’t be around grandma and I just want to know more.   The indoctrination about vaccines started long, long ago.  “We need to reach herd immunity.”  By the way, herd immunity is not a proven concept unless you are a proven herd and unless a percentage of the herd had the actual disease.  A vaccine does not give you normal immunity that you get from actually having the disease. 

CN: When I was a young mother, I did what I could to expose my kids to chicken pox. There is terrain theory versus germ theory and we are in a time when terrain is more important.  I just learned this from Sondra Biscayne and that is that you can make your own hydroxychloroquine which is going to keep you healthy.

Take 3 organic grapefruit and 3 organic lemons and remove the rinds. Put them in a glass pot and simmer for 3 hours.  Let it cool down and strain it. You can freeze this, put it in the refrigerator, and take 2 TBS 2x a day.  Now you have your own quercitin or hydroxychloroquine.

MA: let me add to that.  There is a study in Organic Letters where scientists out of Tasmania, Australia, were using an unmodified espresso machine because it uses heat and a 9-bar pressure to do a water extract of coffee.  But if you do this with the citrus fruit peeling, it does a water extract of the water soluble phyto chemical constituents that are in that product.  You can use it on Star Anise, fennel seeds, or pine needles to get Skikimic acid.  You can make your own medicine.

CN: my personal opinion is that unless you have been in a car wreck, the most dangerous place you can be is in the hospital.  Right now we humans who know how to think critically are creating a parallel health system.  We really need to create our own. Our local hospital has essentially become a prison.

MA: they won’t let you go unless you meet their conditions.  Sherri Tenpenny says ‘perhaps it is the spike protein that is being transmitted but we don’t know that for sure.’  Do you have information what is transmitting from vaccinated people to unvaccinated people?  My second questions is how long does this transmission last after a person is newly vaccinated (inoculated)?  With mRNA the body is turned into a factory to churn out spike proteins. How long does the mRNA take over the cells and does that peter out over time?

CN: we don’t know. The mRNA does go in there.  There is good science that it gets destroyed by the body.  But here is the problem: through a process called transfection the mRNA recipe goes through the ribosomes. In the process of transfections when the cells go through mitosis, the DNA will become affected, but not on the first round, but later.  So we do have evidence that it changes your DNA and then you become a factory for this synthetic protein antibody to the spike protein.  There are 2 things:  the antibody that your body is creating and there is also the spike protein.

CN: As Sherri Tenpenny points out there are 50 billion spike proteins in each of the shots and that is going through your body and it is obviously being excreted.  So I think that the only hope here is to not allow yourself to go into fear, even though it is scary as anything…especially if you are pregnant and especially if you want to preserve your fertility.  What I would say is don’t get the shot.

CN: here is what people tell you—they want to travel and go to concerts and I want to say if they are maimed for life or dead that is a whole lot of travel and concerts you will miss. This cannot continue.  We know we have Dr. Rhine Fulmich starting the 2nd Nuremberg trials, we have many lawyers working here in the US against the vaccine passports.  But nobody knows exactly what is being transmitted.  We know that they know something is being transmitted because of the Pfizer documents that were given to everyone who was going to be in the clinical trials.  It said, ‘do not have sex with anyone who can get pregnant for 7 weeks. You don’t want skin contact or sexual fluid going into another person.’ They know something they are not telling us.

MA: a lot of reports have been about women experiencing effects.  But I have also heard that some men are experiencing bruising and couldn’t this interfere with spermatogenesis and sperm motility?  It seems the primary effects in men and women are targeting infertility.

CN: that is correct. The men are getting scrotal swelling and blood in the urethra.  We know that is happening.  One thing about men is they generally don’t talk about these things.  The worst of it is that doctors are telling women bleeding in pregnancy that it is normal.  Or, my favorite, the frontline nurses interviewed on Del Bigtree with all the neurological problems after the shots, are being told they have a conversion disorder, a psychiatric illness. This is the same as the denial about vaccine injury.  ‘it’s all a coincidence.’  It’s as though the medical profession has been brainwashed, lock, stock and barrel by the pharmaceutical injury.

MA: those women were all pro-vaccine but they had all suffered serious neurological injuries.  I recall that one of them saying that other doctors refused to see her as a patient because she was vaccine injured and they did not want to get swept up into diagnosing a vaccine injury that the medical establishment says doesn’t exist. They said it’s all in her head and they are making it up.  These women are abused by the medical system by telling them this is all in their heads.

CN: this has been going on for a long time.  That is why I wrote Womens’ Bodies, Womens’ Wisdom.  I could relate women’s stories of sexual abuse to what was going on in their bodies.  I wasn’t trained in this as an OB-GYN.  There are studies about who are going to have which problems from the abuse studies on women’s bodies. This is standard operating procedure…blame the woman for being crazy.  Only at this point, there are accounts where they are showing the blood clots that have come out of women’s bodies and what the doctors said, “oh, this is normal, this will just go away.”  This is not normal.

MA: even before COVID with the MMR vaccines when parents were told by doctors not to worry if their child had seizures, ‘that is normal.’ Just give your child some Tylenol.  Things like that.  That is not normal.

CN: there is a free, eye-opening movie called Medical Racism at It was produced by The Children’s Health Defense Fund. It was co-produced by my friend, Kevin Jenkins of the Urban Global Health Initiative.  African American boys are 3x as likely to over-react to the MMR because their immune system is so robust that they should have 1/3rd the dose of the MMR for the same immune response.  William Thompson is a whistle blower from the CDC came forward and said the documents showed this immune response in African American boys and he was asked to destroy them. 

CN: these are the same people who destroyed Andy Wakefield’s career as a physician.  That is an old story.  When that happened everyone ran away from Andy Wakefield because he had been targeted.  Now there are so many of us doctors coming forward.  There are 11 doctors who supposedly committed ‘suicide’.  All of them were doing deep dives into vaccine research. 

MA: Erin Elizabeth has covered that and that number is up to 100.  It is even over 100…it is also complementary medicine practitioners.  What we are really describing here has to be stated as the vaccine industry as a death cult that has recruited doctors into the industry.  You can’t ‘ever go against the cult and you can’t say someone was injured by the vaccine or you will be attacked and ostracized the way Wakefield was.’ You used to be on Oprah and you were named one of the most trusted persons in America…a pop culture health and medicine.

CN: I had tv specials, I was on Dr. Oz, and in all of my books I have had information about vaccines.  I came out on Oprah in 2006 and said the Gardasil vaccine was not a good idea. That was long before all these died, were maimed or got POT syndrome from it. (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is one of a group of disorders that have orthostatic intolerance (OI) as their primary symptom. OI describes a condition in which an excessively reduced volume of blood returns to the heart after an individual stands up from a lying down position.)

CN: I didn’t change anything. What changed is they ramped up the propaganda and decided if they weren’t effective against people (like CN or Wakefield), then they eliminated them or had a smear campaign against them…  I was able to make a living from other things and did not renew my medical license in 2015. The NYTimes filed a FOIA request recently and sent me complaints from all over the world saying “this doctor is using her platform to say some things about the vaccine agenda and you should shut her down.”  The board had to say I didn’t have a license with them and it wasn’t in their jurisdiction.

MA: there is a global war on doctors who are speaking out and you are the whistle blowers who are called the ‘dirty dozen’ and the ‘disinformation dozen.’ How long do you think they can keep this up?  By my calculation, the fatality of the deaths from the vaccine are many magnitudes higher than all previous vaccines we have ever talked about like MMR. This could be 1,000 times higher. How long can they cover this up when there are so many people dying and being injured by this? 

CN: I believe that we will be at a tipping point this summer.  It has to.  It usually takes something like thalidomide where women were giving birth to babies with no arms.  It took about 2 years before they took it off the market.  They knew just like Merck knew with Vioxx that it was killing people, but they were making so much money.  I think that we knew that the Dalcon Shield IUD in the 70s was making women infertile by bacteria causing inflammatory pelvic disease. At the time I remember they took the shield off the market and sent them all to Africa.  When you look at global public health it is a death cult.  Isn’t it true that Bill Gates cannot go to India because so many children got polio from the polio vaccines in India?  I just saw a patent for infertility from vaccines from the past. 

CN: you have created Brighteon channel where people can go for the truth.  Very few people are now watching main stream media. They are watching us.  If you look at some they have millions of viewers.  Who is watching CNN, CBS and so forth?  I was just looking at an article in Vice where they are attacking Sherri Tenpenny and Larry Valesky.  They call it conspiracy theory and anti-vaxxers.  Larry says nobody is an anti-vaxxer. They are ex-vaxxers. They took their kid in, they trusted and now their kid got damaged.  It’s simple.

MA: these propaganda campaigns have gone on for a long time.  I was de-platformed in 2014 and that is why I built Brighteon channel.  Youtube black listed me over vaccines.  They were going after vaccine skeptics more than any other category. It was not allowed to say that vaccines could harm some kids.

CN: when you watch Andy Wakefield’s movie, The Act 1986(referring to Child Vaccine Act of 1986), he goes into what they knew and when they knew it.  Jonas Salk was no hero. 

MA: Salk Institute has admitted that spike protein is the cause of cardio-vascular disease and artificial platelet aggregation events in the blood.  Even the ‘heroes’ of vaccines are saying these vaccines are killing people with the spike proteins.

CN: I am wondering if it is going to take a massive amount of people dying.  We know the media will call this the ‘virile variant’. No, it isn’t, if you look at (German attorney) Reiner Fulmich’s discovery throughout the world, because he is bringing a lawsuit against all the powers that be for this gigantic psy-op that is the COVID thing.  We don’t have the COVID inoculations to prevent the transmission of COVID, we have got COVID so that people would get inoculated.

CN: I am looking at MIT patents where you can swallow something that will monitor your body. That is how they want to deliver drugs.  They have ‘theragrippers’ that are modeled after the hookworm. There is evidence that the theragrippers are in the PCR tests. I remember at the beginning thinking as a doctor, that if this virus was that deadly you did not need to put a swab up near the Cribiforum plate next to the brain and the blood brain barrier. (In mammalian anatomy, the cribriform platehorizontal lamina or lamina cribrosa (from Latin cribrum, “sieve” + -form) of the ethmoid bone is received into the ethmoidal notch of the frontal bone and roofs in the nasal cavities.) 

CN: there is so much that makes no sense.  However you are not going to be able to critically think since you have been brainwashed since the time you went to school.  We have 2 generations now that have been brought up on propaganda.  Their parents didn’t know what they were learning in school.  Transgenderism is not normal.

MA: what is a child going to say at the age of 18 who had his penis and scrotum removed?  That is maiming.

CN: as an OB-GYN I have done hundreds of circumcisions and that is maiming.  I have done my penance over that. I speak out on keeping males intact as much as possible because I did so many. That too, should be questioned.

MA: Shouldn’t a pillar of medicine be, “don’t scar the genitalia of children?”  wouldn’t that be step 1—first do no harm, and don’t leave scars on kids. 

CN: if you want to change your gender when you are 18 …if you can’t change your name until you are 18, then you shouldn’t be able to change your gender until you are 18.  But don’t do this when children are 8 years old.  Now you can’t say ‘mother’ any more…you have to say ‘birthing parent.’

MA: the woke medical system has an imaginary world of fake physiology.  On CNN they will say men can give birth and women can have sperm. That is not true and they will say these vaccines are not harming anyone.  So it is this completely imaginary world.  In the real world sometimes vaccines cause spontaneous abortions. Scarring is real…you cannot regrow a penis.  You can’t regrow them like a salamander can regrow a limb.

CN:  even a flu shot can cause a miscarriage in some women.  So we are doing irreparable damage to human life and that is what everyone needs to wake up to.  As you said this is a death cult.

MA: you have a very popular book, The Wisdom of Menopause. I understand the 4th edition has just come out.  My audience is far more women than men.

CN: women seem to be more open to this than men.

MA: gestation is a delicate dance in creating a human being inside a woman. The hormones, the blood supply, the communication between mother and unborn child.  Why would you inject mRNA like carpet bombing the cells of mother and child?  Who would you do that? It smacks of Nazi eugenics.  It is so evil.

CN: it is evil and that mRNA is designed to make a spike protein that will attack the placenta.  We have some case reports that women who had the shot begin to have disintegration of the placenta so that it looks old and inflamed. The very organ that supports the child is under attack.

MA: this is going to be then next thalidomide.

CN: yes. it is.  Here’s the thing and we both know this.  Until you are ready to hear this there is nothing you or I can say.  You and I have been at this for decades.  At any given time even when I was popular on the main stream media at any given time only about 5% of my patients actually went along with the full program.  I was still on a tightrope and in the medical system.  I was an assistant professor and loved my colleagues.  I was talking with Sherri Tenpenny and this targeting of individuals from age 12 to 15 with the Pfizer shot during puberty, we are aghast.  If a pediatrician is standing for this, allowing it to happen, aiding and abetting it, there is part of me…..i don’t even want to tell you what I want to do to them…

MA: does it involve throwing them into a volcano?

CN: something more like a firing squad.  As people wake up if they are listening to us, they want to know “what can I do?”  The first thing you can do is stand in your sovereignty and say, “this is not happening on my watch.”  Then, like parents are doing, they are standing up to school boards to remove mask mandates.  We know when a kid wears a mask all day their immunity plumets and they are more likely to get everything.  It’s like having Dr. Evil behind the screen saying lets give them a mask to wear for 1.5 years, then we’ll give them a flu shot, and then we’ll follow it up with an mRNA vaccine that will attack 28 of their tissues.  Let’s get them prepared and then let’s take them out for the Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, Georgia Guidestones population decimation.

MA: it is that insidious and we have only scratched the surface. We have to do more on this topic and this is a life and death situation.

CN: we are at war and Mike and I are digital frontline people.  I work on the ground with Pam Hopper, Make Americans Free Again, and we have meetings all over the state. The most radical thing you can do is get together in person with other people…no mask, no social distancing and begin to take back your sovereignty.

MA: well said! Thank you for joining me today.

The Spike Protein is the Bioweapon, and It is Found In The Vaccines

Mike Adams,  0520-2021

Mike Adams: now we know why the hospital workers were wearing all that gear, like they were in some kind of a bioweapons research facility.  Suddenly it makes sense; it is because they were spreading the spike protein in the hospitals and the nursing homes.  The staff who didn’t want to die had to gear up with full body respirators and full PPE that covers your whole body.  They had a filter that was filtering out the spike protein that was in the air released in the hospitals.

What we are dealing with here is way worse than anything I could have imagined a year ago.  Not only has Alex Jones been right about this, but this is the most malicious assault on humanity that has ever been conducted in the history of our known planet. This is a global, biological weapon attack/assault that was coupled with an economic lockdown and vaccine compliance so that the vaccines could be used to continue the spreading of the spike protein. The vaccines contain the spike protein so that it keeps spreading.  Do you get that?

That means that this is now a self-perpetuating system.  As long as they can convince people to get vaccinated or so-called vaccinations, they can inject people with the biological that started this in the first place.  I have been doing a lot of interviews lately with various doctors and researchers and gathering a lot of information of what is really going on with this plandemic, this bioweapons attack on humanity. I have learned some things in the last 24 hours to share with you.

If you look at the pattern of how cities were really hit hard by so-called covid deaths last year, specifically in March and April of 2020, that pattern at the time was hyped up as ‘virus deaths’, the covid virus or the corona virus that is killing people.  It is super dangerous. We have to shut down society.

At the time it was very convincing that these were virus deaths, but in retrospect it did not look like that because it did not spread out of NYC to other cities with the same pattern. It did not spread across Europe the way it did in northern Italy in early March, 2020.  What it looks like now in retrospect is not a viral plague. It looks like specific cities were targeted for the intentional release of spike protein. 

That is a shocking statement but it looks like NYC was targeted. Somebody, the globalists, behind this ran around NYC spraying this spike protein on doors and aerosolizing it with drones or airplanes…who knows?  Or they put it in the food supply or the water.  But we know that this is possible as a few years ago the measles outbreak in Disneyland in California was achieved in the same way.  They ran a measles outbreak.

There is the black ops unit of the CDC and the vaccine industry—a bunch of criminals, totally corrupt, and they will do anything.  They ran a measles outbreak in Disneyland.  It was real; it was really measles but they spread it on purpose and then they had state senator Richard Pan, ready to go with SB277 to outlaw vaccine exemptions and force all the children to be vaccinated. That way they could control the population with infertility vaccines and so on. That was a pilot run and I don’t remember the exact year. 

They, the pharmaceutical-vaccine complex, learned that they could gain money and power by releasing bioweapons themselves. So they are bioterrorists and they did it in Disneyland. Then they realized they could do it on a much larger scale, globally, with Covid, and they targeted Northern Italy, NYC, some other cities around the world.  Some were in South America, others in Asia.  They were able to create this mass hysteria panic just from the spike protein being released.  The spike protein causes blood clots which end up killing you with heart attacks, strokes, or pulmonary embolisms. 

The spike protein is so deadly and dangerous that recently when musician Eric Clapton was injected with spike protein through a ‘vaccine’ he lost feeling in his hands and feet for several weeks. They were tingling and numb and he couldn’t use them and he’s a musician. That is what the spike protein does to you. If they can introduce this into a city as a biological weapon through airplanes, drones, the water or food supply, or releasing it in the subway, then they can achieve the effect with what looks like a viral pandemic.  This is combined with the faking of the PCR test, the cycle threshold count being pushed up to 38 or 40 in some cases, they can then make it look like everybody is infected.  But in retrospect it was all a fraud.

I know that I was one of the original people who was sounding the alarm over this in the very early days last year. I follow precautionary principles and if you look at what I said on Info Wars in March, 2020, it was that we had to be concerned about this, but let’s use nutritional supplements to protect ourselves.  The immune system is the best protection.  Let’s be cautious and I even said that I wasn’t going to go out and interact with people until we figure out what is going on.

In retrospect what we realize is that everything was being staged. The deaths were real, but Cuomo was shoving people in nursing homes and killing them with ventilators. He was shoving them in hospitals, probably where spike proteins were being spread. Now we know why the hospital staff were wearing all that gear like they were in some kind of bioweapons research facility. Suddenly it makes sense; it is because they were spreading the spike protein in the hospitals and in the nursing homes.  The staff who didn’t want to die had to gear up with the full body respirators.  You have your own filtered oxygen supply and they were filtering out the spike protein that was in the air released in the hospitals. 

What we are dealing with here is way worse than anything I could have imagined a year ago. Not only has Alex Jones been right about this, but this is the most malicious assault on humanity ever conducted in the known history of our planet. This is a global biological weapon attack, an assault that was coupled with an economic lockdown and vaccine compliance so that the vaccines could be used to continue the spreading of the spike protein. The vaccines contain the spike protein so that it keeps spreading. 

That means this is now a self-perpetuating system where as long as they can convince people to get so-called vaccinated, they can continue to inject people with the very biological weapon that started this whole thing in the first place.  So now you understand why they want you to have booster shots.  They need to boost the plandemic every 6 to 12 months so they have to keep boosting the spike protein in circulation to make sure people keep getting sick. They keep killing people and women keep having spontaneous abortions and miscarriages because blood clots in the womb causes a miscarriage.  Blood clots in your heart cause heart attack death like the rapper BMX.  Blood clots in your brain can cause strokes, aneurysms or bleeding of the brain, and could kill you that way.  They have to keep it going. 

The weapon is spike protein and is now in the vaccines.  In retrospect what we now know that this is way worse than we could have ever imagined. It is more malicious than anything I ever could have even dreamed.  And the institution of science/medicine/vaccines is a terrorist murderous anti-human institution that is seeking genocide against the human race. Those are not exaggerations; this is not hyperbole. This is literally what we are facing right now. 

0520-2021-Latin American Doctors Are Treating COVID With 99.6% Cure Rate

Dr. Manual Aparicio Alonzo from Mexico is a pediatric orthopedic, spinal, and thoracic surgeon but since the beginning of this pandemic I have been treating almost 5000 patients with COVID 19 with chlorine dioxide solution.  That is just me; if I talk about all the doctors worldwide that are treating patients with COVID 19, we have over 100,000 patients that are documented to be healed of the COVID 19 with chlorine dioxide solution.  I will talk about 3 special things of the patients I have treated with COVID 19 at the Red Pill Expo in June at Rapid City, SD.

The first thing is the prophylactic treatment of those who are in close contact with patients with COVID 19. We give them the prophylactic doses of CDS (chlorine Dioxide) and we have a success rate of getting no symptoms of the disease of about 92% of the relatives.  We have treatment of COVID 19 of patients who have been treated with other drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, citromyacin, cortisone, anti-coagulants who did not get better until they started the treatment with CDS. 

We have effectiveness of over 99%.  I treat all the patients at their houses; it is not allowed in Mexico to treat patients at the hospital with CDS.  This way we avoid the infections that are very common in the COVID 19 patients who are treated in hospitals.  In Mexico the health care hospitals we have a mortality rate of 9% of the patients.  We have a mortality of .7% in the meeting places. 

It is important to talk about the long-term effects of COVID 19 and not just surviving it. We have proof that patients treated with CDS have 4x less long term effects than those patients that are treated with conventional treatment. 

With a substance that has been used for decades to prevent contamination of food, doctors in Latin America are absolutely on to something BIG in the control of infectious diseases of all kinds but particularly Covid-19. And the cost is ridiculously low.  Big Pharma does not want us to know about this treatment and is saying it is just plain old bleach, but that is a lie. You do not want to miss this presentation.

0521-2021-Clif High—go to 39 minutes to listen to segment on spike proteins

Here is deep conspiracy. In October, November, December 2019 and January 2020, on the Chinese part of the deep web one could find videos that showed scenes of Chinese CCP gestapo. The CCP has its own military force separate from the People’s Liberation Army. They are somewhat contentious with each other.  Think of them as the militarized, social police of the CCP.  In October and November, 2019 I first encountered these very disturbing videos of these CCP militarized police going through neighborhoods in Wuhan in PPE, personal protective gear and they were armed and carrying ‘stuff.’  They were accompanied by armed PLA security guys also in PPE.  The gear for the PLA was white; the CCP had distinct manila colored PPE and respirator gear to a full head cover. The PLA soldiers did not have the respirators and had the white head covering and masks with breathing apparatus on the sides. They did not have tanks with air. 

There were these videos on the dark web and there were always 3 of the CCP guys and they would be surrounded by as many as 11 or 12 of the PLA guys who had long arms.  These videos were taken from 10 to 12 floors high in buildings over the activity they were filming in the middle of the night in Wuhan, wondering what was going on and they were filming it on their phones and they were brave enough to upload it to the deep web. This is probably why the Chinese shut their connection down later to the deep web as they freaked out over the videos.

You would see the 3 CCP guys with the PLA guys move down the alleyways with this gear. Then the PLA guys would all back out leaving the CCP guys 25 to 50 yards away from the CCP trio who would set down their gear on the road and fiddle with it.  They had some kind of squeeze guns that initially reminded me of bagpipes where you smash the air under your arm to get the air out through the horn.  They were doing something that energetic and it may have been that they were pumping something.  Maybe they were dealing with the output of something that was highly compressed going through a highly compressed hose and they had to clamp the hose under the arm which made the arm move as they were pumping out.  They would stand there and appear to sort of jump and there would be these spurts of stuff that looked like concert smoke.  It would spurt out and then disperse. It would expand very rapidly.

Only one guy pumped and they only did a little bit (a second or so) and then they would laboriously put it all back together and then you would see the PLA cadre move back and they would all move on.  The people that were handling the ‘puffer’ were armed with hand guns that you could see clearly.  The two people with the pumper had the handguns in their hands in some of these videos. 

As the PLA guys moved out you go hear something going on, and people yelling and shouting at each other.  You can hear talking on some of these videos and you can hear gunshots.  You have no way to connect any of this to anything.  It has been decades since I handled long arms and I don’t recognize the tones of them any longer. So, at the time I went to the trouble to send this video to a friend of mine who is in law enforcement and listen to it.  He gave me what he heard and thought was the make of the rifle and the Chinese are known to use this.  These were like ‘grunt weapons’ like the national guard are carrying in Washington DC with their carbines

This friend said it sounded like the reply bouncing off concrete walls. He has testified on some of this in his law enforcement duties in the past. You don’t see the shots and don’t know what is going on as it is out of frame.  It could be warning shots.  So now fast forward to today I was sent a video and it was from Mike Adams whose specialty is health stuff.

He is talking about the corona virus being a sham and the spike proteins have been put out there in and of themselves to cause the problems that they have caused.  The spike proteins were put out mechanistically and specifically in New York, northern Italy and Wuhan.  There were patterns of death and destruction that were similar.  Northern Italy was unlike any other part of Europe in terms of how it spread, the number of people affected and how they went.  It was a huge jump in everything and the rest of Europe didn’t have all that.

Here we had all the deaths and chaos in NYC. He (Mike Adams) could be wrong; he is thinking there is some sort of conspiracy of someone dumping spike protein into the environment and people were reacting to the spike protein being dumped into the environment.  It was then later on labeled covid for which they developed the vaccine which is another way to get the spike protein into you so that those people who are going to croak from it, croak from it.  They apparently want people to die from the spike protein.  This is Mike’s thinking that this was a conspiracy not only at the level of Fauci and the vaccine which we know to be true.  We know Fauci lied, the pandemic was a scandemic and he lied about so much. 

Mike Adams is saying the pandemic goes back further and the corona virus aspect of it was bogus and the spike protein is not.  The long term damage being done to people is the spike protein which we know is true and those people who are affected by the spike protein can and do have long term damage.  Mike’s take on this is that they have not been affected by corona virus. They may have been exposed to the spike protein itself through aerosol or something like that.

At that point I remembered the videos of the CCP and PLA in Wuhan.  Curiously didn’t all this go down at Wuhan at that time and didn’t it just go ‘whoosh’ right out of nowhere?  Yes it did.  Maybe it is that evil; maybe it is more than attaching the spike protein to the corona virus to see what happens.  The likelihood that there will be a meaningful consensus on this is very low for a number of years.  We are going to have to scrap about this for a number of years and fight over it.   

Canadian Man Loses Over Six Feet Of Intestine After Blood Clot Caused By COVID Vaccine

May 20, 2021 National File

British Columbia, Canada: Shaun Muldoon wrote on Facebook that he took the AtraZeneca vaccine and began getting stomach pains, and after 17 days he went to the hospital emergency room. He had over six feet of his smaller intestine removed. He had another surgery two days later to have more if it removed. Mulldoon reported his symptoms, but was advised to stay home multiple times by doctors. Muldoon and his wife said that doctors did mention blood clots as a rare side effect, but failed to accurately represent the risk of serious side effects. The Norwegian Institute of Health recommended that the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine be banned earlier month, following numerous reports of dangerous side effects such as blood clots.

A husband and father in British Columbia, Canada has lost over half of his small intestine to a blood clot induced by a dose of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, and has issued an urgent warning to other vaccine recipients after being told by doctors he had almost died.

“I really wish they had let us know what ‘worse case scenario’ might look like…,” Shaun Mulldoon posted on Facebook. “If you, or if any of your friends or family ‘have received AstraZeneca vaccine…. I had stomach pains 10 days later (Monday) They continued for 5 more days. Spoke to my family doctor twice, on Monday, and again 4 days later on Friday. Had a negative covid test Wednesday 17 days after my vaccine ended up going into emergency surgery to remove over 6 feet of my small intestine. I had a massive blood clot.”

“Second surgery two days later to [remove] more,” Mulldoon’s post continued. “My surgeon told me it was very close If you get [Astra] and do [not] feel 100%, get yourself to emergency immediately!!! Still in hospital a week later.”

“This is life changing for us,” Mulldoon’s wife Tara said. “I feel like we have a long road ahead of us as far as his recovery goes. He’s lost half of his small intestine.” According to CBC, Mulldoon was vaccinated on April 22 and suffered symptoms that progressed from nausea to headache, vomiting, and fever. Mulldoon reported his symptoms, but was advised to stay home multiple times by doctors. The symptoms progressed to passing and vomiting blood on May 8, and Mulldoon was in emergency surgery a day later.

Mulldoon’s post was struck with a label by Facebook that reads, “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely,” sourcing the ‘World health Organization.’”

“We are not anti-vaxxers,” Tara Mulldoon said. “We just want people to take any adverse symptoms following the vaccine – please take it seriously.” The couple noted that doctors did not accurately represent the risk of serious side effects: “I mean there’s chitter chatter about the risks of blood clots, but … it was presented to us as being so so rare.’”

Almost Half of Fauci’s Employees, in his Infectious Disease branch of the CDC, Have NOT Taken a COVID-19 Vaccine

May 20, 2021 PBS Newshour clip 0

US Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) enquired about the number of employees vaccinated in the health agencies, and Dr. Fauci, head of the National Institute Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the CDC, said “I’m not 100% sure, Senator, but I think it’s probably a little bit more than half, probably around 60%.” Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, “I can’t tell you the exact number, but it’s probably in the same range. Some people vaccinated at our facility, and others outside of the facility.” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC, said she didn’t know because the federal government is not requiring it and employees are not required to report on their vaccine status. Senator Burr pointed out that the federal government should be willing to take the vaccines when asking the American people to do so.

Mainstream media “debunked” this story when it was reported that workers at the CDC and FDA were rejecting COVID-19 vaccines, and claimed that it was a hoax because Fauci did not say that his staff was “refusing” COVID vaccines. However, the fact remains that the injections are widely available to the employees, but are unwilling to accept them, which is the definition of refuse.

Click here for video: 

 0522-2021-Clif High- Woolette

27.30 minutes:

Having the elite drive us into digital currencies will be one of the first casualties of upcoming alien experience.  Those people who would have us go into the digitial currencies where we are entirely vulnerable individually and collectively to the whims of the power elite and ‘evil actors’ that would control that system are under attack at this moment in a way that they have not been, maybe ever…

Some kickers will intrude on all this which include the UFOs and space aliens, and our ‘friend’ covid.  The reason it includes covid is because the ‘vaccine’, the mRNA product has real potential for bringing fulfilment to forecast language from my old ‘Alta’ reports about the 3rd wave, the 3rd winter.  The data sets had the sun disease (corona) forming back as early as 2003.  Within the data sets we had a 3rd wave description where there were a lot of victims and a lot of people died. It was the end of the sun disease for humanity at that point.

But it was the end after some horrific level of casualties.  We face that now, not directly from the covid but the combination of the covid and the mRNA vaxx. It is the combination that will kill people this coming winter.  What is projected to happen, are these projections coming from people with reasonably accurate computer models.  I trust computer models because I have done software and I know how that works.  People don’t and they take it as factual and there is a huge level of error in any computer model.

In any event in these computer models coming out they are dealing with the effective joining of covid and the mRNA vaxxed people into a death wave that was predicted as part of the globalist depopulation.  It is horrific and will include lots of children because they have been vaccinated with this mRNA vaxx.  That will fulfill the language that was forecast around the ‘sun’ disease.  After that we don’t have to worry about it.  It is still out and about in the wild, but then it is an occasional kind of thing not a consistency we have to deal with.

But this 3rd wave, should it materialize…and here is the rub….predictive linguistic process predicts language appearing in general discourse and not the events.  Language is frequently a poor representation of what occurred. Humans are not good eye witnesses and they are bad in reporting. There is ambiguity in language and the underlying meaning and tone of language changes constantly so that you have a rapidly moving target you are trying to look at and the background is moving as well.  You are bouncing up and down and the language is never an exact representation of what is going to occur.  We get very good hits out of the process that I invented in the 90s for language that will show up, but not necessarily an understanding of the meaning of the language that are propelling the events at the time that it is showing up because of the large temporal gap.  All the changes have occurred in the language along the way. 

The language in the Alta reports of the ‘sun’ disease (corona) showed that we would enter a period of the 3rd wave that would be rather deadly. Then we were done with that aspect of this. But there are people now in Britain that are saying that 60 to 70 percent of the people that have been vaccinated will become extremely ill, debilitated, and/or die this coming winter.

I think this is going to occur as we are going to have a harsh winter and lots of cloud cover and there is going to be no incidental vitamin D production to speak of. You will really need to maintain vitamin D levels.  Another thing about this is my understanding is that vitamin D does provide a significant level of protection from the spike protein as well as from the corona virus.  The level of protection is dependent on your maintaining an optimum level of vitamin D which is in the range of 80 to 90 nanograms per milliliter in blood.  I have it up here as 40 and I’m changing it to 90 as the optimal. 

Indigenous humans who now live out in the sun most of the day for most of their lives will routinely test by blood draws and western assay methods, in the range of 120 to 150 nanograms per milliliter, so you are safe at 80 to 90.  60 is the low end of ‘safe.’ That means more sunbathing…sun those ‘balls’, guys.  This could be acutely necessary this coming winter as we get into the ice age conditions that will bring in larger, longer lasting cloud masses and longer lasting pressure systems drawing in more clouds over larger areas and reducing sunlight for people that incidental vitamin D production simply does not exist.  It may become difficult in the summer. 

I am on the (west) coast and it’s the end of May and we have near-winter conditions.  It is not spring conditions and plants are late setting buds, grasses on the beach are only now starting to flower and they should have done this 2 months ago.  So they are over reacting to the conditions we have here.  My ability to generate vitamin D in this low sunlight is basically non-existent so I sip my Chaga tea all day long.  Chaga is loaded with vitamin D. I don’t count on Chaga tea as my only vitamin D source and I do supplement.  Those powers that be have let out communism in the form of covid and they are trying to trash the society for their own ends as we are getting to ‘uppity’ and too knowledgeable.  Too many of us are ‘catching on.’  Just understand where we are. 

The “woo” will overwhelm the system and we are left in the mist where we will have to decide the future. Everything will be unknown and everyone’s participation is required.  We need all that work to shape our future and how we are going to live.  We are basically going to get rid of all the elitists over the course of the next few years. They let out the communism monster and it is going to turn around and find huge resistance in the populace.  The only people it will be able to consume will be the people that created it.  We will sweep up the mess and be done with it over a number of years.

As the system collapses around us, we remain and decide what we are going to settle on and pick it up and go back.  As this occurs, we have real dangers to face. The spike protein is 3 folded proteins that are joined to a central stem. This was done in a lab and each of these 3 folded proteins is a prion.  A prion can and will cause brain malfunction.  People with spike proteins in them are going to contribute to our general degradation because their brains will be malfunctioning, continually and constantly getting worse over the couple of years.  Theses are people that have had the spike proteins injected into them or however it has gotten into them.

I don’t think exposure to people that are shedding/transmitting the spike protein from being vaccinated is necessarily an infection of a ‘non-vaccinated’ person. I think it is exposure.  At this point I am treating exposure to vaccinated people as though I am being exposed to an irritating, caustic kind of a dust—something that is irritating my system and caustic in the sense that it is damaging.  It is dust-like.  Hopefully if I can get away from that environment and clean my system out I no longer suffer the effects.

So far we seem to have evidence that is the case. If you physically isolate yourself from vaccinated people when they are in active shedding mode and we don’t know what determines that—you will be able to get some relief from the symptoms you get around them.  So this is a dangerous world at the moment and our ‘woolette’ (like Russian roulette) has gotten more dangerous because these power elitists have let out communists and the covid, neither one of which can be controlled.  But we can live in spite of both of them until we deal with the situation that allowed both of them to arise.  That is basically what we will end up doing.  It will take a number of years. 

The death rate composed by the UK computer models is illness rate of 60 to 70% with a corresponding very high death rate.  If you read down into the studies 70% of the people might get very, very ill and of that 70% half are projected to die.  The curious part of all this is that if we were just to buy into the powers that be (Biden and his crowd) and everyone go out and get the vaxx so that 70% of our population vaccinated by the 4th of July.  That is Biden’s goal. 

If we were to achieve 70%, and we are theoretically at 48% as claimed by the powers that be, and they want to get to 70%.  If we were at 70% and half of those died, we would be close to the ‘die-off’ numbers from some of these reports from military intelligence groups for the US.  It gets curiouser and curiouser as we go forward with all this stuff piling up.  This points to conspiracy people and conspiracies as being actual and factual.

We have a giant plandemic and the powers that be are trying to kill us off through that global plandemic and we have stolen elections.  All of these are claimed conspiracy theories and we have the ultimate claimed conspiracies showing up as the UFOs.  They have acknowledged and they are selling it.  Space aliens are starting to be discussed by officialdom.  You know that shit is coming unglued.  We are in the final round of American Woolette. 

This is our systemic collapse, and as goofy as it is right now, it is going to have aliens sprinkled into it.  I think the powers to be screwed up because none of these –communism, covid or UFOs—can be controlled. The powers that be cannot control BLM and the other communists, they cannot control what is going to happen with covid or the space aliens. They have unleashed it and let it all out and we are into Woolette with really screwy times ahead of us.

We are mere days from very major changes through the social order that will ripple on forever.  If you watch this (video) and don’t understand that we are in collapse, I would invite you to look at toilet paper last year, microchip shortages now, oil and the price of money, all of these things.  It is here now. 

We are getting into it now and it is conceivable that a self-organizing collective knows all this that I am telling you. They have known and thought about this for decades and it is conceivable that this self-organizing collective knew in 2017 when they started releasing the Navy UFO information that we would more or less be here now. They knew what the globalist elite were going to do and were doing counter-moves.  It is conceivable this collective has plans, initiatives, things, thoughts in place and set up so that much of the degradation, the Woolette episode, is now rigged. There was a design and that will have us stabilize from what they did years back.  That led to the release of the UFO information.  Look at 2017 when they released the UFO information that had happened in the previous decade. There was a trail of events that led to the release of that information in 2017. It has now led to us now on the cusp of UFO disclosure.

You have people saying that ‘all UFOs are good’ like ‘bat-shit crazy Stephen Greer who has no evidence whatsoever.  Humans have xenophobia that is placed in us by universe. This means ‘fear of the other’ or fear of someone not like ourselves.  Xenophobia is at the root of slavery and racism between humans.  Blacks don’t look like American Indians who don’t look like Innuits who don’t look like me and we get paranoid.  We don’t know what is going on. Xenophobia is one of those traits that is a key survival skill and trait that is built into us by the universe for us to survive.  Xenophobia is your friend.  It will keep you alive and help you to tell the good space aliens from the bad space aliens.   It will be up-leveled and space aliens will take racism out of the picture because we will all be racist and xenophobia about the space aliens and not so much about ourselves anymore.  We will recognize one another as cousins which we have not done prior to the space aliens showing up here.

Xenophobia is good. Dr. Stephen Greer who says that all space aliens are good and we are whackadoodles for thinking there could ever be an aggressive space alien race is denying the xenophobia the universe put in him.  I am going to go with the universe until we encounter a few dozen races that we don’t have any issues with and we see that they are not aggressive.  I am not going to say that there is a general trend in that direction.  Obviously humans are aggressive and predators. We need to examine the universe in an open mind and keep our xenophobia where it belongs.

I think our self-organizing collectively has hypothetically plans, resources, materials in place and they have nothing better to do.  Civilization is collapsing so you may as well get organized and get yourself ready.  I think our civilization is in the American Woolette.  America is driving it and the power leads are going to be undone and dislodged here and now.  We are doing this with firm resolve and even temperament, by not being screeching activist communists, but by evenly pushing back and corralling the aberrant.  I think we are in this time now.  The events that led up to the episodes in 2017 of unveiling in so many different areas, including UFOs, have reached their culmination. There is no coincidence that all kinds of messaging would stop when there is no longer a need for that kind of thing and events are so imminent you cannot get ahead of them.  We know the imminent includes the UFOs.

I do not think the space alien information is or was in any participatory as a distraction in the voting audits.  It was begun in decades past and the events are taking shape and the timing is not in control of the deep state.  You will see this evidence very shortly.  The deep state players, Biden and all, will try to derail, deny, and degrade what is coming in June.  They don’t want UFO disclosure any further than it is. They are rather upset at what is coming out and they are trying to get ahead of it.  It is not distraction for the audits.  It won’t be that distracting at the time. 

We will see this in July that it was necessary to have this at this time.  We are going to play American Woolette whether the space aliens come out or not.  For all us individuals it will be much better to have these guys and all of their unknown and potentially frightening aspect here and out in the open when this is all going down.  I am convinced that there is a self-organizing collective and it does not that you and I are all playing American Woolette and the collective knows this is anything but a game.    

0521-2021-What Are Positive Benefits From The Never Ending Plasma Energy Station?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses benefits from using the Plasma Energy Station water on people, pets and plants.  She gives some of the improvements Dr. Paul experienced when he started using the plasma energy station water.  She also gives a reminder of the May, 2021 specials which includes $100 savings on the plasma energy station.  She reminds you that it is especially important to pay attention to supplies you have on hand at this time.  Be sure to see the specials on our home page

0521-2021-Are You Paying Attention To Information Regarding The Spike Proteins?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses information from Frontline Doctors about the transmitting of the inoculation called the vaccine and some of the side effects on people that she knows about personally.  What about the spike proteins? She also discusses the specials for May—this is a great time to add to your Plasma Energy Pantry!  You can go to the following links for information she discusses:

0520-2021-Mike Adams (MA) and Dr. Christiane Northrup (CN)

0520-2021 Mike Adams-Spike Proteins the weapon?

0521-2021-Clif High—go to 39 minutes to listen to segment on spike proteins

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  1. I am trying to keep the wife and myself educated on the Wuhan virus and those deadly remedies to the virus, the “life-saving” shot from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc. I am an old geezer but I love humanity even with all its flaws, and try to dissuade my friends and family from even thinking about getting those shots.

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