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New World Order Desperate as Plan Falls Apart – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter On February 19, 2022 In Political Analysis 149 Comments

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong thinks the New World Order’s so-called “Great Reset” plan for humanity is falling apart, and the globalists are becoming increasingly “desperate.” 

Armstrong explains, “They are basically desperate at this stage.  I don’t think they anticipated the amount of resistance that they are getting.  It’s not just with the truckers in Canada, but this is starting everywhere.  There has been an awful lot of resistance consistently that the press does not cover in virtually every city throughout Europe. . . . . Klaus Schwaub is an academic and the academics sit around, talk among themselves in a 5-star hotel lobby and that’s it.

They never step out and talk to the people because we are too stupid to actually have an opinion.  They know better.  This is what Klause Schwab (top globalist at the World Economic Forum) does.  He is far more sophisticated than people realize.  He has methodically gone out and created his young global leaders. 

He is basically sticking people in government positions that are loyal to him.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is one of them. . . . They don’t understand human nature. They think communism is a step up, and the last time this was attempted, it led to the death of 200 million people.  This is absurd. . . . Serfdom ended in 1860s, about the same time as slavery ended in the US. They owned nothing and the average person didn’t own a plot of land to grow corn.

You are not allowed to think freely.  That’s what communism really is. . . . When people are free and you can create something yourself and you have an idea, you further advance the living standards. Communism is that you are not allowed to think freely.

You don’t realize this whole thing we are going through right now is the same thing.  This is cancel culture.  Someone said something I don’t like, and that was 20 years ago, so cancel them.  This is exactly what took place in communism.  You are destroying the right to speak freely.”

The so-called “Great Reset” is all about control and tyranny.  Armstrong says, “Just look at Canada.  Trudeau is one of Klaus Schwab’s young global leaders.  The worst countries have leaders that have graduated from his school.  Make everybody comply, and if they don’t, crush them to the ground.”

Obedience to Authority is a study done by Stanley Milgram. It covered just following orders and it had to do with the obedience of the Germans in WWII and ‘just following orders.’ His study showed that people who are told to do something and they think the government is correct , they will do it. That is why you see people driving around with masks on.

The only good news is, according to Armstrong and his “Socrates” computer analysis, this is “not going to work out well for the globalists pushing communism.” Armstrong says, “With Karl Marx, at the time, people owned nothing.  Schwab is saying, ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy.’  Schwaub’s students are running Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Listen to what these people say. John Kerry was a student of Schwaub’s and said we have to eliminate a populace.

This is absurd because what you are doing is creating a fake image.  Schwab is saying I am going to relieve you of all your debt. . . . That is a front because the government has gone to the point of no return.  What you have to understand here is it is really the government that has to default.  What I have said is, look, governments are going to have to default because this is no longer sustainable.” Schwaub has written that the US will be overthrown.

Armstrong predicted last year, “The financial system has come to an end.” Armstrong says you can expect much higher inflation and much higher interest rates by the end of 2022. With Marx it made sense when serfdom ended and the people owned nothing. With Schwaub you will own nothing and be happy is creating a fake image.

The government has to default; they have followed Keynesian economics. It was based on suppressing interest rates and that worked in the 1930’s. it doesn’t work today when the government is the biggest borrower. That is the crisis that we have and Schwaub got his foot in the door with creating the great reset of the government owning everything and heads of state are there for life.

The governments are going to default. People went from coupons to bonds to domestic stock. 70% of small businesses that apply for loans are rejected because they are competing with the government. Why should a bank do a loan with AAA guarantee with a no-risk loan to the government?

Is this going to get bloody? More and more countries are moving to separation. Trudeau has ‘lost it’ and is doing what Hitler did which was banning people from having accounts outside the country and confiscated people’s money. Because of his law, Switzerland created secret, numbered account. Now you have Schwaub selling the idea that you can crush people and you will succeed. It is absurd.

Look at all the young global leaders that have graduated from his training. They are absolutely horrible, authoritarian people who don’t believe in democracy or human rights. They create nonsense like sending people with guns after the truckers. They did that in 1932 during the Great Depression. Hoover lost when they sent the Army to put down the veterans and some were shot and killed and they were unarmed.

People are fighting for their lives. Those in power like Trudeau who won by creating Under these parliamentary governments they can created these minority governments. They bribe everyone…you support me and I’ll give you this…. it’s a horrible system.

Texas found 11,000 people on the rolls that voted who are not even Americans. Judicial Watch said that 400,000 people have been taken off the rolls that shouldn’t even have been there. This is how they rig elections. If you think you honestly have the right to vote it is questionable.

Our system, a republic and not a democracy, is that you vote for one person and he ‘runs the show’ for the state or whatever. The problem with that is that we have these party politics. These people may get to Washington saying they will do ‘such and such’ and when they get there they are told they will vote the way they are told. Very few will cross party lines in voting so as not to be ‘persona non grata.’

The Canadian trucker shows in the computer model up to the 2nd week of April. It’s going to get worse during that period leading up to that. It is only going to fuel the rise of the separatist movement. With the emergency act, the banks went offline together and this is a shot across the bow. Now with international capital, Canada is not the place to put money.

In trying to ‘get to the truckers’ they have basically destroyed confidence in government in parking any money in Canada vs in Europe. The Emergency Act means there is no due process of law and the banks are told what to do with the money. Where’s the proof that someone is not entitled to their truck?

The biggest danger with the whole thing in Canada is that Trudeau is just following the orders from the World Economic Forum. What would be fantastic would be to get hold of all the phone calls, texts and emails between Trudeau and Schwaub who actually brags that he has other members in the cabinet in Canada and they do what Schwaub has taught them. They are not willing to even negotiate. All Trudeau had to do was to back off the vaccine mandates.

The shots are basically not so much about the micro chips but showing that you are one of the resistors or one of the sheep following the government. Many people got vaccinated to keep their job or see family in another country. They didn’t believe it was going to kill them. They complied because they were forced to.

The data is showing a die off…it is not only the vaccine. I find it is curious that Gates’ and company have a vaccine for smallpox that had supposedly been cured. 3 to 4 months later smallpox shows up in Yemen. I don’t say the die off is necessarily from covid or the vaccines. There are other diseases that are far more serious. Covid is just like the flu.

From the outset this has been about a lie. When you have Bill Gates saying we have to vaccinate the whole world to eliminate covid, that is an outright lie. We cannot cure the common cold or any virus or the flu? Why? They simultaneously exist in animals. There will always be a reservoir that will mutate year after year. So you get the bird flu, the swine flu. They say 40% of the deer have covid.

I knew this was nefarious and Gates cannot be that stupid. The only vaccine that worked to eliminate something was smallpox and that was because it only existed in humans. Are the shots the catalyst for depopulation? The main studies out of England show that people’s immune systems have been lowered and they are susceptible to other diseases. My Socrates computer models do show a die off.

You have smallpox showing up in Africa and you have the Black Plague showing up in China. We just look at this from a cyclical standpoint. This is also affected by the cold weather. I have never seen it this cold in Florida and this has been for a couple of weeks. You have to be careful with the global cooling which correlates with the rise in disease.

We are entering into a cycle period. Was it covid? There is an editor with the London Financial Times who investigated covid and the lab leak and put the whole thing together. The editor wouldn’t let her print it and she quit. This is cancel culture and no longer believable main stream press. The whole thing is a joke and they are bought and paid for.

Trump did his January Davos meeting. He held a meeting for the press in December in New York. The people who own the media all come and they get this preview and he is ‘greasing their palms’ to take on his agenda. It’s very, very smart and he is not a front man. Gates and Soros have been attracted to him, but they are not the original source. Schwaub is the one who put together this network and for whatever reason the politicians have all signed on to it.

We have lost control of the economy. The ECB lowered the rates to negative in 2014. They have been unable to stimulate it since that period of time with lower and negative interest rates. That has been a joke. China warned its companies to not to borrow in US dollars. You have a tremendous amount of debt issued in US dollars by foreign governments and companies.

You had China going directly to the FED and asking them not to raise rates. If you do you are going to create an emerging market debt crisis. It’s a double-edged sword. With the Ukraine the West keeps slapping Putin’s face and they don’t negotiate or learn to shut up. Are they praying for Putin to invade so they have something to scream about since covid (narrative) is dying?

You have the crisis in the Ukraine and the capital flows into the US. There is $5 billion a month coming into the US equity markets from overseas. They are not looking at the international—the higher the dollar grows the more the emerging debt crisis. That crisis flows more money into the US. 36.41

It’s a mess and the FED now realizes they have no duty to stop inflation. If they raise interest rates, they stop inflation and the government spends more. The Biden administration has been on a spending spree and they have undermined the federal reserve and the FED is the only one that is independent of the central banks.

In 1951 the federal reserve was ordered by the administration to maintain the bonds and interest rates at par and this was originally started by Roosevelt. The FED refused in 1951 and interest rates were dealt with by the FED and not listening to the White House. The FED does not control the fiscal side; Congress controls the spending. The FED does not have to purchase the US debt. The European Central Bank cannot do that.

People should count on large inflation. The FED is not going to be able to stop inflation. People will not buy something if they think it will be cheaper next month. They will buy when they think there will be a shortage and they will get extra now. They do the same thing with property. As soon as mortgage rates run up, they go out and lock in the rate. Why would they lock anything if the rates keep going down?

The FED can’t stop interest rate on mortgages. Quantitative easing was on the long-term rate that the FED cannot set and the idea was that they would buy in to the long term 10 and 30-year bonds to reduce the supply. The FED camp set the short term rates. They don’t have the power to fix the 30 year bonds. That is what the quantitative easing was about.

There will be rising interest rates and inflation. Capital has been buying mortgages instead of government debt because they at least have ‘collateral.’ If governments default or declare an emergency like Trudeau in Canada, you are out. Trudeau is playing with fire. Once you lose the confidence in the banking system and the debt of Canada, it is ‘Katy bar the door’ and he is really destroying the Canadian economy.

Trudeau will be finished and this is why the whole Schwaub thing is not working and it is not going to work. We are not as naïve in capital internationally as in the 1914 October revolution in Russia. You cannot compare the two periods. There wasn’t even Keynesian economics then and it’s a completely different mind set.

We advise on global funds in the trillions and I get to see what these people are concerned about. A major pension fund sold all government bonds. The S&P went in and said they were taking on more risk. They said they did their studies and Armstrong is right. Governments end up defaulting and we get nothing back.

If government goes bust you can’t go to the National Gallery and start listing Picassos. If GM goes bust or bankrupt, the assets are sold and you get something back. Government going bust means you get nothing back. Government pensions could get destroyed—it depends on the pension fund. That is part of the whole agenda and why they are putting in the guaranteed basic income. That is to replace the pension funds that they default on.

Europe is a disaster. Even social security—100% is invested in government bonds. The US is in better shape; Europe is a complete disaster and Canada is not far behind. US has the biggest economy and because we are a capitalistic system, we have done better. The more regulations like in Europe create disaster.

A number of people on the Democratic side that are totally fed up and don’t agree with the agenda and that is why they and some Republicans are stepping down. I have a good friend who was a major chief of staff and he said he couldn’t take it anymore. A lot of the good people are leaving.

I had a conversation a few days ago with someone who is running for congress and asking about what to do with the Ukraine. They wanted to know if I could get involved in negotiations. What do they expect me to do? You have Biden in the white house who doesn’t shut up. He rejected everything that Putin asked for and one was that Ukraine not enter NATO.

Now that troops are on the border, everyone is abandoning Ukraine. They are closing embassies and they have neglected the Ukraine. It won’t be entered into NATO. You don’t negotiate with someone like that and reject everything they ask for. 48.30

Putin is not really that wrong. When Russia tried to put missiles in Cuba it was a big thing. We take them and put them right next to his border. He’s legitimate saying to pull back to 1997 lines. We don’t need nukes several miles from their border. The only point is they are deliberately trying to provoke war.

Putin is probably the most respected world leader today with a 65% in his country today. And who is lower…Biden or Trudeau. When you also someone in the face you are forcing Putin to do something. If he doesn’t do something or he looks weak. In his speech he said that we will defend Russian people wherever they are. Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea are all Russians. Those areas were always Russian.

I warned from the outset that they should split Ukraine according to the language—that is the culture. Now it has made things worse was having a leader who cannot speak Ukrainian. Now there is a language law that bars any head of the state that cannot speak Ukranian.

They know Putin is not going to invade…but he will probably take eastern Ukraine. Kiev to them is the motherland and that is where the Rus were and they were suppressed and beaten by the Mongols. Then they started the city of Moscow. But the homeland to the Russians was Ukraine. They won’t obliterate Ukraine into rubble. But Putin may take eastern Ukraine. The West can beat their drums. It’s all a ploy.

We are in stagflation and the inflation rate is going to be higher than the economic growth and they have disrupted the entire supply chain. Some things are just not at the grocery store now. This will be what we continue to see through 2024. We have critical elections in Australia and Paris. Those will be the first early signs of how the people are dealing with the governments.

For the US we will have to look at fall elections state by state; they will try to manipulate the elections as much as they can. If they lose power then the whole great reset falls apart. As cycles go they should but I have had serious conversations with people even on the Republican side. I think you guys think you will get back in and reverse things and that is not going to happen. There has been such a serious shock to the economy and this won’t be eradicated by the Republicans getting back in (power).

The most important thing for people is the food side. As we decide problems we have with the supply chain and as the weather turns colder that is creating crop failures. There are definitely food shortages occurring in places in Africa. A can of corn will have a monetary value to it.

The greatest collapse in confidence of a government was Japan. Each emperor was getting greedy and would devalue the money to 10% of what it used to be. Then he would issue the iron coins and say these were now full value. After a couple of emperors pulling this scheme the Japanese simply refused to use the coins. They used Chinese coins and bags of rice and Japan lost the confidence and ability to issue coins for 600 years. No coins appeared in Japan for 600 years.

It would be good to have storable food—canned food, pasta, rice. If you get silver coins remember you are dealing with people who have no knowledge of metals whatsoever. So if you look at quarters 1964 it’s a ‘good one.’ I think you can store gold and not in a facility. The problem is that gold has lost it’s mobility. It will be confiscated at the airport.

A woman just tried to flee Canada and went to San Francisco. She had $30K in gold and it was confiscated. You have to be careful with that kind of stuff. There was a guy who got on a plane with a few hundred thousand in cash. He was going from Tampa to Milwaukee and they confiscated it. So be careful of domestic flights. Don’t think you can hop on a plane. They are hunting money and gold is something they hunt. Even in Italy people trying to leave there wearing a lot of gold chains had to take them off and they were weighed.

This idea that Schwaub has is going to fail. We are not in the same position that they were in Russia when serfdom was abandoned. People own their houses and have different things. They have saved money for their children. Schwaub says everyone has to be equal. But equality if you are an elite means that you have to surrender your human rights. You have no right to write a book, speak freely and it will be like it was in East Berlin. You keep quiet and you don’t talk to anybody. Don’t appear to stand out—that is what communism is all about.

I think we have about 10 years left and this whole experiment we have had with a republican form of government collapses. I think that is the great opportunity we have to re-establish government in a more respectably. When the social security act passed it was only 16 pages. Obamacare stood 7 feet tall. They make them so overbearing that nobody will read it and they are expected to vote it into law in one week. This is a tactic they use in Washington and in courts. Overwhelm them with paper so they will never find what they need to find.

Eventually there will be a split in the US like every other country. It will be north against south. You go to Germany and it will be north versus south and you are seeing that in Britain and Italy. In Canada it is West versus East. Everywhere you go it is the same thing.

Martin’s books are available on his website. The early books are well-documented with color illustrations on every page. We are going to try to do a paperback with fewer illustrations.

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