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Dr. Jane Ruby shares information from the recently released Pfizer reports….And The Science Guy from Steve Quayle’s reports shares his perspective on world events that include some questions at the end of this information….


Dr. Jane Ruby shares information from the recently released Pfizer reports….And The Science Guy from Steve Quayle’s reports shares his perspective on world events that include some questions at the end of this information….


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See the following information from Dr. Jane Ruby and The Science Guy

Dr. Jane Ruby wrote this with Shawn Galloway


0303-2022-Shedding—Is it Real? Dr. Jane Ruby

What is Shedding—the transfer of something from those who took the jab to those who did not? Is it real? People report symptoms after close contact with the injected. I’ve experienced it myself. It’s the same each time and it takes me hours to sometimes a day to get the symptoms to subside. What is really happening?

Whoever heard of a contagious shot? It goes back to the question of what is in these shots?

I know it is not good, but we are getting more information and we can offer a bit of hope. It all stems from the God-given gift of feeling—our natural ability and the wonder of our bodies and how the body always works to protect us.

Let’s look at what we think it is. The first picture is the Pfizer protocol and these protocols are always accompanied by investigator’s brochure put out by the company to prospective researchers. Before I went into the pharmaceutical industry I was an independent researcher and I ran a human trial lab and ran studies like this for pharmaceutical companies. These are called multi-center trials and all the data is pooled from all the sites across the US and some sites outside of the US.

But there is the investigative brochure for investigators and this is what Pfizer put out and there is a transfer of something:

A male family member or health care provider who has been exposed to the study or intervention by inhalation or skin contact and then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception…in case of a live birth the structural integrity of the neonate (baby) can be assessed at the time of birth. In the event of termination the reason for termination ….

In other words the integrity of the fetus should be inspected by gross visual inspection… Pfizer is saying that you have to report this as a serious adverse event–especially if there is damage to the fetus. They knew without testing there could be something transferred. We know something goes from the injected to the un-injected.

Recent studies—novel graphene quantum dot-based mRNA delivery platform. There is a lot of stuff in these vials and there are many teams and experts sharing that there is polyethylene glycol in the adjuvant, graphene in many different forms—shapes, discs. We have toxic poisons and the Japanese detected garbage from the floor and returned batches they would not use.

We are putting pieces together. They say that this graphene quantum at the nano-level which you cannot see without an electron microscope show: Our results show that these modified graphene quantum dots can be used to deliver intact and functional mRNA to …cancer cells in the liver, at low doses and the graphene quantum dots are not toxic when they get to the destination, although cellular toxicity is a problem for these first generation modified particles.

So this means that your other cells can be poisoned. How are they using this in human beings without our permission?

Another study: Graphene Based Nano-Platelets a New Risk to the respiratory system as a consequence of their unusual Aerodynamic properties.

Remember what I just told you about the Pfizer document. Inhalation—they know what the dangers are and this is criminal intent.

The shedding clearly occurs through aerosolization …there is an aerodynamic quality to this graphene. So let’s go to the shedding by inhalation process:

Picture 1 7.38 minutes the lungs…lung inflammation….


This is the graphene nano-platelet exposure. These aerosol particles by virtue of size get into the lungs. In the middle part of the picture you see the particles getting into the lungs. The lungs are going to react and I have explained this where the lungs become inflamed and the body knows something is very wrong. You get white cells that are going to the site to attack whatever the foreign thing is. It is trying to ‘kill it’ and break it down, but it is foreign matter—it is graphene.

There is a ton of inflammation in the lungs and then you have ROS-reactive oxidative species that is the huge inflammatory response. This is where you are getting lots of inflammation. You have the cytokine activation, the cytokine cascade that is signaling for huge amounts of inflammation and you are not going to escape aerosolization. These particles are at the nano particle level and you are not going to block them with a mask.

These are way smaller than viruses and viruses are way smaller than bacteria. Viruses are like mosquitos going through a chain link fence then the nano-particles are like mosquitos going through 3-foot wide opening in chainlink. The particles are in the air. Is it coming from an injected person? It looks like Pfizer is warning potential investigators that this can happen.

The next picture is of the blood of an injected person. We have seen pictures of blood that look like discs, we have seen nanobots, electrical pieces,

Picture 2 (10.30 minutes) is of translucent nanoparticles. This person has taken the injection.

In an unjabbed person’s blood, you see the blood and in the upper corner you see some of these illuminated particles. This looks like what is transferred is the graphene and its coming through the skin at the nano level. That is skin to skin contact. It is coming through inhalation and breathing in and out. You can’t say it is just the jabbed people.

We see from experts that this graphene is in drinking water, certain types of processed foods. La Quinta Columna has done extensive research—they are finding graphene proliferating in the bodies of people who have taken the shots. It doesn’t look like it’s the spike protein—it looks like it is graphene in its many forms. The conductive parts like the discs, as parts of the lipid particles. Graphene is most likely what is shedding.

It wouldn’t make sense for it to be the mRNA because it cannot live outside that lipid particle. It would be destroyed before it got out of the body.

In one of the articles by Yinfeng Li, Hongyan Yuan, Annette von derri Bussche, Megan Creighton, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, Huajian Gao., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, July 23, 2013—Graphene Micro sheets Enter Cells Through Spontaneous Membrane Penetration At Edge Aspertities and Corner Sites.

This is why when these shots are injected and you see in the 3rd segment of today’s show. These get into your system within minutes or hours. They say that prophesize that graphene micro-sheets that penetrate into hydro-phobic (water-resistant) lipid domain may be recognized as damage-associated molecular patterns by target cells that the first line of defense against particles.

Your first line of defense is ‘saying’ this is damaging the body. The ability of graphene microsheets with large lateral dimension to penetrate and enter cells may lead to cyto-skeletal disruptions. In other words—the disruption of the structure of the cells. Impaired cell motility (the cells cannot move and be active) and compromised epithelial barrier function (of the lining) and other geometrics …deserve further study.

The good news is another study by Shinwald done in 2012 says that the initial data suggested that the graphene nano-platelets are not fully bio-persistent. This means they are not going to stay in a living system. They clear solely to the meaty sinal nodes which are the lymph nodes in your chest.

That means that this goes back to the God-given gift of healing and the wonder of the human body to always work to health, healing and clearing out. Your body has the ability to clear out this graphene. We have several ‘moving parts’ such as the mRNA lipid particles that could have graphene material. We have graphene that is in the adjuvant floating around as conductors. The mRNA gets into the cells because that lipid nano-particle cuts right in.

That is what integrates with your DNA as shown in a Swedish study and does change your DNA. DNA is somewhat malleable and things can be turned on and turned off. The graphene that has accumulated by the time of the triple jab has your body working trying to break this down and move it. The body has a natural drive to move foreign matter to the lymph nodes and get it stored and sealed off. Macrophages go in to attempt to destroy it.

Do whatever you can to bolster your body’s ability and immune response to mitigate inflammation. Take your vitamin D3, C, Zinc, quercetin, NAC which is the precursor to glutathione. It’s important to support your body

There’s more to study and look at so don’t give up hope. I’ve always said as soon as I learn things I will give them to you. We will pray for more and more of this information.


Lynn discusses Dr. Jane Ruby’s recent sharing of Pfizer recently released documents plus information from other researchers.  Evidence is now being presented that shedding from the vaxxed is not spike proteins but grapheme. So what can you do about it?  See this blog on our website—the most current blog titles are on the right side of the home page.  You can scroll down the blog page to all the titles that have been done.  Be sure to see our many videos, FAQs, testimonials, blogs and free reports on our website.  And find out how you can save 30% in March, 2022! 

From the Science Guy on Steve Quayle subscription website 0303-2022:



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