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Food Plant Fires_Dr. Jane Ruby Update and More



-Another Food Plant Catches Fire in Virginia Amid Wave of Destroyed Food Facilities

-Another food processing facility has caught fire in Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday, amid a spate of mysterious food plant accidents taking place across America.

-The latest incident took place at the Perdue Farms grain processing facility, where a soybean tank was found ablaze by plant workers.

From WTKR 3:

Firefighters received a call at 501 Barnes Road at 8:41 p.m. after a plant operator at Perdue acknowledged and verified a fire at the location. All employees from the area were evacuated.

When crews arrived they found a large soybean processing tank with flames showing from the top. Firefighters climbed multiple flights of stairs using multiple hose lines to battle the fire.

The fire was called under control at 9:48 p.m. with no injuries reported.

Soybean products must now be removed from the tank to verify the fire is completely extinguished.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries and the plant manager claims the fire will not hinder the plant’s daily operations.

Over the last several weeks alone, dozens of food processing facilities have been damaged or destroyed in fires, plane crashes, and other curious incidents across the U.S.

This disastrous trend of destroyed industrial food plants coinciding with already rising food costs and supply chain issues prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson to question the timing of these accidents.

Tucker Carlson: Alarming number of disasters at food plants@TuckerCarlson #FoodShortages

Miss Francis (@bymissfrancis) April 27, 2022

More Food Processing Fires Just Happened………

Now let’s go to a county of around 9,000 people in Montana.  Bridger is between Cody, Wyoming and Billings, Montana.  Here are 3 things that happened last week in Bridger, population 800 +

  1. The restaurant section of a local casino:  Two people were killed in a morning fire–one who worked there and one who was a customer.
  2. The local grocery store owner got out of his truck to put some trash in the dumpster; his truck went from neutral with the engine running to go fast enough to crash through the back of the store and the truck was inside the store when it finally stopped.
  3. Local woman ran over her husband.

Wow…all in one little town?  There are those who are flocking away from the blue states and blue cities to quiet little towns. Wonder what made the town not so quiet last week?  

Just a side note … people in the area will have to grocery shop in Cody, Wyoming, 60+ miles away or almost 60 miles the other direction to Billings.  There is a Family Dollar store there for some grocery shopping. Or, they can drive to Red Lodge: Bridger is located 28 miles northeast of Red Lodge,

In addition to what is reported in the video here are two oddities: a plane flew into the general mills plant in Georgia ……and a plane flew into a potato processing plant in Idaho.  

Does anybody wonder if these were ‘just accidents’, suicidal small plane pilots, or a system take over of the airplane?  Could there be a system takeover of a truck in Bridger?  

Just food for thought…no pun intended on the food part.  How does YOUR pantry look?  Oh, I forgot … everything is ‘normal.’

And today there is information on the death of 5 million bees due to an airline ‘shipping mistake.’

Animal & Food Supply Tragedy As 5 Million Bees Perish At An Airport Due To Supply Chain Issues

Dr. Jane Ruby Show 0502-2022

35 minutes on food plants

And finally here is an email sent to Lynn:

I was a targeted individual and was used as a guinea pig for what is now being given to people in mass. 12+ years ago I had a pathology appointment in a hospital, on the way there I was set upon by a demonic orderly, very unsettling. I continued to my appointment where the lab looked closed, lights were off and no nurses were present, I was about to leave when a man in a suit came up to me and told me they were still open and that he was the only nurse on today. I followed him, he took my bloods and then I went home.

The next couple of weeks I was attacked by frequencies, I was aware that these attacks were from a mobile unit since I could tell the frequencies were moving. I finally found the van that these frequencies were coming from, approached them and they drove up on my next door neighbor’s lawn as they drove off extremely erratically and I never saw them again.

These attacks activated morgellon’s inside of me and I have been dealing with a very large network (like cabling) throughout my whole body. I’ve been led, become aware of and connected to so very much since this has happened to me. I knew about the graphene, I knew about 5G and I knew what was going to take place to fool and finally take hold of the people and it has all come to pass. I’ve been trying to heal ever since and although I have gone through what has felt like hell, I have not given up hope and still try to find answers to healing. I do my best to warn others and am doing my best to prepare and create a safe haven for as many people as possible.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might assist in my healing from this?. I have tried everything, and when I say that I mean everything, that is not an understatement in the slightest. I would really appreciate any kind of assistance and information that might be of benefit to me. Thank you. Kind regards, X—-.

Lynn’s response to this individual may surprise you…

thanks for contacting us.  I’m sorry for what you have been through.  You might find some of our plasma energy waters helpful.  Here is what I would do if I were you.  Read the documents I send and see if anything resonates with you.

Then I heartily suggest that you consider plasma energy combined with urine therapy.  I know it sounds like a stretch but urine therapy is a treatment that been used for thousands of years and then suppressed by AMA and big pharma in the 1900s.

Stop and think….why would the body bother to filter out all impurities in the blood through the kidneys and then just get rid of it?  There is a book called Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha M. Christy.  There are several ways to use your own urine as your own medicine.  You can combine it with plasma energy water and make a tincture using 80 or 90 proof vodka or other alcohol. You could also research and make the tincture using vinegar. The use of the tincture is for the timid.

I looked into this because I know there will be many who cannot get their meds in the coming times because of ‘supply chain’ interruptions.  I met a man twenty years ago who had patent on taking water out of the air.  He was going to show his patent to city of LA when he was attacked by thugs.  In the attack one of the thugs was killed and this man was sent to a federal prison in Arizona and placed in the condemned wing that had ecoli.  For 6 weeks he drank his own urine to survive until he got a doctor to write a prescription for bottled water.  He was not released when his sentence was over and it took him another year to study and write up the writ of mandamus to be released.  THAT is why I’m investigating the urine therapy.

People who live near beaches know that if someone is stung by a jellyfish you need to put human urine on the sting right away.

So, look over the information and see if it’s something you would do.  The plasma energy station, energy balancer and new tech frequency relief might be a place to start…it’s what I would do if I were in your situation for starters.  I am not a doctor, and we don’t prescribe as you see in our information below. thanks, Lynn

(Lynn’s note: I practice what I preach. I’m not afraid to do the full-blown urine therapy but I decided to start with the tincture approach and evaluate that first since I know there are some who will prefer this approach.)



Total Sale Price: $177 (Save $84)

This offer is not good with any other coupons or offers and expires at midnight on May 31, 2022 Pacific Time.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Balancer: (97): This plasma energy is for the benefit of people, pets and plants in an environment with negative energies and negative energy broadcasts. This has been combined using various energies found in Be Brave, New Tech Frequency Relief, Peace, Plasma Energy Station, Positive Energy Support, Sole Support, Super Immune with Pine Plus Support and DNA Support plus garlic and cloves.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Glutathione ($97): contains the energy of high quality Glutathione, plus the energies of Osha root, chincona bard, wild uva ursi leaf, Montana hops flower, wild juniper leaf, wild juniper berry, cranberries, orange, B9 Korean Salt, Amino Acids, Hemoglobin and CH3.

Glutathione helps the body to:

  • remove toxins
  • protect against chronic illness
  • decrease muscle damage
  • increase strength and endurance
  • recycle antioxidants
  • control inflammation
  • detoxify the body

Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Shungite Pendant with Multiple Stones: Certain energies and the effect of shungite combinations on the torsion fields that are beneficial to the body and help support your body while living in an ‘electronic soup.’ Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support energies have also been added to these

Shungite Pendants include the supporting properties of Amazonite, Fluorite and Lapis. Positive Energy Support has energies to help balance anxiety and fight or flight mode, plus the supporting energies of ivermectin, D3, Vit C, Zinc, silver, gold and much more along with the supporting energies for keeping your mouth–your gums and teeth healthy!


Lynn reminds you to be prepared in your food pantry and your plasma energy pantry—have you read or heard about all the food plants that have had fires?  Lynn shares an email she received along with her response that includes information about a very interesting, readily available, inexpensive therapy that can be used along with plasma energy combinations.  Whoa! Did she really give that response??  Yep—and, she walks her talk.  Find out what this is all about.  

0816-2019-Plasma Energy …What Is The Best Way To Start Using It? Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present the Best Way to Start Using Plasma Energy. They also talk about placing energy fields around your home for a ‘dome effect.’

0727-2019- Can Plasma Energy Plant Spray Replace Harmful Products Used in Gardens and On farms? Dr. Paul Schmaltz and Lynn Schmaltz share information on how you can use Never Ending Plasma Energy Plant Spray.  Find out how you can use this to replace herbicides and pesticides with harmful chemicals in your garden or on your farm. 

0707-2019-Are You Ready for a Disaster or a Shortage with your Never Ending Plasma Energy First Aid Kit? Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz explain what is in the Never Ending Plasma Energy First Aid Solution. There are some basic plasma energy vials you can have to address first aid situations in a disaster or a shortage.

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