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Dr. Lee Merritt: Effective, Tried and True Treatments That Really Work

Can I refrain from saying I told you so?

We formulated our Kan-Sir product several years ago—what’s in it? Fenbendazole energies. We also have Ivermectin and Fenbendazole energies in several of our recent combinations like Super Immune Plus, and Protection 5 Plus.

I came out with a video a month ago about Urine Therapy. Now here it is in an online health seminar and Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Ed Group both talk about the benefits of it below.

Bonus Episode Effective: Tried-and-True Treatments that Really Work with Dr. Lee Merritt

LM: I had contacts who had been at Ft. Detrick….when this whole (CV) thing started.

Jonathan: any other protocols –spiritual or practical that you think are helpful?

LM: the practical—we just watched this big lecture on drinking your own urine. I know it sounds crazy but people should look into it. If I had taken the vaccine, this is what I would be doing.

The concept of uro-therapy has been around for a long time; it is has been studied by the AMA before they became completely evil and corrupt. It has been studied by doctors going way back and it isn’t just voodoo. Your urine is a reflection of you as an individual; it’s a reflection of your cancer as an individual entity. As the cancer mutates, it mutates, so what you are putting off in urine mutates. That is why it is being used as a basis for cancer therapy very successfully.

If you are not sick with anything bad but you just took this vaccine, theoretically it should work the same way. Your body recognizes this stuff and it puts out some reaction to it and that reaction all goes into your urine. I would tell people to study this.

Dr. Bhuttar and Dr. Ed Group are going to put the syllabus together. This vast amount of literature has been purposefully hidden for most people to get. They are going to try to make it available to doctors and people. I think that is really important.

I like carbon 60—I have a bunch of this on my website. Carbon 60 is a carbon molecule that can help get rid of a lot of heavy metals. Presumably it can remove some of this graphene and some of the stuff that comes along with it.

When you take these agents (injections) you see the free-flow of the red blood cells turn into a string-like formation. This helps get rid of that in days. The string-like formations may be one reason we are seeing the clotting.

There are charged Cat-ion that strip the charges from the red blood cells and the C60 is an electron donor. These bucky balls of carbon are huge electron donors. In nature this is what the shungite is all about.

Fulvic acid has something to do with stopping parasites. They really don’t want us to have anything that is an anti-parasitic such as hydroxychloraquine and ivermectin. The Chinese just came out and said they think they have an antidote for this vaccine. They did not use the injections on their military.

They said in the meantime to take ivermetin and artemsia which is wormwood, anti-parasitic. Think of the people that are having cancer break out all over after taking these injections. Here’s a dirty little secret—people with cancer have parasites. I have heard doctors say that 100% had parasites.

In a recent study they did an autopsy on 10 MS patients and 100% of them had parasites in the brain. A lot of things that we think are one disease—maybe even cancer with the masses you break out with, could be parasite egg sacks. There is a lot of evidence for that.

Here are a couple of possibilities—you take the vaccine that damages your immune system and now it can no longer keep these parasites in check. The egg sacks start growing and we call it cancer. It is not normal cancer we are seeing. We are seeing it in multiple places in young people.

The neurologic diseases can also be caused by parasites. We see people going down hill with these diseases after the injection. I think everyone benefits by treating themselves for parasites. If you are Egyptian or European you can find someone who knows how to do this. I can guarantee that most middle class and above people in Egypt are treated for parasites. Egypt is known for the parasitologists who are at the top of the academics.

We were always told that parasites are a 3rd world problem; it is not. It you have to deworm your dogs, you have to deworm yourselves.

Jonathan: also don’t green harvested black walnut shell tinctures trap parasites within an hour?

LM: the problem you have is those get rid of the live parasites; there are micro and macro parasites. The egg sacks of the parasites are the problems. Personally I like fenbendazole that people are now using for cancer treatments. That is the under-ground treatment for cancer and you can go to and read all about it. You can find this on website. You can buy it as a horse paste. It gets after the cysts.

Another one is when Dr. Carrie Madej started talking about the hydra in the vaccine. Hydra laneous was artificially created and patented. There is hydra vulgaris which is the wild hydra.

It is a common contaminant in aquariums. The aquarium people use a common chemical called nitus oxinide (?) which is an unbelievable anti-parasitical. Years ago in the navy I was treating for b-tapeworm. We could use 3 days of treatment and the tapeworm was gone.

I looked it up and the 3 experimental drugs on the NIH website for CV are remdesivir (to make it look good), ivermectin, and nitis oxinide (?). It’s easy to take and you have to get it from an overseas pharmacy.

Parasites are big—super big. You don’t even need to test for them. Still take a monthly prophylactic. People knew in the old days that we had to be treated for parasites.

Dr. Edward Group, DC: the beautiful thing about urine therapy is that you can do it with any other healing modality out there. To me it is the number 1 healing modality in the world because it is generated specifically for you by you and there are 6 God particles in there no one has ever identified and we don’t know what they are.

There are definitely some things in there that will help you progress 100 to 1000 times more rapidly. You can do the urine therapy in conjunction with anything else.

Jonathan: there are 2500 identified minerals and molecules in urine.

EG: there are now over 3500 identified in urine and it changes on minute to minute, even second to second basis. You change your environment constantly. You get in the car and go to the mall. Maybe you are breathing different air, you touched something. That is a reason why the urine changes all the time.

Every time you go to the restroom you could (collect) drink 2 to 3 ounces of your own urine. You are literally getting all the antibodies that you need to adapt to any environment you might be in.

Jonathan: isn’t your body getting rid of waste products when you urinate?

EG: the way the body gets rid of waste is through the skin—that is your largest detoxification organ. If you analyze sweat and some toxins that come out, that is the largest area for toxins to come out. You would not drink sweat. You breathe chemicals and toxins out and you defecate chemicals and toxins outs.

Your urine is completely sterile and only life-giving substances come out. You don’t have life-giving things coming out through your skin or the fecal matter. Well, there are some life-giving things in fecal matter and there are fecal matter transplants that are helping save people’s lives. That is another topic.

Life comes out through the penis and vagina—the penis has sperm; the vagina is where the babies come out, your penis creates life and you have stem cells. That has been proven scientifically. Stem cells are living life that create life. Urine has been proven to have stem cells that create and transform into every single organ in the body.

Urea is a compound in urine that has anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties. It has anti-microbial properties to it. It can help regenerate and restructure as well as prevent and kill harmful organisms. It is one of the many components in urine.

We are able to see metabolytes, toxins that are coming out in our urine, but they are not toxic anymore. The liver will break those things down, almost into a homeopathic form.

Let’s just say you have mercury metabolytes in your urine. You can see it. If you drink that, it is like a homeopathic and it tells your body that you have mercury in your body. Focus on removing that mercury—it is a signal mechanism.

The conjugate, broken down forms of mercury will not go back into your system. Even if they did they will not cause harm—they will go into your fecal matter and you will eliminate those.

Over time as you drink your urine, as you look at those metabolytes in your urine, they will be getting less and less. Even if there are thousands of tiny fragments of chemicals and prescription medications, and what you are breathing in from the air, those are going into your body and telling your body to remove those or to bind them and eliminate them from your system. So it’s a feedback loop.

Jonathan:—the taste—it sounds not pleasant.

EG: the reason why it isn’t pleasant for most people is because they are toxic. If you taste it, and it tastes nasty, gross, salty or really bad, that is a signal that is telling you that is what is happening inside of your toxic body.

Jonathan: first morning urine often smells bad to people.

EG: most of the time your urine will not smell badly when it comes out unless it sat for 30 minutes to an hour. If it smells bad immediately, that means you have lots of issues going on in your system. The reason why you are smelling it is the signal that your body is giving you saying you need to cleanse and you need to heal and detoxify.

If you have a headache that is your body giving you a signal. We don’t always listen to them.

Jonathan: should you detox before drinking your urine?

EG: you can but I recommend to start slowly, the urine will detox slowly. You can start with 1 to 3 ounces of urine and then go through the intestinal, liver, gall bladder, chemical, heavy metal cleansing and parasite cleansing.

While you are cleansing go see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, sit in an infrared sauna. It’s good to sweat as much as you can. Urine therapy is powerful as detoxing. If you have skin rashes that will be in the first month of doing the urine therapy. That is okay; that is part of the healing process.

This bonus section ended on 6-7-2022.

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