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Does October 2020 Have Surprises For Us?

Will we have good surprises in October?  Will we have surprises that catch us ‘flat-footed’?  Lynn has enclosed a couple of links for you at the end of this discussion. 

A few months ago she asked if we were in the New Normal.  As the months have progressed many of us might reflect on ‘the good old days.’  So what are some things we can do as we face uncertain times?

Prepare for the unexpected!

What does Lynn mean by that?  For one thing we have had an instant delivery system for many years.  We have become very accustomed to that and to seeing fully stocked shelves in any kind of store we shop in whether it is hardware, grocery, linens or books. 

When Lynn was growing up her parents always had a food pantry in their basement.  It was the basics…flour, sugar, canned goods and so forth. 

At that time her dad was transitioning from having grocery stores back to his primary love of dealing in American Indian Arts and Crafts from all over North America. 

What does your pantry look like?  Could you make do with what you have on hand for several weeks or several months?

Do you have a ready supply of water? 

We really take for granted the municipal delivery of water to our homes.  What if there was a power outage and that delivery was interrupted? 

One year when Paul and Lynn had a bed and breakfast in the mountains there was a BIG April snowstorm.  It downed all the power lines in the area on a Saturday night.  There was no cell phone service in that area of the mountains.  And Paul and Lynn had a houseful of guests. 

What did that mean for Paul and Lynn and their guests? 

Flashlights and buckets.   There were 3 hot tubs so they told their guests they could use the buckets to get water from the hot tubs for flushing.  There would be no showers or baths that night.  Flushing was okay…there was a septic system.  There was a great well, but the pump ran on electricity, so no water!  

When everyone came up for breakfast the next morning Paul and Lynn were cooking their breakfast on a Coleman camping stove on the kitchen counter.  Everyone had planned to leave on Sunday and all were very good sports about their ‘altered’ visit.  They were plenty warm as there were fireplaces in the rooms, the great room and our dining tent. 

There was no electric power for 5 days.  Paul and Lynn had one neighbor who had a generator and they invited all the rest of the neighbors to come to their house and have a nice hot shower about 3 days into this adventure. 

Paul could not run his hemo dialysis (kidney failure) at home as he did 3 to 4 days a week and had to drive 2 hours away to Denver for dialysis. 

It was still cold enough that they could keep food frozen so they didn’t lose any food. 

Paul and Lynn were lucky that their heating system was natural gas and did not require electricity to run it.  But what do you do if you have a gas furnace that has electric fans and switches?  What do you do if your house is all electric? Can you take advantage of passive solar on your home in your area?

Tom Brown was an outdoorsman who wrote some great books on outdoor survival and even wrote on ‘city survival’ in an extended scenario like Lynn has described.   

That was an ‘adventure.’  But after a few more days it would definitely have lost its adventure appeal.

What Is In Your Plasma Energy Pantry?

What if you cannot get instant delivery of the monthly medications or nutritional supplement that you take? 

It’s hard to get several months’ supply on any prescription.  What will you use if you don’t have that medication or those nutritional supplements? 

This is where having a Never-Ending Plasma Energy Pantry is important.  We have isolated the energies of many herbs, supplements, roots, leaves, essential oils, homeopathics, vitamins and minerals in our various formulas. 

Read through our testimonials to see how they are providing benefits to many people. 

We have our Basic Preparedness Kit which is the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station with over 450 energies in it, including ZnO which is good for the emotions, gold, silver, copper, magnesium and potassium which can be beneficial to your health.  There are the energies of South American herbs that can also be beneficial. 

We also offer great savings with the Medium Preparedness Kit and the Large Preparedness Kit. 

Some of our more recent combinations offer savings for you by combining several of our combinations into a new combination such as Healthy Senior, Virus Relief, Super Man Plus and Super Woman Plus. 

October 2020 Special Offer

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Here Are The Links To Some Thought-Provoking Articles That Lynn Said She Would Provide

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