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Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Interview on the Injection plus Legal Ramifications of taking the Injection by Ronald E Wise and How Can Plasma Energy Solution Products Help?

Scott Kestersen with interviews Dr. Sherry Tenpenny on the injection

After that Interview See Legal Ramifications of Taking the Injection by Ronald Wise

How Can Plasma Energy Solution Products Help? and Sherry Tenpenney interview

Dr. Shery Tenpenny (DrS): I have spent 21 years and 41,000 hours researching the medical literature regarding vaccines.  If a child develops seizure disorder, mial-chronic jerks, or ended up with SIDS and died, there was not any problem with the vaccine, it was because this was a ‘defective child.’ This is what physicians are taught and it has nothing to do with the toxic chemicals coming through that shot.  I have been studying this since September of 2000.  Benjamin Rush, signor of Declaration of Independence, said if we don’t write medical freedom into the Constitution there will come a day when tyrannical forces will come in and try to take it over.

DrS:  things changed from a naturalist and herbal approach was in the latter 1800s.  The invention of the stethoscope was to distance the touching of the patients by the doctors.  This is where technology came into the place of healing people.  Today doctors just read lab reports, x-rays and sit across the room with a mask on with their patients. 

DrS: the first vaccine was scraping the scabs of small pox and make it into a dry powder taken up through the nose.  This was first done in China.  Some people developed immunity and some people got encephalopathy and died.  The first mandatory law was passed in 1853 in the UK and that was the same year the anti-vaccination group started which was made of the families of babies that were injured or died from the vaccines.

DrS: now we are to the place where the needle has been moved farther.  People were stuck in their houses listening to crazy Fauci.  Vaccines were always intended to keep people from getting sick.  In 2010 it started in the nefarious business with Bill Gates when he decided to make the 2010 to 2020 the vaccine decade and ramp up the vaccinations and the vaccination assaults.  All the big pharmaceutical houses were going to lose their shirts because all their blockbuster drugs for cholesterol and diabetes were all falling off of patents which were 20 to 22  years.  These would soon be generic drugs.  So is enough children were vaccinated and made customers for life they would have allergies, ADHD, ADD, asthma, eczema, insulin dependent diabetes, all kinds of rheumatological diseases, 80 known auto immune diseases along with some neurological problems, and autism is just the far end of that scale. They would give the vaccinations away for pennies and do them in the public arena, the real money to be made was to put these kids on drugs for the rest of their lives.  The vaccine sector is the economic loss leader of the entire industry. You get the kids vaccinated and a sizable number of them get sick.  Then  you run them through lab testing, x-rays, specialized lab testing, and each doctor doesn’t know what it is, but says ‘here is your symptom and here is your drug.  This could one of 19 drugs that did not work in the past.  This is a business model using human beings for fodder.  They make us sick for life, but not enough to kill us because then they cannot bill insurance anymore.

Scott Kestereson (SK): this might sound stunning or tin hat to some. Look at the trends: the injection is being pushed as though it is approved and it is an experimental injection.  Then there is back side being discussed by the World Forum and it’s the concept of trans-humanism.  Again, this takes us back to the injection.

DrS: the whole transhumanism movement has been around for a long time; it’s about turning something that is natural and biologic into a technology and designing living organisms to be synthetic substitutes.  It’s the idea they can improve on mental and physical abilities by cloning and genetic modification and get rid of the spiritual abilities. This is for using gene therapy to choose the genetics of your child and expanding your life.  We are all just like manekins in a store to be tinkered with.  Think back to the bionic man and bionic woman shows.  This is all to completely eliminate God and spirit in our lives and be completely robotic.  They are anticipating between 3 and 4 billion people being unemployed by 2035. If that is the case, they can’t have 3 to 4 billion people sitting around not working.  They want to get rid of the people and replace them with robots and transhumanism.

DrS:  these creatures will not need benefits or breaks, they won’t need sleep, they don’t need to go on vacations, they don’t complain, they cannot file sexual harassment suits.  What an easy way to do this—manipulate human genetics and they are talking about a cashless society, hooking us up to the Cloud and the Chinese social credit system.  If you don’t behave your bi-directional chip can be turned off and you cannot buy, sell or trade without it.

SK: this is a dark agenda.  Let’s look at the current vaccine; they are all based on mRNA and it appears they use Crisper technology which is a genetic editing tool.

DrS: 2 or the 4 shots, 3 in the US and one in the UK, the Pfizer and Moderna use messenger RNA to create the antibodies.  They use the crisper technology to write the recipe and they call that the encoding.  They encode that into the messenger RNA and they write the recipe on a little piece of unstable genetic material.  This is analogy: how does your body normally make proteins.  They have hijacked how your body normally makes proteins in your body. In all our cells there is DNA that creates messenger RNA using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. So DNA writes the recipe using reverse transcriptase into this little piece of genetic material called mRNA (messenger).  The recipe needs to take this to the body’s manufacturing plant to produce the protein. The name of the manufacturing plant is the ribosome.  So the DNA creates this mRNA with a recipe on it and the recipe goes through the ribosome and at the end we create a protein. That protein in our bodies is used to heal and repair, such as with cuts, injuries, surgeries or as part of your immune system.  It can be used to build up your hormones; it can be used for a lot of things. When the DNA sends the mRNA out you create the protein.

DrS: this happens in our bodies 24/7 and 365 days a year when we are awake or asleep. This is happening in all the cells in our bodies and it is keeping us well and repairs things when they are broken from injury or whatever. With these shots in their laboratories and in using the Crisper technology they have written the recipe on this mRNA. This is Pfizer and Moderna.  Knowing it is very unstable they couldn’t directly inject the mRNA into the body; the body would see a foreign protein to get rid of and it’s gone in less than a minute.  What they do they wrapped it in a tight coating; think of it as being in a coating inside of a tennis ball. This coating has 3 different layers of fat around it which are 3 experimental types of fat that nave NEVER been injected into the human beings before….EVER. They are wrapped around the outside of this mRNA to protect it and keep it from breaking down.  Those 3 different lipids I recognized as never having been injected before.  Go back to high school chemistry.  You could have 3 different completely inert ingredients sitting on the lab table.  But when you put the 3 together in a test tube the test tube might blow up. 

DrS: so we have 3 ingredients never injected into human beings individually or collectively before. No synergistic toxicity has been tested.  The 3 ingredients are wrapped, and in the Pfizer shot, the body’s cholesterol is wrapped with these 3 ingredients, around the little strip of mRNA with the recipe and a shellac coating is put around the top of it.  The coating is a chemical called polyethylene glycol which is in everything.  I am not a big fan of Wikipedia but if you search for polyethylene glycol you will find an extensive list it is used in including chemistry, medicine, industry and all kinds of things.  It was discovered in 1964 and by 1973 they were using it with injectable medicines because it keeps the medicine from being broken down by the immune system.  That can bind to protein inside your cells. When that chemical is in the cell you can develop an antibody against it.  They now project that 70% of the population has an antibody against this polyethylene glycol already existing in your body. When you inject this ‘tennis ball’ that is coated with the polyethylene glycol it is like being pre-sensitized to venom from bee stings.  Now you are giving the person the equivalent of the bee sting and this is the cause of the anaphylactic shock, people dying from this, this is one of the mechanisms that is probably the primary mechanism by which people are dying.  It is by the anaphylactic shock by this coating on the outside of this ‘tennis’ ball.

DrS: so you take this mRNA with the lipids surrounding it with the coating of the polyethylene glycol and it is still so unstable that they have to store it a -70 degrees F. that is colder than the north or the sole poles. They have to ship to a place where they can bring it to room temperature to inject into your body.  The European scientists are asking if once it gets to the room temperature are the mRNAs changing?  Is it still the same recipe that we started with?  They don’t know…we don’t have any long term studies on this.  We don’t even have any animal studies on this. Nonetheless they will inject what I have just described into your system then imagine the tennis ball cracking open like a cracked egg once it is inside you.  The lipid coating binds to your cell, cracks open like an egg and drops that mRNA  with the recipe into your cell.

DrS: the recipe that has been written on this mRNA is the code for please code for a spike protein.  The recipe for the spike protein has been written to be the same combination of amino acid sequences that are on the spike protein on the surface of the SARS Covid 2 virus.  So the message is we need you to go make some of these.  The mRNA goes to the ribosomes, runs through the ribosomes and we end up with a spike protein at the end of that.

DrS:  once that spike protein is developed 3 things can happen.  Once you have the mRNA that runs it through the ribosome, they are translating that recipe into a protein.  Now with that spike protein you can do one of three things:

  1. It can be carried back into your own DNA by a process called transfection. DNA converting to RNA is a one-way street.  It uses reverse transcriptase and it is a one-way street.  When people say the mRNA doesn’t change your DNA, they are correct. It doesn’t.  but the mRNA with the recipe that creates the spike protein, that spike protein can get reincorporated back into your DNA and change it.  Once it goes into your DNA through the process called transfection it is irreversibly bound and it cannot be undone.
  2. The second thing that can happen with the spike protein is that it can go out into your blood stream and get bound to the cell surface of other organs like your liver, kidneys, lungs, brain…it can bind there irreversibly.  Now you have changed the cell continuity of those organs. 
  3. The third and most important thing that can happen once you have manufactured this spike protein is that it goes out into the bloodstream. Your body goes, Hey! There is a foreign protein in here and we need to do something about this.  It calls everything into action and takes about 30 days to fully develop what is called the anti-spike antibody. That is a really important thing to remember. That is whole point of the exercise which is to develop these anti-spike antibodies.  An antibody which goes against the anti-spike protein that is supposed to neutralize it and make it go away. Then when you have that spike protein floating around in your bloodstream when the corona virus that has an anti-spike protein meanders into the neighborhood that antibody would glob onto that spike protein on the surface of that virus and neutralize it.

DrS: Theoretically that is what is supposed to happen.  In actuality this is not what happens.  When that anti-spike antibody is created it has a lot of different functions and it does not bind and neutralize the virus.  It can cross react with just about any corona virus that is in circulation.  We know that there are at least 37 or them.  It can bind with the one that was probably made in the lab where the spike protein was manipulated.  We know it is manipulated because Moderna and NIA are fighting over the patent. You cannot make an antibody to anything in nature and you cannot patent anything in nature. So this anti-spike antibody is very nefarious and it’s part of the ten different mechanisms of injuries that I have mapped out that all come back to that.

DrS: this is pretty complex immunology and I’ve tried to make it as simple as I could.  But the Pfizer and the Moderna shots inject the mRNA which is then translated into the spike protein.  We make an antibody against that spike protein and that antibody is going to cause great harm to us inside of our bodies by multiple different mechanisms. So it makes the J & J shot different from the Pfizer and Moderna.  It skips all the mRNA and all the manufacturing stuff.

DrS: what the J & J shot does and the Astra Zeneca shot does is to take an adeno virus, a simple cold virus.  Picture this like being an apple and they took the core out, the genetic material of that virus out and they replaced it with an already made spike protein made by the Crisper technology.  The protein is already done.  They take the spike protein that would have been made inside your body and they stuff it inside the adeno virus and then they inject the adeno virus into your system.  When the adeno virus attaches to the surface of the cell it opens the cell and like the cracked egg it then develops the protein into your cell and blood stream so you can start making the antibody.  The end results of all 4 of these shots is the same.  They create the anti-spike antibody. This is the main thing that you want to have done.  It just gets that spike protein into your body by different mechanisms of delivery.

DrS: when people say they will do the J and J shot because it doesn’t have mRNA and it is only one shot instead of two—it doesn’t use the mRNA but it delivers the payload of the spike protein and develops the antibodies.  By the way they are already talking that you might need a second J and J shot.  Maybe one of them is not good enough after all.

SK: we are dealing with something that is so deceptive.  We have people thinking that just because the shot does not feel bad that they are okay.  At the same time you have enormous numbers out here who are getting sick on the first one and extremely sick on the second one. Some are having certain inabilities to move or function. Then we have this tracking that is starting to emerge of the number of people that are actually dying within the proximity of the vaccine.  CDC has implied that it is probably unlikely or not related to the vaccine itself. This is a typical slippery, slimy response.  We have the problems in Israel that are emerging.  We have the seniors that are dying from this. In Israel we are seeing the rise of deaths in the youth.  What is the real issue about the immediate and long term threat to the human physiology?

DrS: it all goes back to the anti-spike antibody.  I go through all these papers and find things that are just unbelievable. It blows my mind to even think about it.  Can you think of any product in any industry whether it is aerospace, automotive, military like this product that has been on the market for maybe 20 weeks in Europe and 10 weeks in the US that has already reported 1,265 deaths in the US and 25,212 cases of vaccine injury.  Can you think of any product that comes close to that which was manufactured ostensibly for the health and the good of the people that would still be on the market?  It is heavily marketed so you are forced to get it and employers are getting experimental, non-FDA approved product with no long-term studies?  I don’t make any of this up—it’s all out there in the medical literature.  And this is still on the market?  The deception of this is beyond the pale and these people are psychopaths and Satanists.  That is the only way you can possibly describe this. 

DrS: Israel of all places …I don’t understand this.  There are 200+ countries in the world.  Think back to the WWII Nuremburg trials and code that came out about no human experimentation, laws and rules about truly informed consent.  How could it be that Israel and the Jewish people are the first country that will be 100% vaccinated with both shots with experimental products with no long term studies.  This is 100% human experimentation being done on the very group of people for which the Nuremburg codes were actually designed.

DrS: the numbers in Israel came out in the middle of February. At first they did a 5 week vaccine push from December to the middle of February. There were 3000 adverse effects reported.  2900 of them reported to the Pfizer shot. During that period of time there were about 5300 ‘all causes’ deaths which could be shots, pneumonia, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and these ‘all cause’ deaths there were 2300 that were related to covid and the shot.  There were asymptomatic cases before vaccination.  Those that got the second shot were severely injured.  The study investigators concluded that during the 5-week vaccination period the Pfizer vaccines killed about 40 times more people over the age of 65 than the infection itself would have done and about 260 times of the disease in people under the age of 65.

SK: we are witnessing a test across the globe without any consequence to the drug companies.  In this moment in time we are facing a challenge to the existence of the entire human genome.  There is an enormous amount of resistance rising and we have to keep pushing this.  If you remember, Pres. Trump did not want a vaccine and he pushed hydroxychloroquine and alternative therapies including light therapy.  There is another therapy that injects like a hydrogen peroxide into the blood stream.  There are so many alternative therapies including a nebulizer treatment that one guy is doing.  There are vitamins and more.  Go back to March and remember that when the media started attacking Trump, people did not stand up for him and started demanding the vaccine.  There is a portion of people in this country who believe if they don’t have a vaccine they cannot go back to ‘normal.’  Our job ultimately is to help them wake up. This is dangerous and it needs to be an eyeopener. 

SK: God is not here to save us; there is issue of free will and of choice and accountability.  I hear people don’t have access to the information.  There is plenty of information out there and if people are not willing to dig for it, even when they go to the get the shot, and read what is in the pamphlet, unfortunately this is a consequence issue. There is a misnomer in faith that somehow God will save everybody.  God is pretty clear in scripture:  trust in me and I will protect you.  But when you turn your back on God and walk out into the world, and say what do I now?  Can God heal?  Of course, he can but one of the great ironies of this entire vaccine thing is that when people realize what they have done, they suddenly turn to God.  It’s a bizarre twist of fate.  Too many people have turned their backs on faith and turned to love of the state to fix their problems.

SK: we need to continue the push to help people realize what they are doing.  We cannot force them to make that choice. That is why interviews such as this are so critical in helping people awaken and helping them to think twice. Even then you will find a number of people who will reject this as tin hat nonsense and unless they have the vaccine they are not going to survive.  We cannot stop that.  President Trump realized there was a number of people who were not going to accept anything but a vaccine.  You cannot control this technology, this agenda of the pharmaceutical companies. People think Trump is some kind of ‘super man’ and you are dealing with a trillion dollar industry that was run by the Jesuits and all that influence comes down through the medical industry.  If you look around you can realize how corrupt our medical institutions are, right down to the nurses and doctors who join and do stupid dances because the covid deaths are ‘so high’ they had nothing to do.  Doctors and nurses have betrayed their oaths and this country.  Dr Sherry Tenpenney is one of these stellar patriots who has a team of people growing around whom we would call front line doctors fighting for truth.  But there is a lot of dirt baggery that starts at the local hospital or clinics and goes all the way up to the senior level of the pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, the WHO, and the CDC.  This is a massive project.  I cannot speak for Trump and I am not going to or try to.  I am trying to get the word out on this vaccine; it’s a dangerous situation.

SK: I want remind everyone that this thing (the shots) are experimental and not approved.  People are going about this as though it is approved and it is not. It is not curing anything.  The main issue is that it reduces the symptoms.  So why would anybody want to take it in the first place?  People have lost their minds who are taking this damn thing.  Use this interview as a tool and get it out there. 

SK: in part 2 we will dig into what the vaccine is actually doing.  As we move forward you have kind of mapped this out with 10 adverse effects with the injection, the experimental gene therapy. This is leading up to something. This isn’t just going to go away but is setting us up for a very long term issue which is probably going to be some kind of autoimmune problem that will be plaguing us for years.  

DrS: this will be a long process.  A study came out in Jan, 2021 and was a research paper done by a group of people in California that I know quite well.  What they did was to see if you make this anti-spike antibody does it cross-react with something or is it just looking around for the virus and if it doesn’t find the virus nothing else happens.  What they did was to take tissue samples that are in little wells that you can purchase from laboratories.  They look like the bottom of a  plastic egg carton without the top.  They had 55 wells and they put liquid drops of different tissues in these wells. Then they took the anti-spike antibody and dropped them in all the wells.  There were 55 tissue types exposed to the anti-SARS antibody.  Those antibodies cross reacted from very low to very high on 28 of 55 tissues.  That means that 28 out 55 tissues in your body can be attacked by this anti-spike antibody.  That is horrifying.

DrS: if you inject 100 people with one of these 4 shots…and the end result of all of them, Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, and Astra Zeneca…is the anti-spike antibody.  This anti-spike antibody cross reacts with tissues in your body.  That by definition is auto immune disease.  When I called the lead investigator, someone I had known for a long time, he said we are going to have autoimmune disease for 10 years and it will be horrific.  Some studies say it will take 15 to 18 years for full blown auto immune disease to arrive.  For the most part we will see a big uptick in the first year.  That is horrifying.  They coopted our brains through fear to wear a face diaper, socially distance, not touch anything and be horrified of anyone who is just walking around looking normal. Now they have got people so afraid they will die or be killed by a virus that has a 99% survival rate.  They convinced everyone they are sick until they are proven healthy by skewering their nose to prove they are not infected.

DrS:  now they have convinced everyone they have to get this shot.  At first it was to flatten the curve and do it for the good of humanity.  The social crediting thing.  But now they have changed the narrative from doing this for your fellow human and to lower the death rate, now it is attached to getting back to your life and having the conveniences we are used to having as Americans.   We are so spoiled; we have never been inconvenienced with anything in our lives.  We have never had civil war, famine, pestilence, drought, that destroyed the whole country.  People just want to go back to going to the store, to the movie theatre, getting on the plane—just take this shot.  Then they say you won’t have to wear the mask anymore…because now you are a slave.  You are actually physically marked by the system.

SK: that deals with the nano tech and things I have been part of in the past.  This injection has the ability to cross into the brain and with that they are openly discussing…Klaus and the World Economic Forum…that by 2030 they will have the ability to read people’s thoughts and determine if you are worthy to travel to another country.  They use that loosely and then they talk about countries’ borders. This effectively means that the nanotech has the ability to disrupt thinking and modify behaviors and moods, and this is the core of the transhuman agenda. It is to transition people from being biological entity to a hybrid silicone biological entity that can be controlled. Within all of this, the injection is the first step to transition info the brain level.  Isn’t that correct?

DrS: definitely and that is one of the things they found in the study I was talking about, The Reaction of Human Monocle (?)Antibodies of SARS Covid 2 Proteins and Tissue Antigens – Implications for Auto-Immune Diseases. One of the specific things they found of the 28 antigens do cross the blood brain barrier, the anti-spike antibodies can cross the blood brain barrier:

    The spike protein antibody reacted the strongest with 3 different types of neurological protein.

One of the other things that the spike protein does besides the ones listed in this paper, there was a separate paper that said these spike proteins can mutate two really important proteins in the brain.  We will just call them Protein A and Protein B. If it mutates Protein A, that can lead to ALS. If it mutates Protein B it can cause FTLD which is Frontal Temporal Lobe Degeneration.  The frontal temporal lobe is where your forehead is and just at your temples. That area of your brain is where you connect to your higher power and where you have intuitive sense, cognition to pray. They can break down those proteins.  I don’t think that is an accident.     

SK: I don’t think so either.  I want to go back to something you mentioned which was referred to as the original antigenic sin or OAS.   What is that threat to our elderly?

DrS: this is a very informative paper I found and is really important.  Original antigenic sin—OAS—once you have been exposed to a virus your initial immune system reaction is the very first reaction that you will always have.  It is called the OAS and this came out of the 1960s.  the first time you are exposed to influenza and you have fever and recover, then your V cells are sensitized to influenza viruses. So the next time you have the flu, you recover quicker as long as you are not vaccinated. Vaccinating messes up the entire system.  Each subsequent exposure you have stimulates those V cells to remember that very first interaction with that very first type of flu shot. It becomes a problem as you get older.  You have had a series if exposures, the older you get.  So when you get a flu shot when you are 65 it really stimulates the V cells to produce antibodies to the very first flu episode you might have had at 10 years of age.  It decreases the ability of the current flu shot antibodies to do anything and they sort of go away and it’s like a worthless shot.

1.12.30  minutes

DrS: the same thing applies to corona virus which is one of the most common respiratory infections in the world. Before covid we knew that forever that about 20% of influenza type illnesses every year all around the world, the bug was that was making them sick was the corona virus.  There are 4 common strains that have been around forever. It is the most common respiratory tract infection around the world.  From a vaccine manufacturer’s perspective there was a definite need to develop a corona virus vaccine.  There is a huge burden of population – 20% world wide—getting the corona virus year after year.  That is why they have tried to develop a corona virus vaccine since 2002. 

DrS: They could never get it out of animal studies.  The whole purpose of the vaccine is when you get re-exposed you don’t get sick.  What happened instead was when there was re-exposure to the virus, it was called antibody enhancement, and instead of the person neutralizing the virus and making it go away, would get the virus and get worse.  They could not prove efficacy of the vaccine when people got re-exposed and got sick.  They couldn’t prove safety because in the animal studies on the anti-spike protein, all the animals got sick and died.  Now couple that with the OAN (original antigenic sin) and the more times you are exposed to corona viruses as you get older, the more likely it is that you are going to have a really bad reaction when you get this stuff injected into your system.  It’s no wonder that the elderly have a worse outcome when they contract normal viral infections.  They have a much worse outcome when they are injected with one of these shots.

SK:  you have 10 adverse effects of the experimental shot; it’s an injection and it’s modifying us.

DrS: I’ll make this brief.  There are 2 things I am trying to get done—I am developing a document that will lay out the 10 mechanisms of injury with an explanation and a link to the paper where the research is coming from.  I will create a diagram with the 10 mechanisms of injury and how it works.  The 10 things are:

  1. The most prevalent—anaphylaxis which is a severe allergic reaction that people can die from.
  2. The direct adverse effect of the anti-spike antibodies.  We have talked about that a little bit.  The important part is that the higher the antibody level is after you get the shot, the greater concentration of the anti-spike antibodies the more aggressive and the more severe the adverse events are.  That antibody can directly attach to the alveoli in your lungs.  The alveoli are the tiny bubbles in your lung where the exchange occurs from the outside and the inside. It’s where the oxygen and the carbon dioxide exchange occurs.  They look like teeny tiny bubbles at the ends of your lungs and your lungs are mostly made up of alveoli. The anti-spike antibodies when at a really high level can go and attach to the alveoli of the lung and break them down irreversibly.  When people have that type of the reaction they will go to the hospital coughing up blood and not being able to breathe.  The doctors treat this like pneumonia, severe respiratory distress syndrome or pulmonary embolism which is blood clots in the lungs.  They are not going to ask the question if you have been vaccinated in the last 30 days.  It takes about 30 days, 4 to 6 weeks, for the anti-spike antibody to develop and be available in a high enough concentration to start showing some of these early autoimmune reactions. So the 2nd  one is the direct adverse effects on the lungs and the other organs of the anti-spike antibodies.
  3. Once you have the antibody floating around in your system and it is re-exposed to a virus, that is when the accelerated auto-immunity really gets going.  So you get re-exposed to garden variety corona virus, just walking down the street, or out in the environment.  When you get re-exposed after getting vaccinated, it accelerates the antibody response.  When they did the challenge experiments in the animal studies, all varieties of the animals they tested on had the same reaction—severe pathology that happened to their lungs first and their liver and kidneys second.  So it does not protect you; it is not effective.  As soon as you are re-exposed to the virus after you are vaccinated, that is the time you are likely to get the sickest.
  4. It can cross react with previous antibodies through this mechanism of OAS-original antigenic sin.  So when you get exposed to corona virus, you have some antibodies that are floating around.  If you have had a previous flu shot, the antibodies in the corona virus cross react with the covid antibodies and can cause a much more serious reaction.
  5. The antibody dependence enhancement:  this means that instead of neutralizing the virus, it pulls it inside of your cell and causes it to replicate. You end up with a worse and more serious infection than had you just experienced the SARS Cov2 infection on its own.
  6. This is super interesting and in your body white blood cells cause macrophages.  These are in your tissues and if you a cut or infection in your arm or leg the macrophages go there to try to help clean out the bacteria and viruses and help you heal.  When these macrophages show up if you happen to cut yourself, type 1 and type 2 macrophages both show up.  The type 1 macrophages are pro-inflammatory to kill off the bacteria and viruses in the wound and ‘burn down the place.’ They type 1 macrophages send out cytokines which are chemicals that are pro-inflammatory and if it is a big infection they need a lot of help.  They ‘turn up the heat’ to burn these things out and that is where fever comes from.  Type 1 macrophages show up and try to kill off all the things that are causing infection.  The ‘burn down the house.’  As the house is mostly burning and still smoldering the type 2 macrophages lumber in and stop the burning.  This is bringing in the anti-inflammatory cytokines to cool everything down and stop the burning.  That is when the healing begins when you naturally overcome an infection.  Type 2 macrophages clean up the mess—the debris, the pus.  The antibodies have the ability to bind to the type 2 macrophages so when there is a fire going on, the type 1 macrophages turn up the heat and do the burn, there are no type 2 macrophages to show up.  They have been killed. They have been neutralized by the antibodies that were supposed to protect you.  When they sacrificed the animals that died of a cytokine storm and of a progressive pneumonia that never seemed to stop, when they examined the tissues, they found only type 1 macrophages and no type 2 macrophages at all.  Then they looked at animals that were not vaccinated and had normal infections, when they sacrificed these animals and looked at the pneumonia in the lungs, they found the mixture of type 1 and type 2 macrophages in the lungs. They also found that the type 2 macrophages came in to help and keep things under control so there would not be a free-for-all burn. The type 2 macrophages migrated into that area of illness within 2 days of the infection starting if the animal had not been vaccinated.  To me this is one of the most important mechanisms. This is one of the most compelling and it means that with any infection going forward if you have an anti-spike antibody it is just going to burn out of control and it is going to ‘burn the house down.’
  7. The antibodies can cross-react with 28 different types of tissues in your body. You might get a shot and it might affect your heart and you might start have atril fib and all kinds of arrythmias.  The next person might get a shot and they have profound fatigue and they cannot function.  They cannot even lift their arm up to comb their hair because the antibody has taken out their mitochondria. The antibodies can cross react with human tissues establishing a mechanism of multi-system auto-immune disorder and at least several of the physicians reported to have died after they had these injections died of multi-system auto-immune disorder and it happened really quickly. This could possibly have been to the OAS -original antigen sin- and they had more reaction or because maybe they had just had a flu shot. 
  8. The neurological degeneration where the spike protein can mutate 2 proteins in your brain that we call Protein A and Protein B.  if Protein A is damaged it can lead to ALS and Protein B, if damaged, can lead to frontal temporal lobe degeneration. This is in the area of the brain behind your forehead. 
  9. There is a risk that the anti-spike protein antibodies and the mRNA itself that is being coded into the spike protein could possibly lead to cancer, particularly with the J & J vaccine.
  10. The mRNA according to Moderna patent, start on page 31 of the patent, very clearly describes what the mRNA has to potential to do.  The mRNA can be transcribed into any type of protein that they want. That is pretty nefarious; they say clearly that they can put a recipe on an mRNA in the laboratory for any protein they want to have in your body whether it is your natural protein or something else ‘of interest.’  That is their language.  They have patents for 70 different types of mRNA shots in that 300 page patent.  One of them is going to be that they actually inject something that will create an antigen.  An antigen is something that makes your body have a higher antibody response.  The higher the antibody response, the more likely it is for you to have a very severe and long lasting reaction. 

One of the shots they are going to inject into you will contain an mRNA recipe for an adjuvant called flagellan.  Flagellan is a protein off the tail of a bacteria. Bacteria have a tail that propels them through the water and the protein of that tail is called flagellan.  In our body are the toll-like receptors and there are 10 of them.  They have mapped out 1 through 9.  These are like ‘God in our bodies.”  They line up all the organs that are inside of our body such as the inside of our gut, our sinuses, skin, mouth, genital area and anywhere that there is a separation of our internal body and these toll-like receptors.  The job of the toll-like receptors is to know the difference of what is supposed to be here and what isn’t supposed to be here.  They do it by pattern recognize—they can recognize a bacteria that doesn’t belong and is not part of the microbiome. They call in the macrophages and the nutrifils to get fid of such a bacteria. 

DrS: This is so beautiful. It is not a ‘lock and key’ receptor fitting, it is pattern recognition. They recognize the difference between us and the environment and they have very specific jobs. This is brand new science and the men who developed this got the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2011.  This has only been around for 10 years.  Initially they thought it really changed information we knew about our innate, inborn immune system.  What did pharmacy companies do when they found out about this? They started to develop chemicals to manipulate and to change them.  Of course what God created isn’t good enough. 

DrS: the sole job for toll-like receptor 5 in your body is to look around for the type of bacteria, fungi that might show up and has this little tail called a flagellum and when it finds it and that bacteria or fungi doesn’t belong, it calls in the white blood cells to get rid of it.  The flagellum binds to the surface of the toll-like receptor and on the back side of that receptor it is like turning on a motorcycle.  It ‘fires up’ to get it out of there—it’s a really bad one. It produces interleukin 5 which is a messenger molecule in between the white blood cells, that pulls in all the troops to get rid of this thing.  This is a bad thing.  This happens so infrequently that the toll-like receptor 5 just looks around and does its job when it happens.  It just keeps monitoring. This is just happening naturally all the time. 

DrS: Now imagine that you inject a recipe for the rhitosomes (?sp) to create massive amounts of flagellum that will float through your system and suddenly put everything on alert such as toll-like receptor 5 at every orifice of your body as though there is a massive invasion.  It turns on everything at the same and there is nothing to turn them off.  Interleukin 5 and interleukin 10 call for massive inflammation all over your body—in your brain, your lungs, your heart, and nothing turns it off. There are some drugs that may turn down Interleukin 5 but what will is going to remove the flagellum from the toll-receptor 5 and make it go away when you have the entire system on full alert.

DrS: this is one of the creations that Moderna wants to put into one of the injections coming down the road.  There are 77 corona vaccines in the developmental pipeline and there are 78 that are still in animals trials.  Why in the world do we need 160 different corona virus vaccines?  It is death and destruction everywhere you look. I believe there are 560 off the FDA website of drugs in development for treating the flu.  They need to new drugs to treat inflammation and shut down our immune system and to manipulate our toll-like receptors. It is so sinister.

DrS: these are the 10 mechanisms I have found so far; there are more.  Hopefully this is enough for people to say not only no, but hell no.  it is experimental, not FDA approved, no long term studies and I have pulled all this information out of the medical literature.  This is all stuff that I have read.  In my humble opinion this is a well-designed killing machine and they have had 50 years to work on this.  Klaus Schwab and all his buddies have all the money in the world and they can pull together the best and the brightest scientists, social engineers and figure out that fear is the best weapon and masks are the best subjugation.  They make people believe the masks are a social fashion statement and they are doing this for their fellow man.  The culmination of that is the recipe that gets injects, creates a protein in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, or the protein gets injected directly through J & J and Astra Zeneca and whatever else is coming down the pipeline. It is to develop this spike protein in our system, that they develop this nefarious spike antibody that the scientists have told us since 2002 that we must proceed with great caution in developing a corona virus vaccine for humans.

SK: my last question that may be difficult for people to comprehend that the medical industry driven by big pharma, has never been in their favor; it has been against them.  Historically we can go back to the Jesuits and see where they interceded into the medical side of this.  We can see the interjection of the Rothschild and Rockefeller money invested into this and how things radically changed. You have hit on a couple of things. The toll-like receptors are like ‘God within us.”  Also, the process that is happening in the frontal cortex of the brain is separating us from God.  One thing seems persistent and it is about ultimately destroying the container, the temple (of our bodies) that God gave us to be in and subjugating it to their will one way or another.  Wrap up with your thoughts on how they are ultimately trying to kill God within us and in our entire existence and this is one of their main weapon systems they have deployed.

DrS: that just sums it up. This is good versus evil; fighting powers and principalities.  These are forces of evil, even in the heavenly realms.  This is Satan’s last hurrah.  It’s free will and this is the absolute destruction of God’s human species.  They have done a lot of destruction to other species.  There’s been GMO beef and all kinds of things with genetic modifications.   They have done horrible things with pesticides.  They have done weather modifications where they aerosolize things.  I have always thought of Planet Earth as the arboretum of the universe.  They have done a good job of trying to destroy all of it.  The crowning jewel in the Satanist crown would be the complete destruction of the human race.  If they couldn’t destroy all the humans, at the very least they would eliminate all the God.

SK: how do you see that last piece unfolding?  There is a neurological piece to this that we have heard reports that are quickly suppressed that people say after they get the injection that they cannot feel God.  What is that?

DrS: a lot of that is that frontal lobe attack on the brain. I think it is attacking the toll-life receptors.  Not only can they not feel God, they just don’t feel.  It is like their vision isn’t right and they cannot think clearly.  The sad part of all this is that we are at the beginning edge of this.  These people who just got their shots don’t know what they are going to feel like in 3 months, six months, 2 years if they are still alive.  This is the biggest human experimentation ever.  Even the experimentation in Viet Nam with Agent Orange, or WWI that was the largest chemical warfare ever on this planet.  There are all kinds of things that were kind of localized before.  This is the entire human race brought down by Klaus Schwab, the DAVOS group, Bill Gates, and Soros and whoever their handlers are either on or off this planet.  This is the decimation of humanity by closing the churches and don’t allow people to pray.  Co-opt the pastors and rabbis and make them afraid of their congregations.  You can’t congregate in the church to pray, but the churches will open up to be vaccination centers.

DrS: they took prayer out of the school, they institutionalized abortion, they put the socialism movement into the colleges and universities to co-opt the brains of our young people.  God was tossed out at every turn.  Chronicles: if my people humble themselves, turn from evil ways and pray…then I will hear their prayers and forgive their sins…. Have they?    The last thing is to heal the land.  My prayers are to pray for the remnant that know God and are standing strong.  Not all are emboldened and loud like you and I are.  The pharmacea will take all this away. 

SK: …this is a statement of the times and the true threat.  Thank you for being here today and the information you have shared… We are facing a pure evil and this vaccination is not a joke and not to be taken lightly.  This is pure evil of the most ruthless and reckless kind.  It’s an evil that is engineered around fear, the manipulation of truth, the blinding and removal of truth to keep people away from it.  The information has been out here and too many people have walked away from God in their faith.  When we stand with God there must be no fear and our walk must be deeply in his fold.  As we stand deeply within God’s love, and give ourselves fully to Him, He assures of one thing: have no fear…and he will protect and provide for us.  We are at a transient time in this world and our mission here is massive.  We are here at this moment and this time for a reason.  You listened to one of these reasons with this interview. 

SK: Don’t run in fear, bow your head in shame or cower away from the evil that surrounds us; instead stand boldly in its face and speak the truth.  Shed the truth of light to as many people as you can.  Truthtellers like Dr. Tenpenney provide us with the science, the truth and the tools to wake people up.  Share these, copy these, do whatever you need to do.  This is our bold mission and to work with God and not stand on the sideline.  We need to fight this fight to waken the many.

SK: a lot of questions keep floating around about President Trump.  I will say this again: we are in a world that was designed for us to be sovereign and not to be waiting on someone else to hold our hand and guide us.  In that world that God intended us to be, if Jesus Christ was here right now and people walked over to take the vaccination after he preached, he would advise them but he would not step in their way.  He is not going to run, wave his hands and say, ‘don’t.’ he knew that people have to make the choice with free will and everyone of us has free will.  That was from the beginning.  God wanted us as his children to have the right to choose.  The fallen wanted them forced to worship them. 

SK: Remember that Trump gave people the same message for 4 years: the media is fake news and the media is the enemy of the people.  From January of 2020 to the spring of 2020 when the media went on its lying rampage about this corona virus, the people chose to believe the media, other than to believe what he had to say. There’s comes a point in time when you can do nothing.  There’s a sense that a portion of the nation will not support you, do anything for you.  You are in a no-win scenario. I don’t know what President Trump would have done—he was damned if he did this and damned if he did that.  Everyone always assumes when he is talking about a vaccine that he is talking about an injectable something or other.

SK: We already know there are other meanings to that statement.   Unfortunately no matter what you do you will never appease everyone.  There will always be a segment of the nation, and in this case it was a massive segment of the nation including a large segment of his base, to absolutely not accept anything other than an injection to solve a problem.  Their belief and worship in government was not centered in the belief and worship in God. Belief of solving their life’s problems was greater in government than in God.  I am too busy trying to figure out ways to communicate and build an action plan for patriots to rise up and take this country back.  We are accountable. 

SK: When someone stands in front of God and they have taken a vaccine and have to be accountable for that maybe God will ask, why did you take that.  And your answer is President Trump said it would be good?  How will that go over?  You made the choice, you are accountable.  It is your life and your choice and it’s not what I gave you was free will and not for someone else to manipulate. 

SK: President Trump could have told us to go push a peanut down the freeway.  If you were dumb enough to do that, I am not blaming him.  Bottom line is that he is president of everybody and not the president of a select group that happens to be awake.  There was no other way to unify the country until people get this DNA modifying crap in their bodies.  The other part about this is that regardless of what you believe about Trump and what he said, this is God’s world and God’s plan. Frankly if it takes a vaccination for someone to wake up, if they have destroyed their body and for them to humble themselves before God, just read the old Testament. God works that way.  The treatment of Sodom and Gemmorah was to get burned to the ground.  At least this way people get a second chance.

SK: Before we get to that point, since we are awake it is our duty to press in boldly and spread this information and awaken people and have them be very aware of the risks they are taking.  If they turn their back and refuse to hear, you have done your piece.  Our walk has to be to have zero fear, to walk with the light of God and in God.  The world we are standing in is gone. We are God’s children and he guides us forward to use our gifts and talents and run as fast as we can, jump as high as we can and never leave Him.  Always trust in Him no matter how crazy it gets.  And it might be crazy from time to time.  It will get crazier before it’s over. 

SK: hold yourself in prayer and keep your strength; we have to continue to build our foundation of being spiritual, high-performance athletes.  This is one element of this massive fight and it will be defeated ultimately. It won’t be defeated if you are walking in fear and away from God and it’s not going to be defeated if we sit quietly on the side. It is time to be loud and bold.  We are trying to awaken and protect the many even if they don’t agree or reciprocate.  God’s mission is to love our neighbor like we love ourselves. Spread truth and stand boldly on the firmness of light and truth to waken others and show them the pathway to joy and freedom.  That’s it. 

SK: Trust in God explicitly and He will provide for our needs…everyone has to awaken to the fact that this is purely a true evil and we have to make a choice like everything else.  You can walk away. If you walk away, or kowtow or pull back you might as well join the other side.  God did not call you for that reason. If you are going to back down from this fight you are just in the same place as those who are in that other place.  If you are going to be that spiritual warrior, that spiritual performance athlete, tighten up your bootstraps and stand tall. Get on the foundation of God and do not waiver even if it comes storming at you.  They will never give you what you do not accept.  They will not harm you if you do not concede or bow.     


Operation Disclosure | By Ronald E. Wise, Guest Writer

March 16, 2021

Legal ramifications of taking the ‘VAXXINE’, THAT NO ONE IS CONSIDERING!

With ALL the real info that you are NOT being told about everyone’s favorite two shot package, AND ALL the fake info that you ARE being told, all you smart people that have already taken the shots might want to consider this.  













How Can Plasma Energy Solution Products Help?

Are the problems insurmountable as presented?

As Lynn was reviewing all the information from Scott Kestersen and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and the questions raised by Ronald Wise in the separate article at the end it can seem pretty daunting to come up with ideas.  Nevertheless, Lynn and her daughter Steph had discussed the injection scenario in a recent video.  What would you do if an injection was forcibly administered?

Let’s go back to the information in an earlier blog.  Water has Memory.  GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) has memory.  Our Plasma Energy combinations have the ability to hold memory from the water and from the GANS.  Masuro Emoto, the Japanese scientist taught us that water holds the memory of messages in his book, Messages From Water.  Our bodies are 70% to 90% water so that also has to hold memory.

So here is a what if for us to consider.  And in considering we have to remember that we are truly gifted form God with our DNA and our creative abilities.  What if we could add memory of our pre-injection DNA into some Plasma Energy Station water?  How would we do that?

Steph and I discussed how one could insert DNA into water to hold the memory.  Now just consider that they are taking swabs to supposedly test people for covid, but the swabs might just be a large DNA collection program.  So would we want to use a swab to collect our DNA?  We discussed that and decided we wouldn’t as we don’t know what kinds of chemicals are on a swab or a Q-tip.  We decided the most direct way would be to add saliva to our very own bottle of DNA memory water.  No spoon, no swab, just spit into the water.  Not so very elegant but what is now important is the intention we add to that water. 

Here’s how Lynn labeled her DNA Memory water: 

          Lynn’s DNA Memory Water holds the highest and best version of her DNA granted to her by her Creator and her DNA Memory Water overrides any artificially altered form of her original DNA.

That’s pretty short and sweet.  You can add your intention in any way that you wish to express it.  Now if I ever need to use Lynn’s DNA Memory water, I will take a vial of that from the ‘mother source’ jar and add it to another container.  Let the vial with the memory DNA change the water in the new container and use that.

Now you are going to ask how I know that is going to work.  Or can I prove that it works.  I can’t prove that it works, I will have faith that it is going to work. God gave us the gifts of being co-creators.  If I thought there would be a little demon sitting on my shoulder that says it could never work, I would tell that demon to scram, leave me alone and don’t come back.  Why not have faith that it will work?

Everything you have heard in this interview and in the other interview notes that Lynn has done and posted on say that changes wrought by the injection are irreversible.  Lynn would ask you, are they reversible with your intention, prayer and trust in God?  Why not?  It’s pretty clear you can’t trust in the government, Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, any of the ‘Foundations’, or the media.  Why not trust our Creator and ourselves as made in the image of our Creator?

Take the time to read the other reports that are on the home page of plasma energy solution.  Just scroll down until you see the report titles on the right side of the screen.  Educate yourselves!  These injections are not something to be taken lightly!


And just a reminder … be sure to look at Positive Energy Support, our newest combination.  The pendants are ready…there will be plain ones ($47), small pendants with amazonite, fluorite and lapis ($57) and larger pendants with amazonite, fluorite and lapis ($97).  All have shungite, magnets and the GANS of silver and Positive Energy Support.  They are not on the website yet but can be ordered by sending an email to Lynn at .